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The sinking of the Deathly Hallows [10/8]

Not quite your average blog post title, I think. It sounds like a cross between the Titanic and Harry Potter, except if it was made into a film, it would be neither a romantic tragedy nor a fantasy adventure, more along the Chuckle Brothers comedy line.

So I made a structure to put on the artificial house reef here at Two Fish Lembeh, as most DMs have done in the past. Mine - made from plastic tubing, a tyre, a hell of a lot of rope and the biggest triangular slab of concrete you could imagine - was in the shape of the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. It took a good few days to get it together, mainly the making of the concrete slab which had only the purpose of weighing down the structure. When it came to actually putting all the materials together to create my vision, it turns out I was mainly incapable of anything. Patson and James made the concrete as well as sawing and drilling the tubing and tyre. Even when I tried to join it all together by myself with rope I was pushed aside by Rein who told me I couldn’t tie secure knots! Thank you all of you anyway, it looks prefect.

Measuring out the sizes for my concrete slab.

Finally came the most important part - the sinking. I needed quite a bit of help because no one really could lift it alone so in the end we had Fenly, Rayen, Sandy, Doan, Rein and I trying to get the thing in the water and to the correct position over 100m out from shore and 15m deep. The boys were such a laugh - we had to take the thing in first to about waist deep and then run back for our dive kit and lift bags to help us carry it. None of the guys had fins and to get to the artificial reef, they all walked along the sea floor while holding it above them. It was almost like a crossover of the scene in Pirates of the Caribbean with Cap’n Jack and Will and the Chuckle Brothers! I could not stop laughing and I feel I was little help apart from being a consultant of where I would like it placed.

All done and dusted!

The guys messed around and we all had a laugh on the way back - Rayen had no dive kit and was sat on Rein’s tank on his alternate and they were all trying to swim but failing because they had no fins! At one point, they all grabbed my tank and tried to get me to swim them back but I just wasn’t strong enough. Sandy was turning my air on and off (giving me heart attacks) and Doan was being generally hilarious as usual.

I had such a great afternoon of hilarity and fun. I can say now that I’m really going to miss those guys when I leave. Thank you all for everything you’ve done to help me in these last two and a half/three weeks.