two days away from a record

Death of a Bachelor starters


‘ tonight we are victorious. ’
‘ all my friends were glorious. ’
‘ let me be your killer king. ’
‘ it hurts until it stops. ’
‘ my touch is black and poisonous. ’
‘ I know you need it. do you feel it ? ’
‘ drink the water, drink the wine. ’
‘ we gotta turn up the crazy. ’
‘ I’m like a scarf trick, it’s all up the sleeve. ’
‘ I taste like magic. ’
‘ Throw the bait, catch the shark, bleed the water red. ’
‘ 50 words for murder and I’m every one of them. ’


‘ it’s a hell of a feeling, though. ’
‘ who are these people ? ’
‘ I just woke up in my underwear. ’
‘ I should probably introduce myself. ’
‘ there’s no such thing as getting out of hand. ’
‘ memories tend to just pop up. ’
‘ don’t think I’ll ever get enough. ’
‘ champagne, cocaine, gasoline– and most things in between. ’
‘ I roam the city in a shopping cart. ’
‘ this night is heating up. ’
‘ raise hell and turn it up. ’
‘ If you go out you might pass out in a drain pipe. ’
‘ don’t threaten me with a good time. ’
‘ what are these footprints? they don’t look very human-like. ’
‘ Now I wish that I could find my clothes. ’
‘ I wanna wake up, can’t even tell if this is a dream. ’
‘ how did we end up in my neighbor’s pool ? ’


‘ A moment you’ll never remember, and a night you’ll never forget. ’
‘ Show praise with your body. ’
‘ Say your prayers. ’
‘ My life started the day I got caught. ’
‘ the time for being sad is  over. ’
‘ you miss them like you miss no other. ’
‘ being blue is better than being over it. ’
‘ I was drunk and it didn’t mean a thing. ’
‘ I love the things you hate about yourself. ’
‘ just finished a daydream. ’
‘ no one wants you when you have no heart. ’
‘ I’m sitting pretty in my brand new scars. ’
‘ You’ll never know if you don’t ever try again, so let’s try. ’


‘ finders keepers, losers weepers. ’
‘ welcome to the end of eras. ’
‘ dress me up and watch me die. ’
‘ if it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine. ’
‘ you just might see a ghost tonight. ’
‘ And if you don’t know, now you know. ’
‘ I’m taking back the crown. ’
‘ I’m all dressed up and naked. ’
‘ I see what’s mine and take it. ’
‘ so close, I can taste it. ’
‘ I’m so much more than royal. ’
‘ Heroes always get remembered, but you know legends never die. ’
‘ welcome to my world of fun. ’


‘ do I look lonely ? ’
‘ people have told me I don’t look the same. ’
‘ maybe I lost weight. ’
‘ I’m playing hooky with the best of the best. ’
‘ I’m walking the long road, watching the sky fall. ’
‘ how could I ask for more ? ’
‘ a lifetime of laughter and the expense of the death of a bachelor. ’
‘ it feels like my heart is going to burst. ’
‘ and when you think of me am I the best you’ve ever had ? ’
‘ share one more drink with me, smile even though you’re sad. ’


‘ you can set yourself on fire. ’
‘ you dance on a tightrope of weird. ’
‘ but when I wake up you’re so normal that you just disappear. ’
‘ there’s no residue of a torturer inside of your eyes. ’
‘ then I’m a fucking arsonist. ’
‘ I’m a rocket scientist. ’
‘ you can set yourself on fire, but you’re never gonna burn. ’
‘ you’re never gonna learn. ’
‘ Darlin’, you know how the wine plays tricks on my tongue. ’
‘ other boys you may have dated serrated your heart with a slice. ’
‘ the cut of your love never hurts. ’


‘ you got two black eyes from loving too hard. ’
‘ I wouldn’t change you. ’
‘ I wouldn’t ever try to make you leave. ’
‘ just another LA devotee. ’
‘ I couldn’t change you. ’
‘ I couldn’t ever make you see. ’


‘ I found a pile of Polaroids in the crates of a record shop. ’
‘ boy, he was something debonair in 1979. ’
‘ and she had Farrah Fawcett hair. ’
‘ don’t you wonder when the light begins to fade ? ’
‘ all the memories that we make will never change. ’
‘ time can never break your heart, but it’ll take the pain away. ’
‘ Right now our future’s certain. ’
‘ I won’t let it fade away. ’


‘ truth is that it was always going to end. ’
‘ if you wanna start a fight, you better throw the first punch. make it a good one. ’
‘ And if you wanna make it through the night, you better say my name like the good, the bad and the dirty. ’
‘ I know what it’s like to have to trade the ones that you love for the ones you hate. ’
‘ don’t think I’ve ever used a day of my education. ’
‘ there’s only two ways that these things can go. ’
‘ how was I to know that all your friends won’t hold any grudges ? ’
‘ I got the final judgement. ’
‘ you’ve been gone so long, I forgot what you feel like. ’
‘ but I’m not gonna think about that right now. ’
‘ all our friends want us to fall in love. ’


‘ the lonely moments just get lonelier, the longer you’re in love. ’
‘ I don’t want to be afraid. ’
‘ baby, we built this house on memories. ’
‘ promise me a place in your house of memories. ’
‘ I think of you from time to time, more than I thought I would. ’
‘ you were just too kind. ’
‘ I was too young to know. ’
‘ that’s all that really matters. ’
‘ I was a fool. ’
‘ those thoughts of past lovers, they’ll always haunt me. ’
‘ I wish I could believe you’d never wrong me. ’
‘ will you remember me in the same way as I remember you ? ’


‘ there’s no sunshine. ’
‘ all the guests at the party, they’re so insincere. ’
‘ these nightmares always hang on past the dream. ’


Why You Need To Take Action Now

 Look, there’s no point trying to hide behind the sofa and cower behind the upholstery - you’ve got to face the real world sooner or later. You can keep distracting yourself from the truth all you want, but one day it will hit you and the longer you ignore it - the harder it will hit you.

The truth is - you’re going to die. There’s no two ways about it - one day your life will end. The only question I have for you is - do you want to spend your life shying away from that voice inside that’s desperately trying to push you into chasing your dreams, or do you want to actually live?

There’s a big difference between living and existing - that line is drawn by you. If you choose to “play it safe” and just settle - you choose to exist. And, for the record, there is no “playing it safe” in this life - you could die tomorrow. There are no guarantees - so what are you afraid of?

Since there are no guarantees - you’ve got nothing to lose. There’s nothing stopping you from having everything you’ve ever wanted except for you. You are standing in your own way of living the life you’ve always dreamed of because you’re afraid of the “what-ifs”.

You can waste your whole life thinking about what-if, or you could take action and say “so what”? 

So what if it’s hard? Keep going. 

So what if it’s taking a long time? Keep going. 

So what if you failed? Keep going. 

Taking action is how you change your time on the planet from an existence into a life.

Or you can ignore everything you’ve read here today and get cosy on the couch next to your best friends: fear & doubt and have yourself a grand old time in front of the TV. Just remember that one day the party will end and you’ll be too old to change your existence into a life.

It’s your life - you decide if you want to live or exist.

Peace & positive vibes.

A Doctor’s Log (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

Summary: Being a collection of impressions, observations, and ruminations, by one Dr. Lexi T’Perro, staff physician on the Tempest. 

Notes: Spoilers abound, but specifically for Liam’s armor request and part of Jaal’s loyalty mission (through the end of “Flesh and Blood”). Pre-romance (incipient Sis!Ryder/Jaal).

This is loose, this is messy, and hopefully, this is funny. There may be more to come, but we shall see! <3

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Entry One:

Our young Pathfinder certainly has a talent for finding — well, talent, in the most unusual places. From what I understand, she found our resident krogan on Eos, slaughtering the local wildlife. I believe he’s wearing the bones of his kills.

And yet, he’s charming, but anyone’s standards. A little gruff, but that’s to be expected. He and Vetra seem to be getting along famously, if what I overhear from the crew’s quarters is any indication.

Cora is still dealing with residual frustration and resentment over the Pathfinder’s role passing from Alec to his daughter, but she is a consummate professional, and after an initial tense conversation with Ryder, has allowed herself to process and grieve in private. I’ve made a note to check in with her — something Cora will be astute enough to recognize — but I foresee no future issues in that quarter.

Sometimes it’s best simply to let time and distance do all the healing work. Harry, if you ever read this, know that I can hear you smirking.

Entry Seven:

Liam continues to impress me — his good humor and willingness to reach out to everyone has defused more than a few potential arguments. I’m rather amazed at how he dismantled what could have been a rather explosive argument over the last of the Fishdog Food Shack nuggets (I shudder to think what was in them, to have lasted so long in suspension!). His loyalty is unquestioned. He’d be an asset on any team, but I’m glad he’s with us.

Ryder stayed in her quarters for an extra forty-three minutes this morning. SAM assures me she was simply working out, but I’ve made a note to watch her stress levels a little more carefully. Excess exercise may be just one symptom of a larger problem.

I do hope they’re able to wake up her brother, soon. Her role is a lonely one.

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ok ok ok but consider:
happy lives for the avengers once all this dumb stuff is done with big ol’ fights

steve takes it upon himself to find joy in life again on his first trip back to new york. he volunteers at homes for the elderly and hospitals and schools to talk about life as it used to be. he finds absolute happiness in pulling on his vintage clothes and walking through the city streets at night to reflect on how much things have changed. sometimes he sits in times square just to admire the lights.
tony is a man of science, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy a little fiction - he ropes sam and rhodey into frequent movie nights, laughing with friends and a few cold beers at the movies he loved as a kid. sometimes bucky sits to watch, nodding at jokes he can’t quite understand but loving the company all the same. the nights expand and soon the men are sharing their favourite pastimes like old friends - watching sports is a religion as they sit and share a round of drinks and each other’s company in a 24 hour bar. tony stark is surrounded by his family and nothing has ever felt better.
wanda cuts off all her hair one night alone in the compound. it feels like freedom to have strands curling up round her ears and chin - it is the first decision in a long time that has been completed and entirely hers. she begins to experiment with her identity, switching between all black grunge and alternative indie and soft pastels over the course of a few months. she puts on makeup for award ceremonies and wears flowing dresses for galas and dances at events, she lives the life all teenagers are meant to live.
bucky begins to regain the identity he had once lost in a similarly experimental way. although in a forgotten day his birth name seemed overly formal, being called james begins to make him feel more human. he finds that this new james loves comedy, laughing under his breath at the office and parks and rec on lazy sunday mornings. james also loves poetry, he finds, and although he is yet to completely master writing it he is comforted by the relatability of words. he looks at himself in suits and remembers the days of suavity and excitement he used to know - at some events he asks the maximoff girl to dance and is able to regain his moves for an hour or two. he is overjoyed at the man he is becoming.
vision is finally able to experience life, not as a weapon or an experiment, but as a human. he is fascinated with coffee shops and soft sweaters, and likes to spend his days away from training switching between writing short stories and acknowledging all the people around him in his local starbucks. he is constantly polite and becomes known for his gentle heart and kind smile rather than his robotics, as well as his fondness for classical music and vinyl record collecting. he creates a home for himself where life is only ever warm and friendly, and where life can be warm and friendly for anyone else who needs it too.
at the end of long days, the team convenes to eat a casual meal in the lounge of the compound, usually a hot takeaway or pizza at the weekends. they smile over the food, listening to nat and clint discuss the trials of looking after young children while being a secret agent on the side. scott is in a place where no one is judging him for his past and are instead respecting him for his comedic kindness and good nature. peter feels as though life could never get better than this. everyone is loved, safe and happy.


halo 5 | mercy

The architects of this haven wrought miracles of stone and metal to house vesper bells, hushed scriptoriums, and oracular pools. The healing waters spun its heartspring are a boon beyond measure, enriched with nootropic compounds and microscopic sprites that cool tempestuous souls and mend even the most grievous wounds.

Sealed away by the Prophets for two millennia, the temple halls once again ring with songs of victory while Kaidons clad in traditional finery drink herb-laced droughts and consult the records archives before planning their next campaign, as they did in days long before the Covenant.

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Courf has a video on the deep depths of his phone of Enj and Ferre drunk, singing Fight For Your Right by the Beastie Boys

He will never, ever delete that video for as long as he lives, because it’s prime material to use against them in the best way possible. Every now and again, Combeferre and Enjolras will assume they’re free of that particular mistake. But just as they’ve forgotten; just as they assume they’re safe… Courf digs it up from the trenches of the ocean and sends it to them.

Picture it: Enjolras and Combeferre on the night of Ferre’s birthday, drunk beyond belief, with drinks in their hands and all but hanging off one another. There’s a party hat sitting crooked on Enj’s head, and for whatever reason, Combeferre is half-way onto the table. They’re screech-singing Fight For Your Right. There’s no music playing, it’s horribly off-key, and Ferre is several words ahead of Enjolras. Courfeyrac, recording the video on his phone, is cackling like a madman.

Now, imagine this:

Combeferre has just made it home after a long day of classes. He had an exam that day; it didn’t go horribly, but it was dreadfully boring, and he didn’t get quite enough sleep the previous night. It’s raining, and he’s ready to change into something dry and warm, curl up on the couch with some tea, and sleep the rest of the day away. He enters to see Courfeyrac sitting on the couch, a book balanced in his lap, and an oddly mischievous look on his face. He’s trying much too hard not to laugh about something - but Ferre writes it off as nothing. He likely read something witty in the book, and he was trying not to laugh aloud over it. Courfeyrac greets him casually; now, he’s biting his lip to keep from bursting into laughter. This makes Ferre suspicious; but he’s too tired to worry much, and heads to the bedroom for a change of clothes after he returns the greeting.

His phone pings: it’s Courf’s signature text tone. Curious, he pulls his phone from his pocket, and unlocks it to pull up the message. Courf had sent him a video. It’s probably some sort of ridiculous meme; Courfeyrac frequently snatches them from various parts of the internet to send to Ferre, as well as most of their friends. The thumbnail is solid black, and the video is 47 seconds long. He doesn’t have a clue what it might be. Figuring it’s just something humorous, he opens it and hits play.


Ferre hears Courfeyrac howling with laughter down the hall as his face drops in horror. That’s it. He’s kicking Courfeyrac out. Marius can have him back.

Enjolras has just given a speech at a protest that he’s rather proud of. He thinks that it went rather well, considering he hadn’t planned to give a speech at all that day; but someone in the audience apparently listened to his speeches before, and had asked him to take the stage. The stage, of course, being a wooden crate that barely put him over the crowd. It was impromptu, and came right from the heart - but, he supposes that isn’t a bad thing. Speaking from the heart is just as important as any planned speech he could ever give, and the crowd had responded favorably, anyhow.

He gets down from the crate, pleased with how things have gone so far, and his adrenaline is pumping. Today is going exceptionally well. No interference, no interruptions by anyone hateful, no police calls; he would consider it a win, all in all. As he rejoins his friends, his phone chimes. He’s usually against checking his phone during rallies, but Joly was home sick that day - what if he needed something? Enjolras wouldn’t risk ignoring a text when it could be from a friend in need!

It’s… from Courfeyrac, however. He glances over at Courfeyrac, who seems completely oblivious to the fact that he’d texted Enjolras when he was literally two yards away from him. It’s a video; maybe he’d recorded something from the rally, or a part of the speech he’d made. Curiosity got the better of him. He hit ‘play’.


Enj almost drops his phone in his abject horror: it was only a matter of time before this monster of a recording reared its ugly head again, but he would have never expected it to have been in the middle of a rally… with his volume all the way up. He barely manages to close out of the video and silence his phone before it gets any worse, but people in the immediate area are giving him odd looks, and Courfeyrac is hunched over, nearly in tears at Enj’s shock. 

Enjolras would have whacked him with his own cardboard sign if they weren’t at a rally against violence.

Home, Part Four

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst

A/N: This was only suppose to be a very long one shot. No beta this time. Song for this part: “I Melt With You’ by Modern English

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?    Part One   Part Two  Part Three

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All My Lovin

Adam leans over Ronan and whisper-sings the lyrics. His voice isn’t the greatest but it’s hard to mess up the Beatles. Ronan’s got one eye squinted shut because it’s fuckin early, Parrish but he’s grinning. Adam has to leave soon and make that long journey back to college. But they have time.

Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you

Adam kisses Ronan’s forehead.

Tomorrow I’ll miss you

A kiss for his right cheek.

Remember I’ll always be true

A kiss on the left. Ronan’s smile is huge. His eyes crinkle at the edges.

And then while I’m away
I’ll write home every day
And I’ll send all my loving to you

Adam kisses Ronan’s mouth. There’s a bittersweet ache in his heart as they prepare for one more parting.


The dorm is empty and Adam unpacks in the echoing silence. He’s stiff from the drive, hungry, and tired. Lonesome. His shirt smells like The Barns, which is unlike any smell in the world. Adam closes his eyes and inhales, feeling so homesick that he’s afraid he’ll cry.

His phone buzzes once. A message. Adam opens it and is surprised that 1) it’s from Ronan and 2) there’s an audio file attached. Adam presses play, his heart already straining as he hears Ronan’s voice swearing gruffly as he sets up the recording. Of course Ronan would send him audio but no video.

Ronan is humming and Adam instantly recognizes the tune. He lies down on the bed, phone pressed to his good ear. When Ronan sings, quiet and hoarse, Adam has to bite his lip to keep from sobbing.

I’ll pretend that I’m kissing
The lips I am missing
And hope that my dreams will come true
And then while I’m away
I’ll write home every day
And I’ll send all my loving to you

There’s a pause at the end and Adam clutches the phone, hoping for more, needing more.

“All right, asshole, I hope you enjoyed that because I’m never singing that lovey dovey crap again. And don’t expect daily letters. That’s wishful thinking, Parrish, not reality.”

And that’s it. The recording, less than two minutes in length, is over.

Adam changes into one of Ronan’s tees and curls up under the covers. He puts in an earbud and listens to the song on repeat until he falls asleep.

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RFA+V with a mute MC?

A/N: I’ve only come across one person who was mute so I don’t know too much about it, I hope it’s okay??? I made it very general because of this im so sorry ;A; ~Admin 404



           -He didn’t really understand why you didn’t talk at first

           -You were so talkative in the messenger? Why not in person?

           -You never pick up the phone….did he call at all of the wrong times??? Did you just not want to talk??

           -Maybe you were shy… He was too! Only he rambles when he’s nervous, not silent

           -Saeyoung had to explain to him that you were mute, and have been since birth (Since he did the background check on you of course)

           -This little cutie immediately started studying everything he could about it

           -He’s a little bad at communicating though

           -You have to type out what you want to say on your phone and show him, otherwise he has no idea

           -He doesn’t treat you any different because? Why would he. You can’t maintain eye contact for long periods of time? Neither can he, he gets too nervous

           -So you don’t/can’t talk, he respects that!!! He’s very capable of reading what you have to say on the phone. It’s actually a blessing because if he physically heard some of the things you say to him he’d melt immediately he just loves you so much and is nervous 24/7


           - so we can’t have disney song duets??

           -He’s an actor, so he’s got a very big voice

           -Can and will use it in place of yours

           -Not to mention he talks enough for the both of you, so it’s okay MC

           -He tries to steer you away from large, loud groups of people

           -Don’t worry about attending every single show of his MC, he’ll have someone record it so the two of you can enjoy it at home

           -He literally spent a whole day over at Saeyoung’s creating something to help you communicate


           -Now you have multiple devices full of these messages so you can play them to communicate

           - loves when you play the one telling him that he’s cute go ahead MC, play it again


           -She wasn’t mute, but she did go through a period of time (a few years at least) where she didn’t talk much

           -Maybe a few sentences a day, because she had to, otherwise nothing

           -Knows it’s hard to get close to other people, but she’s willing to take it slow and wait for you to be comfortable

           -She’s spent hours thinking and researching better ways to communicate, because she doesn’t want you to get frustrated if you can’t talk to her!

           -Invests in TONS of books full of words, phrases, and the alphabet

           -Also gets books full of illustrations of emotions, places, things that are easier explained when shown

           - tried to carry them all with her all the time until you made her stop

           - jaehee you cant carry seven large books around all the time it’s okay

           -The two of you sat down and made your own compact helper book!!

           -She’s always so patient with you as you form these sentences, and will suplex anyone who upsets you jaehee pls


           -He immediately started to communicate with you through sign language

           -The mix of relief and happiness on your face made his heart jump

           -Sometimes he doesn’t even speak to you out loud

           -He’s so used to using sign language that sometimes he does it during meetings and Jaehee has to remind him where he is

           - well why doesn’t everyone know sign language assistant kang, maybe they should learn

           - this dork tried teaching elizabeth sign language just so she’d understand you

           -When you get clingy, he’s completely okay with it

           -Loves being close with you anyway, it doesn’t bother him at all

           -Most of the time, he’ll invite you to come with him to work, out on a business trip before you even have to chance to get clingy

           -All of his bodyguards know sign language now just for you and it’s seriously the cutest thing to watch them stumble over some of the words and watching Jumin school them like a teacher


           -He knew from the start, so it wasn’t a surprise

           -It didn’t bother him, either, you’re still you

           -Immediately started working on a program for your phone so you can communicate. He created a computer generated voice for you!

           -Type whatever you want, and it’ll say it out loud

           -You were thrilled!!! Finally, you can talk to anyone, since not everyone knows sign language

           - you can finally ask for directions to the restroom

           -He’s also very good and guessing what you want without you having to say it anyway

           -Uses the app too so you can have a robot voice war

           -Both of you had problems with establishing new relationships with people, but that actually helped the two of you bond quicker than you would with anyone else!

           -HE ALWAYS MESSES WITH YOU BECAUSE IT TAKES YOU A LITTLE BIT TO TYPE OUT WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY!!! “Hey mc if you want the last piece of pizza say my name. no? okay cool im eating it” SAEYOUNG YOU DIDN’T GIVE ME ENOUGH TIME TO TYPE MY ANSWER


           -He’s okay with it, he likes the atmosphere to be soft and quiet anyway

           -So he’ll be completely okay with you not talking

           -That and he’s okay with staying away from large, loud crowds

           -He buys any notebook that he finds cute for you

           -Because that’s how you talk to him! You may not vocally speak, but you can definitely write down what you want to say

           -Loves it!! A persons handwriting can say a lot about them

           -So what he can’t hear in your voice, he can deduct from your handwriting!!

           -He likes to leave little notes in your notebook for you to stumble upon

           -When you come home from a stressful event, and see’s you upset and aggravated, he feels terrible! But tries everything he can to calm you down

           -Makes you some tea, gives you space if you need it, and will hold you close when you let him. You don’t need the notebook, because he does all the talking at times like this, all the sweetest, comforting words he can say will be said


           -He didn’t talk for the longest time, so he understood that you didn’t either

           -After a while, he was actually extremely clingy to you

           -Which means he studied every little thing about you

           -You didn’t need to talk, he could read your body language

           -Sometimes it was almost as if he could read your mind (which was great because then you didn’t have to worry about telling him)

           -Otherwise, you taught him a little sign language

           -He prefers just reading your lips though, it’s easier

           - that and he just likes staring at your lips

           - literally has to hold himself back from kissing you while you’re talking sometimes what a lil cutie

           -“I don’t like that tone of body language, MC, walk out of the room and walk back in”


‘It’s important to have a good relationship with yourself when you become well known,’ she said. 'People will say a lot of things, and you’ll start to wonder if they’re true. But then you have to go back to all of those little truths and kernels you found along the way that remind you: You are where you’re supposed to be.' 

“It’s not actually a good trade-off, but it is nice to sell records. […] I think when you have sort of lived the life that I have, you would definitely take a loyal, smaller fanbase over a controversial and bumpy ride. It definitely is an interesting experience to sell a lot of records, but not at the cost of having people question your authenticity when that’s something that means a lot to you as just a writer, which is what I considered myself to be.”

“I was in more of a sardonic mood,” she says of writing Money Power Glory. “Like, if all that I was actually going to be allowed to have by the media was money, loads of money, then fuck it … What I actually wanted was something quiet and simple: a writer’s community and respect.” She talks about that frequently: craving a peaceful life in an artistic community, away from the glare of a media that “always puts an adjective in front of my name, and never a good one.”

“If you don’t want the problems that come with being in the spotlight the best thing you can do is try and take yourself out of the spotlight when you’re not on stage. I think my two big goals with work are to make great records, and stay out of the press for the wrong reasons.”

“Some days are better than others. Before all this, I was very happy. I was very involved in my community, I had people around, I could see my family often … In the evening I wrote songs and had fun. And now … There are all those people out there! [She says, referring to photographers, makeup artists, stylists, assistants and staff involved in recording the session]. I do not enjoy much of some things as before.”

'Because that gold and platinum stuff, it doesn’t mean as much if you’re walking down the street and you can hear people saying things about you. That doesn’t even out,’ she said.

'The good thing about catching so much grief from critics is that you literally do not f***ing care. It put me in a mind frame where I expect things not to go right, because they generally don’t.’

what i want to see in the fall season four
  • stella gibson goes to a pilates class, but after a man says to her, “i love your sports bra. is it lululemon?” she leaves the room immediately.
  • stella gibson goes out to dinner with a man. she orders a porterhouse; he orders a salad. she orders the meat rare; he asks for dressing on the side, no croutons. she orders dessert; he forgoes. he gets the check; when he tries to kiss her outside of the restaurant afterward, she politely smiles and says, “i’d rather not.”
  • stella gibson offers to cook dinner for a woman as their first date. she makes osso buco with saffron risotto. the viewers can practically hear this woman’s panties drop while stella sucks the marrow out of the bone at the end of the meal. they have multiple more dates.
  • stella gibson receives an amazon prime package she can’t remember ordering. she opens it. inside is a high-end vibrator that she doesn’t already own. suddenly, she remembers having a few too many glasses of wine and making the poor decision to open her laptop last weekend. “again?” she says and only scolds herself for as long as it takes to get the thing out of its box.
  • who is allan cubitt? the world may never know.
  • stella gibson’s friend has a new baby. stella goes to visit and offers to do any household chores that the family may be neglecting. after throwing the laundry in and doing all the dishes, stella holds the baby while the rest of the family takes a much-needed nap. stella loves holding babies.
  • stella gibson blocks detective big ears’ number. apparently, he does not understand the concept of friendship. she wonders if any men do. she thinks they must not. what a miserable existence. 
  • stella gibson looks into that “lululemon” thing. it is ridiculously overpriced. it is also very pretty. she buys one of the energy bras and a pair of align pants, taking advantage of the complementary hemming. she spends one weekend never taking the leggings off.
  • stella gibson decides to make use of the free trial netflix keeps offering her. she’s heard good things about black mirror. she finds the first episode very, very humorous. she finds the rest of it too disturbing and terrifying, so she shuts those episodes off midway through and has to calm herself down. however, she likes “nosedive” and loves “san junipero” enough to watch it again. she does not continue a subscription beyond the free trial.
  • a friend of stella gibson’s tries to convince her that avocados are delicious. stella is unconvinced. on a whim, she tries avocado toast and hates it. however, when a beautiful woman hand-grinds homemade guacamole for her, she suddenly sees the appeal. 
  • stella gibson goes to the library. she picks up that new donna tartt novel, the goldfinch. stella wonders if donna tartt understands how plotting works or has ever read a novel other than her own.
  • jim burns was just a figment of everyone’s imagination 
  • stella gibson spends an evening dyeing her roots and watching football on tv. apparently, people find these men attractive. stella does not understand why. one of them removes his sweaty shirt. stella still does not understand why. she sees an advertisement for the united states’ national women’s team. suddenly, she understands. 
  • a man whom stella gibson saw many years ago, a man who owns a californian vineyard, sends her a package in the mail. inside is a vintage red wine named after her. she calls him to offer thanks, and he thanks her for the inspiration. she still has the bottle long after the wine is gone.
  • stella gibson is asked to be a bridesmaid. she says no. she attends the wedding in an immodest suit. later, she feels guilty for having taken so much attention away from the bride and wonders if that pale pink taffeta dress would’ve been a better idea. 
  • stella gibson briefly volunteers for a crisis hotline. after each shift, she ends up shaking with sobs. again, she only briefly volunteers.
  • reed is there and that is a good thing #fuckcroydon
  • a young niece of stella gibson’s offers her a friendship necklace, one with two halves of a heart. the cheap metal turns her skin green. she wears it underneath her dress shirts for months. 
  • stella gibson acquires a high quality vinyl record player from a colleague who was moving and needed to give away a few things. that day, she goes to a record store and purchases etta james’ tell mama. the sound is so impeccable that, upon listening to “i’d rather go blind,” stella sheds a few tears.
  • a friend convinces stella gibson to try self-serve frozen yogurt. stella gets the original tart flavor and tops it with all of the available fruit toppings, plus a few dark chocolate chips. stella absolutely loves it.
  • stella gibson leads another task force, this one at the met. a man quietly shames her with a joke and laughs about it with his colleagues. stella imagines herself as robin wright in the movie wonder woman and thinks of leaping off of a shield and using three arrows to kill all of them simultaneously. in actuality, she simply brings about all three of their wives’ lesbian awakenings. she did not do this on purpose.
  • stella gibson takes a vacation to the bahamas, not nassau but one of the quieter islands. she hikes a long distance through dense forest in order to find a silent, untouched beach. she floats on her back in the pristine water. she hasn’t seen a man in days. she feels free.
Milk and black spiders

Originally posted by strictly-bucky


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: It’s angsty and has a couple swear words

Word count: 1.611

Summary: You’re captured by Hydra and forced to work for them. One day they bring in sergeant James Barnes and start to experiment on him. You feel for this man and the inevitable happens… Inspired by the song “Milk and black spiders” by Foals.

Disclaimer: the name Ruth has been chosen randomly by using a random name generator.

A/N: @dabblinginmarvel reached a huge milestone, 4k followers! This is my entry for the 4k challenge.

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White Rabbit - Nineteen

Alice finally stopped talking, her eyes leaving the spot on the back of the closet door where they’d been fixated for the last forty five minutes as she recounted her story to Spencer.

As soon she’d started talking Spencer had slipped his cell from his pocket setting it on the floor between them and switching on the voice recorder app. He knew this technically wasn’t official as they weren’t in the interview room, but he didn’t want her to have to go through this story again. Her voice had started out shaky as she’d began but eventually it had levelled out into a completely flat tone with almost no emotion what so ever. He had questions that he needed answers to, things she’d mentioned that hadn’t been bought up earlier today. But first…

“Ally, you won’t be convicted if that’s what you’re worried about. You’re a witness here and you will be protected at all costs. I doubt very much that there’d even be any evidence that could lead to a trial for this particular murder.”

She whipped her face around to his, her eyes narrowed.

“I’m not worried about being fucking convicted. I’m worried because…. Because I could have killed someone. And how many people have I let get killed because I’ve only just spoken up. I’ve been out of that place for five years. How many more have they killed eh? When I could have done something about it.”

“But you had reasons not to. And I understand that, everyone would understand that. The important thing is that you got out when you did and that you have come forward and told the FBI about all of this. The BAU will do something about this, Lewis will be stopped one way or another.” Spencer stretched his legs out, shutting the voice recorder off.

“Are you ready to go back downstairs, or to at least go back to your apartment?” he needed to stand up but he didn’t really want to leave her alone. And it was getting late right now. Alice nodded and pushed the closet door with the back of her hand, letting it close as she rose to her feet awkwardly. Spencer followed suit and the two headed back stairs.

Ellen and Robert were in the kitchen which Alice had to go through to get to her apartment, unless she went outside of the house and around through the back entrance. Her sister’s eyes were red rimmed and her cheeks blotchy. She looked up at Ally as they entered, Ellen standing and walking over to her.

“I’m…. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything you went through and I’m sorry that I didn’t do a good enough job of being there for you and giving you a home that you wanted to stay in. I just…. I couldn’t be Mom, I didn’t want to be. The responsibility was too much. But I need you to know that despite our differences, you’re my baby sister. Whatever you did or didn’t do, you had your reasons and I know that you’ll have done it to survive. I wasn’t there for you then, but I’m here now. So is Robert. I’m sorry.”

Alice had rarely heard such emotion in her sister’s voice, Ellen hardly ever apologised for anything. Robert had a sad smile on his face, pleased that his wife was apologising and trying to make things right, but sad that she even had to. Alice surprised herself and her sister by lunging forward and wrapping her arms around Ellen’s neck, her sister quickly enveloping her waist with her own limbs. They held each other for a moment before breaking apart without words, just a look of understanding passing between them.

“I’m going to my room. I’m tired and I need a drink, I think. Ellie, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry too. For everything. Goodnight sissie,” she used her very very old nickname for her elder sister, earning a soft smile from the older woman. “Goodnight Robert.”

“Night Ally, Goodnight Dr Reid.”

Back at headquarters early the next morning Aaron Hotchner and the other Agents were making a list of questions they needed to ask the girl today. Spencer had sent the voice recording across to the team last night, the two having yet to arrive.

“Blood buyers?” Derek called out and Penelope jotted it down on a notepad. Aaron nodded.

“She mentions someone called Abby, she’s not talked about her before but she sounds important,” JJ commented, Penelope scribbling the name down.

“I still can’t work out why the bodies were dumped in the surrounding counties. If they were so secretive then why not bury them on site or at least hide them. Yet they were left in relatively clear view.” Rossi contributed to the list.

“When they arrive Dave and Spencer will take the leads on questioning again. Penelope, have you come any closer to finding out who Lewis is?”

The blonde shook her head. “No sir, I’ve pulled up a list of all the children that were reported missing and that would have been around his age when he was found, and I’ve used facial recognition software using the few photos we have from Alice of him as an adult. Even with the advanced technologies we have now, it’s not bringing up anything that’s even close to a match.”

“Keep trying.” Hotch nodded at her, turning to Derek and Agent Jareau. “I need you two working the maps. I know they’re normally Reid’s forte but she mentioned that the camp is around twenty miles away from the county she was found in. We know where that is at least. And she managed to get from the compound in two days of walking, or at least so she says. Pull up any aerial photography we have of that area. We need a location on this place, we need to start planning how we’re going to get in, and how we’re going to take it down with minimal losses to life. They have weapons and having been planning for an attack of some kind for years. Do NOT contact any of the park rangers. Garcia has pulled their financial records and their bank accounts are indeed highly inflated in comparison to their wages. Cash deposits every few months. We will crack this one, we have to.”

Cost of Freedom (26/52)

Summary: In which Kaito and Shinichi leave behind the police station. Kazuha demands an explanation. Aoko has her suspicions and Ran isn’t sure what to think. Prison!AU

[Beginning]     [Previous Chapter]     [Next Chapter]

“What is wrong with you?”

Frankly, Kaito isn’t sure whether this question is rhetoric, so instead of offering a response, he grabs hold of Shinichi’s wrist, pulls him across the roof they’ve landed on towards the edge.

“You pushed me out of a window!” Shinichi cries.

Still, Kaito doesn’t offer an answer - maybe seeing Aoko has rattled him more than he thinks. He’s not sure, but it feels almost as if she’s following after him, a ghost by his side, holding her place until the real one can take it’s place.

He looks over the edge of the roof - it’s a long drop, about five meters, but Kaito thinks if they lower themselves from the gutter and shimmy across to the drain pipes, they’ll be able to get down to the ground in no time at all.

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anonymous asked:

This is the anon from way before and I'm so happy your ask box is finally open! Could I request a continuation of the reader infiltrating the akatsuki? Thank you x

Thank you for requesting this again! I hope you like this next part, let me know what you think :D 

Part I
Part II
Part III

Reader infiltrates the Akatsuki’s base: Part IV

You skipped your way passed security, finding it somewhat easy to navigated through the Kazekage’s tower. You had suppressed your chakra, making you nearly invisible as you infiltrated your way in to the adviser’s room.

It was quiet and dark after hours at the Kazekage building, making your mission rather simple since there weren’t many guards and the elected officials had gone home for the night. You remained careful of your presence, not wanting to screw up this mission like the previous mission you had of infiltrating the Akatsuki base. You couldn’t be discovered, or it would be the end of your life.

The curse seal on your neck burned slightly and you knew Itachi was checking in on your progress. He had informed you what the golden rose seal was intended for. It was a seal designed to keep track of shinobi in hostile territory. The caster of the seal places a part of their chakra into the victim’s body, giving them an idea of the victim’s whereabouts across all distances.

The seal did not only locate the victim you found out, but it also made the caster aware of the victim’s inner emotions. This made it easy for the caster to tell when the victim lied or felt guilty, because their chakra within the victim could sense their impending emotions.

Itachi had warned that he could activate the seal at any moment. His chakra could attack and destroy the cells in your body from the inside out, if you disobey orders or tried to betray the Akatsuki. Your blood had ran cold at the news, touching faintly at the rose seal on the back of your neck.

You realized Pein was right, there was no way to run. They would find you and they could kill you for any transgressions. You learned to come custom to the golden rose seal, knowing when it glowed and burned was when Itachi was checking in on you.

He led you inside Suna but from there he let you gather intel on your own to complete your mission. He remained inconspicuous as he resided in Suna giving you three days’ time to collect information about the candidates and location for the upcoming chunin exams.

He wanted to leave under the cover of nightfall on the third day, leaving you with only limited time to gather the information. You finally managed to discover the documents that listed every three-man genin team that will be taking part of the chunin exams.

You scanned over the list, memorizing the names and their associated village. You paused when you recognized three names from your home village. You stared at their familiar faces, before feeling a few chakra networks starting to circle the hallways.

You hurried up with your research, reading every bit of information you could. You were able to return the documents to their proper destination before creeping to the window to make your escape.

You felt the chakra networks closing in on the room as you stepped out of the window, scaling down the rough Kazekage tower without chakra. You remained hidden among the shadows, not wanting to alert any more guards as you leaped across from the building.

You rolled a landing on the roof of the building beside the Kazekage’s tower, letting the dust settle and listening for any sign of discovery. When all was quiet, you crawled fast across the roof on your tip toes and fingertips silently, keeping your chakra suppressed.

Once you were a few buildings away from the Kazekage Tower, you descended from the roof tops and onto the streets of Suna. You made your way to rendezvous point outside of Suna’s walls where you were to meet Itachi.

Itachi’s drawn face made him seemed bored, but he wasn’t impatient with your arrival.

“Did you get the intel we desired?” Itachi questioned dryly upon seeing you.

You nodded slowly, still uncomfortable in his presence. “Yes.”


The two of you then headed out into the desert, traveling away from Suna. The journey was quiet, except when Itachi had you recite your mission report and your details about finding the information. Upon reaching the tree line after three days’ travel in the desert, Itachi pulled out a scroll handing it to you.

“Record your findings so that I may send it to Leader-sama,” Itachi directed, his stare boring into yours.

You nodded, taking the scroll and began writing all the information you had found in the Kazekage tower about the chunin exams including the list of all the genin teams and genin names. You hesitated when your memory reached the familiar names of those genin that resided from your home land.

“What is it?” Itachi quipped, seeing you falter.

“It’s nothing,” you remarked quickly as you struggled to write the names of the three genin.

Itachi held up two fingers and the flower on the back of your neck began to burn.

“I shouldn’t have to remind you, that I can tell when you are lying,” Itachi accused, his eyes narrowing.

“It’s nothing, I recognized a few of the genin from the Land of Stone who are entering the chunin exams,” you answered as you wrote their names down onto the scroll. “I’m only concern why would the Akatsuki want to know about the chunin exams.”

Itachi analyzed you as you looked up at him with quizzed eyes.

“That matter is none of your business,” Itachi spoke, blandly. “Does it really matter if you knew or not? You gave up your village pretty easily, did you not?” Itachi alleged, critically.

Fire lit up your being as you glared daggers at Itachi. “I didn’t have much of a choice. I was going to die either way, even now my life hangs in the balance based on your simple mood!” You shot out, annoyed the hot desert heat over the past three days getting to you.

Itachi wasn’t fazed as he gazed coolly down at you, feeling your anger within you. “Despite what is at stake, you betrayed your village long before they betrayed you. They used you. You are merely a tool and tools don’t get to ask questions,” Itachi stated, factually.

You gritted your teeth as Itachi took the written scroll from you before summoning a raven to carry it off to Pein. You watched the bird take off, hurt and anger still swirling within you at Itachi’s words.

“Come,” Itachi called as you snapped out of your thoughts from staring up at the sky.

You jogged to catch up with him.

“Where are we going now?” You questioned without thought.

Itachi seemed to sigh to himself. “We’re going to meet up with Kisame. We have another mission to complete,” Itachi briefly mentioned as the two of you headed off into the tree line.

Her Smile (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Originally posted by isabella-ashlynn

Warnings: Mentions of cancer

Word Count: 500 (short sorry) 

Her photograph still sits on the bedside table. It still shows her beautiful face; blue eyes, perfect smile. Its been two years, but I still wont accept it. I refuse to accept the fact she’s gone.

It was the cancer that took her away from me.

It took my wife.

I remember the day we met in the little record shop in our town. It was one of those movie scenes, where the boy and the girl are both looking at the same things, and as they both go to reach it their hands touch and realise “This is my soul mate”. It was exactly like that, accept when we both reached for the new Blink 182 album, she stared so threateningly into my eyes, almost as if her glare would burn into my skull and make me drop it.

I did.

And that was where it started.

I remember every day, how she laughed, how she made stupid comments about how my band wasn’t punk rock, it was shit. I remember how she begged me to put my lip ring back in. I  remember the day I knelt down on the beach, pulling out a ring and asking her to spend the rest of her life with me. I remember our wedding day, how she looked so beautiful as she walked down the aisle. I wanted to hold her in my arms and never let go. I remember how had our first dance, as she looked right into my eyes as we moved to Blink 182, the band that started it all.

I remember how she held my hand as we went on midnight walks. I remember the fights, the tears, the anger, but how we both realised we couldn’t stay mad for longer than 5 minutes. I remember the way she looked at me, with her eyes so bright and her smile that could light up the room. I had never seen anything so beautiful.

But I also remember the day I came home from the studio, and saw my wife on our bedroom floor with tear stained cheeks.

And then I forget. I refuse to remember what happened next. The way she cried all night in my arms, begging me to help.

But I couldn’t.

There was no way I could take it from her.

I remember how she grew weak, and fragile, but tried to remain strong as possible. I remember how she bought seven beanies, one for each day of the week after she had gone through her chemo therapy.

I remember how her eyes slowly grew tired, but the smile never faltered. Not once.

Not even when they gave her two weeks.

Not when she became too sick to move.

Not when she held my hand and told me she loved me.

No, the smile never left.

And two weeks later, when her heart stopped beating, the smile stayed.

(TRANS) Haru Hana Vol. 24 - BTS Interview

Rap Monster
Q: The evolution of your autograph?
A: My autograph was completely different before. The office’s team leader said, “It’s too simple, you can’t use that” so that’s why it looks like it does now (laughs). It took a long, long time before I decided to use this. I think I probably signed like a couple thousand times.

Q: What’s great about the members?
A: J-Hope definitely will not overstep the boundary. He always has a sense of propriety so when he says something, you’ll think “ah~ that’s right.”

Jin hyung is also the type that values rules and regluation. Also, he would often hand me things that I had forgotten. He would remind me and say, “You forgot this~.” (laughs)

Suga hyung is a music partner. He’ll notice that things that I overlook.

V is always very cute and lively (laughs). I don’t have anything like that so there’s a lot for me to learn.

Jungkook has always worked super hard. Seeing him makes me think that I need to fight on!

Jimin always listens to me. He really is a very gentle dongsaeng.

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