two finger zen


“And the two pilot lights go ZOOM~ into a black construction paper night.”

The poem is “A Finger, Two Dots, Then Me”, by Derrick Brown and I have so many emotions about it.

Also, going through the other routes is so hard because by the end Seven is always so sad. 

I’m on my way Seven!!


Aside from being the world’s coolest party trick, there’s actually a reason for training to do this. Assuming the force remains constant, you can increase the damage a strike does to something by reducing the surface area of the impact, because it concentrates all of the force onto one point. Kind of like how when you smack your shin on the flat side of a piece of furniture it doesn’t hurt much, but when you smack your shin on the corner the spot that it hit hurts like a motherfucker. So imagine all of the force of a good punch concentrated onto a point the size of a fingertip. Normally, you’d break your fingers if you tried that. But that really isn’t an issue for the guy that can support his entire body weight on two fingers