two days in a row.............

Two days in a row!!!

This picture does not do justice to how sweaty I actually am 😂😂😂. I walked on the treadmill for an hour at varying elevations I even did 10.0 for like 7 minutes 😳. And maintained at least 5.0 for the rest of the time. 👍🏻. That’s all I did tonight but I feel good. My legs feel a little sore. But a good sore! Happy Tuesday y'all. Have a great night!

Running a register requires a lot of standing. 

Running a table requires a lot of sitting. 

I am so unused to sitting for long periods of time that my legs are sore from the two days in a row that I did nothing but sit. 

i made pork tacos
I’ve cooked two days in a row which is actually big for me because i am not practiced in savory cooking and also am very tired
but i wanted the gf to go to work with good food n good vibes in her……

anonymous asked:

Can I have some meanspo please? I'm 5'7" and weigh 147.3 pounds and I've binged two days in a row :(

Binged two days in a row? Is that humanly possible? You’re a monstrosity! God, get it together. You’re not proving to anybody that you want to lose weight. But none of us care? We’ll pass you by, perhaps scoff a little, and think, “why doesn’t SHE take care of herself?” All because you choose binging and food over what you REALLY want.

💖🌸 stay safe

“My heart isn’t much of a target, but Cupid still managed to hit it when I first laid eyes on you.”


Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Note: Whoo! Two days in a row, go me. I think I’ve got my mojo back.


  1. fluff. daveed. this is all i ask for. maybe a little smut?😏😏
  2. dom daveed SMuT pLS
  3. Diggs + smut = my request
  5. Daveed x reader where reader claims that she always has to fake orgasms when she’s with a guy and he says that he can change that and it ends it smuttttt

Word Count: 2711

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUT and lots of it

“So a guy’s never made you come before?” Oak asked with his jaw hanging a bit open.

“Nope,” you said nonchalantly while scrolling through your Twitter mentions.

It was intermission of the second show of the day and you, Oak, Anthony, and Jasmine were all hanging out in Oak’s dressing room, talking about random topics. Now, the topic seemed to be focused on you because you had accidentally let the fact that you had never had a real orgasm during sex slip into the conversation.

“Ever?” Anthony pressed in disbelief, somehow not believing you.

“Never ever.” You confirmed, looking up to see all three pairs of eyes on you. “What?”

“Do you tell them what they’re doing wrong?” Jazzy asked.

“With the first couple of guys, yeah, but after a while, I just stopped because it wasn’t working anyway. I didn’t want to make them feel bad about themselves, so I just started faking orgasms every time. I just finish myself off after they go to clean up or something.” You shrugged.

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Blue Balls - LazyBaker - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Will gets his reckoning by getting Hannibal hard.

Because I am so classy I am in fact the classiest here is a story entitled Blue Balls set in season two and focusing on Will being a cock tease and Hannibal being the dirty old perv Will always, on some level, knew he was.


The Bird and the Worm ch. 3

•190816• 61/100 days of productivity

this week has been sO HECTIC. bio, ss and geog + math two days in a row???? that’s illegal. but on the flip side, i’m rather satisfied with my chinese o level results!! ⁽͑˙ˆ˙̫ˆ˙⁾̉ congrats to all who received their results yesterday,,, no matter what you got, you did your best + there’s a second chance!!✨