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ao3 klance fic recs

After making my way through most of the klance tag on ao3 I thought I’d share the ones that have stuck the most with me so far. honestly this fandom is a blessing, these authors are a blessing, these dumb space gays are a blessing. so in no particular order, please, have some klance;

Cheeky by rideahorse / a short and sweet oneshot that involves both kissing and incessant bickering, and honestly with this pair, what more could you ask for. rated T.

official summary: Keith pinches his eyes shut, slamming the book down again and swiveling to face Lance. “Oh my god,” he groans, standing up and crossing the two feet between them before Lance can get out a word. He grabs Lance’s face between his hands (perhaps a bit rougher than needed, but hey, he’s always wanted to slap Lance’s stupid face) and the last thing he sees is an expression of pure surprise before he leans down and presses his lips against Lance’s.It’s a peck, and it lasts a second, and then it’s over. Keith leans back, releasing Lance’s face, and hisses, “There.”

if it takes two by velvetcrowbars / Lance has a confession to make and Keith is a knight in shining armor (sorta). a well written oneshot that Lance is absolutely not going to remember in the morning. rated T.

official summary: After the Sendak attack, Keith and Lance deal with unresolved things. Whatever those might be.“Keith?”“What?” He finally says, safely slipping the piece over Lance’s head with minimal knocking against his temple. He sets the discarded parts on the floor next to the bed.“I have a confession.”

never been kissed by kairiolette / I got a pretty good laugh out of this one, Keith and Lance have a Quality Bonding Moment™ at a local alien burger joint and things may or may not get a little out of hand. not that either of them are really complaining. rated G.

official summary: “You give off the obnoxious popular vibe. The mullet, and the rap sheet, and—the fingerless gloves,” Lance replies, and barrels on before Keith can take it the wrong way. “I’m so handsome, my name’s Keith and I’m a pilot.”“That sounds more like a compliment than an insult,” Keith says slowly, a disdainful quirk to his eyebrows that only spurs Lance on. He tilts his head a bit, his bangs shadowing his face, like he’s assessing a particularly impossible physics problem. “And I don’t like that voice you’re using.”

A Fish And A Bird by Methoxyethane / I loved this fic, adored it to be totally honest. the writing is excellent and the plot is funny while also being meaningful. could alternatively be titled “Keith and Lance take miscommunication to a whole new level and then some”. rated T.

official summary: Lance has a boyfriend. Lance does not realize he has a boyfriend. Keith, understandably, does not react well.

head to head, neck and neck, side by side by kushling / lance actually wins a spar with keith and he is so incredibly baffled that he 100% misses the 5000 implications of keith’s super massive gay crush on him. also, avatar references. definitely worth the read. rated T.

official summary: Lance and Keith both like sparring, Avatar, and each other. They have a hard time admitting it. Pidge makes fun of them. Space swords!!!

Stranded by cyborgtoaster / keith and lance end up being both very cold and very gay, in that order. denial is rampant and i definitely snickered once or twice during this one. rated T.

official summary: On a mission gone wrong, Keith and Lance end up stranded on a barren planet during an unexpected ice storm. Left to their own devices, they have to find a way to keep warm for the night. For once, maybe they can get along and only increase their unresolved feels.

moments of silence by attemptsonwords / really well written and great character capturing. lace is super bi and keith is really really frickin gay, together they both start to put the pieces of their relationship together. rated T.

official summary: Quiet moments between two boys who spend most of their time yelling at the other.

Drive! by wolfgun / set in an earth-centric au, keith has obviously never attended a child safety course in his entire life since he thinks jumping into a strangers car and screaming “Drive!” is an acceptable escape plan. it’s like a sleepover au but better. rated T.

official summary: “C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! Don’t you know how to drive? With a car like this, you can’t tell me you just love to mosey on down the road like a goddamn geezer,” he taunted. “What is this? Just a bit of daddy’s money and mommy’s rules?”“I’ll show you geezer, mullet-head!"Au Prompt: You’re getting chased by the police and you just jumped in my car and yelled drive, wtf man (except it’s not cops because Lance’s mom would kill him for bringing home a wanted teen)

I’ve got 99 problems and you’re every single one by kitwitt / lace is so deep in denial it’s almost physically painful to witness, keith is so amazingly gay that’s almost physically painful, too. for an explicitly rated fic a majority of the (currently 4/5) chapters are more fluff then smut. well written and witty, keith is a snarky little shit and it’s great. rated explicit.

official summary: “Obviously I’m not gay.” Lance floundered, voice breaking to a higher pitch.
Shiro tilted his head slightly. “But you have a crush on Keith.”

In which Lance fails to mask his attraction to a certain pilot under the ruse of rivalry, and everyone knows but Keith.

Miscommunication and failures by Lance by mikuridaigo / oh man i got a pretty good laugh out of this. collage-student au where Lance fucks up big time and ends up with a seriously pissed off Keith on his ass. literally. rated M.

(it’s Explicit companion piece Disastrophe (I like it rough) is also absolutely worth the read if you’re looking for that kind of thing.)

official summary: When Hunk called the Sunday before the spring quarter began, asking if he wanted to grab brunch with him, Lance said yes; and when Hunk called again, saying that his friend was joining at the last second, Lance didn’t think anything of it.Until said friend was the best sex he’s ever had.Basically Lance is a screw up and fixing this mess was probably going to kill him.

I could absolutely keep going and going and going (and going) because there are so many great klance fics floating around out there. I definitely encourage you to root around in the tag for yourself if you haven’t already. huge shout out to all the voltron fanfiction writers out there, every single one of you are in my heart. every. single. one. 

thats all for now kids, tune in next time for more Quality Space Gay™ fanfiction recommendations !

BTS Reaction to girlfriend being paired with another member for the pocky game

Anon Requested:  Bts reaction to their girlfriend being paired with another member for the picky game?? 

I actually didn’t really know the actual rules for the pocky game and had to look it up so if I get anything wrong I am so sorry

Jungkook (Taehyung): Jungkook hated this, he didn’t want you to play this game and seeing that it was Taehyung that you were paired up with killed him. He knew that Taehyung wouldn’t push boundaries but that doesn’t make him feel any better. You and Taehyung were in the living room with the rest of the boys surrounding you, most of them were laughing and smiling like idiots, all of them but Jungkook. He didn’t want to watch but he couldn’t tear his eyes away, the mere thought of you and Taehyung accidentally kissing ate him up inside. The moment you two started the game Jungkook was already throwing himself in between you two breaking the chocolate covered stick and letting it fall to the floor, he immediately pulled you to him and began dragging you away from all of the boys constantly repeating “Nope.” as he finally made up his mind about the game.

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Taehyung (Jimin): Being in a relationship with Taehyung was easier than you thought, you being an idol as well it was easier in a way to be together, no feeling like you weren’t good enough for him, no inconsistent jealousy because of tabloids or blogs because you both knew better than to listen to them, you also got to see a lot of each other as shocking as that sounds. You two had appeared on multiple variety shows, some with both of your groups and sometimes it was just random stars and you two so happened to be some of the idols asked to be on the show. When you both were on the same variety show with your groups and some other groups a fan question from Twitter had asked you two to play the pocky game but with different members from each other’s group. You both were shocked to hear the request but you both nodded and agreed to it as you both were very close to each others group. When you were paired with Jimin Taehyung honestly didn’t care, he was happier it was with Jimin rather than one of the older members and seeing him paired with Chae-young the vocal lead of your group you couldn’t care either, they were like brother and sister anyways so you had to reason to worry. When playing the game with Jimin you were getting close so before your lips had touched you quickly bit down on the stick ending the game for you and him.

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Jimin (Namjoon): Jimin wouldn’t like that you were paired up with Namjoon to play the pocky game but he bit his tongue when the game actually started. He cursed at himself because he was actually the reason you two were even in this predicament. If he did say that the losers have to play the pocky game then you wouldn’t be so incredibly to Namjoon, Namjoon was like a big brother to you but that doesn’t make anything better. You two would stand in front of each other and you could literally feel the awkward tension in the room, it became even weirder to you when Namjoon put his hands on your hips so we could balance himself so when he bent down to your level he wouldn’t fall. Namjoon wasn’t even halfway down the stick when you bit down on it, you wanted to end the game as quickly as possible. The boys around you booed you but you didn’t care, you caught the rest of the pocky stick that fell and simply put it in your mouth walking back to Jimin.

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J-Hope (Jungkook): Hoseok only laughed when he heard that Yoongi dared Jungkook to play the pocky game with you, Hoseok didn’t really mind when he heard Yoongi say this, you two have been dating long enough to not have to worry about small little dares like this and how close you’re going to have to be with Jungkook. You were perfectly fine with the dare as you were the one to go get the pocky box from the pantry and sit in front of Jungkook. Jungkook on the other hand was completely shocked by the dare and how calm you and your boyfriend were about this. He’d look back from you, who was focusing more on opening the pocky box than you were on how nervous he was and Hoseok who was just laughing at Jungkook’s expression. “You’re okay with this hyung?” Jungkook asked astonished. Hoseok only shrugged in response looking at you struggling to open the box, he quickly took it from your hands and opened the box and pulling the packaging out and soon putting the pocky in the box. “But what if we kiss?” Jungkook’s eyes widened wider than they already were.

“Kiss then.” Hoseok chuckled handing you the box and you quickly put the stick in your mouth. 


“It’s part of the game Kookie, are you scared to kiss (Y/N)?” Hoseok laughed again and Jungkook could only let out a shaky breath and lock eyes with you feeling the small amount of confidence he had leave his body. You raised an eyebrow at him and eventually Jungkook leaned in taking the pocky in his mouth.

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Namjoon: You being the rapper of your group a variety show decided on having all the rappers of different idol groups to come. You were happy about this because along with just you Namjoon and Yoongi was also a guest at this variety show. Yoongi was your best friend and well you were dating Namjoon and you haven’t seen him in a while. When the hosts announced that we were going to play a pocky game contest you were originally excited because you assumed they’d pair you up with your boyfriend but you should’ve known better. If you could only see your own face on screen you probably would’ve laughed along with everyone else but when you heard that you’d be paired up with Yoongi for the game you couldn’t help but be nervous. You grabbed the pocky stick from the host and walked to the middle of the stage you were on and stopped in front of Yoongi. You took a quick glance at Yoongi before sticking the pocky stick in your mouth, his hands gripped your shoulders and he slowly lent in. Namjoon was simply watching you, he showed no emotion that displayed disgust or disinterest in what you two were doing but on the inside he wanted to break the pocky stick and pull you away.

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Yoongi (Jin): When Yoongi offered Jin to play the pocky game he was absolutely flustered, he’d eye you and him seeing if this was some sort of trap, Yoongi would just throw his arm over your shoulder bringing you in closer while you both had a smile plastered on your face. Jin would be completely confused, he honestly did think this was a little trap for him to fall into and at first declined but you and Yoongi wouldn’t accept that. You leave Yoongi’s side and tug on Jin’s arm, whining and talking in a high little girls voice as you begged him to play. Yoongi had the pocky box in his hand and as you pulled Jin back towards you and grabbed the stick from your boyfriend he finally gave in, taking the stick from you and putting it between his lips. Yoongi watched as you two played, Jin flashing his eyes from you to your boyfriend who was behind you. He let out a chuckle as he saw how nervous the eldest member was being, Yoongi honestly didn’t have a problem with you two playing but he still stayed just in case.

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Jin (J-Hope): Jin was a little in between when you were in an interview with Hoseok as you two collaborated with each other on a new song of yours and now you two had a lot of interviews and variety shows that you were going on. As a request from an interviewer to test out how well your chemistry was with Hoseok he asked you two to play the pocky game, you both were a little wary as you didn’t know how Jin would react but eventually you both agreed and a box of pocky was brought out to you two. As you played the game Jin was watching intently, he didn’t know how to feel, he didn’t want your lips to touch but he knew it was just a game and that the kiss wouldn’t technically be considered a kiss just because it is part of the game but still he couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealously fill up in the pit of his gut as he watched Hoseok inch closer and closer to you. 

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we're on the road to nowhere (let's find out where it goes)

He collects them slowly, and mostly by accident. [or, a Critical Role Star Wars AU]

a million thanks to @forcekenobi for the beta and the encouragement

part i: the twins [a pair of good-for-nothing shits without two credits to rub together and all the stubbornness of the Galactic Senate]

It happens like this: he takes one look at them, scowling at some faceless imperial officer as their ship is impounded right before their eyes, and his heartstrings sing like a Bastanian fiddle. He doesn’t even realize he’s moving towards them until he’s halfway across the docking bay.

Scanlan’s no Jedi, but there are some things he just knows.

“Oi, officer,” he calls across the platform, weaving between impatient passengers and scowling merchants and faceless troopers; spaceports tend to blur into the same mass of life and machinery and engine grease when you’ve visited as many of them as he has. The trio look up as he approaches, all of their faces equally guarded. The ship crouches behind them, a top-of-the-line yacht that was probably beautiful, once, but has seen the business end of a blaster turret one too many times. Scanlan’s momentarily amazed they actually want to go anywhere in that thing; it’s one short jump from falling apart. “’Scuse me, is there a problem here?”

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the parent trap pt4 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (4/??)


Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. what happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp?

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‬"We can’t get away with that! I can’t do a British accent.“ Amelia responded, earning a scoff from Aria.

‬"We’ve still got two weeks of camp left. I cut my hair, you learn how to do my accent, which by the way I don’t have.”

‬"Charlie would never fall for it, he knows me too well.“

Aria rolled her eyes, everything Amelia responded with seemed to dismiss Aria’s idea. Aria felt heartbroken, she desperately wanted to meet her father, however due to Amelia’s dismissal of Aria’s idea, meeting her father was just a distant dream.

“It’s never usually this cold!” (Y/N) commented, pouting as she and Archie walked hand in hand through Piccadilly Circus. “I hate this breeze! London, why are you doing this to me?”

“Have I ever told you that you are out of your mind?” Archie raised his eyebrow, a playful smirk on his face.

“It’s because you have to be to fancy you.”

Archie gasped at her comment, making (Y/N) laugh at him. Even in the crowded place, the couple still got some weary glances from people passing by. Archie gazed around, trying to take in everything that went on around him. Every so often, he would be interrupted by (Y/N) moving to take a picture for a person who asked her for her help. Archie noted that despite being closed off, she would never turn down an opportunity to help someone.

‬"Amelia, tell me truthfully, do you want to do this? It’s not a matter of ‘what if someone blah blah blah’, its whether you, yourself would be willing to swap places with me.“

‪‬"Aria, I don’t know. What if our mom isn’t everything I’ve dreamed her to be?”

“Amelia, you’re acting as if I haven’t been the exact same with our father. I understand why you’re hesitating but be honest with yourself, will we ever get this chance again?“

‪‬"Alright, fine, but we tell Charlie about it!”

‪Aria grinned at her sibling, wrapping her arms around her, almost as if it was her automatic response.

‪‬Charlie gaped at the twins. He was unsure of whether they’d get away with the trade but all he wanted was to see his best friend happy, so instead of dismissing their idea, he accused them of being crazy.

‬"So what’s the plan exactly? How are you going to trade back?“

‪‬"Okay, so we haven’t thought about that part yet, Charlie, but be happy for me! I finally get to meet my mom!”

‬Archie tapped his fingers on the table as he watched Josie perform the last song he had written for them. He glanced down at her dress, wondering if (Y/N) had designed it like she had promised when they were teens, planning their futures. “In case, you’re wondering, (Y/N) did design that dress.” Kevin spoke over the music “My God, she looks stunning as ever.”

‬"It’s good, she’s doing well with the career she dreamed of doing.“ Archie nodded.

‬"If you believed she would’ve gotten where she is now, maybe you two would still be together.” Kevin patted Archie’s back. “Remember, one day, soon you’ll have to tell Amelia about why her mother left and make sure you tell her the true story.‪

‬"No, I can’t. Are you trying to get my daughter to hate me, Kevin?“

‬"In all honestly, it seems like such a childish reason for (Y/N) to leave Riverdale but we were young, she had every right to be childish. You know, Andrews, your daughter is an amazing girl and she deserves to know the true reason why she grew up without a mother. Let me tell you this now though, if you hadn’t betrayed the Jones siblings like that, maybe you would’ve gotten to see your other daughter grow up.”

‪Aria taught Amelia everything she knew about her mother, which was basically everything. Amelia listened with great intent. She didn’t want to miss anything, just in case it would come up in a future topic.

‪‬"Can I make notes?“ Amelia joked “It’s a lot of information to remember.”

‪‬Aria chuckled at Amelia and playfully hit her “It’s not like mum’s going to interrogate you about her. I’m just telling you this before you leave and go off to England.”

‬"God, Aria, we’re really risking this aren’t we?“

‬"We are but hopefully it’ll come with a better good! Maybe our parents could get back together when they see each other!”

‬(Y/N) scrunched up the paper with her sketches on the piece of paper in frustration. She couldn’t think straight for some odd reason. Jughead noticed his sister’s tension and picked up one of the many scrunched up pieces of paper from the floor and threw it at her head. “(Y/N), you need to stop stressing out. Aria will be home in two days. She’s fine.”

‬"But what if she’s not? She hasn’t written, what if she’s hurt?“

‬"Or what if she’s enjoying her time?” He leaned against her desk and looked her in the eye “You do take paranoid to the next level, don’t you?” He laughed as she playfully nudged him.

‬"I actually hate you Jug, this is why I’m the better Jones sibling.“

‬Aria entered her original cabin and was greeted with smiles. "I cannot believe they put you and Amelia in S.C. for the entire time at camp. We barely got to spend any time together!” Tara exclaimed “Are you back next year?”

‬Aria smiled at the blonde haired girl as she finished packing the stuff she had left in the cabin. “In all honesty, Tara, I’m not too sure.”

‬Charlie pushed his best friend playfully as she spoke with her new found accent. “And the Oscar goes to Amelia Andrews!”

‬"Why thank you kind sir.“ she spoke, curtsying as she did so.

‬"Amazing, your role in the parent trap was truly amazing.” Aria clapped as she approached the duo.

‪‬"The parent trap?“ Charlie gazed between the two, wanting answers immediately.

‬"Okay so it’s quite long to explain,” Aria spoke “But basically, we want our parents back together.”

‬"Oh my god, I’m best friends with a sociopath.“

‬The twins looked at each other and smirked before walking off, leaving Charlie confused to their actions. He watched as they stepped behind the oak tree that was wide enough to remove them from his sight.

(Y/N) and Archie walked through the streets of London, (Y/N)’s fingers linked with Archie’s. The streets were dark and cold but despite all that there were still multiple people out and about, trying to catch a glimpse of the sights. "D'ya know that I dreaded the move to Riverdale? I was already in high school here, I didn’t want to leave my friends, I didn’t want to leave all this.”

“And, was the move worth it in the end?”

“Of course it was! I met you, Betty and Kevin. I have the best friends I could ask for. You guys put up with Jug and I so much. I don’t know how you guys do it.”

“We’re only pretending to like you, just in case you’re royalty.” He stuck her tongue out at her, causing (Y/N) to roll her eyes. “I’m kidding, I think Betty prefers you to me and I grew up with her.”

“I’m so thankful you guys took us in, otherwise it would’ve just been Jughead and I. I couldn’t cope with being with my brother constantly. I love Jughead but god, he can be a right pain in the arse!”

“God, your accent makes me sick!” Archie commented “It’s so sickeningly stereotypical.”

‪‬“You make me sick! Like your face is sickeningly vile.” (Y/N) replied, rolling her eyes.

‪‬“Oh is it now? Guess I’ll have to leave you here all alone.”

‪‬(Y/N) pouted but then smirked, she knew the streets of London better than Archie ever could. “Fine, find your own way back home.” she commented, before breaking out into a sprint.

‪Aria and Amelia looked at each other and towards the door. It was the last time, in a while, they would be together. “Are you ready for this, Amelia?” Aria asked “Are you ready to be me?”

‪Amelia nodded, letting out a silent “I hope so.” before glancing down towards the bags by her feet.

‪‬"I can’t believe that in a matter of seconds I’ll be meeting dad!“ Aria grinned at her sister. "I’m sorry, you have to wait longer to meet mum but trust me, you will love uncle Jughead.”

‪‬The twins gave each other one last hug before stepping out the cabin. “You can do this, Amelia Andrews.” Amelia said to herself. “Two weeks will fly by.”

‪‬"Soon you will no longer be Amelia Andrews, you’ll be Aria Jones.“

‪‬"And you’ll be Amelia Andrews. Short hair suits you by the way.” Amelia winked at her sister, trying to calm her down. She could see and feel the nerves her sister was going through.

‪‬"Well, here goes nothing.“

I Will Wait

A/N: My first piece of writing for Karamel. My emotions were too strong after 2x08 and now I’m afflicted with the torture of Winter Hiatus. So I caved and decided to make a new blog and write. This is basically a transcription of the kiss and a tiny bit more. The title refers to the Mumford & Sons song :)

Pairing: Kara Zor-El/Mon-El
Word Count: 1279

His eyes are sore, but he slowly makes them open. Immediately his pain eases when his vision provides not one, but two images of Kara—her golden hair backlit by the fluorescent lights of this medical ward, casting a halo around her… Both of hers…? It barely makes sense to him, but she looks like an angel. This must be heaven.

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Fire and Ice (Jughead Jones x Reader) Part 3

Request: Removed because spoilers.

Summary: Mutants have just been introduced into the world and people still aren’t sure what to make of them. Y/n finds themselves as one of these dangerous mutants, but they can’t control anything they do. With their power slowly growing it’s become harder to control, and the people of Riverdale start to notice. Desperate, they turn to their closest friend, Jughead Jones. As their power manifests so does something between them and Jughead.

Crossover: X-Men x Riverdale

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Rating: T/Fluff

Warnings: mild swearing

Reader’s Powers: Pyrotechnics (fiyah)

 Part Two:    Part Four:

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The One With The ‘50 Meter’ Rule

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Summary: Being Malia’s sister had it’s benefits, especially when it came to break-ups. Break up with a guy you go to school with? No problem. She could keep them away with her eyes shut. But things are a little more complicated when your ex is Liam who is desperate to get back together with you and Malia creates a 50 meter distance rule between the two of you. 

*not my gif*

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“I’ll kill him,” Malia growls beside you in the passenger seat.

“Malia, no,” you sigh.

Find out your sister Malia was actually alive had come as quite a shock, but what was more shocking was the fact that she had spent most of her life trapped as a werecoyote in the woods which meant not only did she have no clue about social etiquette but her constant instinct to solve problems was to just kill whatever was in her way – or yours.

“Well, he deserves it,” she shrugs, shifting uncomfortably as you take a turn too fast.

“Sorry,” you mumble, aware of how jittery she got in cars after the accident, “And he doesn’t deserve it – we broke up. It doesn’t mean he should die.”

She shrugs, “I think he should,” he scrunches her nose up when you shake your head.

“What? Liam broke your heart, it’s only fair that he gets his ripped out of his chest.”

You let out a long sigh as you pull up in the school parking lot, “Promise me you’ll leave him alone.”

Malia doesn’t answer as she gets out and instead turns to face you, her hands resting on the roof of the car as she looks over it, “I promise – only if he doesn’t come anywhere near you – I’ll be like a non-legal restraining order . If he comes anywhere close to you, I’ll kill him.”

“How’s he supposed to know you’re a… restraining order?” you frown.

“I’ll make sure Stiles’ passes the message on,” she says warningly, “He’s dead if he comes anywhere near you – and that goes for you too! If you go anywhere near him, I’ll kill him.”


“Look, we both know you’re soft and will forgive him the minute you see his face. This way, you’ll have to stay away from him.”

“But Malia-“

“Ah, ah, ah,” she tuts, pressing a finger to your lips, “It’s not up for discussion. I’m your big sister and I get to make these decisions for you.”

“Malia,” you groan.

“Fine, we’ll compromise. He has to stay 50 meters away at all times. Anyways, thanks for driving me to senior scribe,” she smiles despite looking slightly sad.

“Trust me, you’ll be a senior this year,” you reassure her, “Go find Stiles, I’ll wait in the car until you’re done.”

She waves goodbye as she disappears through the front doors, looking mildly nervous.

You and Liam weren’t meant to last. You had been dating for a year up until last week when you had caught him with Hayden when he said he would be at Scott’s house. You weren’t even looking for him – you trusted him, you hadn’t even thought twice about where he said he would be until you walked into Sinema to get a drink and found him there with Hayden. He had begged you to listen and insisted there was nothing going but if there really was nothing going on, why would he lie about where he was?

None of it made sense and you didn’t want to think about it anymore so you had broken it off and avoided him since.



You turn around to find Liam walking over. You step back reflexively and he slumps, “Can we talk?”

“We really can’t,” you mumble, looking behind you, half-expecting Malia to be bounding towards you, “You can’t be here,” you say, stepping backwards quickly as he walks towards you.

“I know its ‘senior’ scribe but there was this whole thing with Scott and this wolf thing with glowing claws and- why are you walking backwards? Can you stop for a second?”

He walks faster as you back away, “Liam, stay where you are!”

He stops and stares at you in confusion, “Are you really that mad at me? I told you there’s nothing going on between me and Hayden!” he yells out across the car park – 50 meters was a really long distance. You look around in embarrassment – damn Malia and her stupid rule.

“It’s not about that! Can’t you just text me?!”

He shakes his head, “You’ve been ignoring all my texts and calls.”

You squeeze your eyes shut, “Because there’s nothing to talk about!”

“Yes,” he sighs, “There is and I’m not going to stop until you listen to me,” he says walking over incredibly fast.


You begin to run – Malia was in the library so you go in the opposite direction towards the field – you knew she wasn’t joking about pounding him into the ground.

“WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?!” he calls out, his footsteps heavy as he follows you.

“LIAM PLEASE JUST GO HOME!” you call out, half out of breath. You cross the field and run towards the courtyard but immediately slam into a figure.

“Y/N?” Stiles looks at you in confusion.

“Malia,” you say with wide eyes and you notice her beside him. She raises a brow and then she spots Liam and as he reaches you, she slams him into the concrete.

Stiles stumbles backwards into you in shock and you steady him before pulling Malia off Liam.

“Stop!” you say, half laughing as Liam struggles under her hand which had him pressed to the floor.

Malia shakes her head, “I told you what would happen if you guys went near each other.”

“He didn’t know!” you turn to Stiles, “Did you tell him yet?”

Stiles shakes his head.

“Technicalities,” Malia huffs, standing up only when Stiles pulls her away. Liam groans and rubs at his chest as Stiles helps him up, “How weak are you?” Stiles scoffs.

Liam frowns, “She’s strong okay,” he looks at you and then at Malia, “What was that even for?”

“Let me make this clear now – you have to stay 50 meters away from her at all times,” Malia states.

“Wha – that’s ridiculous! I didn’t do anything wrong.”

You cross your arms over your chest.

“Okay, fine,” he sighs, “Lying was wrong but Hayden is becoming a chimera! I was just trying to help her without drawing attention to her, okay?!”

You furrow your brows together, “Why wouldn’t you just tell me that?”

“Because I already put you enough danger as it is – the last thing I’d want is to drag you into this chimera problem!”

Malia looks between the two of you and then steps between you, “50 meters,” she says warningly.

“We have class together!” he protests.

“Then sit outside – put that werewolf hearing to good use,” she says, smirking.

Liam shakes his head, “No.”

“No?” she raises a brow, her eyes glowering.

“Look, this is between me and y/n.”

Beside you, Stiles makes throat slitting motions, signalling for him to cut it out but Liam barely glances his way.

“It’s a misunderstanding and we’re going to solve it.”

Malia balls her fists up, “You have two minutes before I rip your tongue out and feed it to our dog,” she growls. Stiles links his arm through hers, “Why don’t we give them some privacy?”

“One minute and fifty-nine seconds, fifty-eight, fifty-seven,” she calls out as she walks away.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” you mumble, walking closer to him. He reaches for your hand, tracing his thumb over your knuckles.

“Do you remember when we started dating and there was that night in the woods when I turned and you insisted on staying? And I scratched your hand and you stayed with me all night and when we woke up it was all bloody?”

“It was a scratch,” you shake your head.

“But it was me who hurt you and I promised I wouldn’t ever do it again. And I haven’t. I’ve never put you in danger and I wasn’t about to start to – the only reason I was with Hayden is because she came to me for help because we’ve known each other for a long time – we’re not even friends.”


“Please just believe me,” he pleads, resting his forehead against yours, “I love you and that’s never, ever going to change – I would never hurt you, especially not by cheating, okay?”

“I get it,” you smile slightly, “Really, I understand. It’s fine.”

“Then why aren’t you kissing me?” he smiles before pressing his lips to yours. You stay like that for a moment and then pull away.

“Because… three, two-“

“What are you-“

“One,” you say, just as Malia stomps over.

“It’s fine,” you say to her, “We sorted it out.”

Malia pokes a finger into Liam’s nose, “Don’t push your luck with me ever again,” she says in a threatening whisper before Stiles drags her away.

Liam exhales loudly, “Your sister is really scary,” he mumbles, taking your hand in his, “Remind me never to cheat on you.”

“Really? You need a reminder for that?”

“I – no, I meant – No, I –“ he stutters

“Liam,” you press a kiss to his lips, “I’m kidding,” you face forward again, “But you should know that if you ever lie to me again I might just let Malia kill you.”

The Only One ||| Draco Malfoy

Request: Can you do an imagine where Draco originally goes out with a Hufflepuff Reader on a dare? The dare being something stupid like he has to date her for a month and then break her heart. But, he starts to really like her and feels guilty about it. Somehow Reader finds out and there’s like an angsty fight between them but with a super fluff ending?

Pairing: Draco x Reader

(Y/N) your name (Y/H/C) your hair color (Y/E/C) your eye color


You laid against the trunk of the tree, running your fingers through his hair gently. Draco had been acting weird the last few days, but you didn’t want to push him to tell you. Instead, you suggested the two of you sit out by the lake with a few snacks and just enjoy the nice weather. He seemed hesitant to agree, but came nonetheless.

“Draco, are you okay love?” You asked quietly, caressing his cheek with your thumb slightly.

“I’m fine, why do you ask?” He retorted, his voice clipped and cold. You furrowed your brow,  keeping your (Y/E/C) eyes trained on his.

“That’s why I ask, you’re being so distant lately,” you sighed as he turned his head slightly to face the lake instead of looking up at you. “I don’t want to push you to tell me, but you should know that I’m always here if you wanted to tell me.”

You watched his jaw clench as you spoke, before he stood and began to walk back towards the castle. Holding back a few tears, you decided to just go to the great hall, it was almost time for dinner anyways. You passed by an empty classroom on your way, the sound of your boyfriends voice pulling you to a stop. You  stood near the door, just out of sight as you listened carefully.

“When are you going to end it mate? Its been over a month,” you heard a deep voice ask. Blaise Zambini you assumed.

“Don’t tell me you’re giving up? This last parts the easiest!” Another voice exclaimed - Theodore Nott most likely.

“I know that, I’m just waiting for the right moment,” Draco defended, your brow furrowing again.

‘Right moment?’ You wondered, trying harder to listen.

“Look mate, just end it today then you’ll get your fifty galleons,” Theodore spoke.

“Must’ve been hard pretended to like a hufflepuff, i mean can you imagine,” Blaise laughed, causing your stomach to drop as you began to put the pieces together. You wiped a few tears away, squaring your shoulders and walking to the Great Hall.

Later that night, Draco came to your common room. It wasn’t unusual, and one of your classmates let him in. You were sitting in your dorm room working on memorizing your potions recipe when he walked in.

“Hey love,” he greeted, leaning in to kiss you in greeting. You turned your head slightly, his lips catching your cheek instead. “What’s wrong?”

“I should’ve listened to everyone who told me this was a bad idea,” you spoke, your voice emotionless. You locked eyes with him, daring him to deny he had used you.

“(Y/N) what’re you on about?” He whispered, his eyes filled with guilt.

“I know about the bet Draco, don’t deny it,” you snapped, blinking back the tears in your eyes.

“I didn’t - I mean I did but I regret it (Y/N) I do just please, just let me fix this,” he begged, sinking down onto the edge of your bed.

“How are you going to fix it? You were planning on breaking my heart after pretending you cared about me, well congratulations you won the bet,” you choked out, the tears falling freely now. “Just go.”

“Baby please, I didn’t know - I thought I could do it but then I just, I fell for you and realized I couldn’t hurt you like that, I was going to tell you about the bet today,” Draco whispered, reaching his hand up to wipe away your tears, wincing when you turned away.

“I can’t trust you anymore Draco,” you sighed, looking down at your hands. “Please, just go.”

You felt the bed rise as he stood, not looking up until you heard the click of your door shutting. You bit your lip to hold back your sobs as the tears flowed freely down your face again.

It had been nearly two weeks since the two of you broke up. He hadn’t made  any move to talk to you again, and acted as if you didn’t exist when you passed each other in the halls. You glanced at him from your seat, trying not to let the fact that Pansy Parkinson was flirting with him bother you. Or the fact that he was flirting back.

You didn’t know what you expected from him. You had heard the stories, but you wanted to know him for him, not his rumors. The time you were together felt so real, the way he looked at you, how he held you, it felt so real. You saw a new side of him during that time as well, he was caring and funny, and secretly a bit of a nerd. It made the betrayal feel ten times worse.

When you were paired together for Potions, you nearly lost your lunch. You had done so well at keeping it together, but you also hadn’t been but so close to him either and never forced to be near each other. You moved your things to his table, sitting down without a word. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll do all the work, just log the steps,” his soft voice was like a knife in your chest, but you turned to him anyways.

“I’m perfectly capable of creating amortentia thank you,” you said, your words coming out harsher than you intended.

“I know, I just know you don’t particularly like potions,” he replied, his eyes filled with remorse before he walked away to get all of the ingredients.

He carried the ingredients over, giving you a small smile. You looked down, watching his smile fall from the corner of your eye. You began crushing the ingredients as he started stirring the cauldron. You scattered the remains in, and allowed him to finish the stirring as Snape came around. Snape leaned over, and took a whif of the potion before giving you both a nod of approval and moving on.

“What do you smell?” Draco asked, causing your head to snap up to look at him. He winced, instantly regretting his words.

“Um I smell fire wood, sour apple, and hair gel,” you whispered, trying to resist the urge to tell him you smelt his cologne as well.

“I smell you.”

“What?” You breathed out, your eyes searching his for any hint of a lie.

“I can’t keep doing this without you, I thought I could but I can’t,” he whispered, taking your hand in his. “You’re the only one I want and I just - fuck I’m so sorry.”

You grabbed his tie with your free hand, pulling his face down to yours. You leaned up, pressing your lips to his passionately. He stayed frozen for a minute before melting into the kiss.

“You’re forgiven.”


Xuong pondered what it would be like to see the world from a new set of eyes. He often imagined how Darsunne experienced each day, as the bewilderment of a new sights, sounds and scents teased her senses. Every moment they spend together away from the mercenary lifestyle is a welcomed reprieve.

Those moments would soon be few and far between as the Kestrels agreement with Elion’s Shield to participate in the Marjian Conflict drew near. Xuong needed to speak with her about his upcoming involvement, and knew without doubt she would insist to accompany him. The man would not say no, he could not say no. She was an extension of his being, in combat the two danced harmoniously, sorcery and blade together against many a foe.

When alone the pair were absorbed in each other’s company, words were spoken between them without a single uttering of sound. Darsunne’s eyes, the sole escape from all that brought woe, the essence of her being caused him to soar among the heavens.

The Marjians were of a ghastly nature, foul spawns of men without mercy or remorse. They soon will suffer the tiger’s claws and serpent’s bite.

Should they perish in battle, their souls will ascend into eternity together. 

This night however would not be wasted on what might be, but what is. Their embrace would carry them until the sun peaked over the water’s edge bringing them the slumber that was ignored the night before.

{ aph netherlands/fem!indonesia; nethernesia; pride & prejudice tempted me to write yet another dance scene with these two }

she danced to the tune and hum of beasts, who obeyed nobody except the old spirits who carved the world. wildly she roamed the opulent hall, glimmering like the sea under the sun, going through paired guests as if they were mere fishes in shallow waters.

many hands asked her to slow down and dance together, but politely she turned down all. “thank you, but i dance for myself,” she told them the same, before disappearing between the gowns.

another hand appeared; it caught her attention and she paused between two songs. its owner had eyes as green as the emerald resting on her chest. “dance with me,” he said.

she tilted her head. “shouldn’t you introduce yourself to your partner first?”

a smirk. “i shall give it to you after our dance.”

“then let’s see if you can follow my dance,” she laughed, disappearing as another song started.

she danced through, sometimes glancing behind her back to find him. he struggled to follow, and she took delight in seeing him painfully trying to match her swift steps. other maidens caught his hands, sweeping him for a song but never his eyes left her during their dances.

she didn’t want to run anymore. her steps slowed down, lingering near and keeping their eye contact. come and get me, she whispered as the music increased in volume.

all the dancing pairs bowed as he crossed the hall to take her hand for a dance. they made an odd pair, but neither minded it.

“you’d been staying by the wall before you asked me earlier, andries,” she began, “why?”

“i see you already know my name, miss.”

her eyes twinkled. “i know everyone’s in this room.”

“so do i, nesia.” he pulled her closer. “to answer your question: i am not fond of dancing.”

“but you asked me.”

“but you made me want to reach you.”

nesia tilted her head. “…how?”

they gave each other a nod as the last song ended. but andries took her hand again even though the hall was empty and the lights were off.

“your dance is an adventure.”

so they danced again, this time to the tune and hum of beasts, who obeyed nobody except the laws that governed the universe.

Emmeline Vance

Emmeline had imagined what she’d say to Harry Potter — she’d been imagining it for quite some time. But as she looked across the room at the boy who looked so much like James, she couldn’t say it.
She couldn’t say how she, Marlene, and Dorcas had found Lily crying after a fight with Snape their Third Year. She couldn’t say how the four had been inseparable ever since.
She couldn’t say how her and James had paired up in Potions and that he often spoke for hours just about Lily’s eyes.
She couldn’t say how she and Lily once ate thirty chocolate frogs between the two of them after their O.W.L.s were finally over.
She couldn’t say how they and the infamous Marauders scoured Hogsmeade — some weekends they weren’t supposed to — and had snowball fights by the Shrieking Shack.
She couldn’t say how she had once been in love with Remus Lupin.
She couldn’t say how she watched Lily Evans and James Potter fall into the greatest love surely on Earth. She couldn’t say how beautiful it was to watch them grow inseparable.
She couldn’t say how on their wedding day, she gave a speech and began crying halfway through. She couldn’t say how she bought them a couch for their new home.
She couldn’t say how heartbroken she was when she learned of the Prophecy.
She wanted to, but all she could think about was the day she heard the news: Her best friends weren’t here anymore.
So she didn’t.

first detention

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 3069

Genre: Fluff 

Summary: Jungkook isn’t exactly the best student at school, but after being paired up with the most well known goodie-two shoes at school, something between them occurs and changes for the… best?

A/N: Idea comes from here and here.

You sighed, grabbing your backpack from your locker, and watching as all the other students began their journeys home. Your friend, Mina, grabs your hand, trying to once again get your attention. “Hello, [Y/N], you realize you have to get going, yeah?” Her honey-colored hair is brushing against her lashes, which she quickly tries to flick away but fails as it falls back into her eyes. You take a deep breath, brushing your skirt down to fix what hadn’t even been wrinkled, trying to ignore that nagging voice in your head telling you that yes, she’s right, you need to start moving. You swallow loudly, trying to get your emotions under control as you respond, “Get going to detention? I feel as though I’m going to be sick.”

It was ridiculous how you had ended up with detention, your very first detention in fact.

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aries and scorpio

(aries and scorpio are like the calm before a storm. they are powerful, intense and over the top, fuming and fuelling each other’s passions, charcoal kisses. they rage and engage, playing their parts with fervour and hypnotic gaze. they are magical, mystical and unmanageable.) 

aries and scorpio aren’t an easy pairing. the two signs are very similar and can reside uncomfortably close to each other at times. aries bursts into flames, while scorpio steams and smoulders for hours on end. both signs are traditionally ruled by mars, and conflict can definitely be an issue here. while scorpio wants to keep things to themselves, wants to protect their inner core, aries wants everything to be open and straightforward. passion flies high with aries while flowing deep through scorpio. this pairing has an irresistible attraction that sucks them into each other as if their eyes were black holes. the magnetism between these two is so strong it’s almost painful, and there is a sense of urgency connecting the two together. 

for all the tension and the differences these signs have, they are very similar. both signs have hearts of gold underneath layers of coal dust, and both signs are honest and protective of what they love in life. while aries can rush to the rescue, scorpio works out a battle plan, a scheme for revenge. aries and scorpio are both romantic in their own ways, and nobody can appreciate an honest - even too honest - person like a scorpio can. aries can sympathise with scorpio’s emotional side, and if anybody shows the strength in vulnerability, it’s aries. this strength and purity is inspirational to scorpio, and is key for healing any wounds. both signs have bite, and fights can be terrifying things to behold, but aries and scorpio share a rare love and a deep, consuming attraction that goes behind both body and soul. 

main qualities - intense, attractive, conflicting, vulnerable, passionate 

she paces the kitchen , feet padding lightly across a hardwood floor . it’s been quiet for a minute or so as the voice on the television is the sole sound that fills the space between them . desdemona’s concentration is fixated on the bowl she has cradled in her arm , stirring with the other and trying to keep count of how many passes the spoon makes around it . some time after hitting round fifty-two she can’t help feeling a pair of eyes on her , glancing up ( still holding the number in her mind ) to meet the man’s gaze . immediately , she finds herself smiling as he’s softened from the setting sunlight that’s creeping through the window behind him .    ❝    what ? did'ya wanna lick the bowl ?    ❞    teasing , she realizes that she hadn’t even asked xander what his favorite dessert was , or cake , or if he even wants any of those . but she’s been excited to try out this new recipe . to have an opinion of it that isn’t her own . figures if he doesn’t want it … more for her .

starter ! @triplexed

Forget dragonflies, ladybugs, and lightning bugs—it’s national moth week! Here are some moth-facts to help you fully appreciate these winged beauties:

  • Primitive moths appeared 195 million years ago, during the Jurassic period.
  • More than 150,000 known species of moths have evolved in diverse colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • The European pygmy sorrel moth is one of the smallest moths, with a wingspan of just 0.1 inch (3 millimeters), while the largest is the Atlas moth of Southeast Asia, whose wingspan can reach up to 12 inches (30 centimeters)!
  • Moths have two pairs of eyes—one that distinguishes between light and dark and another to decipher color, shape, and movement.
  • Moths use their vision to orient themselves to natural sources of light. Artificial lights—including porch lights—disorient them, causing them to fly around in circles.
  • Moths are excellent pollinators, picking up pollen with their legs and wings and depositing it on flowers they visit.

See a gallery of stunning moth photos. 

Images: Atlas moth and Elephant hawkmoth, Jean Pierre Hamon 



     Convincing Arabella to go hunting had been as easy as she expected it to be.  The pair of course had to dress up and look their best, which for them, meant armor that could be used on the battlefield or the bedroom.  Arabella settled for her claws, while Karrista chose a sleek spell-blade.  The two took flight with their own wings, heading to the foot hills in search of prey.

     “Okay Darling, tell me why you look like you are ready to sacrifice a virgin.”  Arabella’s voice echoed in Karrista’s mind, the pair separated by a few hundred feet.

     Karrista banked to switch between evening thermals, her eyes and senses focused on the hills a thousand feet below them.  “Cutting straight to the point are we?”

     “Getting a little evasive.  Who hurt you?”  Neither was reading the others mind, simply feeling the emotions carried in the telepathic whispers.

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fire’s heart

(follows perennial, growth, sprigs and sprouts, legacy, and wilful weeds)


The spring the twins turn two is an unusually cold spring, heavy showers of rain following right at the heels of the winter’s grip, washing away the ice and snow but leaving the valley in a freezing, watery clutch. The river overflows, and heavy puddles line the path to the cottage, much to the elation of a young heart stubbornly intent on jumping in each and every one.

The spring the twins turn two is a spring spent chasing after two more pairs of running feet, to keep them within the dry safety of the cottage. Between them they only have three arms and two pairs of eyes, and it’s not always easy, keeping track of their small brood, but they manage. They have fought worse battles than this.

But the spring the twins turn two is the spring Sage falls sick.

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