two dead guys


When you meet two of your favorite voice actors and you find out they have been talking about how good your cosplay is before you met them and also tell you that you have an amazing voice and should go into voice acting.

I died is what I’m saying.

FTWD Characters and Just How Cinnamon Roll-like They Are!
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Travis Manawa
  • looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Victor Strand
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Thomas Abigail
  • looks like she could kill you and could actually kill you: Madison Clark
  • would probably die from eating too many cinnamon rolls: Chris Manawa and Ofelia Salazar
  • won't touch a cinnamon roll unless it's gluten free: Alicia Clark
  • sinnamon roll: Nick Clark

Literally everyone knows how much these two love one another, even strangers. Colonel Phillips, Dr Erskine, Peggy, the doughnut man at the enlistment center, Gabe, Falsworth, a whole bunch of soldiers…they are that obvious. I imagine that all of Bucky’s family knows as well and Steve’s mother knew before she died.


hi this is what ive been doing with my spare time

“But Minkowski has a husband-”

I don’t give a fuck! She can be bi! She could be pan! She could be struggling with internalized homophobia! And also I have 0 emotional attachment to a character I have never met who believes his wife is dead! I have no desire to know more about him and I think I’m allowed this one simple goddamn pleasure in my life!

Hi, I created some fanart for the first time!!! It’s pixelart of a hex-totem!