two faced god


That hand tho. [x]

And Jared mirroring that adorable scrunched up nose? Too cute.

We know Jensen had a serious case of heart eyes during this but Jared in that third gif… It was right after Jensen’s adorable nose scrunching, so I guess Jared’s all of us in that moment. 

“The gap between rich and poor exists even among the gods” 

A little Yaboku watercolour doodle throwback

Thank you @raythrill and @huitality for getting me out of my nine month art block with the *~Doki School Adventure~*. You two are friendship goals <3

(Also I’m sorry for this just end me ok thanks)    

6.5 mile run I just watched the new BNHA episode subbed then dubbed back to back because i crave that mineral that new BNHA content conclusions are as follows:

  • the music they play while Deku is possessed is really really creepy give the composer a raise
  • knowing Ojiro warned Deku AHEAD OF TIME that answering Shinso is what activates the quirk makes it 18 times funnier because it’s literally: Ojiro: “Dont answer him.” Deku: “Got it.” Shinso: “Ojiro sucks.” Deku: “whAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST FUCKING SAY”
  • Aizawa holding thin, individual sheets of paper in his completely bandaged ovenmitt mutton fists continues to be hilarious im so sorry aizawa
  • the diversity of quirks is also hilarious because you might have the wrath of two elemental gods facing off in the ring or you might, in this case, have two prepubescent boys slapping each other
  • seriously since Deku cant use his quirk and he broke outta Shinso’s this match is literally the equivalent of sitting in the lunchroom sipping your juice box while two beanpole freshman boys pick a fight on chocolate milk day
  • reminder that Mama Midoriya just watched her son get decked in the face, broadcast to millions around the world
  • Deku, pile-driving Shinso into the ground, “bad. stay there.”
  • Izuku “was literally warned about Shinso’s quirk ahead of time” Midoriya fell for it three times hes just too Anime Protagonist™ to stop answering Shinso’s declarations are we sure this boy’s cut out to be a hero
  • Present Mic needs to stop dragging everyone Sero did nothing wrong
  • Actually new rule just leave Sero alone everyone he did nothing wrong
  • Speaking of wrath of the elemental gods, “You can’t tell me what to do Dad” *summons the next ice age*
  • For real im glad Todoroki is quiet and tired and awkward because if you gave him Bakugou’s personality i think the world woulda frozen over by now

dub specific shout outs

  • Present Mic using the phrase “Could this be a quirk at work~~~?” when Deku just fucking froze
  • Iida’s “Classic Midoriya maneuver” 
  • All Might’s “Spooky!!! I’m a ghost?!” save this nerd
  • “Shut your face, Sparky.”
  • No seriously Shinso and Sero mighta lost those fights but no one got quite as destroyed as Kaminari
  • I mean it there are two shots when we see the audience set up, once before and once after “Shut your face Sparky” and Kaminari completely moves seats away from Bakugou I think he might have even left pray for him

it pisses me off so bad when people don’t acknowledge yumikuri as a canon ship or just totally disregard the ship at all because they aren’t “sure if the feelings they share for each other are romantic or platonic” like yeah ur right

totally unsure.. proposals are really common between straight girls

bestestest gal pals 

i exaggerate my wounds all the time so my not gay friend will remove more of her skirt for me in a totally platonic no-homo sort of way

totally platonic not-lesbians

ymir has a totally one-sided platonic crush

  and christa totally doesn’t return those feelings at all

ymir only lives for herself so risking her life to protect someone else is just the friendly thing to do and totally not a blatant example of her true feelings at all


the way their friends even acknowledge the way they feel means absolutely nothing


not gay

in the slightest

hhhahahaaaa just some cool dialogue of ymir living for herself and no one else

and some official art of them being totally not gay together

and of course this means nothing

…platonically in love with her probably 

therefore as you can see, we are all still very unsure of whether or not these two lovely not-lesbians feelings are romantic or platonic..

Love is a bittersweet false prophet,
a two faced sacrosanct god,
an idol whose altar I worship at.

It’s aching, longing,
tearing apart heart strings,
eating up galaxies inside me.

I chase it down with a shot of vodka,
and pretend it’s burning can drown out my love.

I know it’s just a mix of chemicals.
Human euphoria with man made drugs.

Just my brain telling my heart to get really fucked up,
and oh how I do, over you.
(and I do it a lot.)

Love is a cult,
and I’m straight in the fucking middle of it,
open arms, chanting hippie mantras.

I’ll carve my heart into a mandala for you,
I’ll sow you a tapestry of my devotion.

I’m in an open field and
you are the meadow grass swallowing me up,
carry me away, enfold me in your arms.

I am a flower and you are the soil,
I bloom and you eat me up.

I can’t help it when I see you,
hands are always reaching, wanting, longing.

I have to stop my fingers from curling around yours,
or dragging across the curve of your cheek,
the hollow of your neck.

I have to stop my head from finding your shoulder,
my lips from parting for yours.

Love is a preacher,
and I am the congregation under his song.
Oh lord, how I pray.

Love is a siren,
and I am the ship of men,
Oh sea, drown me today.

Love is the fucking sun,
and I am the planet in it’s love struck cosmic embrace,
Oh gravity, take me away.

Love is longing, reaching, wanting
and fuck oh god, 
You don’t know how bad I want to.
You don’t know how bad I want you.

—  when I make you laugh it’s not like when I make other people laugh, because I don’t still hear their voice in my dreams for weeks.