two dads are better than none

To the ones who've been abused by their dads

Father’s Day is hard for me and for a lot of others so I wanted to compile a list of books and movies that have healing qualities for people like us and are about daddy issues.

… but I could only think of two movies. XD Still, two is better than none so I decided to share anyway.

Smoke Signals.
Older movie. Hilarious and uplifting but with lots of serious moments too. It’s where the song about John Wayne’s teeth came from.

The Shack
Super symbolic and emotional. Centered around God and forgiveness. Even if you don’t believe in God I still recommend. Also God is a lovely black woman in this one.

Anyway I hope every one has a good day today. Don’t forget you’re worthy of love even if you didn’t get it from the people you were supposed to.

Gonna Regret This

Character: Dean x Reader

Words: 1080

Request from anon: “Can you do a deanxreader based off the pilot episode where dean goes to look for her cause he needs help finding his dad & can it got a lil smutty-ish thanks!!”

Okay, I absolutely loved this request. I do not do smut, but instead, i am making this into a series! I do not know how many parts it will be, I’m not planning on many. Let me know what you guys think!

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anonymous asked:

Of course it's not your fault, Sans. You didn't ask to be made. Besides, I'm sure your dad thinks you two are well worth the damage.

“…yeah… dad’s always been like that. i know it’s none of our fault.”

“it’s weird, he’s handling it better than i am about it. i think… he’s known for a long while.”

“i hate not knowing what will happen. dad says it’s not as bad as i keep making it to be. maybe he’s right. i want to be optimistic.”

“heh… i thought i was supposed to be the brave one.”