two fly

poison buddies! 💜💚

Two aliens are flying near earth. The first one says, “The dominant life form here have developed satellite based nuclear weapons.” The second one says, “Are they an emerging intelligence?” The first one says, “I don’t think so, they have it aimed at themselves.”



A kid I met before invited me in a group, told me nothing, and just put us in that custom game. I never laughed that much in my life, especially:
-All the fast tap tap from hanzo’s feet
-How you go flying just by climbing stuff
-Ryu ga-Ryu ga wag- Ryu ga w-
-One of them is called Kaplan

Special mention to those two Hanzo flying that made me lost my shit:

umm hello taylor swift stresses me out

I was looking at this screenshot, 

and when I zoomed in, I noticed there were 3 watches like.. perfectly placed?

and you’re probably like OK LIZ WHATEVER BUT THEN there’s another set of 3′s 

in this screenshot look at the case of money to the left. it looks like handuffs hanging on it, BUT IT ALSO LOOKS LIKE A 3……


In the car crash scene, a watch literally flies right in front of the camera

remember the time theory? and timeless? maybe this could be hinting towards that.

There are also 3 chandeliers. 

another point someone brought up, she holds up three fingers during this while the dancers hold up 4

there’s three of whatever is on that throne

and in the end of the video, only three of the taylors cover their ears (this could be a reach but I DONT PUT ANYTHING PAST THIS WOMAN)


in the car crash scene, not only does one watch fly by, but in the two clips following TWO MORE WATCHES FLY ACROSS THE SCREEN. AND IT’S NOT THE SAME ONE BECAUSE THEY’RE COMING FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES

Incoming! We’ve Got Science from Jupiter!

Our Juno spacecraft has just released some exciting new science from its first close flyby of Jupiter! 

In case you don’t know, the Juno spacecraft entered orbit around the gas giant on July 4, 2016…about a year ago. Since then, it has been collecting data and images from this unique vantage point.

Juno is in a polar orbit around Jupiter, which means that the majority of each orbit is spent well away from the gas giant. But once every 53 days its trajectory approaches Jupiter from above its north pole, where it begins a close two-hour transit flying north to south with its eight science instruments collecting data and its JunoCam camera snapping pictures.

Space Fact: The download of six megabytes of data collected during the two-hour transit can take one-and-a-half days!

Juno and her cloud-piercing science instruments are helping us get a better understanding of the processes happening on Jupiter. These new results portray the planet as a complex, gigantic, turbulent world that we still need to study and unravel its mysteries.

So what did this first science flyby tell us? Let’s break it down…

1. Tumultuous Cyclones

Juno’s imager, JunoCam, has showed us that both of Jupiter’s poles are covered in tumultuous cyclones and anticyclone storms, densely clustered and rubbing together. Some of these storms as large as Earth!

These storms are still puzzling. We’re still not exactly sure how they formed or how they interact with each other. Future close flybys will help us better understand these mysterious cyclones. 

Seen above, waves of clouds (at 37.8 degrees latitude) dominate this three-dimensional Jovian cloudscape. JunoCam obtained this enhanced-color picture on May 19, 2017, at 5:50 UTC from an altitude of 5,500 miles (8,900 kilometers). Details as small as 4 miles (6 kilometers) across can be identified in this image.

An even closer view of the same image shows small bright high clouds that are about 16 miles (25 kilometers) across and in some areas appear to form “squall lines” (a narrow band of high winds and storms associated with a cold front). On Jupiter, clouds this high are almost certainly comprised of water and/or ammonia ice.

2. Jupiter’s Atmosphere

Juno’s Microwave Radiometer is an instrument that samples the thermal microwave radiation from Jupiter’s atmosphere from the tops of the ammonia clouds to deep within its atmosphere.

Data from this instrument suggest that the ammonia is quite variable and continues to increase as far down as we can see with MWR, which is a few hundred kilometers. In the cut-out image below, orange signifies high ammonia abundance and blue signifies low ammonia abundance. Jupiter appears to have a band around its equator high in ammonia abundance, with a column shown in orange.

Why does this ammonia matter? Well, ammonia is a good tracer of other relatively rare gases and fluids in the atmosphere…like water. Understanding the relative abundances of these materials helps us have a better idea of how and when Jupiter formed in the early solar system.

This instrument has also given us more information about Jupiter’s iconic belts and zones. Data suggest that the belt near Jupiter’s equator penetrates all the way down, while the belts and zones at other latitudes seem to evolve to other structures.

3. Stronger-Than-Expected Magnetic Field

Prior to Juno, it was known that Jupiter had the most intense magnetic field in the solar system…but measurements from Juno’s magnetometer investigation (MAG) indicate that the gas giant’s magnetic field is even stronger than models expected, and more irregular in shape.

At 7.766 Gauss, it is about 10 times stronger than the strongest magnetic field found on Earth! What is Gauss? Magnetic field strengths are measured in units called Gauss or Teslas. A magnetic field with a strength of 10,000 Gauss also has a strength of 1 Tesla.  

Juno is giving us a unique view of the magnetic field close to Jupiter that we’ve never had before. For example, data from the spacecraft (displayed in the graphic above) suggests that the planet’s magnetic field is “lumpy”, meaning its stronger in some places and weaker in others. This uneven distribution suggests that the field might be generated by dynamo action (where the motion of electrically conducting fluid creates a self-sustaining magnetic field) closer to the surface, above the layer of metallic hydrogen. Juno’s orbital track is illustrated with the black curve. 

4. Sounds of Jupiter

Juno also observed plasma wave signals from Jupiter’s ionosphere. This movie shows results from Juno’s radio wave detector that were recorded while it passed close to Jupiter. Waves in the plasma (the charged gas) in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter have different frequencies that depend on the types of ions present, and their densities. 

Mapping out these ions in the jovian system helps us understand how the upper atmosphere works including the aurora. Beyond the visual representation of the data, the data have been made into sounds where the frequencies
and playback speed have been shifted to be audible to human ears.

5. Jovian “Southern Lights”

The complexity and richness of Jupiter’s “southern lights” (also known as auroras) are on display in this animation of false-color maps from our Juno spacecraft. Auroras result when energetic electrons from the magnetosphere crash into the molecular hydrogen in the Jovian upper atmosphere. The data for this animation were obtained by Juno’s Ultraviolet Spectrograph. 

During Juno’s next flyby on July 11, the spacecraft will fly directly over one of the most iconic features in the entire solar system – one that every school kid knows – Jupiter’s Great Red Spot! If anybody is going to get to the bottom of what is going on below those mammoth swirling crimson cloud tops, it’s Juno.

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Learn more about the Juno spacecraft and its mission at Jupiter HERE.


A Jin Kiss a day keeps the doctor away!

Inktober Day 06~
Idk if this is a rarepair or not, I just introduced myself to mercymaker and 👌🍸❤️💯

Eighth Year au

  • Draco and Harry end up as roommates
  • Neither of them really know how it happens, but they just sort of naturally fall into being friends
  • At some point in the year Pansy asks Draco for help wooing Hermione: “You’re smart, yeah? And so is Granger. So educate me, make me smart too so I can talk to her.”
  • He grudgingly agrees to help her, but inside he’s like “Why me”
  • Harry finds it hilarious
  • Draco is relieved when Pansy and Hermione get together
  • Until it happens again- this time, it’s Blaise who needs help with Neville
  • Draco shares what he knows about Herbology from the gardening his mother forced him to do (because ‘it builds character’)
  • And then, after Blaise and Neville are united, what do you know, it happens again- Daphne Greengrass wants Draco to teach her wizard’s chess so she can impress Ron
  • Draco’s flabbergasted by all these odd pairings, but also struggling with his confusing (and very gay) feelings for Harry
  • Luna is the last to ask for his help, and she wants to be able to play Quidditch (for Ginny, but she doesn’t tell Draco that) and Draco obliges
  • Once Luna’s got the hang of it, he asks her why she wanted to learn
  • “Well, my girlfriend loves Quidditch, and I wanted to surprise her.” “Who’s your girlfriend?” “Ginny Weasley, of course.”
  • And Draco’s like what? WHat in the name Of SalAZar SlythERin makes these wackos think that I’m some expert in wooing GRyfFinDORS?
  • So he asks Luna, “How come people keep coming to me for help with their romances with Gryffindors?”
  • And Luna smiles at him knowingly and answers, “Well, you got Harry, didn’t you?”
  • But poor Draco doesn’t understand “What do you mean I ‘got Harry’? I haven’t ‘got’ him! We’re just friends!”
  • Luna shrugs and then runs off to Ginny, who has, along with Harry, been watching the two blondes fly from the stands
  • And then Harry joins Draco-who’s still reeling from Luna’s words-on the Quidditch pitch
  • Draco asks him shakily, “I haven’t got you, have I? I mean, it’s not like you’re mine or anything, right?”
  • Harry blushes slightly and shrugs. “I could be, if you wanted me to be.” He takes Draco’s hands in his own. It feels right.
  • “Oh.” Draco turns pink. “Okay. I th- I think I might want that. You being mine. Sounds… nice. I’d like to be yours as well.”
  • “Really? You want to be my boyfriend?” Harry’s smiling now, widely. He steps closer to Draco.
  • “Well, yes. I doubt anyone else would be up for the job, considering how much of a prat you can be-”
  • Harry shuts him up with a firm kiss.

Alright so the subject of Ana being the source of the rift between Gabriel and Jack is starting to come up more.

And something that everyone talking about this issue should be aware of is that there is a HUGE miscommunication thing going on between all three Old Soldiers.

Jack and his team are LITERALLY in the middle of taking off.  He says that he literally has two second before they fly off.

People miss this panel A LOT, but here, Ana turns off her comms device.

So what does this mean?

Jack was trying to pull a retreat.  He had the hostages, the remaining members of their squad was safe, he was trying to get Ana to reign in whatever drive was fueling her to square off against this other sniper.

It’s not hard to believe that by turning off the comms device, Ana may have turned off her GPS signaling or any other way of pinging her location to Jack and the rest of their squad.  Whether this was intentional or not is debatable.

So do I think Ana was wrong?  Hard to say.  This fight of hers was irresponsible, even if it was motivated by purer feelings (”I failed my unit - I lost members of my family.”).  

The saying is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and this is a theme common to all three “Old Soldiers” (Ana, Soldier: 76/Jack, Reaper/Gabriel).  This is, arguably, “the theme” of Overwatch as a whole group too - as we saw in Uprising, Jack and Gabriel both made the call to send agents to London against multiple orders from multiple people (their director Petras, UN suspensions, and the UK government).

But going back to the issue of Ana’s “death”:

(It’s important to note that Reaper does not stay for Ana to give him any sort of explanation.  In fact, he doesn’t even stay to find out how she’s still alive.)

So, clearly someone thinks that Jack left Ana behind and abandoned her in favor of the mission.

And certainly, it looks bad on Jack’s part - to “force a retreat” with his own captain not on board the ship.  We don’t know if Jack tried to find Ana after and could not relocate her, or anything else.  But certainly, it seems that some people in Overwatch think he did not do enough to find her and bring her home.

But in Uprising, Gabriel and Jack still had decent communication occurring between them.  So what exactly happened?  Assuming that Jack tried to explain that he lost communication with Ana, why does seemingly his ex-best friend and companion of nearly 30 years not believe him?

We already know that stress was beginning to build within Overwatch by the time of the Uprising comic - Blackwatch was under suspension, Jack was under pressure to listen to Petras “and stay in line,” governments were beginning to lob complaints, public outcry was starting.

More importantly, if the new skins are anything to go by, Amélie was already kidnapped and brainwashed.

Which means Talon had already infiltrated Overwatch.

It’s not difficult to theorize that some “enterprizing” Talon infiltrator saw the miscommunication over Ana’s “death” start between Gabriel and Jack, and decided to use that moment to drive a wedge between them.  Perhaps Jack gets called into the UN Headquarters to explain how Ana died.  Perhaps the Talon infiltrator uses that moment to convince Gabriel that Jack “is lying to cover his own failures and that he actually abandoned Ana.”  Perhaps Gabriel is so caught up in his grief and confusion that he believes them.  Perhaps Jack gets a different (or even the same) Talon infiltrator trying to convince him that Gabriel is “behaving irrationally” or “refuses to listen to Jack’s explanation.”

This is a lot speculation, and without knowing more it’s hard to get any more specific.  But I see this order of events as pretty likely.  If we assume that Genji and Jesse leave soon after Ana’s death (Genji to find himself and Jesse out of stress and pressure), then Gabriel is effectively without a solid emotional support network to rely on.  If we believe that Gabriel was “emotionally isolated” by the conspiracy within Overwatch, it’s fairly straightforward to see how he comes to blame Jack and Overwatch as a whole for “leaving him behind to suffer” as well.

I think people are quick to sympathize with the different Old Soldiers, but fewer people seem to see the steps that could lead someone to become like Ana, Reaper, or Soldier: 76.  All it takes is a simple mistake or miscommunication moment, and those who are looking to bring Overwatch down could easily find an opportunity to chisel away at a solid foundation.

And after all - 

The best way to undermine something is to take out part of the base level foundation - the original founders of Overwatch.

And then the whole thing comes crumbling down.


Flying Down to Rio (1933) closes with two of the lesser known members of the supporting cast, drinking champagne. 

This ending is a somewhat prophetic moment in musical cinema history. As the credits roll, we are left with Fred & Ginger, looking merrily and with much cheer into their bright and glorious future together as the most famous onscreen pairing of their time - arguably of all time.