two days before vacation

What we know so far about bts’ new song/comeback: 

 - its “crazy” and “so good”

 - when we hear it we will say “Jin?? Jin!!" 

 - the best comeback/song yet according to people who worked on it 

 - will catch the attention of not only the fans but the general public as well 

- namjoon himself just said “there are so many people who will listen to our album after it comes out”

- its called either “Spring days” or “Not today” its both probably

 there might be more but just this info is making me hyperventilate already idk how we will even survive

A big, happy family

I combined the following prompts:

 the ballon squad joking about how yousef always had a crush on sana and elias being like “really?? i thought you just came over to help me with sth not because sana was sick and you casually brought soup and told me to bring it to her but tell her it was from somebody else? (…)

the Balloon Squad’s speech at Yousana wedding

sana finds out she’s pregnant and has to tell yousef but somehow she tells elias first and he tells the whole squad and then yousef accidentally finds out because they can’t keep a secret


Elias has always been one of the most important people in Sana’s life. He has been there for her whenever she needed him, even when she didn’t realize that she needed him. 

The fact that their ages are not too far apart helps a lot. 

Now, that Sana is with Elias’ best friend, Elias play an even bigger role in Sana’s life. She didn’t know that that was even possible.

Not only is Elias hanging out with Sana because she is his sister but also because she is the wife of his best friend. It’s great, honestly. Elias loves them both to death and couldn’t imagine anyone better for either of them. 

As great as it is that Sana’s brother is really close to her and her husband, it has its downsides too.

Going through some video files on her laptop Sana finds two of those not-so-great but at the same time really funny and memorable moments.

Clicking on the first video Sana remembers why having Elias be on her and also on her husband’s side can be … let’s say interesting. It’s mainly that he has a lot of dirt on both of them and can embarrass them any time. 

And apparently exposing them at their wedding is the perfect time to do that, according to Elias and his friends.

Sana presses play and remembers her wedding day and that particular speech as if it was just yesterday, as if she is reliving it right now.

When they did not start dancing yet, after the meal, Elias, Mutta, Mikael and Adam stormed onto the stage and each took a microphone. Yousef and Sana were sitting at their table taking a break after the meal. 

"Hello, everyone!”, Sana and Yousef hear, the background music turned off.

Sana and Yousef look at each other both very confused as to why their friends are standing on the stage. That was not part of their plans for this evening. 

“Do you know what they’re doing?”, Sana asks her husband.

Yousef looks as lost as she does and shakes his head. “No idea. Who knows what they planned?”

“As many of you know: I am the bride’s brother and all of us …”, Elias points to his three friends standing next to him, “.. are the groom’s best friends.”

The wedding guests, who are as confused as the newly-wed couple, start clapping because those four incredibly good-looking guys, are giving a speech for the bride and groom.

“Seeing as we love the bride and the groom more than anyone here probably…”, Elias says and looks over the tables with the bride and groom’s family. “I’m sorry, but that’s how it is.”, and turns his gaze to Sana and Yousef, “We thought that we would share some stories about them. We four were the people that witnessed them struggle to admit their feelings for years, after all.”

Sana’s mouth falls open in shock and with wide eyes she looks at her husband. He looks as surprised and a bit scared as Sana. This is going to be very embarrassing for these two, they know it.

“You know, Yousef was my best friend before he even met my sister. But once he saw her he was gone for her and my dear little sister stole my best friend.”, Elias starts the story time in a light tone, obviously joking. 

Yousef looks at Sana and they both just roll their eyes at Elias, but can’t help but smile.

Adam who is standing on Elias right side pats his shoulder and comments: “Yeah, Elias is still bitter about Yousef spending more time with Sana as the time went by.”

“Oh, and he is not jealous at all, if you were wondering.”, Mikael adds with a mischievous smile.

Elias narrows his eyes at his friends which makes Sana wonder if they even planned this speech or if they spontaneously decided that this is a good idea.

“I was not and am not jealous! I’m insanely happy for both of them and I think they are perfect for each other and I can’t imagine anyone better for either of them.”, Elias answers to that with a soft voice.

The whole hall ‘aaawww’s at the same time and Elias will be greeted with many phone numbers after his speech, for sure. He smiles to himself and continues talking.

“Why would I be jealous when I remember mentioning to Yousef that Sana is home, sick with the flue, and him coming over in half an hour with warm soup to give to her but insisting that I don’t tell her that it was from him.”

Everyone in the hall starts laughing, so does Sana but this is new information to her. Laughing she looks at Yousef who looks very embarrassed that Elias would tell this story in front of so many people.

“You did that?”, Sana asks, not being able to hide her amazement to make fun of him.

Yousef reaches out and takes Sana’s hand in his, squeezing it a little and nodding while scrunching his nose. “Yeeeah. Back then we were not even what could be considered friends and I didn’t want to freak you out.”

“Awww, that’s so cute!”, Sana gushes but Yousef just shuts his eyes and covers his eyes with his hands. 
Sana looks at him smilingly and puts her hands over his to drag them away from his face.
They smile at each other and direct their attention to the stage again.

“Or the time he ditched us the day before he went on vacation for two months to go and hang out with Sana?”, Mutta gives another example.

This one both, Sana and Yousef, remember.

“Or how the lovely groom went to pretty much all of Sana’s basketball games, which we all usually did, even when the rest of us couldn’t make it.”, Mikael says, obviously very happy about Yousef’s face growing red and Sana smiling from ear to ear.

“Yousef also came to so many of our family gatherings, which all of the guys..”, Elias points to the three other guys on stage, “… were invited to but all but the groom never came because they knew that those gatherings were pretty boring.”

Elias looks at the table at which his and Sana’s parents are sitting. He grins at them sheepishly: “Sorry, Mom and Dad. But that’s how it usually was. Love you!”, and averts his eyes again, looking at the bride and groom. 
“And I’m sure he was there just for me.”, Elias says with sarcasm dripping from every single word.

Sana wraps her arms around Yousef’s arm and leans over to him. She puts her chin on his shoulder and looks at him lovingly. Yousef looks down at her and also smiles, still a bit embarrassed.

“You’ve always been this cute! Even before I noticed it”, Sana says to him. This lets him forget all about his embarrassment. He would have wished some of those things the boys said would have been told in front of less people but it made Sana smile so how can he complain. “I love you!”, Sana whispers right before Elias continues.

“Sis, I see you’re having the time of your life there!”

This makes everyone look at Sana who raises her eyebrows at her brother now. She has a feeling that it’s her turn to be embarrassed now.

“Let’s be honest here, Sana was way more subtle with her crush on our little Yousef.”, Mutta says. 

Then Adam directs his eyes at Sana. He’s the one who Sana banters most with. Even before he opens his mouth Sana knows she’ll want to vanish in thin air as soon as the words leave his mouth.

“That’s true. But Sana … you know, you messed up when you were annoyed by us being too loud while you had work to do but as soon as Yousef smiled at you apologetically you melted. After that we bet on who would be the first of us to make you admit your crush.”

Sana first narrows her eyes at Adam but then bursts out laughing. So many things make sense now, with this new information.

“I won!”, Elias exclaims excitedly, “Just so you know.”, that is directed at his sister and best friend.

“Well, that wasn’t really fair. You lived with Sana and Yousef was always at your house or with you, even more often than us.”, Mikael rolls his eyes.

“Exactly! It wasn’t fair!”, Mutta calls.

Elias just shrugs, laughing. “Doesn’t matter! I won either way. And now my baby sister and my childhood friend are getting married. In all honesty, I couldn’t be happier for you two.”

“Now we should let all of you dance again. Thank you for listening. We couldn’t not tell you all a little bit about the bride and groom from years ago.”, Adam concludes and ushers all the boys off the stage, sending a smile towards Sana.

When the video ends Sana smiles to herself. She’s home alone, Yousef went out with the guys, and she wanted to have a quiet evening. She remembers her wedding day as if it was just yesterday but it was almost two years ago. 
That speech Elias, Mutta, Adam and Mikael gave made Sana laugh so hard that she almost cried of laughter. Especially because Yousef’s face while the boys listed all those things about him were just priceless. 

Sana had a very exhausting day but this video makes her smile and feel a bit more relaxed.

She clicks on the second video that was filmed just a few weeks ago. Mikael had sent it to her as soon as he pulled the file on his own computer.

Before pressing play she remembers that day. She knows exactly that it was a Saturday morning at her house. Yousef had an additional program at work, a dancing project with the kids, but Elias, Mutta, Adam and Mikael were already there. 
Elias was vlogging for their YouTube channel. Yes, after so many years they kept doing that. It was something that they could live out their creativity with in many different ways. 

Sana clicks play.

“Sana! How are you doing?”

“Hey, my favorite ex-Bakkoush!”

“Did you miss us?”, is how the boys greet Sana when she opens the door. All of them give her a short hug and directly go to the living room. They feel at home in Sana and Yousef’s house and that makes Sana really happy. 

While Adam, Mikael and Mutta walk to the living room, Sana pulls her brother with her into the kitchen. All that footage is a bit blurred so when Sana looks really nervous and a bit shocked, Elias puts down the camera on the kitchen table. It faces Sana and Elias so their whole conversation is being filmed. 

“Elias, I need your help.”, Sana says and wrings her hands together. 

Her older brother furrows his eyebrows. Sana seems really worried. “Okay, tell me. What’s up? Did something happen with Yousef?”

Sana shakes her head at first but then has to laugh and nods. Technically, yes. But nothing bad like her brother assumed. 

“Sis, what is it? You’re making me worried.”

She takes a deep breath and wonders how to phrase the next sentences. She opens her mouth and closes it again. Twice. 

“I need to tell Yousef but I don’t know how.”, she finally says.

Elias tilts his head and tries to think of what could be hard to tell Yousef. That dude takes everything so easily; it’s not hard to tell him anything. Except…

“Do you want a divorce?”, he asks with his eyes wide and not believing that that would be a possibility. But what else could Sana have difficulties telling Yousef.

Sana furiously shakes her head. “No, no, no. Not at all. I still love him very much. I just need to tell him that …”, she is so unsure how to say it. Her brother would be the first one to know. 

“You want to take a break?”, Elias asks because honest to god he can’t think of anything else. That his sister seems panicked doesn’t help at all. 

“Elias, no!”, Sana exclaims finally. “I need to tell him I’m pregnant!”

She just blurts it out, hands putting emphasise on pregnant and then instantly shutting up. She is very interested to see Elias’ reaction. His eyes widen, his mouth falls open for a second and he just stares at Sana for half a minute. Then, as if someone pushed a button, he jumps up and down and quickly embraces his sister in a big hug.

Loudly, not being to help himself, he exclaims: “I’m going to be an uncle! I’m going to be an unc..”

Sana interrupts him and shushes him. “Elias, ssssh. Don’t tell anyone else, yet. I just need your help on how to tell Yousef. I’m so nervous. I know he’ll be happy but ..”

“Don’t worry. Doesn’t matter how. He’ll be over the moon.”, he says calmly to his sister and then once again perks up, “I’m going to be an uncle.”, but while he tries to make Sana jump like he does, he slips and crashes into one of the chairs at the kitchen table. 

That loud sound brings the other three guys also into the kitchen. 

“What happened?”, Mutta asks.

“I’m going to be an uncle!”, Elias exclaims to only then understand what he did. 

His eyes widen and he hears Sana gasp. She hits him on the chest: “Elias! Thanks a lot for keeping it to yourself. Really!”

Mutta, Adam and Mikael look between Elias and Sana obviously confused but all of them realize what’s going on at the same time and storm towards Sana and crush her in a big group hug. Elias joins them immediately. 

Sana wants to be mad that they all know before her husband but she can’t. She is too happy. Happy that she’s pregnant. Happy that Yousef will become a father because that’s something he wanted for so long. Happy that she is going to be a mother. Happy that these guys are happy for her. 

“Guys, guys, Yousef doesn’t know yet. And you shouldn’t either.”, Sana faces her brother with a pointed look. He just shrugs and embraces her in a hug once more. He’s going to be an uncle.

“We won’t tell him. No need to worry.”, Mutta assures her.

“He won’t know until you tell him”, Mikael says.

“Our lips are sealed. We won’t tell him.”

“Tell who what?”, a new voice sounds in the room and all four people turn towards the door.

While Sana and Elias look shocked, Adam casually answers: “Tell you that Sana is pregnant.”

As soon as the words are out of his mouth he realizes what he blurted out. Mutta and Elias freeze. Elias looks from his sister to Yousef so fast that he might have gotten a whiplash.

And Sana. She just stares at her husband with wide eyes.

Yousef furrows his eyebrows and looks from Adam to his wife. Is it really possible? Is she really pregnant? Five seconds of suspenseful silence Yousef claps loudly one time and starts smiling broadly.

Mikael was the one who picked up the camera to film Yousef’s reaction so the shot that didn’t move at all in the last minutes is not static anymore.

“You’re really pregnant?”, he asks Sana when he stands in front of her.

Sana looks up to him, into his eyes and nods. “I wanted to tell you myself but these people can’t keep anything for themselves.”, Sana says and glares at the four guys.

Yousef doesn’t even care. He wraps his arms around Sana and lifts her and twirls her around. She starts laughing and seeing how happy Yousef looks makes her even happier. He sets her down and kisses her quickly, which he usually doesn’t do in front of other people because Sana doesn’t like PDA but neither of them care. She is pregnant. And the boys are family. Who cares?

Yousef still has his arms around Sana and looks at her with so much love in his eyes that Sana feels like just melting then and there.

He looks down on Sana’s stomach and puts his hands on it, and then looks at his wife again. Excitedly he exclaims: “We’re going to be parents!”, he looks to his friends around them and once directly into the camera, “I’m going to be a dad!”

“Dude, are you crying?”, Adam asks Yousef who obviously has tears in his eyes.

Sana takes his face in her hands and looks at him lovingly. Tears spring in her eyes, as well. She really is going to be a mother. And Elias who sees two of his favorite people on earth tear up, gets a little wet eyed himself. Mutta, who observes all that and is already emotional about becoming an uncle himself, almost cries, as well. 

Mikael who holds the camera points it at all the people (almost) crying and then at Adam. Adam looks into the camera with one eyebrow raised but quickly lets the facade fall and smiles so happily that one could think he is going to be a parent.

The video ends and Sana just sits there, on her couch, with the biggest smile. She looks down on her stomach and puts her hands on it. She sighs and leans back. This baby is going to be born into a big, amazing family and Sana couldn’t imagine anything else.

“Hey.”, Sana hears. She turns around and sees Yousef walking towards her, taking off his jacket. “You’re not asleep, yet?”

Sana shakes her head and leans up to kiss him. “No, couldn’t sleep so I watched some videos. Told you, you don’t need to worry about me." 

While Yousef’s eyes wander over the laptop screen, Sana remembers their conversation before he left the house a few hours ago. He didn’t want to leave her alone at home because she’s pregnant but she had reminded him that she’s only about three months pregnant and that everything would be fine. 

"You love watching me being embarrassed, don’t you?”, Yousef says with a smile after he realizes what his wife just watched. Sana scoots over and makes room for him on the couch. He sits down and wraps his arms around her, she leans back on his chest. 

“Well, it’s really funny, honestly.”, Sana laughs.

Yousef just smiles at her and kisses her cheek.

“Yeah, I’m really happy that we have those videos to show our children on day.”


a sidenote: I only know Turkish weddings but I know that speeches from friends or family are not too common there but people do that sometimes so I liked this idea a lot

And: I thought about making this a series. Like Sana or Yousef remembering big moments in their relationship that their friends and family were part of. I would love if you told me what you think about it.

Imagine being in a relationship with Jamie

(A/N: This one is a bit longer than usual but I hope you enjoy this extra dose of Jamie! Hope you enjoy!)  

Imagine being in a relationship with Jamie

“Hey babe,” You heard Jamie’s voice say from behind you before you felt a hand rubbing your side, “How are you feeling?”

You let out an inaudible groan as you moved your head to look back at him so that you could actually see him and not have you voice muffled by the obscene amount of pillows that your face was buried in.

“I’ll take that as a not very good,” He chuckled, before repositioning himself, so he was lying next to your sprawled mess of a body.

“I hate being sick, hotstuff,” You whined sickly, coughing for good measure and reaching up to grab his face, “I can’t do anything, I feel awful and I can’t even remember what day it is,”

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My Shot (Daveed Diggs X Reader) (Part 2)

My Shot (Daveed Diggs X Reader) (Part 2)

Description: The reader is an aspiring author who’s manuscript has been denied for the fifth time. She goes to the same coffee shop every morning and meets with childhood friend Lin and Daveed tags along.

Warnings: Shameless flirting, strong language. Poorly translated Spanish (despite me having taken 5 Spanish classes)

Key: (Y/N): your name; (Y/L/N): your last name; (Y/N/N): your nickname

A/N: part 3 coming soon!


Your nervous habit seems to lie to make itself known as you ring your hands waiting for Lin to meet you outside of Richard Rodgers theater. You still had time to back out, but you’d go insane sitting inside a cafe or at home editing that novel. You’d never tell your best friend this, but you were thankful he said he’d edit it for you. You were thankful for him forcing you into being an understudy, for who though?

You knew he wanted you to be his, but as far as you were concerned he already had an understudy. So who would it be? A Schuyler sister? Lafayette and Jefferson?

“(Y/N/N)! You’re here!” Lin exits the theater, a wide smile on his face as he throws the door open running towards you with Daveed and another man, Leslie Odom Jr. behind him. His arms wrap tightly around you and you stumble on the New York sidewalk.

“Leslie,” he pulls back, an arm remaining wrapped around your shoulder. “This is my best friend, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). She’s your new understudy.”

Leslie stepped forward and shook your hand, “So nice to meet you. Lin’s been telling us about you for quite some time. And Daveed has talked about you non-stop since he met you-”

“Hey!” Daveed’s defenses rising up almost immediately, you blush and laugh a little at this. “She’s a pretty lady, there’s a lot to talk about.” He casts you a look with a smirk creeping onto his face, you give a crooked smile.

“Your shameless advances will be the death of you, Diggs.”


“Hello, can I have everybody’s unwavering attention? Yes! Hi. Me!” Lin stands up on the stage, climbing on top of a table that was placed in the middle. “Yes! Over here! Hi, I want to introduce you all to my best friend, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). She will, um, taking over the position of the Aaron Burr understudy. Yeah. That’s it."A round of applause broke out as everyone looked to you.

Daveed approached you quickly as three women, Pippa, Renee, and Jasmine, walked away after congratulating you. You cross your arms as he comes to a stop in front of you.

"Alright, cupcake, you have plans for lunch?”

“Well, Oak had asked me to lunch earlier. Said something about thinking I was cute…” you watch his smug face quickly turn to a frown as he searches for said man. “What? Diggs, you jealous?”

“Pshhh. No.”

“Good. Then you wouldn’t care that he didn’t actually ask me-”

“Oh?” Daveed stopped himself. “I mean, oh. That’s sad. So since you don’t have lunch plans you wouldn’t mind accompanying me?”

You laugh, shaking your head at him. “You actually have no shame.”

“None whatsoever.”

“Well I guess since I have nothing better to do, I’ll resort to going to lunch with you.” His grin grew wide on his face, showing off his bright smile.

“Alright guys! (Y/N), go with Leslie, he’s gonna go over a few of the songs with you!” You nod, tearing your attention away from the handsome, smiling man in front of you. Leslie approaches you while the director continues to talk. “Everyone else, we’re gonna run through Helpless and Satisfied a few times until (Y/N) is ready then she’ll be shadowing Leslie on stage.”

Everyone started dispersing and you gave Daveed a smile before turning to Leslie. “So what we starting with first?”

“The first act,” he begins leading you back stage to his dressing room. “Now, I’m assuming you’ve listened to the soundtrack. You’re Lin’s best friend, of course you have.”

“Yeah, honestly whenever I sing along I usually sing along to your lines or Daveed’s lines. Aaron Burr, Lafayette, and Jefferson are my favorites in the show.”

“Not even Lin?” He laughs sitting down and passing you a packet as you sit next to him.

“Weeeeellllllll….” You bite your tongue. “I’ve told him Hamilton is my favorite, but obviously that’s not the case.”

“Well I guess there’s a reason you’re my understudy then! We are gonna be great friends. Now, let’s get down to business, okay? You’ve only got four days to learn everything before I go on vacation for two weeks-”

“Four days! What the hell- MIRANDA!” You stand up quickly, making your way to the stage. “Lin-Manuel Miranda! Estás en tantos problemas. ¡Espere hasta que llego a mis manos en usted!” (You are in so much trouble. Just wait until I get my hands on you.)

Leslie follows after you, laughing nervously as you storm on stage just after Helpless stopped playing. You stomp up to Lin, hands meeting his chest as come to stand in front of him. The cast looks to you curiously, and you realize that you’re not making a good impression.

“I’m so sorry,” you start looking to the cast members, “for what I’m about to do…” You turn back to Lin, quickly finding your voice. “Why the hell did you not tell me I have four freaking days to learn everything? I wouldn’t have agreed to join the cast had you of told me this!”

“That’s why I didn’t tell you!”

“Lin! ¡No puedo esperar a su madre acerca de esto! (I can’t wait to tell your mother about this.)”


“Ha! So you can say no!” You head turns quickly as the tension is broken by Pippa’s comment. You and Lin look at each other before laughing rather obnoxiously at Pippa’s joke causing the rest of the cast to laugh.

You back away, smirking at Leslie and Daveed who had moved beside him. “Thank you for saving him form anymore torment, Pip. However, Lin, she didn’t save you from me tell tú mamá!”

“Do not tell my mother!”

anonymous asked:

URGENT I know that it’s different for every school but is it generally a long process to get your name and gender changed at school before school starts? cause id like to do that before the year but im going to camp for two weeks and then on vacation and i come back the day before school starts. so i have 1 week to do it if i want to in person but i could email them ijust dont know if it works

Lee says:

When I changed my name with the school it only took like twenty minutes at the town hall. The harder bit is getting everything to reflect that when the school year starts. You’ll have to change your ID, your school email, and your computer login. 

I’d say it’s worth a try changing your name before school starts. Your district may be different than mine is, so contacting them can’t hurt. You can email them to ask what the process is. Formally changing your name in the school system required a parent’s signature in my case, but just emailing your teachers can be done on your own.

Sebastian Stan x Reader - Charmer

Not Requested - REQUESTS OPEN

Sebastian Stan x Reader where Seb has a celeb crush (hint: it’s you) and rants about it in an interview, and then on the Tonight Show you pop up and surprise him.

Note: Lot of blushing Sebastian in this one. Also, you lucky ducks just got two fics in one day. Prob because I have like two more I’m trying to write and post tomorrow. I’m going to be extra busy in the next two or so days(going on vacation!!!!(I’ve mentioned this lots before(whoops))) but I promise to post Soft Side IV soon, okay? Enjoy! -Aly

Warning: language, sexual stuff I think, dirty pick up lines ;), elementary school level smooching

Originally posted by mywinterobsession

You snicker at your phone screen as you wait for the people to finish your hair and makeup. Sebastian Stan is adorable. Your grin widens when he continues his story of how he once saw you walking through Marvel headquarters when he was auditioning and he nearly fainted. You grin wider when Sebastian says that he wouldn’t even mind if you just walked up to him and planted a kiss on his lips out of the blue, without warning.

His blush and twinkling eyes are your favorite part. He is like a kid looking through the window of a sweets shop, and you are excited to open the doors and let him meet the candy maker. Figuratively. You once tried making chocolates for Valentine’s Day and nearly burned the apartment complex down.

You’re behind the scenes for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, here to surprise Sebastian Stan. The actor had recently been on the show a few weeks ago, and had ended up confessing and gushing about his celebrity crush: you. Jimmy, an old friend, called you and asked for you to scare him during an ‘interview’ so that Sebastian could meet you for real. While the crew is getting you ready, you’re watching the original interview so you can be caught up.

The lady doing your hair steps back to admire the way she teased your natural hair in the perfect way to get flawless volume, leaving your hair natural as per your request. The man doing your makeup places the tube down, finishing your simple winged liner and matte maroon red lipstick.


They turn you to face the mirror and you pause the video. Grinning at the two enthusiastic artists you thank them for the fabulous job they did. You finish the video and tuck your phone into your back pocket before standing to admire your outfit. It’s a simple pair of maroon Doc Martens, medium wash skinny jeans, and a maroon t-shirt. Simple. It reminds you of something you’d find in your closet at home. You make a mental note to ask for the Docs for keeps, before being rushed to the side stage.

At this point you can hear everything going on on stage, and smirk when you hear Jimmy give you the secret queue. “So, any new celebrity crushes?” The crowd laughs as Sebastian blushes and rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.

“No,” he says and you begin silently walking along the back of the stage, holding a finger to your lips to shush the crowd when they see you. “I mean, who can compete with (your first and last name)?” At this point your able to lean down next to Sebastian’s shoulder and say.

“Can’t think of anyone.” Sebastian nods, rubbing a hand over his jaw in contemplation. You lean your body over his shoulder to see his face and grin. His eyes widen when it clicks that it was you who spoke.

“Oh my god!” He shouts, falling from the chair and stumbling to the side. You, Jimmy, and the audience laugh. “Oh my god, it you!” You wink and slide into his chair, holding a hand out in a faux pompous air.

“Of course, Sebastian Stan,” you put emphasis and a bit of a seductive tone on his name, recalling how he said he’d die if you said his name. You drop your hand and stand, holding your arms out for a hug. He grins and excitedly hugs you, lifting you off of your feet and half spinning you from side to side.

“Oh my god, it’s a dream come true! Jesus, is this real?” He asks as he sets you down and steps back. You grin and nod and he scoffs. “Oh my god.” You accept the extra chair the stage hand brings you and sit down, facing Sebastian.

“If you want I can pinch you,” you offer as he sits, his body nearly completely sideways so he can stare at you. “Preferably on the ass.” You wink.

Sebastian’s jaw drops and he turns to Jimmy. “Did (your full name) just flirt with me?” When Jimmy nods Sebastian mutters, “Fuck, I am so unprepared.” You and the crowd laugh.

“Just throw me a pickup line and if it’s good enough, I’ll kiss you with my, and I quote, ’Oh so kissable lips.’”

Sebastian gasps and grins. “Serious?” His eyes are wide with hope. You nod, actually wanting to kiss him. Who wouldn’t? His beautiful blue eyes, thick brown hair, plump lips, chiseled jaw, awesome body, and adorkable personality. You’d let him bend you over and spank you until your red as a tomato if he asked. “Okay, um, shit. I only know dirty ones. Is that okay?” He looks so crestfallen at the though that you might not be okay with it, but you grin.

“The dirtier, the better.”

Jimmy chuckles in agreement, settling to just observe his friend get hit on by her admirer. “Okay… Do you believe in karma? ‘Cause I know some good karma-sutra positions.” Sebastian blushes.

“Oh my lord,” you say with a poker face. “Just so you know, you remind me of my little toe…” you pauses, watching as confusion crosses Sebastian’s face and the audience waits with bated breath, “…because I’m going to bang you on every piece of furniture.” The studio is immediately filled with laughter as you grin at Sebastian’s blush. “Alright, you earned it.” You lean across the short space.Instead of kissing him on his stubbly cheek you aim for his lips, surprising everyone; even Sebastian.

When you sit back down Sebastian stares off into the distance, his mouth moving but no words coming out. Then he utters a quiet, “Oh my god.” You laugh and send him a wink.

The interview continues with Jimmy asking the both of you questions and with you relentlessly teasing Sebastian as he stays grinning and blushing the entire time.

As the time runs out you snake your hand into Sebastian’s pocket and steal his phone. He types in the code for you and you go to his contacts and type in your number, setting your name as, ‘Mutual crush ;).’ He grins and sends you a text when you hand it back to him.

“As the camera pans out, you stand and pull Sebastian up, grab the back of his neck, and pull him in for another kiss, earning a roar from the crowd.

Both you and Sebastian can agree that this was the best interview either of you have ever experienced.

25 Days of Solangelo

Day 11: Fire

Will is writing ‘Happy Holidays!’ for what feels like the one hundredth time. He and Nico had been going at making Christmas cards for everyone they were friends with for two hours now. Both of them should have done this weeks ago and not two days before winter vacation, where everyone would be leaving Olympus Academy and heading home with their families. But both were terrible procrastinators so the two of them were folding and writing and folding and writing in front of the fire place in their dorm’s lounge area. 

“Nico if I have to fold one more piece of paper I’m going to explode,” Will groans. “I feel like I’m about to pass out any second.”

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Hidden Messages, an Aaron Marquis x Reader Fic

Summary: Aaron is rather confused when you, his wife, tote a dry erase board everywhere you go on your anniversary vacation. Little does he know, that little white board holds some pretty big meaning. (Based on the prompt: Reader telling Aaron that she’s pregnant.)
Word Count: 2,513
Warnings: ridiculous amounts of fluff, swears (I think)


“You just had to wear those cowboy boots, didn’t you?”  You push your way through the revolving doors of your apartment building’s lobby, and can practically feel your husband mocking you from behind. You laugh, “Honestly, Aaron, it’s not like you don’t own other shoes!”

“They’re comfortable!” He protests, running quickly past you to open the taxi door and squinting against the sun, juggling both of your suitcases at the same time. “Plus, you love them.”

After telling the driver your destination, you lean back in the seat and your head on Aaron’s shoulder. “I do. I just don’t see why you need to bring them on our tropical vacation.”

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I cheated on him for two months and came clean two days before we went on vacation with his family. I still went with them, but we swore not to talk after we got back. We would message each other and talk about how things could have been. But it would hurt him more and more to think about it. I loved him. I just forgot that I loved him. He was my best friend. I did everything with him. I told him everything. I miss him. I think I’ll always miss him.

Well, it’s been a really long time but I’ve finally written something. It started as a request but my mind went elsewhere and just wrote something that came to mind. It’s a little different than my normal stuff, so let me know what you think and if I should continue writing this way. I dedicate this one to mrs-styles-one-direction. I hope you like it even though it’s not quite what you asked for, I’m sorry. <3

Your dark brown books squelched against the wet pavement as you scurried along, making your way back to your cozy apartment after having gotten a warm cup of tea. Peaceful walks to the little café in the small town you inhabited were one of your favourite things to do during the fall season; there was nothing better to you than looking around at the pretty little shops as you sipped on your warm drink, admiring the change in the colour of the leaves. Nothing exciting ever really happened but you didn’t mind, living a quiet and simple life was the way you liked it.


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Us Unsung Artists

I honestly hate being known as the guy who made the “Temmie-Ache” meme.

Serious talk. I hate it when something I put zero effort into gets praised than the ones I put literally hours of work on.

To put that into perspective:
Temmie Ache has 20k+ notes

whereas something like this thing I spent two or more days of vacation before Christmas on:

Only has 10 notes.

Like holy fucking shit this is really hurting my self-esteem right now. Legit. And I am one hundred percent sure I am not the only one whose talents are being wasted for similar reasons.

Want me to make a role call? Okay.

@cricketschrip, whose I honestly believes he deserves more recognition than me and is better than me. (((For Example, this only has 30 notes, and it’s good shit. And has less than 100 followers which is criminally low.)))

@starbornbleh, who works really hard on her work and comes up with the an adorable cast of characters. And her blog is more consistent than the shit I come up with. (((For example, this only has 9 freaking notes.)))

@alexlememe, who is an novice artist. Don’t be skill-locked, Alex. Keep practicing.

@snow-demon99, who if you ask me is better at body proportions than me. I fucking suck at drawing legs. Keep going, girl!

@ishockjockey, who despite having a long way to go at least tries his best on what he is doing currently, which is admirable in of itself. Keep on rolling, kid. You’re gonna go places.

@srpelo, who is an amazing artist an animator, but is known for yelling on the mic at the top of his lungs, which might I add is really gonna hurt his voice, and spinning poorly-drawn characters. SIR YOU NEED TO KNOWN FOR YOUR SERIOUS STUFF TOO.

@gooseworxmusic, who is an amazing artist and musician, but is known for his Undertale Covers, which started off as fan creation to being like some kind of commodity. Mayor Larlax should be more recognized. YOU KNOW WHO I’M TALKING ABOUT; THE “high as fuck shark” AT 2:00 IN DIE YOUNG ANIMATED IS GOOSEWORX’S CHARACTER ISO.

@jade-artnstuff, whose artstyle is cute despite being just raw sketches on paper. GET A TABLET GIRL, LET’S SEE SOME MORE. YOU MUST BLOOM.

@crudely-drawn-characters, whose webcomic, “Never Normal”, is reminiscent of Tim Burton if you ask me, and I find the artstyle unique and natural.

Joanna Davoidovich and her music video “Monkey Rag”, which is little under 700K views in just a year despite being an amazing film! Seriously, give this woman some love.


If I missed some people, then shame on me for forgetting you. I seriously hate it when talent gets wasted. It really pisses me off.

(seriously who was that anon?)

Jennifer parked the car, taking a deep breath. She was meeting up with Theo at a cafe. They hadn’t seen each other since graduation day two weeks before, because she’d gone on vacation with her family; where she found out something important. Jenn stepped inside, looking around for the boy with her heartbeat pounding in her chest.