two faces of evil

No but seriously imagine being a civilian in gotham and trying to start a hobby “i tried to start collecting stamps but now all my co-workers think i’m going to be the next themed supervillain”

Gemini: The Truth vs The Lies

The Lies:

Gemini’s are evil, two-faced, fake, liars, don’t know how to stay committed, and are very disloyal. They’ll talk about you behind your back without a single care of who you are, are cold-hearted, have no filter and will say whatever they want with no remorse.

The Truth:

Their hearts are as big as the sun, and they’ll literally do whatever they can to make someone day. They’re very outgoing and love conversing and interacting with people, are loyal to those who are loyal to them, and will most certainly fight for what’s theirs. They hate being wrong, but will have no problem admitting when they are. They’re also the life of the party– a big ball of fun waiting to explode.

star: i really gotta take marco shopping 🛒💸his wardrobe is literally ‼️17‼️of these hoodies in the same color 😣😣😵😵😵

anyways this was probs one of the quickest costests i’ve ever done but i’m def gonna cosplay her properly soon i think

“Anyone here need anything? You miss?, sir?”


Certainly not.”

Literally a parody of one my favorite screenshots from the Iron Giant. Only here Toffee is asking Star questions, some too personal. So they keep it cool. (Not for long…)


Connor, Evan, and Jared had a routine of cuddling on the couch together to watch a movie every Friday night. Connor walked out from the bathroom in a pair of sweatpants and was in the process of pulling on a large sweatshirt. His hair was still a bit damp from his shower, but was mostly dry after he ran a brush through it a few times.

He wormed his way between Evan and Jared, wrapping an arm around each of them, pulling them closer. “You smell nice,” Evan said, placing his head on Connor’s shoulder. Jared raised an eyebrow, smirking as he said, “Because that’s not creepy whatsoever.”

A faint blush spread over his face as he muttered, “Shut up.” Jared let out a chuckle and ran a hand through Connor’s hair. “Wow, your hair is really soft after you wash it,” he said, petting his head. Connor closed his eyes and smiled, “As if it’s not soft all the time.” Jared rolled his eyes, “I mean it’s even softer now,” he said, playing with his hair.

He started massaging his scalp, and Connor let out a contented hum. “Aww Evan look at him. He’s just like a little puppy.” This time it was Connor who blushed at Jared’s teasing words, and he moved his hands up to his face to hide. “Shut up, no I’m not.” Evan lifted his head and smiled at him, “Hate to break it to you but Jared’s right.” Connor curled in on himself, “You guys stoooooop,” he whined out. “Nah, I like when you’re all flustered. You look adorable,” Jared teased more.

“Evannn make him stooooop.”

“Pft he can’t do anything,” Jared scoffed, continuing to scratch Connor’s scalp. He lightened his touch, accidentally brushing over his ear. Connor suddenly jerked forward with a snort. Evan had jumped back, having been startled by the sudden movement. Jared looked at him deviously, his hand still in the air from where it had been placed on Connor’s head. His smile widened as he spoke, “What was that?”

Connor sat leaned against Evan’s side, both hands clasped over his mouth, his face as red as a tomato. “Don’t tell me that Big Bad Connor Murphy is ticklish!” Jared exclaimed way too happily. He paled, kicking out to protect himself. “Jared don’t you daRE!” The end of his sentence turned to a squeal and he jerked around, seeing a smiling Evan who failed to look innocent. He let out another yelp when he felt a hand squeeze around his knee.

He knew he was screwed, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t at least try to unscrew himself.

He shot up, trying to dash away from the couch. “Oh no you don’t!” Evan said, arms hooked around his waist and dragging him back down onto the couch. He wiggled his fingers gently over his stomach and Connor fell into a fit of giggles.

Jared was quick to join in by reaching out to scribble over his knees. Connor couldn’t help but thrash and try to escape, legs kicking frantically and hands attempting to hide his blushing face. “Oh c'mon, we wanna see that cute face and hear your adorable laugh,” Jared teased, his words making everything so, so much worse.

“Oh my gohohohod just shuhuhuhut up!” Connor pleaded. “Geez, always so bossy,” Jared said but backed off nonetheless. Connor glared at them both, but the smile adorned on his face negated the effect. “You two are evil.” He sat back between them though, and they started their movie. They can’t just break their tradition.

Just a Prank (Grayson Dolan x Reader)

Request: Hello! Can i request an imagine, that the reader is grayson’s girlfriend and she helps ethan prank him (you can decide what kind of prank) but it all goes wrong and Gray gets hurt and the reader feels very sad and feels guilty, and when they make up they just cuddle and are really cute ajdjsj i love your stuff! Have a good day💖

Warnings: sad Grayson, swearing.

A/N: I switched up your request a little and I know this isn’t what you meant by Grayson getting ‘hurt’, but technically he did get hurt ;) Apologies if this is really rushed, this has probably been done so many times before too oops

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Giant Libero Child

He’s only been here for two chapters but Komori is pretty adorable

Look at this giant child

Look at his brows

Look at him smile while in the presence of someone who might murder him with hand sanitiser 

Truly fearless

BONUS: Smiling bub

Tentative conclusion: he’s pretty darn cute (still tentative but furudate hasn’t really made a two faced nor completely evil player yet so it’s probably safe to say that he’ll stay cute)

Gone (Ahkmenrah x Reader)

This part three to my Ahkmenrah series! Enjoy! (Part one : A maid for Ahkmenrah, part two: Unexpected) P.S: I know I’m not the best writer at all but I hope you still like it!

Word count: 1,712

With tears streaming down your cheeks, you collected all your belongings and put them into a sack. Your heart was breaking and you felt terrible but there was no other way than considering escape. You knew you would hurt Ahkmenrah by leaving him without even telling him but you really had no other choice. Since you found out that you were pregnant with his child, you fought against fear. You feared that the young prince or especially the king would find out. What would Ahkmenrah think of you?

You knew the king wouldn’t show any mercy in that case. He would kill you no matter if you were his son’s secret love. And you didn’t want to lose your life neither did you want to lose your baby. It was a part of Ahkmenrah. The love of your life. To stay alive, you had to leave as soon as possible. Besides, you didn’t want to be burden for Ahkmenrah. He had his own problems.

“You’re a servant, (Y/N)…” You thought. “What can you even offer to him? Nothing!”

With a last glance at your chamber, you closed the door and slowly walked out of the palace. You made sure not to get caught, that’s why you had to be extremely cautious. Monifa would be waiting for you outside the palace. She was very surprised when she found out that you were pregnant to a royal child. Never in her life had she imagined that you and prince Ahkmenrah would have a romantic affair. On the one side, she was happy about your happiness. She could tell that you were so much in love with him but on the other side she wished it wouldn’t have been kept as a secret. You should have told the king before things became very serious.

As you told her about your plans to escape, she offered you to come with her. She was going to leave the city for a long while and she also offered you safety, security and shelter. You instantly agreed. You knew you’d never return back. It was a very selfish decision of yours, you knew that. You also knew that Ahkmenrah had all the right to see his child and to know that it even existed. You knew what you did was so wrong, but you were afraid. You wanted to keep your baby safe.

“Are you ready?” Monifa asked as you finally took your last step out of the palace. You nodded, your head hanging down. Your friend knew how hard it must have been for you to go. She softly stroked over your arm.

“Everything is going to be fine. I promise.” You sniffled at her response and then you two walked away. Away from the palace, away from Ahkmenrah. Out of the city. Far, far away.

The whole week had you contemplated about sharing the news of your pregnancy with Ahkmenrah. But nevertheless you decided against it. However, what you couldn’t foresee was that the prince already knew about it.

While you made your way out of the city, he sprinted down the hallways. He needed to get to his father’s chamber before his brother arrived. He should be the one to tell the news to the king and not his evil brother.  Ahkmenrah knew he would be in huge trouble but he could care less about that. He would become a father and he would do anything to protect his family. Even if that meant that he had stand up against his own father.

The guardians glanced weirdly at the young man as Ahkmenrah passed them.  Just a few more steps, then he would arrive at his destination.

“Father! I have to tell you something! It’s very-“Ahkmenrah called as he opened the door to his father’s chamber, totally out of breath. However, his heart dropped to his stomach as he saw the sight in front of him. He was too late. Kahmunrah stood next to the king with a malicious grin on his lips. And not to mention the king. Ahkmenrah never saw his father like this. The king’s eyes pierced through the young man’s body and Ahkmenrah instantly felt a cold shiver running down his spine.

He felt naked under his father’s gaze. “Is that true what you brother is telling me, son?” His father asked, his voice sounding too neutral for his liking. Ahkmenrah knew his father tried to hold back his temper as much as he could but he also knew that he would soon explode. After all, what Ahkmenrah did was utterly unforgivable.

“I-I don’t know about the pregnancy, father.” Ahkmenrah started to speak, his voice slightly shaking. “I wasn’t able to talk to (Y/N) yet, but the rest is true. I have a secret relationship with her.”

The king slowly walked towards his youngest son. Ahkmenrah’s heart pumped terribly fast in his chest. His father came so close to him that the young prince could feel his breath on his face. Before he could say anything else, his father raised his hand and slapped him across his face. What the two of them couldn’t see was the evil grin Kahmunrah’s lips. He definitely enjoyed the sight in front of him. Now he wasn’t the only one who brought disgrace on the family.

“Shame on you, Ahkmenrah!” His father screamed at him. Betrayal, rage and sorrow were evident in his voice. “How dare you to bring such a shame on your family?! You were supposed to be king!”

Ahkmenrah just listened to his father, not interrupting him or defending himself for once. He knew what he did was wrong. But his love for you was stronger than anything else.

“I trusted you Ahkmenrah. I trusted you with all my being. But now I’m highly and deeply disappointed in you. How can you even start a relationship with a servant? Do you know what other royalties would think about our family if they’d find out? You can be grateful that it was your brother who found out and nobody else. You behavior was irresponsible.”

“Is that the only thing you think about? Our reputation?” Ahkmenrah snapped back. “Don’t you even care about the happiness of your children?”

“Of course I do! How can you even doubt it?!” His father screamed.

“I was afraid father, alright?! I was afraid! Your son fell in love with a servant and I also knew that you’d never allow us to be together no matter how much I’d try to convince you. You would never grant my wish and I can tell you why: Because she has no money, she’s no royalty and she works for us. But I didn’t care! I love her with all my being, with all my heart. She means the world to me! And I’m not even ashamed for falling in love with her! She changed my life! I feel free with her! With her, I’m not a prince, I am myself, I am Ahkmenrah!”

His father knitted his eyebrows after Ahkmenrah’s little outbreak and looked at his son with a surprised expression. Ahkmenrah felt very proud and also a heavy burden was lifted from his shoulders.

“And I swear to Ra, father, if you ever consider killing her so you can kill me too, because my life wouldn’t be the same without her. My life wouldn’t mean anything without her.”

The king stared at his son.  You could tell that he had an inner battle with himself. On the one side, he would like to punish his son and his secret girlfriend but on the other side, he could see how much passion and love his son shared for this girl. He could see the same love in his eyes that he shared for queen Shepseheret. He also loved Ahkmenrah and he could never hurt him, no matter how much disappointed he felt.

“Guardians!” The king called then. The door was opened and two guardians entered the chamber. “Please, bring servant (Y/N) to me as soon as possible!”

“Father!” Ahkmenrah interfered. “If you-“

But the king interrupted him. “I would like to get to know the girl who stole my son’s heart.”

“What?” Kahmunrah and Ahkmenrah called in unison. While Kahmunrah’s body was filled with rage and disbelief, Ahkmenrah felt nothing but relieve washing over him. He fell down on his knees, praying and thanking to Ra. Warm tears were falling down his cheeks.

“I will give it a go!” The king said. “I hope it’s worth it.”

Ahkmenrah nodded with his head. “I promise father, it will.”

They heard a loud bang and noticed that Kahmunrah had left and slammed the door behind him. Of course, he imagined everything to end different. Ahkmenrah chuckled about that. When would Kahmunrah realize that he couldn’t win against him? The good always wins.

However, it took the guardians a long while to get (Y/N). Ahkmenrah wondered why. With every passing minute, he felt more worried. But suddenly the door was slammed open and the guardians jumped in.

“She’s gone!” A guardian yelled. “My prince, she’s gone!”

Ahkmenrah looked at the two men in front of him with a confused expression.  “What do you mean guardian?”

“(Y/N), she’s gone! We searched for her but she’s nowhere to be found!” The young prince felt like someone punched him hard into his stomach. It was hard for him to breathe in that moment. He couldn’t believe what he had heard. His (Y/N) was gone? No, it couldn’t be true. She would never leave him. She loved him. Some strange feeling in his body told him that something bad must had happened to her. Something was wrong and he knew it.

Ahkmenrah felt a hand on his shoulder. He lifted up his head only to make eye contact with his father. “I’m so sorry to hear that, my son.” You could see a trace of compassion in his eyes. The young man shook his head, not willing to accept what he found out. He pulled away from his father’s touch and went out to the balcony. Warm tears streamed down his soft cheeks that his (Y/N) used to love caressing so much.

Ahkmenrah’s gaze fell down to the city in front of him. “Where are you (Y/N)?” He whispered.

(they’ll say you could do anything / they’ll say that i was clever

a percy & ripley fanmix; because the world just isn’t big enough for two genius gunslingers.


i. fear & delight - the correspondents // ii. turpentine - this way to egress // iii. hurt me - kerli // iv. seamstress - dessa // v. blame - bastille // vi. blood in the cut - k.flay // vii. girl with one eye - florence + the machine // viii. black eyes - radical face // ix. two evils - bastille // x. paris - the chainsmokers

Gemini & Cancer
  • Gemini, staring at Cancer with a disgusted face: Why
  • Cancer, shrugs while making a weird face: Because it needed to be done
  • Cancer, points her finger at herself in the clown mirror, laughing: Don't I look funny?
  • Gemini, laughs at Cancer's annoyed look: Yeah, since day one
  • Gemini, looks into the mirror, sees herself wearing a black hooded cloak:
  • Evil Gemini, nods head: Join me, together we can destroy our enemies
  • Gemini:
  • Gemini, scoffs while walking away with Cancer: I'll let you know when I feel like it