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happy v-day from straight white boys everywhere!

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I kinda want more soft concerned giants

I keep thinking about giants who are aware of their destructive capabilities and are as gentle as they could possibly be becausr of that, sometimes even too gentle. Giants who somehow stumble upon tinies even though they actively seeked out a place as far from tiny societies as possible so they don’t accidentally hurt anyone. Giants who act super concerned about the tiny, asking if they’re hurt and trying to reassure them that they don’t want to hurt them and there’s no need to be scared. When a giant has their face close up to the tiny so they can see them better, giving them that concerned look. There’s something wonderful about a giant looking at a tiny that close up. Maybe even the giant still being insecure about themselves, worrying that the tiny thinks their scary or that they’d hurt them and the tiny reassuring them. The tiny getting close to them and placing a hand against their cheek or nose or putting their forehead again the giant’s. Just really close moments between concerned giants and tinies

I’ve been reading Wonder Woman Rebirth by Greg Rucka. It was a really good run tying New52 with the previous prime universe, with some rough spots. 

Rucka really knows how to write complicated women and their even more complicated dynamic with each other. There’s Diana with Barbara Ann aka Cheetah, Etta Candy/Barbara, Etta and now Diana (sob– understandable why Etta is angry with Diana but still!), and the one IMO that is a complicated, jumbled mess: Veronica Cale and Diana. 

I mentioned before how Veronica Cale was Diana’s Lex Luthor but I failed to take account how wonderfully tension filled and ‘don’t know if she’ll kiss Veronica or kill her’ foe yay there is between them.

Diana and Veronica Cale have an epic Smallville Clark and Lex level foe yay. No, really:

Seriously, look: Veronica stopped the FBI questioning her involvment with Godwatch and she turns just in time (senses?) to see Diana hovering just outside her window. And Veronica instantly notices Diana doesn’t have her lasso (her golden perfect). 

And then they’re talking thisclose with Diana demanding Veronica’s help in restoring Barbara Ann’s humanity. Veronica doesn’t flinch, doesn’t back down and isn’t the slightest bit cowed. 

Make no mistake, what Veronica did was despicable. She pursued her goal to save her daughter with a ruthless tunnel visioned intensity that damned everyone and ultimately herself. Veronica accepts and resents this truth about herself. More, she resents that Diana saved her from Cheetah (Barbara Ann).

Veronica’s dislike for Diana was instant from the first moment she read Lois Lane’s article on Wonder Woman, Veronica resented everything Diana is and stood for. IMO Veronica resented Diana because Veronica used to be all the things Diana was at that time: Naive, idealistic, and someone who believed that love can help the world.

(Note the ledge and the glass doors, it’s a thing.)

In the panels before this Bruce and Clark intrude on their stare down, Veronica takes the opportunity to step back inside, and close the glass doors without breaking eye contact with Diana. 

And even as I compare them to Clark and Lex’s Smallville dynamic there is one thing Diana and Veronica that I know Clark/Lex fans would give their eye teeth for. 

You know the fic trope: Black tie fundraiser event where a highly eligible bachelor/bachelorette (usually the idealistic hero) donates their time for a worthy cause in exchange for people donating their money. Then the billionaire half of that slash pairing drops a huge amount of money for charity and wins a date from the idealistic hero. 

Diana joins a fundraiser to help victims of landmines, Bruce contributes by pitching in his money, Lex Luthor ups the ante with a $7 million donation and then:

Veronica one ups both. 

I swear, this was like, beat for beat a Smallville Clark/Lex fanfic except its with Diana and Veronica and it’s canon

Sure it ended up being a ruse for both since Veronica had an ulterior motive and Diana went along with it because of her suspicions (she thinks Veronica is responsible for best friend getting possessed by the Cheetah god) but it doesn’t negate the fact that Veronica and Diana went out on a date.

Diana ends the date with a kiss on Veronica’s cheek which in retrospect, after reading a few pages ahead now feels more like a Godfather, ‘I know it was you’ Fredo kiss. 

Because later this happens:

Ledge, glass doors. Diana hovering. It’s a thing!

Diana makes clear to Veronica Cale she has her measure, and formally kickstarting their tension filled archnemesis dynamic, with some of the significant moments happening/bookending on ledges with glass doors. 



Sketching non chibi Promptis~

College AU thingy…

Where Prompto never greet Noctis on High school and ended up having the Prince of Lucis as his roommate during his second year on college :D

Idk what Major will Noctis pick.. so I put it as “???” for now

“I can’t marry her. She’s my friend.” 

Kids in denial ! I had this sketch in my files for a while now. It’s just a silly little thing -w- (it made me wanna rewatch The Lion King though)


Batgirl: Futures End

“You rely too much on your weapons.”

“You haven’t lived until you’ve covered two sketchy dudes in goop, Cass. I know what I said, okay? Sheesh.”

This – I live for this. My two favorite friends from comics, together, bantering – and they sound like the old friends who have known each other for years, just like I loved them in the old continuity. It’s such a funny moment but also such an adoring moment. 

It’s great. 

lumen-ciela  asked:

*gives the twins a big cake* You are what you eat. Happy birthday, cherrycakes! >w<

Saeyoung: OMG!! Thank you so much! Look, Saeran! Cake! Now you don’t have to make one yourself! :3c

Saeran: …

Saeyoung: ? Don’t just sit there. You can eat it! It’s not going to bite you, LOL!

Saeran: Shut it.

Saeyoung: Mmmh~ It’s tasty! DELICIOUS! ★

being a gwenmj shipper on this website is hard because people seem to think you need to pick between them, which usually means unfairly demonizing one of them.

no. stop that. they are both wonderful, amazing, and complex characters, neither of whom deserves to be hated by anyone.

just…why hate on them when you can make them kiss instead?

Finally! I present to you:
My Undertale AU test page :’)
(It doesn’t have a name yet, so if you have any ideas, tell me!)

There’s a short description of my AU under the cut :’)

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the Battle Tendency dub is Quality, and I highly recommend it

(the Phantom Blood dub is also Quality, but I am biased as an adoring advocate of PB in general)