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I still cannot get over the fact:
  • Lucifer admitted to Chloe that her dying is his greatest fear
  • it would be hell for him to have to live life without her
  • because he would not be able to see her 
  • because he cannot go to the Silver city
  • Lucifer not being able to shut up about Chloe to Candy
  • Lucifer coming back to LA because he missed work my ass Chloe
  • Lucifer wanting to die because Chloe didn’t want to work with him anymore

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Idea that keeps rattling around in my head

Even though Lucifer’s got his wings back in the season final, I still want Chloe to see his other face. I want her to see it and because of wait ever just transpired for her not to be afraid; I want Lucifer scared of how she’ll react, not meeting her eye; and I want her to go up to him put her hand on his cheek and tell him “I know who you are Lucifer, I’m not afraid.”


The Goldfinch: Theo x Boris

“…Boris seizing my hand, bloody at the knuckles where I’d punched him on the playground, and pressing it to his own bloodied mouth.”

“…grappling around half-dressed, weak light sliding in from the bathroom and everything haloed and unstable without my glasses: hands on each other, rough and fast…”

“…I’d stopped myself from blurting the thing on the edge of my tongue, the thing I’d never said, even though it was something we both knew well enough without me saying it out loud to him in the street–which was, of course, I love you.” 

Divine Intervention

In Shadowrun debut of a new team comprised of two adapts one decker two gunners

The Troll adept Trug was trying to persuade the young Elven adept Valkyrie (me) the Library hired to prevent the heist to switch sides. The decker Wizzer had slaved her com.

Valkyrie “Can you give me somewhere to live? Cause if you steal it I am out of a job!”

Wizzer over her com “Given his smell I wouldn’t go there. I can help you however.”

Valkyrie “God?”

red vs. blue in The Lying Detective

(AKA: A Study in Scarlet)

While watching TLD, I found that I kept noticing little flashes of red, almost continuously. It wasn’t as in-your-face as the blue of TST, but it was still pretty prominent, kind of like how pink/purple is used a lot in ASIP. So I decided to go through and count how many times red pops up. (The answer: a lot.)

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