two fry

You know… Bender seemed a little too happy when Leela was getting married to Lars… Almost like he wanted Fry to stay single…

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The time Phil discovered Amazon Prime

(Also called “Frying Pan biatch” by our Lord and saviour dinofvyou1)

Bonus : He actually bought a frying pan !!

How to properly request/suggest art from an artist.

Do: Oh, do you think you can draw this character? Maybe eating their favorite food, if you want!

Do: Have you ever drawn this ship before? It’d be nice to see in your style!

Do: Heh, drawing this character with this inside joke would be hilarious if you were up for it!

Dont: Hey so surprise request time could you draw Character A in a zombie AU outfit in the foreground while showing in the background Character B being shipped with Character C and/or my OC with a dreamy sunset background and with them wearing co-related specific things and with one of them fitting my particular fitted headcanon with a mole being precisely here on their face.

Fam artist can share a simple fry or two but you’re going to have to pay up to take their deluxe burger you feel me?

Hi guys. So, I’ve raised these two goldies from tiny fry I found in my plants-only tank after putting in a new plant. They must have hitchhiked on as eggs. They were absolutely miniscule! I now have two young, healthy, HUNGRY ryukins who are very quickly outgrowing this 20 gallon tank.

I have left the aquarium hobby, as I have varying degrees of health and sometimes have trouble keeping up with proper care for these little guys. They are up for adoption to a loving owner with a tank large enough to hold these two as adults. Or perhaps you have your own group of goldfish, and you can make room for two more?

PLEASE reblog if you can, and message me here on tumblr if you or someone you know is interested. Thank you so much!