two different users

i really buy into the snow bunny theory tbh.  if you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically this: monet died.  one of the tangerines on nami’s tangerine tree regrew as her devil fruit. (because from punk hazard we know that after a devil fruit user dies, their devil fruit manifests on a nearby fruit).  carrot is going to eat her devil fruit and get snow powers.

it makes logical sense to me, first of all.  monet is dead as far as we know, devil fruits re-manifest on nearby fruits, the sunny was nearby when she died, and carrot is definitely the kind of adventurous person who’d eat a random ass fruit off the tangerine tree.  

and it also makes sense to me from a character/plot standpoint, especially wrt carrot potentially joining the crew- one roadblock i’ve had with that is that carrot’s electro is kinda too similar to nami’s thunderbolt tempo, and given how unique all the other straw hats’ powers are from each other i can’t see oda being ok with two members both using electricity as their go-to, so this would give her a new and unique power.  plus it’s a logia, and we’ve never had a logia on the crew.  it’s also snow, which is, you know, white and therefore fits carrot’s look and style.

so yeah idk.  i wouldn’t be surprised if carrot ends up eating monet’s devil fruit, especially if she joins the crew.

two different users pop into the rfa chatroom, two days after the mc supposedly joined. both of their stories seem to follow a similar storyline of that of mc, the only difference the two of them were simply notified of a new message from unknown && given a link to the chatroom. seeing how either felt no ill-intent from joining the chatroom && each decided to give it a go. treated with similar treatment as the mc, the two of them are far less tact thn she was && simply put it bluntly of what happened and demand answers.

once the situation is fully explained to them by jumin && jihyun, each take a moment to think about their options and daily life. seeing how nao still had connections from his family && mi conversed with vendors and sponsors due to her internships with her work, each agreed to give the mc their support for the party. both of them saw this as a good idea to get a feel for what it meant to interact with others on a professional level, seeing how nao had far more experience than mi at this, due to his upbringing, mi saw this as an excellent opportunity for her && for nao to get back into that lifestyle once again.

the two of them act very differently from one another in the chatrooms, neither will be nice to be nice, they will state the flaws in others and ask about hypocritical aspects of the organization itself, for they do not understand it completely && see it was somewhat foolish in some regards. of course, their intentions are morally good && do not wish to come across harshly, to say the least, if someone asks for an unbiased opinion, they will not hesiate, to be honest.

unlike the rest of the members, a romantic option for the either of them is not achievable. instead, a platonic opinion is the only one available, but, discovering who they truly are will take time && effort. the two of them do their best to hide their secrets and demons from the rest of the members. mi && nao have only known them for such a short time after all.