two easter eggs in a basket

Imagine Easter morning with Thomas. He is dressed in pastels to fit the spring, his arms wrap around you as you both stand by the kitchen counter, the children running in to see what is in their baskets. Thomas chuckles as your youngest daughter gets chocolate all over her mouth. The two little boys pester him to tell them where all the eggs are hidden but he smirks, scratching the back of his head and saying he doesn’t know just so they run off and start searching. You smile as the kids laugh and run around the house, Thomas kissing your cheek and whispering, “we did good.”

You couldn’t sleep the night before. You wanted this Easter dinner to be perfect. It only took you a week to make the perfect menu. Then you went to three stores. You were exhausted before you even start cooking. Because of your job you didn’t actually get to spend Easter with your boyfriend. So he was flying back home this weekend to see you. You wanted the whole experience. So you boiled the eggs and had them ready to dye and decorate. You made Chris an Easter basket. Then had a wonderful dinner planned. Chris’s plane landed at 8 am and was getting a car to come to your house. Meaning to be awake when he showed up. You slept right thru your alarm clock. The house was totally peaceful when Chris let himself in. Putting down his bag. He notices the picture on the bookcase of you two. Touching your face he hurried upstairs to find you. Looking in the bedroom and seeing you asleep on the bed. Made his heart beat a little faster. He still got the same butterflies he got the day he meets you. “It’s not nice to stare.” You said to smile at Chris “You shouldn’t look so sweet then.” He said climbing in bed with you. Laughing at he started kissing you all over your face. “I’m sorry I was asleep.” You said watching him as he started taking his shoes off. “I’d rather meet you in bed.” He said getting back in bed with you. After a morning of lovemaking. You both feel asleep. Waking up an hour later. You slowly got out of bed and took a quick shower. Checking on him one more time you went to the kitchen to start dinner. Chris was woken up with the smell of ham and sweet potato casserole coming thru the house. You heard the shower turn on and knew Chris would be down shortly. “It smells delicious babe.” He said walking into the kitchen and hugging you. “I hope you like it.” You said a little worried “I love it.” “While it’s cooking. I got you something.” You said taking his hand and walking into the dining room. On the table was a huge Easter basket full of stuff from his favorite football team, candy, and little stuff you had found that remind you of him. The smile on his face was worth all the work you went thru. “You ready for yours?” He said reaching into his bag. “Have a seat Y/N.” He said to you. He placed in front of you a huge pink basket. It was filled with gift cards to a bookstore, one to buy books on your kindle. Your favorite candy. Then you noticed the baby blue plastics Easter egg. Opening it a beautiful diamond ring was inside. Being in total shock you looked at Chris to find him on his knee. “Chris.” “Y/N will you marry me?” He said taking the ring “Yes.” You said thru the tears Putting the ring on your finger. He leaned up to kiss you. “I love you.” “I love you to Mrs. Evans.”

#266 Easter struggles

(Sorry I’ve been so absent this week! I don’t really have an excuse- I mean I was super sick up until Friday then I was just lazy. But I’m here now and that’s all that matters! So here you go, a nice lil Easter pref 🐰)

Dan: You’d stayed up late last night specifically hiding eggs all over your yard for your kids. You’d also laid out their Easter baskets so they looked straight out of a catalogue. You were proud of yourself.

In the morning, your two daughters ran downstairs and quickly rampaged on their baskets.

“Wow, looks like mrs. ‘They’ll want it to look nice!’ Was wrong!” Dan said quietly to you, leaning back from the camera that he was filling with pictures of your girls.

“Shut it.” You jabbed him with your elbow. “Alright chickadees, let’s go outside and see what the bunny left for us!”

Your daughters cheered and ran out the back door. About 10 minutes in, the two of them had only found about five eggs.

“Why is mr. Bunny so mean? He hid all the eggs too hard!” Your older daughter complained.

“Wow, looks like mrs. ‘They’ll be able to find them!’ Was wrong again!” Dan taunted you once more.

He was right, he’d told you your spots were too difficult for a four and six year old. “You want an egg where the sun don’t shine, sir?” You jokingly threatened.

“Maybe mr. Bunny was just in a rush this year! Let daddy come help you,” he rushed over to the girls.

Phil: You’d put him in charge of the Easter baskets this year. You gave him a list of things to get and he promised that he’d get them when he went into town later that week.

Well, Saturday night arrived and you still hadn’t seen the stuff. “Phil, where’d you put the basket items?” You asked quietly.

He walked into the kitchen. “The what?”

“The basket items. The ones I sent you for on Monday.” You said through gritted teeth.

His eyes widened. “Aha, about that.”

“Phil! We can’t go to the store now, everything’s closed!” You smacked his shoulder.

You went to bed with him claiming that everything would work out. Honestly at that point you were so frustrated you let him do whatever. When your son and daughter burst into your room at 6AM, you were cautious taking them downstairs.

“Mommy? Where’s the bunny basket?” Your three year old son looked up at you.

“Oh dear. I, uh-” you were cut off by Phil coming into the room with two full baskets in his hands.

“Happy Easter! Sorry, the bunny got stuck in traffic,” he winked at you. You responded by squinting but quickly followed up with a smile.

New Preference #9- How You Spend Easter with the Kids

I was going to post this yesterday, but I had no time! So, here is an Easter preference a day late! 


It was your daughter’s very first Easter, she was just a few months shy of turning one, but that didn’t stop Harry from making this holiday a big deal as well as the others. She was dressed up in her Easter dress and her hair was up in a tiny ponytail. You three were taking pictures constantly, along with other members of the family. 

Harry really wanted to have her do a Easter egg hunt, so you two “hid” the eggs around the backyard. 

“Okay, babygirl, are you ready to go find some eggs?” He smiles to her. 

She looks up at him babbling. He laughs picking her up and grabbing her little basket. 

“You got the camera ready, Y/N?” He asks. 

“Yes, Harry, I got the camera ready.” You laugh. 

“Okay! Just checking!” He laughs. “Now, let’s go get us some shiny eggs.” He smiles. 

You follow Harry and your daughter through the backyard as they gather the eggs. Your daughter giggles shaking the eggs happily as she babbles. 

“I think she likes this.” You smile. 

“Me too.” Harry smiles. “Do you like the pretty eggs?” 

She babbles nodding trying to put the eggs in her mouth. He laughs. 

“Are those tasty?” he asks. She nods picking up another egg. “That one matches your dress.” He smiles. 

She giggles handing him an egg. “Aww, thank you, love.” He smiles. 

You smile capturing every moment on camera.


Liam had just gotten back from the supermarket. The kids wanted to dye eggs for your Easter decorations, so Liam went out to get all the supplies needed. He puts everything on the table and all of the kids come running in. 

“Woah. Slow down before you take me out.” Liam jokes. 

“Take you out where?” Your oldest son Nicholas asks. 

“Never mind.” Liam laughs. 

“What we do?” Addison, your daughter asks. 

“Well, first we have to boil the eggs.” Liam smiles. “So, we have to fill this pot up with water and put the eggs inside. He places the pot on the stove and sets the timer. 

“Now, what?” Nicholas asks. 

“We wait.” Liam laughs. “But we can go ahead and get everything set up.” 

He gets some plastic cups filling them with water and instructs the kids on putting the dye in there. The timer goes off, so he goes over to get them out, placing them in a bowl. He then brings them over to the table. 

“Are you three making a mess in my kitchen?” You laugh waddling over to he kitchen. 

“Hey, baby.” He smiles leaning over to kiss you. “How are you and our little one?” 

“We’re good. So, let’s see these eggs we’ve made so far.” You smile looking over at the table, as you rub your growing belly. 

“Look Mumma!” Addison giggles pointing to her tye dye egg. 

“Very pretty.” You smile kissing her head. 

“These are mine!” Nicholas smiles. 

“Wow. Those are very good.” You smile. “You’re a very artistic 7 year old.” 

He smiles before going back to putting designs on his egg. 

“Now, let’s see yours.” You smile to Liam. 

He smirks holding up a Batman egg. 

“You would.” You laugh. 

He smirks handing you an egg for you to join in on the fun. 


“Oi, Oi, who is ready to go see the Easter bunny?” Louis smirks walking into your room, with your newborn baby. 

“I honestly don’t think he’s going to even care or notice.” You giggle. 

“True, but still, he’s a month old and we need to get his picture that way we can compare it next year.” He smiles. 

You smile. “I know.” You giggle. 

“I see you got him all dressed up.” He smiles. “Spiffy looking lad.” 

“Thanks to me.” You smirk. 

“No, no, he looks like ear ole dad.” He smirks. 

You laugh roll your eyes before you leave heading to the store that is offering pictures with the Easter Bunny. When you get there, Louis carries your son in the car seat as you walk over to the section they have the photos at. 

“I have to admit that this is really exciting.” Louis smiles. 

“It is.” You smile. “At least he’s asleep right now and not being fussy.” 

“Yet.” He laughs. You shake your head at him before you two get to the line. “Holy shit, that bunny is creepy.” He whispers to you. 

“Just a bit.” You mumble. “No wonder kids are petrified of people who dress up in those costumes.” 

“I’m not too sure about this…” Louis says. 

“Well, we’re already in line, so we might as well.” You whisper. 

He nods looking down at your baby. “Sorry little lad.” He mumbles. 

You giggle and it’s finally your turn, so you both walk over and Louis takes him out of the car seat to hold him. 

“Okay, say cheese.” The photographer says. 

“Really?” Louis says. 

“I have to say that to everyone.” She says. “1. 2. 3″ She snaps the photo and you two move along with the baby as you wait. 

You then get the pictures and you both laugh at them. “He’s so cute.” You smile at the cute sleepy face that he was making. 

“We do make a cute one.” He smiles. “Say, Happy Easter Micah.” He whispers kissing him on the head. 


“I’m not doing this Y/N.” Niall says shaking his head. 

“Aww come on, Ni.” You say. “It will be so cute and cool! You know the kids will love it.” 

“No way.” He says. “That thing is creepy as hell and it stinks!” 

“I’ll spray it down! And you’ll only be in it for like an hour!” You say. 

He groans. “You know I’m claustrophobic, Y/N!” 

“I know, I know, but I can’t fit in the outfit. I’m too short.” You say. 

“I’m not exactly a giant either, Y/N.” He says. 

“But you’re still taller than I am.” You say. “At least try it on and if you can’t do it, then we’ll just scratch the idea. Please.” 

He groans. “Fine. Fine. Give me the damn bunny suit.” 

“Yes!” You smile bringing over the bunny costume that you rented. You help him into the body suit and zip up the back. “Okay, are you ready for the head?” 

He smirks not answering. “Don’t even say it, be serious for a moment.” You say. 

“Yeah. Yeah. Hand it over.” He says. You smile giving it to him and he takes a deep breath before putting it on. 

“How do you feel?” You ask. 

“Ehh.” He says. 

“Would you last at least 5 minutes?” You say. 

“I’m gonna try.” He says. “Lead the way.” 

You smile taking him out to see the kids. “Kiddos, look who came by to visit. The Easter Bunny!” You smile. 

The kids look up and their eyes go wide before they all let out a scream and run away back into the house. 

“See, I fucking told ya this thing was creepy.” Niall says. 

“Yeah, well.. I tried.” You shrug before leading Niall back into the room for him to get changed. 


A pair of darlings, these two big, fluffy, pink-eared bunnies are easily made with special balloon forms, using our own exciting papier mache process. Cover with celacloud and trim with a glistening new parchment paper that curls into posy petals when warmed. Each bunny is 8½" long and 5½" tall. Nest with Easter grass and fill with gay eggs or artificial flowers for a fabulous centerpiece or adorable Easter baskets. Another original from the studios of National Handcraft Institute.

Gay eggs only.