two for the road

i miss how things used to be. i miss the adventures, never knowing what to do because we’ve been to every local place more than once, sitting in the car just to talk and drive, the rare drunk days, the entirely sober days, the dancing and stage diving and crowd surfing and punching and kicking, the late night calls to go out and cruise on our boards, the once in a blue moon road trips somewhere just an hour or two away, the cat we found and took care of for two hours, the crazy, funny, silly and great pictures and videos we’d take, everything. i miss the rush, the adrenaline, the excitement. i feel so dull now, i’m so bored.

When I was an undergraduate we cornered McNamara in the street. About two thousand of us surrounded him and lay down in the road, not letting him leave. Finally, he agreed to answer three questions and climbed on top of a car. A skinny boy with glasses was standing near the car. He screamed in McNamara’s face: ‘How many children have been killed in Vietnam?’ McNamara said the question was unfair: no one had any idea how many. The boy tensed into a steel rod, his face turned red, his body bent forward. With all the power he had he screamed back: ‘Why don’t you know, don’t you CARE?’
—  John Jay Osborn Jr., The Paper Chase


While walking to their car on and uninhabited road at approximately two in the morning two friends, Hodges and Rodriguez, saw a mysterious white light shining through the trees. Upon entering the vehicle they turned on their headlights and were terrified to see what looked like two softball sized brains lying in the road.  

Terrified and confused, they drove off and arrived home- but they were missing time, Two hours of it. Years after the incident Hodges voluntarily underwent hypnosis in and attempt to recover the events that took place during those mysterious two hours. While hypnotized he remembered hearing a voice in his mind as the larger brain hovered towards the car. It told him that mankind would be “instruments of their own fate.” He also recalled being transported to a high tech room in which more conventional “gray aliens” relayed to him that Earth had too much power, and highlighted a map of places “where man could destroy themselves. He was also told that the brain-beings were "merely translators.”

Breathtaking view of a futsal court located in the rural areas of Nabawan, Sabah. This photo was taken by Mohd Khairul Amin Mohammad, a teacher of SK Logongon using a Mavic Pro drone. According to the teacher, in order to get here, you have to drive two hours on logging roads using a four-wheel-drive and cross a river which can take one hour. Villagers or students must walk through hilly terrain for 15 minutes, adding that the school is located “far from the city.”

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The meeting people from home thing is crazy. My brother moved to Australia 7 years ago, and moved in with people who turned out to be former neighbours of an aunt of ours who lives 15 mins from us. He met his girlfriend, whose family live 20 minutes away, and they live with a couple from the next town over that neither of them knew before going to Oz. It's nuts

Back in the 80′s (I think) my mum went working on this absolutely fuck-tiny island in Turkey called Burgazada. Like the place is maybe 1.5km across in size. She didn’t speak a word of Turkish so the first time she heard someone speaking fluent English she ran to them just for the rush of being able to talk to someone. As it turns out it was two lads who lived not ten minutes up the road from her in Tooting. Couldn’t make it up.

If I’m the lesser of two evils…
who’s this man, who’s this act I hide behind?

There are two ways to skin tonight -
let’s see whose road gets there faster.
this is a game, no wrongs, no right…
only a winner and a loser.

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here’s a gaster.

_George Harrison and/e Rumi Hoshika; England/Inglaterra; London/Londres; Abbey Road; EMI Studios/Estúdios EMI; Studio Two/Estúdio 2 da Abbey Road; September 25th 1967/25 de setembro de 1967.

_Photo/Foto: Koh Hasebe.