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this is forever a wip!! im always looking for new blogs to add! (if you wanna be in here/have any recommendations just send me a message or ask, friends)

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@academiix - nice studyspo pix. minimalistic theme. elite graphics + icons ~~

@academla - the most amazing #random ramblings as well as masterposts


@alimastudies - NOTESSSS

@aworkinggirlsbujo - how are you a new blog your original content is TEARWORTHY (and there’s so much of it too, so check this blog out!!)

@aeristudies - also minimalistic theme. beautiful original posts. some exo here and there. rly sweet and energetic and cute


@amoebasisters - omg if ur a scienceblr u will love how cute this blog is

@baejoohyuk - v friendly + energetic + sweet. lots of kpop but also other v nice reblogs + things too

@biscuitpen - adorable blog (-: easy to navigate + sweet aesthetic!

@bookandcoffeelover - book aesthetic all around

@bookbaristas - tons of beautiful book original posts omg

@bookfully - the love of my life; beautiful note pictures!!

@bookworminabox - v nice book aesthetic

@bulletjournaling101 - if you’re bujo crazy, this is the blog for you

@caffestudy - original posts are to die for

@calligr4phy - if you like those cute little random posts from the blogs u follow, get on this blog. also bullet journal is amazing as heck

@castillos-co - reblogs the most amazing things,,,+ gorgeous selfies

@ciellene - i can’t omg her original posts–

@cinnamonandhappiness - eeee scrolling for days

@coffeesforstudiers - for when you need an inspiration/motivation/productivity boost

@collegerefs - for crazy kids on the pre-college/ college adventure

@csec-studyblr - rly cute original posts

@curious-studies - lot’s of cute original posts!

@designyoself - ahh random ramblings + studyspo

@determinationandcaffeine - self explanatory 


@einstetic - reALLY elite langblr omg

@eiucidate - gay love meet studyblr

@emmastudies - …do i even need a caption for this one

@equaticns - SELF CARE + blue aesthetic ahhh

@essayinc - get those a-levels honey 

@fall-out-books - BOOKS, HONESTLY

@flaheistudies - …i cant

@fromquantumfluctuations - omg so sweet + i love reading through her orig posts and asks

@gatostudies - omg small bean + handwriting!! <3

@glossie - ahh i love reblogging from this!

@heather-journal - peaceful aesthetic(s)

@hermionegoals - omg the masterposts + advice are so,,,,

@hermione-helpme - reblogs from all over tumblr ahhh

@historyandmemes - for all you humanities nerds who keep being told that ur subject is underrated…think again

@hittingthebooks - i dont even know what to say,,,like her original content is BEAUTIFUL,,, what 2 say???

@hogwartsstudies - harry potter nerd!! check this blog out 

@homework-help-network - run by @rhubarbstudies and i!! a network of students trying to do well in school by helping and communicating with each other.

@illbebachinaminuet - if you like music, (pt 1)

@illeststudy - clean white aesthetic

@intellectus - mmm i like this blog i like this blog

@inspostudying - original posts are killer

@introvertedbookworm24 - for all u fellow book nerds out there


@journalsanctuary - EVERYTHING (about ur bullet journal)

@laminar - ALSO EVERYTHING  (except not about ur bujo)

@lihnguist - studyspo from all over the world hahaha; one of those blogs you can just scroll through for days

@livsdesk - omg

@lorastudies - her lettering omggg + rare yellow aesthetic!

@lucystudiess - original studyspo (the calligraphy. omg.)

@mels-studyblr - scienceblr! BEAUTIFUL  POSTERS AND NOTE HEADERS

@milkstudy - i cant,,,,help crying,,,,over the original posts,,,also milk theme is so calming

@mincrvas - v calm + rainy mood aesthetic original posts; also has a rly nice habit tracker printable!!

@minimaliststudy - ok so i actually love this blog so much? like the content???

@moanastudies - someone managed to combine my two favorite things into one blog


@notestudy - the best the best

@notesworthtea - more like notes worth thousands of dollars

@ohgigue - for poetry as visual art

@organizeandstudy - notes that will literally end your life on the spot


@pastel-highliters- omg i love these two; their original content is so clean and cute and nice

@paperandcaffeine - the aesthetic of all aesthetics

@paperbackstudies - omg ok i cant get over her lettering

@peachychubs - studyblr, memes + kpop!!!

@productivityplant - another person who is everything


@ravnclaw - oh my gosh the handwriting is–

@revisicn - if you want more + new studyspo

@rhubarbstudies - graphics, studyspo and more

@samstudyjam - motivation!!!

@sat-word-of-the-day - omg this is literally the best thing

@skiiistudyyy - really, REALLY cute handwriting and bullet journal!!

@sleepybeanjournals - looking for some new content/blogs? check out her blog, please!!

@southernstudyposts - a southern sweetheart indeed <3</p>

@stress-and-insanity - psychblr!!

@studimae - lettering + bullet journal of the gods


@study-harder - “to live without [this blog] is to cease to live”

@studyaesthetic - dEFINITELY an aesthetic

@studyafternoon - the bullet journal.

@studyblr - url probably worth millions of dollars

@studyblrolo -powerful + inspirational posts but also a studyblr

@studyearlgrey - omg this blog,,, follow them, just follow them

@studyign - check out her yt channel!!! 

@studyingcom - calming study blog!! at least imo haha


@studylilium - LETTERING

@studylustre - literally so sweet,,, read over her answered asks lol

@studypeaxh - omg clean white aesthetic!!

@studypetals - graphics and bullet journals and washi oh my 

@studyplants - mildliner + note aesthetic

@studying-pterosaur -  content from all over studyblr

@studyquill - her notes omg + yt channel!!

@studyrelief - omg the clean aesthetic

@study-with-joy - my homie edwin’s original posts are so cute omg

@study-with-jules - new studyblr friend!!! tons of great original posts!! (srsly check her blog out)

@tbhstudying - literally stole my handwriting from her. love u, seo <3</p>

@the-study-buddies - STUDY SQUAD– i’ve always wanted a squad like this, this blog literally makes me so happy

@thisiskillingmetbh - ok im jealous of the original content it looks like she dont try why cant i do that 

@timelesspossibility - pocstudyblr! studyblr + feminism and everything in between.


@universi-tea - ahhh graphics and studyspo and college and more

@wingedhoney - ah;;h,, crying over the angelkin aesthetic

@world-of-moana - MOANA.  NO EXPLANATION NEEDED.

@you-had-me-at-e-flat-major - if you like memes, (pt 2)

SERIOUSLY. MESSAGE ME SO I CAN ADD MORE PEOPLE (whether its u or a recommendation of someone else!!)

It was never about a TV show.

I’ve been in several TV fandoms over the years. Star Trek, Mork and Mindy, Beauty and the Beast, Moonlighting, Doogie Howser, 90210, Dark Angel, Ally McBeal, Doctor Who, House, Lie to Me, Burn Notice, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, The Office, HIMYM, White Collar, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Outlander, etc.

I’ve always loved watching TV shows with other people and analyzing the story, the characters, the ships, the writing…I get thinky and geek out. I love it. For almost a few decades, I’ve had my husband to do that with.

So, when my husband decided to stop watching OUAT with me after season four, I came here. Why? Because people out there think I’m weird when I talk spec, talk headcanons, multiship, get excited over a fictional wedding, or watch/read spoilers and talk about them. When I’m, y’know…me.

I’ve made some great friends who were simply fellow geeks. Why? Because you let me be me. You tell me it’s not only okay, but it’s awesome. Because you get the obsession, the excitement, the unabashed joy when a show or movie or book or comic series or game or thing is great. You get the disappointment, the sadness, the rage, the upset, the sick feeling in your stomach when something goes down and it means your favorite thing is about to change or go away.

When Star Trek: TNG went to movies and wasn’t my constant…

When my OTP finally got together on Moonlighting and then the writing went to shit…

When they cancelled Dark Angel just as the cops and the transgenics were at a standoff…

I rage quit Ally McBeal when RDJ went to prison and Larry left. That Sting solo is still my fave

FIREFLY. No explanation needed.

FUCKING DOOMSDAY. Pink and yellow papercut was my LOVE on Doctor Who.

(same show): When the Ponds got taken by Manhattan.

House and Cuddy. WTF.

When Matthew died on Downton Abbey, I didn’t watch for a whole season. I was in mourning.

Hydra Cap

And then Once Upon a Time killed Killian a handful of times, and killed Robin, and here we are.

I don’t know if I’ll watch season 7 of OUAT, if it happens. I might not like it. If I don’t, I don’t. I’ll figure things out. I get why Jennifer left, and that’s cool. She and I are the same age. I just made a huge life-change as well. It happens. It doesn’t mean I’m not worried about Emma, or Henry, or Hook, or the Charmings, or Regina, or Storybrooke.

But I’ve been here before, and I’ll be here again, I’m sure. So will you. The only constant is change.

So, I’ve got your back, and you’ve got mine, no matter what show or movie or book comes next.

I’ll get sappy and personal under the cut:

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(For the record, I blame others for getting me into the ship) 

Aaron Burr had never been in love.

Sure, he’d loved people before, but he’d never been IN love with anybody. That was the big thing, wasn’t it? The IN of IN LOVE. Aaron had never felt that IN of love. Only now, he was feeling the IN of IN LOVE very strongly towards the man who casually hugs him and wraps an arm around his waist while they’re chatting with friends at a party and whistles when he steps out of the changing room something the man himself had made.

That man’s name was Hercules Mulligan, his boyfriend of three months, and Aaron was so, so, IN love.

Hercules wasn’t doing anything particularly special when he realized it. They were just sitting on the couch watching a movie with the rest of the gang, and suddenly Aaron realized that he was deeply and painfully in love with him. It sucked the air out of his lungs like a punch to the gut and he choked on nothing for a second. He waved off the concerned looks of his friends, taking a sip from his water bottle.

He waited until all of the squad had left his apartment beside Hercules, who stayed to help him clean up, before saying it.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

Hercules smiled his dopey grin at Aaron and reached forward to pull his boyfriend closer by the collar of his shirt. He presses a sweet, quick kiss to his lips. “I love you too.” He whispered back, before looking very confused at Aaron’s head shake.

“No. You can love everybody. You can love your friends. You can love your neighbor. You can love your dog.” Aaron placed his hand on Hercules’ cheek. “I’m in love with you.”

Hercules got the idea and nodded. He tilted his head to kiss Aaron’s palm before saying back, “In love with you too.” Aaron smiled, and he called it a win for the night.

I surprisingly don’t ship much in Hamilton. I kinda ship the “obvious” stuff like lams, jeffmads and even Hamilton/Jefferson (I forgot the ship name and I’m too lazy to look it up). But some of the other stuff I’ve seem on here it’s just like nahhhh… Hamlaf nah, Jefferson/Lafayette nah, Hercules/Madison nah, Eliza/Maria I kinda just ship without too much thought… And then there’s this… The only fucking crack ship I have ever shipped, if it can even be considered one… Jamilams. Jefferson/Hamilton/Laurens. I don’t know why this is a thing. I will never know why. But I do know that it is Good Shit™💯💯💯

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The creamiest of creams

I like how this was sent!

Cream: favorite blog

Okay, so this is hard I do have two of my favorite blogs which are: @tinysongbird and @stillstreet aka Ashley and Josh Dun. 

I cannot chose one favorite blog from all of the amazing one’s I have so I am going to try to list as many as I can remember here and just encourage you to follow all of them and everyone else cause everyone is awesome!

Blogs to follow (aka everyone, but I will not remember everyone): @joshuadududuuunnn, @michaelsdumbtattoo, @spookyjimandtyler, @vulcanvampire, @21dashes, @joshdunverified, @llaneboi, @beanboyjoseph, @exhaledun, @areweintheclearyet-86, @jennathecliquemom, @twentyonecornflakesatthedisco, @earthtoalexaa, @iamhalseymusic, @kokiri-kelly, @blinded-by-fairy-lights, @use-ur-glutes, @therealjacksepticeye, @debbyryan, @dunchild, @quietisviolentxx, @plsjoshuawilliam, @neverdunwithtwentyone, @shilost, @sadlawyer, @holding-onto-slowtown, @vesselblurryface, @halseysedit, @clearlytyler, @im-not-phun-frens, @elizabethmorganmace, @meganmckinleymace, @fairlylocal4566, @vicesandvirtue, @vesperteeen, @punkrocks, @relatableclifford, @polaroidcal, @polarizedsoul, @joshdunclub, @tylerjoxeph, @tyjoandjersh, @galaxydun, @grav3yardgirl, @spookyjimandtyler, @spookyjimrippedmas, @blurryjishua, @lis-alis, @okayfriendplease, @embersintheash, @yourshakingshoulders, @twentyonequasars@twentydun-pilots, @n0phun-intended, @serenedun, @jennaaajoseph, @jennaaajosephh, @joshdunsquintylileyes, @joshssmile, @tumbledbylife, @duncare, @welcometoyewnork, @weareaddictswithapen, @whats-a-michaelclifford, and @didyoubringyourdog

Gah! As I said before this is not even close to all my amazing mutuals, so check them out and just go follow anyone! :) let us all be friends!

Thanks for asking!

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Risha I'm so sad!!! So many of my favorite lesbian blogs have been driven to the point of deleting these last couple of weeks by other lesbians and I'm running out of safe spaces!! The last two to go have been moonbian and acesappho and I'm just so sad! Why does the lesbian community hate ace sapphics/lesbians so much ;~;

Wait no those are like my two favorite lesbian blogs whyyyyyyyy

//Harry Styles// Album Review

Note: I didn’t review Sweet Creature or Sign Of The Times due to those songs being released prior to the official album release.

Meet me in the Hallway reminded me of the song, Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People but not in a lyric sense. More like the musical aspect of the song sounded similar to Pumped Up Kicks. This was not a favorite of mine but when I listened to the song a second time, I enjoyed the lyrics more than the first time.

For this next song, Carolina, let me start off by saying, I’m from North Carolina, so this song was bound to have a special place in my heart. However, the song took me by surprise when the first notes took off. The song is basically “good girl gone bad” and “good girl got the bad boys attention.” Am I basic when I say those are some of my favorite stories? Maybe. The song instantly gave me a boost of confidence. The kind where you feel like you could do just about anything.

Two Ghosts was unexpected and I was genuinely surprised. The song reminded me of change in an “I’ve grown up” way with the lyrics “we’re not who we used to be.” I think my favorite line from the song would be “we’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty” which made me feel as if this was written for someone who was lost or in need of rediscovering themselves, maybe both. This song was one of my favorites on the album.

Only Angel had me feeling like I was being transported back into the past. The song sounded like something I imagine being popular around the 50s. It had an early Rock N’ Roll feel that was very much my style. It reminded me of teenagers dancing and going to those drive in movies and being obsessed with milkshakes. I loved this song from the second I heard the first cords.

Kiwi is hands down my favorite song from this album. Automatically, I was intrigued when the first notes started. Styles’s voice had a sexy, I’m going crazy vibe. It was such a bop that had me hard core fangirling. The song makes you want to get up and dance your ass off. When I heard it the first time, I was sitting in class trying not to smile (which was nearly impossible) and after hearing it a second time, it was put on my ‘favorites’ playlist.

Ever Since New York sent me back to the One Direction days (please don’t kill me for bringing this up). It was like Styles was struggling with something, whether that being letting something go or feeling conflicted in some way. It gave me this sad and lonely feel.

Women was an interesting song. My first opinion was “what am I listening to?” followed by a “this is strange.” However, the chorus is catchy but is almost annoyingly repetitive. Styles somehow manages to pull it off though. The background noises are also kind of confusing. I’ve heard this is a favorite for most people but it didn’t make my list.

From the Dining Table gave me this older, rustic vibe that was honestly the main reason I liked this song. The line “even my phone misses your call,” presented me with this since of irony because we all rely on phones these days and some love is only through the Internet or over the phone. Even though I’m sure that’s not what Styles meant when he delivered that line.

Overall, the album had some great songs I absolutely loved and some I was more so disappointed in. My top three would probably have to be Kiwi, Two Ghosts and Only Angel. Harry Styles’s debut album is one for the books. You can order the album on iTunes or the album can be found in stores as of May 12.

Date of Album Release: May 12
Blog Written: May 17

Due to it being a busy week, I haven’t had time to write my review. However, I have finally finished it. I hope you enjoyed.

Am I the only one who felt like the beginning of Sign of the Times was like Styles saying farewell to a monumental point in this life?

What are your top 3 favorite songs?

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so im sitting at a red light and this guy beside me starting screaming and i look over and his window is down so i roll mine down and ask why he’s screaming he was like “two things, Dolan twins posted a new video and i just got the notification and two my favorite blog just uploaded a imagine” i asked them who their favorite blog was and he said me. i got so happy so if you see this hi i love you 😘😘 and i’m sorry i couldn’t tell you that it was me at the red light 😂😂

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can you rec some other hellenic witches that you follow?


I recently met @thegaybos, @occult-dream, & @divinecrossroads and I love their blogs!

@holdingupthe-sky is awesome!

@thistleunderthemoon, and @beewitch are absolute necessaries for my dash.

And I am compelled to shout out to @peachesandcocks and @crystalizedforest (I don’t believe they’re witches, but they’re two of my favorite Hellenic blogs).

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Blueberry lemon!

Hey Abby! Thanks for sending this ask my way. 🌻 (also, sorry for responding so late! I’ve been trying to go on Tumblr a lot less frequently in the past week or two)

Blueberry Lemon: Favorite blogs?

Good god, I have many faves here on Tumblr dot com. 

I’ll list some of my favorite Stranger Things bloggers on here so my list will be (somewhat) smaller! 🙂













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What are some of the best true crime pages to follow for new tumblers?

they are my two favorite crime blogs