two cups of espresso

A Song For You (Minseok)

A/N: Okay so, I had a plot come to my head about Minseok from EXO proposing to you and before I lose the idea, I’m going to put it on here, I hope it isn’t so crappy >_<

The relationship you had with Minseok was something everyone always dreamed of, for a total of 2 long, precious year, you two have been tied together to the point where you both were inseparable. Your first date was nerve racking, a date at the local café, sharing two little cups of espresso and talking more about yourselves to get to know each other.
Next stop was during the sunset, he drove you to the beach and took you for a long, beautiful walk across the warm sand, occasionally walking through the water a few times. It made your nervousness disappear fully as the sun was burning out more and more, you weren’t much of a kisser on the first date but, Minseok thought otherwise.

“Y/N, I want to see you more often, I would be pleased to take you out on dates like these.” Minseok said softly as he stopped to hold both of your hands in his, watching the orangy glow of the sunset reflect off of your porcelain skin, making you look more breathtaking to him. The thought of continuing with these dates with Minseok seemed crazy at first, you thought the relationship would have never worked out since the day you met, but all of your thoughts ended when his large hands cupped under your face, pulling you in for a long, soft kiss as the rest of the sun burned out within the distance. 
Minseok’s kiss was never like any kiss you’ve had before, his movements were slow, passionate, and his lips were smooth and warm as they touched your plump, pink ones. Since then, you’ve considered Kim Minseok to be one of your most important people to you.

The rest of the dates seemed normal after that, once in a while you would dress up nice for him, and he would take you to a fancy restaurant, you would share a glass of wine, tell each other what happened today, and laugh about a lot of stories you told to each other, your relationship with Minseok was growing stronger and stronger with each passing day, week, and soon month.

Your favorite memory of you and Minseok was when it was your birthday, a week before your one year anniversary. You were scared that Minseok was going to forget about your birthday and wait until your anniversary, but Minseok was never that type of guy. In the morning, he made you breakfast in bed, including his homemade coffee, which you loved. In the afternoon, he took you out on a picnic date, and would never stop taking pictures of you, whether it was eating, staring at him, or pretty much doing anything, Minseok always had you on his phone, capturing the most beautiful moments he shared with you that afternoon. When night time came around, that was when Minseok made set up your most memorable birthday present ever, he ordered food from a few different places, venturing from chicken, to Chinese food, to Sushi. He wrapped them up in beautiful little boxes of your favorite design, not forgetting the drinks or deserts, when everything was set, he clapped his hands and turned around yelling, “Jagiya! Come here!”

The thought of Minseok coming up with yet another surprise for you made your heart flutter with excitement, and you were so curious to know what else your boyfriend had planned for you this time. As you raced out of your bedroom, you noticed Minseok carrying the pretty looking boxes into his van and shutting the door, after coming back up, he slipped his coat on and stared at you, his smile never fading.

“Are you hungry?” Minseok asked you in curiosity.
“Starving.” You answer, you too slipping on your coat and shoes.

Your answer made Minseok happy, and where he took you that day was unforgettable. You were parked by the river, the van parked backwards and the backdoor up all the way while a blanket covered the van floor, the food scattered around you both. All you both did was watch the fireworks light up in the sky, and eat dinner, your head on his shoulder, it truly was an amazing birthday.

Minseok did everything for you, made your first time memorable, birthdays with each other were expressed gratefully, anniversaries etc. When you both fought and argued, it always scared you both that one of you were going to leave each other, but you and Minseok were not those kind of people, and always found a way back to each other. Your relationship was truly beautiful.

It was a short while after your two year anniversary, you were out shopping for new clothes while Minseok stayed home, having a day off work, and waiting for you to get home. For the past couple of weeks while you slept, Minseok was writing a special gift for you, and while you were at work, Minseok was out, shopping for something that was going to change your life forever. Minseok had a plan in his head, and after a while of thinking about it, it was finally well thought out, and he was ready to finally surprise you once again.
The gift Minseok had written was finally finished after a few weeks, and all Minseok could do was pace around the room back and forth. You said you were going to be home in a few hours, and the time was almost up. 

Minseok was starting to grow more and more nervous with his planning, questions like, “Will she like it? Did I do this right? What will she say?” ran through his head, constantly biting into his knuckles, he kept thinking about changing his plans, or doing something else in case you wouldn’t like the surprise. However those thoughts Minseok had were erased quickly when you unlocked the door to your house, then stepped inside with an armful of bags. Minseok turned around quickly, then put on a smile and walked toward you.

“Jagiya, what did you buy?” Minseok questioned, taking the time to kiss your cheek as a greeting, you smiled and took off your shoes, setting the bags down on the couch and sighing tiredly.
“Just clothes, new ones, I got you a few things too.” You reply, walking toward Minseok and holding his hand. “Did you miss me too much?” You questioned, noticing sweat beads on his forehead, which made you laugh. Minseok wiped his forehead quickly and shook his head.
“A-Ah! Ani, well, yeah, I mean, agh, Jagiya you know I always miss you.” He whined, his cheeks tinging with embarrassment.

You couldn’t help but laugh at the way he was getting nervous, but you couldn’t figure out why he was so worked up. 
“Oppa, are you okay? You don’t seem yourself.” You question your boyfriend, holding his hands tightly.

Minseok knew he had to do this now, you were home, and he had everything planned out and ready, when you questioned him, Minseok only nodded and pulled you closer. 
“Come with me jagiya, I got something to show you.” He said softly, pulling you off to the room where his piano was, and when Minseok played the piano for you, it was like you fell in love with Minseok all over again. You felt a burst of excitement when Minseok opened the door and you saw the same shiny, black piano that Minseok always played. Minseok smiled as he guided you to the seat and let you sit down. 
“Stay here.” He said quietly, turning on his heel and exiting the room for a moment to grab the sheet music he had written out.

You thought about what Minseok could be doing, was he going to sing for you, play a song for you, did he write the song about you? The possibilities were endless, and you were dying to know what he had planned for you. 
Minseok walked back into the room again, holding the papers in his hands and he set them on the piano, he sat down beside you and opened the piano up. You looked at the sheet music and read the the name of the song, tilting your head slightly.
“My Answer?” You repeat the name, glancing at Minseok slowly, him looking at you with a slow smile, then nodding his head.
“I wrote this song for you, and I would like you to hear it.” Minseok told you in a soft voice as he rested his fingers on the keys, you couldn’t help but smile at his reply and you nodded your head, your heart warming at the thought of the song being about you.

With that, Minseok turned his head and looked at the sheet music, for a moment, he played a short into of the song, then when you thought it couldn’t get better, he began to sing. Your heart swooned at his singing voice, it was a weakness of yours, sometimes it put you to sleep when you had issues sleeping at night. These particular words that Minseok was singing made your smile grow wider and wider with each passing second, the way his voice mixed with the piano made you start to sway back and forth slowly. 

Throughout the song you were listening to, more emotions started to fill you up and you began to get teary-eyed. Knowing the song was about you made you feel more cherished and love than ever before, and it was all only for you. 
Minseok was far into his song he wrote for you, his eyes closed and he swayed his head back and forth as he continued to serenade you, capturing your heart all over again all the way until the end of the song.
Purposely, as he ended the song, he pressed a certain key, which caused it to make a weird noise. At first you were about to compliment the song, but the odd key note, threw you off. You tilted your head and looked at Minseokm who also had the same look on his head.

“Is my key broken?” Minseok questioned himself, standing up and opening the lid to the piano and peeking inside. “Oh, there’s something stuck in there, hold this ope  jagi.” He told you as he began to reach inside. You reacted quickly and stood up on your feet, holding the lid open and trying to get a glimpse at what was stuck in Minseok’s piano.
“Oppa, what’s in there?” You questioned him, moving your head different directions.
“I’m not sure, oh! Wait! I got it!” Minseok replied quickly, beginning to rise up from the inside of the piano. You stepped back when he was all the way out and you closed the piano carefully.

“There we go, huh, this is weird.” Minseok turned around, holding what appeared to be a small velvety object, it was a small velvety red box, in which Minseok knew exactly what it was, and he tried hard not to break out into a wide smile. You looked down at the odd object, studying it for a moment before realizing what it was exactly, and suddenly your heart began to pound in your chest. You rose your head to meet his eyes and they began to tremble, you put your hand up and cupped it over your mouth slowly, questioning if you were really in reality or not.

“Minseok, is this..” You tried to speak, but Minseok simply silenced you by opening the red box, revealing a beautiful diamond ring, shimmering in the light. The smile that Minseok was hiding broke free and he grinned a wide grin, he slowly sank onto the ground, onto one knee, taking your hand in his and holding it tightly.

“Y/N, these two long, precious years you have spent with me have been nothing but amazing memories, we’ve taught each other a lot of things, and never cease to make each other smile. I want you to keep smiling with me for the rest of eternity, Y/N will you do me the honor of marrying me?” Minseok spoke beautiful words to you, causing tears of joy to spill from your eyes, you were at a loss for words for a moment and tried to control your emotions. Once they were calmed down, you held his hand tightly and gave him the biggest smile ever.

“Yes Minseok, I will marry you.” You answered clearly, making him smile so hard, his cheeks were stinging, he took the ring out of the box, and slid it onto your finger. Excitedly, he stood up and lifted you in the air, his strong arms hugging you tightly and he spun you in circles, causing you to squeal with joy. After a while, he set you down, resting his hands on your waist and pressing your foreheads together.
“I will never stop loving you, Y/N.” Minseok said in a breathy tone, placing a kiss on your nose, you returned the kiss with a smile.
“Neither will I, Minseok.” You said softly. “And that song, it was beautiful.” You added, making him grin.

“Good, because that will be our wedding song.” Minseok said softly before pulling you into a long and loving kiss to seal your official engagement.