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day two favorite episode → season two epsiode seven

all i want for christmas

advent calender day eleven - for marymorevnasbellamy/raven + mistletoe

Here’s the thing: Bellamy doesn’t get jealous. He gets mad, a lot, and annoyed and hurt and upset, sure. But he doesn’t get jealous.

Which is why it definitely doesn’t bother him that Raven is spending most of her free time with Wick. Definitely not.

After all, it’s totally logical. They work together, they’re old friends, they know each other. They like each other. It doesn’t bother him. In fact, he’s happy for her. It’s been a long year and they’ve only just scored their first major win in the war against the Mountain Men, by rescuing their friends. They have a lot more to do but it’s almost Christmas. Raven deserves to spend her first holidays on Earth with her friends.

Bellamy frowns at the doorway to the engineering tent. This is ridiculous.

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