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X-Men: Evolution tho

I feel like people are forgetting how great this show is so I want to remind you all that:

  • Mystique was literally every new character and every other villain
  • I’m not kidding. New student? Mystique.The principal? Mystique. That Scottish punk rocker? Mystique.
  • That bird? Also Mystique. If someone is not a main character then they are Mystique.
  • Sometimes if someone is a main character they are still Mystique, like the episode where it turns out that Professor X was Mystique for the whole season
  • Magneto menacingly twirls paperclips in the air in like half the scenes
  • Magneto refuses to stand and instead floats at all times, even if it’s just an inch above the ground
  • Magneto is only shown as a helmet hiding in the shadows for the entire first season
  • Storm is boss as hell and was worshiped as a goddess when she was younger
  • There was an episode where all of the girls lowkey started a gang and tore shit up and kicked the asses of villains more effectively than the entire X-team did for the whole series???
  • Wolverine and Sabretooth fought every time they saw each other. In the mall? On top of a parking garage? While on motorcyles? Fight WITH THE MOTORCYCLES? Like they could literally smell one another miles away and they would run through the whole city just to fight one another, it’s ridiculous
  • The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants crashed a high school soccer game once
  • Everyone in the Brotherhood is a sassy asshole and I love it, esp Quicksilver
  • Professor X is completely unfit to supervise children but people keep giving him their children to supervise
  • Including his own son, whom he, predictably, also failed to supervise
  • There was an episode where hunters caught Beast because they thought he was Bigfoot
  • Right before Jean was going to confess her ~feelings~ to Scott Mystique fucking kidnaps him and throws him to wolves in the desert lol. Professor X also refused to believe another fucking telepath when she said Scott was in danger
  • One of the characters joins a cabal of sewer mutants after he is disfigured by drinking soda that functions as mutant poison
  • Magneto had some secret headquarters at a ski resort
  • Blob knows how to make radish roses
  • The show is surprisingly positive and has great female characters and also some really good commentary about marginalized groups???
  • It’s also really true to the comics and does a lot of great side characters justice
  • Wolverine is like two feet tall in the show, just like in the comics, he’s a great angry munchkin tbh
The Runaway Ballerina

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader, some Cas 

Warnings: Fluff

Summary: Reader has been hexed by witch that turned her into a toddler, and a jealous Dean becomes very annoyed. 

A/N: I hit 100 followers, so in honor of that I’ll be posting some imagines so if you guys have any request send them down and I’ll try my best.

Part 2

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Sam and Dean sit in baby staring at their once 25 year old sister who was now 4 years old in a ballerina outfit because that’s what she picked out at the store when they needed to buy her clothes. The previous hunt they were on Y/N got hit by some weird powder by a witch and Dean woke up the following morning to a tiny hand on his face.

“Why do you guys keeping wooking at me weird?” She ask looking between them. “You’re just so tiny.” Sam smiles. “She’s so cute!” Sam adds looking at Dean. “Yeah, I remember.” He mumbles as they get out the car to go food shopping for the bunker.

“Come on Y/N.” Sam chimes as he opens the back door for her. He holds her hand as they cross the street to the store. She lets go and runs to the shopping carts to grab one. They stand there watching her struggle to get one cart out because they were stuck together. (Don’t you just hate that) “I got it.” Sam chuckles getting it. As they walk in store Y/N skips ahead next to Dean to hold his hand but he keeps moving his hand so she can’t grab it.

“I don’t wanna hold your hand, thanks. I don’t wanna hold your hand.” He argues. She frowns and grabs a hold of his hand and grips it tight. “Ow, ow, let go of my hand.” He growls. “That hurts.” He glares down at her. She whimpers and peeks over to Sam who looks down at her. “What’s wrong bug?”

“Dean won’t hold my hand.” Y/N pouts. Sam gives Dean his signature bitch face and Dean grunts and grabs her hand. “She always did this before.” He mumbles but Sam just chuckles shaking his head. “Why did you choose a costume?” Dean ask looking at her ballerina outfit. “It’s not a costume it’s my protective gear.”

“How’s a ballerina costume suppose to protect you?”

“Are you crazy who wants to hurt a ballewina?” She protest. “Other ballerinas.” Dean shrugs. Once Dean had enough he throws Y/N in the seat of the cart and she rambles to Sam who too eventually has enough of her talk of Princes and fairies and he gives her his iPod. She bops her head and swings her hanging legs accidentally kicking Sam once in awhile listening to music as they get to the register. “Can I has some lime jerky?” She ask pointing down below to the candy and jerky. Sam is about to protest remembering her eating habit but Dean holds his hand up to stop him. “Your remember how she was when she didn’t get things. She whined and whined.” Sam grabs the jerky and puts it down with the of stuff and Y/N smiles. The ride to the bunker is an half hour away and Y/N becomes very impatient.

“Are we there yet?” She grunts tugging on her seatbelt. “We get there when we get there Y/N.” Dean answers annoyed. “Why do you have to be such a meany?” She yells. Sam stops Dean before he can even talk back. “Hey princess let’s play a game.” Sam says turning around in his seat. “Okay!”

“Let’s play the license plate game.”

“Yay okay!” Y/N props herself on the seat and looks out the window. There isn’t much cars on the road and she eventually falls asleep from boredom. When they arrive Sam carries Y/N down the stairs seeing Cas sitting in the war room. “Who’s the child?” He questions noticing a sleeping Y/N in Sam’s arms.

“Cas it’s Y/N.” He chuckles. “Y/N isn’t two feet tall.”

“She got hit by some mumbo jumbo powder and now she’s four years old so we need to find a way to reverse it.” Dean explains as they walk to the kitchen. “Cas would you mind taking her to her room?” Sam ask. Cas hesitates at first and nods. Sam passes her gently so she doesn’t wake up. She stirs in Cas’s arms for a moment and becomes still again. He takes her to her room settling her down on the bed. He admires her small body seeing fully that it clearly was Y/N. He remembers Y/N showing him some pictures of her and boys when they were younger.

An hour goes passed and the boys sit in the library reading some books. “Do children usually nap for this long?” Cas questions. “You have a point totally forgot. She’s too quiet now that I realize.” Sam intervenes. “Oh no.” Dean mumbles getting up. “What? What is it?” Cas questions following them to the kitchen.

“Whenever Y/N was quiet it meant that she’s was either hiding something or she’s going through the pantry for cand—”

Sure enough when they reach the kitchen they see a stash of candy wrappers opened along with other snacks, but that wasn’t the problem. This was Dean’s secret stash. “Son of bitch.” He stomps his boot. “If she throws up, I’m blaming you!”  Dean scolds at Sam with a pointed finger. They go into the hallways to look for her. “Y/N!” Dean screams. He goes to her room not seeing her there and is about to leave till he hears shuffling from the closet. He slowly walks up to the closet grabbing the door knobs and swings them open spotting the little ballerina with a chocolate stained mouth.

“THERE YOU ARE!” She screams crawling through Deans legs and makes a run for it in the hallway.

“Sammy get her!” He screams. Sam sees a small body dart across the hallway. He runs after her but loses her once he turns the corner. Five minutes go by and Dean doesn’t find her. “I’m tried of playing games Y/N come out now or it’s time out for you!” After three minutes of searching he meets in the war room with Sam. “She’s in so much trouble!” Dean grunts. “Dean, why are you so mad at her?”

“She ate my stuff!”

“No, not that. I mean ever since she turned you’ve been a meany like she said what’s up with that?” Dean doesn’t answer and looks away. Sam stands there waiting for the answer. Dean mumbles something inaudible he can’t hear. “What?”

“I said she likes you better then me.” He confesses. “Dean, what are you talking about?” He sighs before he answers.

“Every since Y/N was little she always liked you best. She was stuck to you like glue.” Sam stands there in shock. “Dean, she loves you a lot you know?” He raises an eyebrow hearing this. “Anytime you and dad were gone Y/N never shut about you. Asking me all these questions about cars and bugging me when you were gonna be back and how excited she was to learn  how to gank monsters from her big brother. Besides you too spend a bunch of time together now. Why is this affecting you?”

“Is that true?”

“Yes, I was kinda jealous because I thought she liked you more. And to be honest I’m a little jealous. You guys have a closer bond than I have with her now.” Sam admits. Suddenly Cas emerges into the war room carrying a crying Y/N. “What happened?” Sam ask. “Well when I was chasing her down she fell and hurt her knee.” He lifts her leg up showing the ripped pink unitard with a cut that is now bleeding just a little and the torn tutu. He goes to hand her to Sam’s out stretched arms but she whimpers rejecting him.

“I want Dean.” She whimpers crying. Dean lifts his head up hearing this and gets a good look at his baby sister. Her arms reached out for him leaning away from Cas. Her eyes puffy and red from crying. Dean realizes that he’s been so stupid that he didn’t need to be jealous, because him and Y/N get along perfect now when she’s not a toddler. She whimpers putting her arms down thinking her big brother yet again is rejecting her today until he reaches out for her and she quickly wraps her arms around his neck. “You okay?” He ask softly wiping her tear stained face. “No.” Y/N croaks shaking her head and he takes her to his room. He sets her down on his bed and helps her in one of his t-shirts after cleaning her face.

“I’m sorry I ate your candy.” She apologies in her small voice. “No, I’m sorry for being a meany today, I was just jealous.”

“Why?” She ask with a tilt of her head.

“It’s a long story. But let’s get a bandaid on this shall we?” He gets the first aid kit and cleans her scratch up. “Tank you.” She says once he’s finished. “Dean.” She calls out to him when he puts the stuff away. “Yeah?”

“Can we watch some cowboy movies?” He smiles at this and nods his head. “Sure thing sweetheart.” He sets the movie in his room while Cas helps her pop the popcorn. Half way through the movie Y/N starts falling asleep. He looks down under his arm seeing Y/N falling asleep with a piece of popcorn hanging of her bottom lip. “Getting sleepy there?” He lays down with her pulling the blanket up. “Frectles.” She mumbles. “What?” She puts one tiny finger in his face and says it again. “Frectles.” He frowns then gasp realizing what she meant. “You mean freckles.” He chuckles. “Yeah you has those.”

A/N: Would you guys like a Part 2?

YFIP: Morrigan and her Ranger Warden SO
  • Like to play practical jokes using their shapeshifting and ranger abilities
  • “Hello, Bann Esmerelle, have you met my wife Morrigan?” -Introduces a giant spider to Amaranthine’s high society.
  • “And our two beautiful sons, Kieran and Spider Bob?” Introduces another giant spider and a not-spider human boy as well.
  • “Only one of them is adopted. Guess which one.”
  • <p> <b>Me at 3a.m.:</b> Alec is six feet tall and Magnus is six feet and two inches tall.<p/><b>Me:</b> 6' and 6'2. 6 and 62. 6 plus 62 is 68.<p/><b>Me:</b> The 68th day of 2017 was March 9th, a Thursday.<p/><b>Me:</b> Thursday has two syllables. Malec has two syllables.<p/><b>Me:</b> But wait. There are 26 letters in the alphabet. 68 minus 26 is 42. 42 minus 26 is 16. The 16th letter of the alphabet is P.<p/><b>Me:</b> What words start with P? Party. Party has two syllables. Magnus and Alec met at a party in the books.<p/><b>Me:</b> The malec episode was Season 1, episode 12. The twelfth letter of the alphabet is L.<p/><b>Me:</b> The letter L is made of two lines. So is P. 2 plus 2 is 4. What letter has four lines? K.<p/><b>Me:</b> A word that starts with K? Killing. What do we kill? Produce. How do we cook the produce? Many ways. Well done. Over done. mEDIUM RARE.<p/><b>Me:</b> The first thing Alec heard Magnus say in the show was "Well done? More like medium rare."<p/><b>Me:</b> IT'S ALL RIGHT THERE!!!!¡¡¡¡ CAN'T YOU SEE??? IT'S ALL-<p/><b>Friend trying to sleep next to me:</b> Can I go to bed now?<p/></p>


…Not that it matters. Because while the super R-rated and somber Logan has a solid 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it actually wasn’t all that great of a movie. Sorry, I know that upsets you, gentle reader, but if you’ve seen the way-better film that Logan completely ripped off you’d probably agree with me.

That film is Children Of Men. You know, the really, really good 2006 Alfonso Cuaron film about a not-too-distant future where our resources are limited and women can no longer make babies.

It might not be the fairest of metrics, but when you compare the two films you not only see how uncanny Logan’s plot is, but how fundamentally lacking it is in basic story structure and character development. Think of it like comparing Jackie Chan to Chuck Norris… if Chuck Norris was also two feet tall and incontinent.

How We All Saw ‘Logan’ Eleven Years Ago (SPOILERS)

Pink- Andre Burakovsky

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You will all be happy to know I have 9 Andre requests pending after this one XD I love you all and your love for our Swedish bean! I’ll post an updated queue list tomorrow to update everyone on where we stand! Ok so here we have Andre with children! Try to keep your heart in one piece! Good luck! Once again let me know what you think!

Warnings: Overload of fluffiness

Anon Request: all of your imagines are sooo good!!! i usually only read ones about players that i’m interested in but yours are so good that i just read every single one you post :) would you mind doing one where andres gf/wife/whatever is at practice with their 1 or 2 year old and the baby and gf skate with him after? so kind of like how cute and fluffy the jamie benn one was!! thanks for writing for all of us :) honestly though if you dont like this prompt… anything w andre and babies/children will do lol


              You had brought your and Andre’s daughter to the morning practice because Andre had been dropping hints for the past month that he wanted to start teaching her to skate.

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In which Star-Lord Falls in Love (Fluffy Guardians of the Galaxy Smut)

An anon suggested fluffy smut with Star-Lord, and oh goodness gracious how could I resist that? 

Fluffy with a few NSFW parts. 

Maybe it was the way that every time you ran into each other on Knowhere you were wearing his favorite color. Maybe it was because you were the only person in the galaxy who called him “Star-Lord” without a roll of the eyes. Maybe it was the little smile that’d work its way across your face when he played his music. Maybe it was just you. The reason didn’t matter. The only thing that did, was that Peter Quill found himself hopelessly in love with you.

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Here is a version of me that I don’t typically post to tumblr, but which, nevertheless, exists- and much more frequently than I would like. 

This version of me isn’t wearing any fun makeup or cute clothing; this version is congratulating herself for having managed to remember to wash her face this morning.

This isn’t the version of me that has perfectly-coiffed Season 5 Scully Hair; this version of me just didn’t have the energy or the will to put in that kind of effort. 

This isn’t the version of me that flails in all caps about fanfic that I love; this version of me voraciously consumes every piece I fic I can find on my phone at two in the morning because I’m trying to use distraction to stave off a panic attack, and I like to try reaching for fic before I reach for the clonazepam. 

This isn’t the version of me who enjoys every moment with my kids; this version of me is mentally begging my family to please just stop needing me for things for five. Damn. Minutes.

This isn’t the version of me who loves her job and feels like she has the best coworkers in the world; this version of me left work yesterday after having been made to feel two feet tall by three of her managers at once.

This version of me doesn’t churn out one piece of fic after another because I enjoy it; this version sits here in my chair and frantically writes as fast as I can because sometimes I feel like my stories are the only thing I’m good for, the only thing I truly have control over.

This isn’t the version of me that gets drunk on wine with my dad on Sunday nights and then shows up to post ridiculous shit in the re-watch chat; this version of me was scared to tell my parents that I was back on anti-depressants after over a decade of not needing them, because depression is the one thing my otherwise supportive parents just don’t understand.

Sometimes, I feel like an imposter because the first version of me is the only one I ever post about, the only one that ever shows up online. But sometimes I think it’s important for me to acknowledge the other version of myself, to own those parts of myself that maybe aren’t so shiny or fun or happy.

So yes, I did spend hours today writing with barely a pause… but I also spent a half hour before dinner lying on my bed trying to regulate my breathing and keep from descending into a total panic attack. It all just proves that no one has their shit together all the time, no matter how it might look from the outside.

chopped memes

- a rly weird ingredient being put in the basket that probably shouldn’t exist

- one of the chefs for some reason being an expert at using this really weird ingredient

- trying to make ice cream with 5 minutes left

- leaving the damn basket ingredients off the plate because they were too slow

- food exploding in the deep fryer

- remaining casual after adding alcohol to a dish and calmly moving a pan with a two feet tall purple and pink fire in it

- making up a rly complex title for their food during the presentation “I have prepared for you an Italian crustini with a wine reduced cheese sauce” it’s a grilled cheese

- one of the judges having to criticize something incredibly minor because there’s nothing else wrong with the food but they have to say something “needed a little more salt”