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Hi there, I was wondering what fic you would recommend for a Wolfstar newbie. It's always been a low-key ship of mine, but I just realised that I've never read any fic for it before and well, I've got a hankering for it now. I would love for a gentle introduction to it. Thanks.

This is so hard! Okay, so I may have went a little overboard here, but there are so many good fics it’s hard to limit myself. I’ll go by time period since that’s how a lot of people pick fics to read. I’ve kept these under 20k, so you can just dip into the ship, but if you’d like the newbie extended edition rec list let me know! :)

MWPP (aka marauder’s era/aka most of the fics i’ve recced here) everything from fluffy, prank-planning, map-making shenanigans to angst-riden, post-prank, pre-war sadness

Post-Hogwarts (fluff, living together, what war?) same time period as the first war but in general focuses on cute get-together type stories and not heartbreaking angst

First War (angst, suspicion, tears, and more angst) i don’t read first war fics very often but these were the ones that hurt the best

Lie Low At Lupin’s (skipping over the lost years and PoA fics cause I’ve hardly read any and straight on to the time between GoF and OOTP) very sad in general, what with Remus thinking his friends dead or traitors and Sirius having DONE HIS WAITING, TWELVE YEARS OF IT, IN AZKABAN

now to my favorite part: AU’s 

Under-appreciated Fic rec

I was tagged by the lovely @crossroadswrite​ to rec some of my favorite fics with under 1k kudos.

This features a wide range of stories with some fluff, some smut, and more than some angsty/dark fic because I adore things that hurt my heart. So be sure to check my comments and the tags for potential triggers.

All Sterek, because that’s what I read.

Numbers [T] [11150] standinginanicedress

“I’m magic,” Stiles raises his hands in the air and puts on a serious facial expression. “I have the sixth sense.”

“The sixth sense, huh? Is that what they’re calling bullshit these days?”

Stiles’ lips purse down hard, but he still smirks. Derek wonders if there’s any single facial expression that Stiles can make that isn’t in some way at least slightly amused, whether at himself or the expense of others. “Non-believers aren’t welcome at my table, Derek.”

Fun and so cute. This is one of my new favorites and definitely deserves more attention.

Post Tenebras Lux [E] [47755] seraphina_snape

After finally (finally) having his first date with Derek, Stiles goes to sleep with butterflies in his stomach. He doesn’t have to wait long for the rude awakening though: after being plagued by nightmares, he shows up at Derek’s place early only to find a stranger in Derek’s kitchen.

Who is the stranger? Why is he at Derek’s place at eight in the morning making breakfast? And why is Derek suddenly behaving so strangely, giving the minor supernatural problem Stiles is trying to solve the brush off and generally acting like he did when he came back to Beacon Hills the first time?

Stiles’ spidey sense is tingling, but all of his attempts to make the pack see the truth fail. They accept Morgan into the pack like a long lost brother and it doesn’t take more than a few days for Stiles to be excluded from the pack.

On his own for the first time in years and plagued by self-doubts, Stiles has to figure out what it is that Morgan is doing to his pack and how to get them back.

How does this fic not have more kudos?? A rich and fully developed story with an intriguing plot, angst, BAMF Stiles, Stydia brotp, and of course Sterek. Check it out!

Staring shadows in the eye [E] [24810] queerly_it_is

Derek has spent six years travelling the country as a hunter, searching for the demon that used him and murdered his family, relying on the unwanted power he holds as Alpha to keep himself going. When he’s captured by another demon who calls himself Stiles, Derek strikes a devil’s bargain to ensure the revenge that’s become his obsession.

But Stiles has an agenda of his own, and when you make deals with demons, nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

Demon!Stiles. Dark (dubcon & painplay warnings), angsty, sexy, and surprisingly touching in places. Featuring Supernatural-style blood addiction.

Gotta love the classics [E] [3979] aprettysmalldose

“Or you could just blow me,” He says, casual as all fuck.

Yup. That’s pretty much the fic.

Biker!Derek, mechanic!Stiles, and blowjobs. This fic is hot and I don’t know why you haven’t all read it yet.

A Mask of Skin and Bone [M] [2628] entanglednow

Stiles had christened him ‘The Puppeteer.’ Which had struck him as kind of amusing at the time.

This is dark and painful, and utterly gorgeous just like every one of entanglenow’s works. Elements of non-con due to a villain’s mind control influence, with the fic mainly focused on dealing with the aftermath.

Tchaikovsky’s Nightmare [M] [30089] fshep

After a week of rehearsal, Stiles is convinced that there’s no way this production is going to end in anything other than misery.

Beacon Hills Classical Ballet Academy performs a variation of Swan Lake where all of the swans are males, forcing Stiles to partner up with Derek Hale. Things go about as well as one would expect.

I honestly didn’t expect to love a story about ballet, but I ended up reading this one twice. Really lovely slow build romance.

In Some Way, I’m There With You [M] [11494] TroubleIWant

Scott slows to a jog as he sees Derek upright and moving, but Stiles keeps running hard. He slides to his knees on the dirt and moss next to Derek and grabs at his shirt.

“Der?” he asks, over-loud and panicky. He’s oblivious to the gore around them, even though he’s kneeling in it. His hands flutter over Derek’s shoulder where the bite is already healing, patting his chest and face like touch is the only thing that will assure him Derek’s truly in one piece. “Derek, are you okay? Talk to me, say something, please.”

Derek’s not sure what to do with all this unexpected attention, and fights the urge to brush the probing hands away. He’s taken worse in fights before, which Stiles must know. Though, he supposes, they’re something different to each other now.


After years of assuming Stiles would never want more than his friendship, Derek is pleasantly surprised to be drawn into an intense relationship with him. Being with Stiles is good, great even. But then why, exactly, does it feel like they’re more distant than ever?

I’m not sure what to say about this without giving things away, but this incorporates some of my absolute favorite tropes, got me teary-eyed at one point, and had me grinning excitedly at another. This author always knows how to create an engaging story, with clever twists and plays on tropes that have me coming back and reading her works over again.

We are the greatest pretenders [T] [6437] heyshalina, marshmallowfluff

(How am I gonna get myself back home?)

Derek wishes Scott wasn’t such a failure of an alpha, that he had noticed the aura of darkness around Stiles before Derek had. Maybe then, it would be Scott now, staring into Stiles’ empty eyes, at his twisted smile, faced with the prospect of killing him.

“You know, I never wanted to be anything other than human.”

Beautiful, painful void!Stiles angst. Derek realizes that Stiles isn’t himself, and Void taunts and torments him.

Collide [M] [28543] allyasavedtheday

“There’s a legend among the druids,” Deaton begins, “it tells of two souls, Silvanus and Antheia, bound inextricably across universes. Two souls that are constantly colliding, not completing each other but-“

“Balancing,” Stiles says faintly, thinking back to all those times Morell talked to them about druids maintaining the balance.

“Mhm. Balance is imperative in our world, Stiles. The supernatural is a turbulent and unpredictable thing, without balance it would implode on itself.”

“So these two souls…”

“Were the bonding of the natural world and the supernatural one,” Deaton finishes for him.

Stiles and Derek are soulmates. It would be just Stiles’ luck that his universe is the only one where they don’t end up together.

One of my favorite soulmate fics. This gorgeous story allows us to explore flashes of Stiles and Derek falling in love in alternate lives, while the (semi) canon protagonists angst over the idea that this seems to be the only universe where the answers don’t come easily.

whatever you want (but you’re gonna have to ask me) [M] [1271] clavicular, vociferocity

Stiles takes another step backwards, and now he’s backed up against the wall, and Derek is still moving towards him. There’s purple dust on his jacket, and Stiles is absolutely freaking out right now.

“Wait,” he says. “Derek, wait. Is that the wolfsbane the hunters were using?”

Derek growls.

Don’t take the tags on this one too seriously. This one’s actually surprisingly cute, so give it a chance, guys!

I’m not drowning fast enough [T] [3676] adjourn

Because Derek has always known, on some level. And he doesn’t care at all.

DO take the tags seriously. Psychopath/killer!Stiles, canon divergent in 3A. Dark and angsty, Derek POV fic as he comes to understand what Stiles really is. Painful and wonderfully handled.

You Got My Mind To Follow [M] [3009] plume_bob

The Nogitsune heads to the loft to seek out its next victim, using Stiles’ desires to deliver its intentions with a more personal touch. Afterwards, Stiles and Derek deal with the fallout.

Void!Stiles fics do not get enough love. This one goes slightly divergent from the loft scene in De-Void, with Void planting the rage-bug in Derek in a more hands on (mouth on?) way, and then shows a bit of Stereky healing in the aftermath of the season.

Burn It Out [T] [6390] Omni

Everything that he was got burned out of him, turned to ash and shadow just like everyone he loved. He was hollowed out and empty, and it hurt like claws across exposed nerves.

Then, it was done.


Or: Derek gets magical amnesia as part of a pact with a dark creature, and Stiles can save him by way of Once Upon a Time rules.

This fic is such an interesting mixture of funny and heartbreakingly angsty. Told mostly from the perspective of an amnesiac Derek who thinks he’s a carefree Floridian working in a surf shop, whose life turns on his head when a stranger named Stiles shows up looking for a missing person.


I’m going to tag: @paintedlandscape @mad-madam-m @matildajones @dontgobrienmyheart @petals42 @literaryoblivion @rocketshipposey to contribute if you like, along with everyone else who can think of fics that deserve some more love and attention.