two faced god


taehyung needing jimin’s seal of approval ‘14/’16


Two Face, Criminal Mastermind™ in Batman vs Two Face

“The gap between rich and poor exists even among the gods” 

A little Yaboku watercolour doodle throwback


Do I need to be concerned that you took almost two hours to tell me about it?

It took me two hours to tell you about it because try as I may to get the conversation out of my head… I just can’t seem to do it.


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 16/?


That hand tho. [x]

And Jared mirroring that adorable scrunched up nose? Too cute.

We know Jensen had a serious case of heart eyes during this but Jared in that third gif… It was right after Jensen’s adorable nose scrunching, so I guess Jared’s all of us in that moment.