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Extra Sugar

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Requested: By myself honestly, but this is also my (pretty late) fic for Day 1 of the Hamilton Write-A-Thon, hosted by @hamwriters (thank you!!)

Pairings: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: The Reader works in a coffee shop, and she feels a bit territorial about her favorite customer  {Coffee Shop AU}

Warnings: I don’t think so

Word Count: 1,285

A/N: I hope that you guys like this, I was super unsure about it until @secretschuylersister was the sweetest person ever and read it for me. Sorry that this is being posted so late, I was traveling yesterday. 

Your customer was back.

Saying that felt unfair, but you couldn’t help but smile every time he came back. Most of the time, he looked even more worse for wear than he had the last time. His hair was constantly disheveled, the bags under his eyes were worrying, and it looked like he owned one sweatshirt that he might have lived in. And somehow, he seemed genuinely happy to be there.

And when you were working with Corrine, he was one of the few people that was able to pull you out of the sour mood that you inevitably fell into after working with her for more than a few hours. You had opened that day, all by yourself. It wasn’t like you were scheduled that way, either. A few minutes after the morning rush, Corrine waltzed in. She looked well rested and pleasant. It took everything that you had in you not to choke her out.

Lin was making his way up to the counter, and you had already started his two shots of espresso.

“Hello, sir. Can I help you with anything?” You glanced behind you to see Corrine actually attempting to help a customer. But something felt off. She was leaning too far over the counter, and her voice sounded more like a purr than a barista helping a customer.

You mouthed his order to yourself as he responded. “Vanilla latte with a double shot, please.”

“Of course, I’ll just get that started for you.” Corrine said, tapping a few buttons on the register before rushing over to where you were putting the finishing touches on his drink.

“I’ll get this one.” She said, making it sound like she was doing you a favor by taking credit for your work. You watched her in disbelief as she handed Lin the cup, holding onto his hand for a few more seconds than really necessary and then stood watching him make his way out of the shop.

You sighed to yourself, thinking that at least she wasn’t going to show up this early two days in a row.

You were sadly mistaken when you arrived to work the next morning to find Corrine behind the counter. Not only had she beaten you there, but she was sitting behind the counter doing no actual work.

“Hey!” She called, head snapping up from her phone when she heard the door open.

You chose to simply smile in return, not wanting to add fuel to the fire.

“So tell me, who was that man who’s order you knew by heart yesterday?” You held your breath, hoping to allow yourself at least a few seconds to calm down. “Because he is going to ask me out if it’s the last thing he does.”

You fought to keep the confused expression off of your face. Somehow, you felt more hurt than annoyed. Usually you rolled your eyes at Corrine’s antics, but this time felt different.

Oh God. You liked him. And somehow you had managed to be completely oblivious until Corrine wanted him. Typical.

“I don’t know much about him.” You said, taking off your coat and tying your apron around your waist. “His name is Lin-Manuel and he likes extra sugar in his coffee, even if he is a little bit embarrassed to ask for it.” You realized Corrine was barely even paying attention to you anymore, so you chose to stop talking, allowing silence to fill the room again.

“Well then, I guess that I will just have to take it upon myself to do some investigating.” Corrine said, tapping away at her phone.

You struggled through the morning rush, Corrine lounging in the back room while you somehow managed to spill not one but two cups of coffee on yourself.

By the time that Lin walked through the door, you were looking a bit worse for wear. “Hello!” you called, still feeling a sense of relief when he walked through the door. He fixed you with his blinding smile before making his way to the counter. “Vanilla latter with a double shot, right?”

His eyebrows drew together, confusion clouding his features. “You know my order?”

The blush was nearly instantaneous. “It is kind of my job to know your order.”

“Most people don’t bother, I guess.” He shrugged, and you were more than happy to let the subject drop.

Before you could say anything else, Corrine sat a cup of coffee in front of him. “It’s on the house.” She said, winking at him. You noticed a phone number scrolled along the side. Your heart suddenly felt a bit less fluttery, the butterflies abandoning their home in your stomach.

“Oh, well thanks!” He said, fixing her with a grin before grabbing the coffee and heading out of the shop.

“I think that my work here is done.” Corrine laughed, slipping on a coat and throwing her bag over her shoulder.

“You are scheduled for another four hours today.” You said meekly, gesturing to the cork board where the owner posted your schedules.

“I have to get ready for my date with Lin tonight.” She was talking to you like she was explaining a perfectly simple concept to a child.

“He already asked you out?” You were fighting not to feel defeated, but the doubt was swallowing you whole.

“No, but I’m sure that he will now that he has my number.” And just like that, she was gone.

Even though you were left alone for the foreseeable future, the morning rush was over and it would be nice to have some time to yourself. You had just begun to gather up the dishes left over from that morning when the bell over the door rang.

He was back.

You struggled to find words as he approached the counter, but they were all getting caught in your throat.

“I’m really sorry, I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but this is the worst cup of coffee that I have ever had in my entire life.” Lin said, chuckling. He sat the latte on the counter, shoving his hands in his pockets sheepishly.

“I can honestly say that I have never seen Corrine make a latte in the entire time that I have worked here, so that doesn’t sound very farfetched to me.” You tossed the cup into the trash can, starting two new shots of espresso for him.

“So that was her number on the cup then?” He asked. You might have just been projecting, but it almost sounded like he was disappointed.

“Yeah… sorry if she made you uncomfortable. Corrine can be a bit entitled at times.” You poured the espresso in the cup and gathered up all of the materials that you would need to steam his milk.

“I wasn’t uncomfortable with her giving me her number, but I might have been hoping that a different girl had written her’s down as well.”

“I- I think that we might be able to work something out.” Your heart was going insane, but you felt like you were going to float away. You added the vanilla and some extra sugar to his latte, scrolling your name and your phone number on the side of the cup.

“I’ll see you later.” Lin said, accepting the latte and taking a large sip.

“I haven’t agreed to anything yet.” You called after him.

“I have confidence.” He laughed, giving you one last smile before pushing the door open.

You got a text message a few minutes later. It was from an unknown number, but you knew exactly who had sent it.

From: Unknown Number

Can I pick you up around seven? I promise we can go for something other than coffee! :D

CuddleVerse Fic (2)

(Direct continuation of this)

CW: None

Pairing: LAMP/Polyamsanders (eventual), Prinxiety, implied Romanalogical (platonic or pre-romantic)

Notes: So this came to life tonight, and apparently it’s likely to be a series. Just the sides cuddling mostly, and learning to ask one another for affection.Stories in the cuddleverse may not be sequential.

“Pst. Pst! Hey! Logan!” 

Logan frowned and backtracked into the living room. He’d thought it was empty. It wasn’t. 

He squinted into the darkness and tilted his head. “Who’s there?” he asked. He was usually the only one up at this hour, unless Virgil simply hadn’t gone to bed yet (it happened sometimes). 

But that wasn’t Virgil, he realized, as his eyes adjusted to the dim gray predawn in the living room of the commons. Or rather…it wasn’t only Virgil. 

“Roman?” he asked incredulously.

“Shh!” Roman gestured frantically at the dark lump curled in against him. “He just fell asleep, don’t wake him!” 

Logan nodded and held a finger to his lips, then made a zipping gesture. Got it. “What do you need?” he whispered, moving around the couch to peer down at the pair of them.

Roman made a pitiful face, made even more pitiful by the lack of the usual royal attire. At the moment, in his faded red t-shirt and flannel pajama pants, Roman looked better equipped to attend a sleepover than to rescue princesses or battle dragons. “I’m hungry,” he whispered. “Could you get me some crackers or something?” 

“Oh. Sure.” Logan glanced at the end table and frowned. “How long as that milk been sitting out?” he pointed at the cup, which was sitting in a small puddle of condensation.

Roman wrinkled his nose. “Too long,” he said. 

“Okay. Crackers, fresh glass of milk–anything else?” 

Virgil made a soft sound and shifted against Roman; he and Logan both froze, waiting, but Virgil settled back down and his soft, even breathing resumed once more. 

“Maybe a blanket,” Roman said, pitching his voice lower again. “And…if you’re willing, could you go to my room and grab my phone?” 

Once the snacks, blankets, and electronic entertainment devices had been properly sorted, Logan returned and knelt in front of Virgil, peering up at the anxious side’s face. It was, he noted with gratitude, relaxed in sleep, but the circles under his eyes were darker than usual. “What happened?” he murmured to Prince. “Was it an attack?” 

Roman shrugged carefully with the shoulder Virgil wasn’t leaning against. “Not sure, really,” he whispered. “He was sitting here when I found him a few hours ago. Asked if I could hold him.” 

Logan arched his eyebrows and looked up at Roman. “He actually asked?” 

“Yeah.” There was no mistaking the pride as the prince beamed down at Virgil. Or at the top of his head, which was all he could see from his angle. “I mean, he made a joke out of it, but…yeah.” 

“Roman, that’s great,” Logan breathed. “I’m so glad he–” he looked back down and broke off abruptly.

Virgil had opened his eyes, and was peering at Logan from beneath the usual curtain of hair. Logan opened his mouth, but Virgil’s eyes widened, and he shook his head ever so slightly.

Logan understood at once. “I’m glad,” he picked up his last statement where he’d left it, “that he’s starting to ask for what he needs. Especially since we’re so happy to give it to him.” He reached out and brushed Virgil’s hair out of his face, giving him the tiniest of winks. “That’s amazing progress. I’m very proud of him.” 

“Me too,” Roman murmured, tightening his hold on Virgil. Still hidden from view, the anxious side gave Logan a grateful (and rather shy) smile before closing his eyes once again and sighing softly.

“Is there anything else you need before I go get the coffee started?” Logan asked, tearing his eyes away from the sight that was making his heart unaccountably warm and tight in his chest. 

“No. I’m good. Thank you, Logan.” Roman smiled, and Logan nodded once more, leaning forward on an impulse and pressing a kiss to first Virgil’s temple, then Roman’s. Roman’s eyes widened in surprise, but he smiled warmly at Logan as he pulled away.

“Okay. Rest well, both of you. I’ll be in my study,” Logan said, an embarrassed flush crawling up his cheeks. 

He rose to his feet and headed to the kitchen. He made his coffee quickly then retreated to his room, but even after two cups (and a shot of espresso), he found he couldn’t focus very well. He frowned, tapping his pen against his notepad, then flipped it open and jotted a quick note at the bottom of his to-do list. 

Memo: ask Virgil about strategies he has employed to overcome fear of seeking physical affirmation and affection. 

He paused for a moment and reread his note, then added: When he wakes up.

He nodded in satisfaction and got to work. 

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Cafe Hylia

Some quick Hylian Cafe head canons because I need these two jams of mine to intertwine~


Is a sweet tooth. Lactose- free Mochas are his go to. (I HC he is lactose intolerant) Always brings his own mug, which he crafted himself. Also frequently uses his own french press.


Coffee is too acidic for his liking so he sticks to tea. Akkala style Chamomile is his favourite. Prefers loose leaf. 


Loves tea lattes, doesn’t really care for the taste of coffee, but can get down with a peppermint mocha. <Link introduced this, much to Paya’s delight. She enjoys a peppermint tea with the whole leaves she grew herself. 


A low-fat, half-caf cappuccino. She gets too riled up on caffeine so Link tells her to cut back. She has long nights researching and her dependance on caffeine has gotten out of hand. She eventually phases out with London Kakariko fogs.


Americano on ice, with a splash of cream.
She is trying to be a purist so she won’t add any sweetener but still craves a bit of creamy finish.


Black eye. (two espresso shots in a cup of brewed coffee.) This guy is no joke.  


Literally just eats the coffee beans whole. Prefers light roast. 

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It’s not smart, it’s not brave. It’s just cowardly.

She thinks about what he said, and didn’t say, all night. Doesn’t sleep for the bitterness in his words as they confronted the reporter, as Leanne West insisted she never meant for anyone to die. 

And as the sun dawns, all Kate can see is the hard look on Rick’s face in interrogation, how he wouldn’t look at her.

Is he Rick now? 

Yeah. God. The intimacy between them…

They’ve turned this interesting corner since the winter broke up and her anxious grief loosed its hold. The holidays aren’t good for her, but she damn well tried, every single day, to keep that from building back those walls. Therapy twice a week, and then pushing herself to connect with Castle even if it all she could manage was letting him see her true face, smiling or broken, either way.

He’s been rock solid. 

Until this case. She can’t put her finger on it; she can’t tease out the reasons why their parting at the precinct left her on edge, confused.

Okay, a little miserable.

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A prompt for Valentine fic, if you don't mind c: So: first time Stiles gets a date for Valentine, detailed plans and all, but that morning he's being stood up and shit goes down with a new baddy, so he's kind of freaking done, and he also gets hurt (but not too much) so Derek, feeling how much he's sad and angry, since Der called him there, decides to make up for it even with his awkward social skills and angry eyebrows. Cool date (and sex, if you're up to) ensues. HAPPY ENDING yeah c: Thanks c:

Also on ao3!

Stiles brought the bat down on the kelpie’s head again with a sickeningly wet thud. He raised it only to slam it back down on the creature’s pulverized cranium, bone cracking under the overzealous assault.

The rest of the pack looked on in a mix of horror and morbid fascination as Stiles continued to literally beat the dead supernatural horse. Black blood seeped out of the kelpie’s many various wounds, painting the rocky riverside with dark gore, the moss stained by the dark blood.

After a couple hikers had been reported missing in the preserve earlier that day, the pack had spent hours trying to figure out what had happened, attempting to decide whether or not there was a supernatural component or not. Their suspicions had intensified when the hiker’s dead bodies were found downstream, pre-mortem slashes and bruises covering them, fluid in their lungs indicating that they had drowned.

It was Stiles who had come to the conclusion that a kelpie was responsible for the deaths of the couple, pointing out the hoof shaped contusions on one of the men’s chests. Derek deeming it very plausible, the pack had taken to the preserve, searching the area in which the hikers had gone missing for any sign of the kelpie.

After over two hours of canvassing the area, searching for the creature, it had made its whereabouts known by bellowing out a deafening roar when Isaac got a little too close to the river where it was residing. In response, Isaac had thrown his head back and howled for reinforcements while trying to fight off the crazed kelpie.

The rest of the pack had arrived in time to save Isaac from getting his skull crushed by one of the kelpie’s hooves, Derek tugging him out of harm’s way with a ferocious roar of his own. The alpha had received a lash to his face from the kelpie’s whip-like tail of seaweed for his troubles, a line of blood smattered across his face as he flashed his bright red eyes at the kelpie.

With the pack surrounding it, the kelpie had become even more aggressive, lashing out at them whenever one of them so much as breathed, leaving almost all of them wounded, dragging a few of them into the river with it as it attempted to escape. Crawling out of the frigid water, Stiles had ended things with one fell swing of his bat, the kelpie collapsing on the riverbank with a loud thump, but once Stiles started, he couldn’t stop.

He was pissed. It was Valentine’s Day and there he was in the middle of the preserve, soaking wet with his side throbbing from where the kelpie had scratched him with the sharp edge of one of its hooves.

He grunted as he continued his assault on the kelpie’s skull, the rest of the pack wincing each time he landed a blow on the kelpie’s head, eyes riveted to the gut-wrenching scene. Eventually, after several excruciating minutes of the violence, a hand shot out to grab the bat, sparing the kelpie corpse another hit and stopping Stiles in his tracks

“What?!” Stiles growled, snapping his head up to meet Peter’s eyes, baring his teeth in a human snarl, panting heavily as he tightened his grip on the bat. Peter just rolled his eyes at him with a snort.

“As much as I am a fan of unnecessary violence, this―” he waved his hand to indicate the kelpie’s dead body, black blood seeping out of its demolished skull “―is just plain excessive,” Peter drawled with a judgemental grimace. He dropped his right hand, wrinkling his nose at the sticky black blood covering his palm before wiping it off on the side of his designer jeans. Turning back to Stiles, he casually suggested, “Now, why don’t we just wash up and spend the rest of the evening having rough, wild sex, hmm?”

“In your dreams,” Stiles spat viciously, straightening up and squaring his shoulders, narrowing his eyes at the smirking werewolf. He was in no mood for Peter’s perverted little teasing.

“Well, yes. But that doesn’t quite answer my question,” Peter pointed out, raking his half-lidded eyes over Stiles’ body, not bothering to conceal his blatant interest. Stiles rolled his eyes, freezing stock still when Peter tacked on, “One would think that after getting stood up this morning you would be more than happy to jump into bed with someone as good-looking as myself.”

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mp938368  asked:

For the drabble thing, can you do 15. with general Hux?

15. “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.”

Hux angrily typed away at his computer. of course, he had to send YET ANOTHER apology letter to a business partner for his company rep’s, Kylo Ren’s, ill behavior. The man just didn’t know when to hold his tongue.

He sent the email and mumbled, “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.”

As if on cue, you knocked on his office door with two cups of coffee in hand. One for you and one for him, “Bad timing?” You asked.

Hux leaned back in his chair, “No. Perfect actually.” 

You smiled as you strolled over to him. You set a cup down in front of him, “Black with two shots of espresso AND,” you dug into your purse and pulled out a small tupperware, “Some homemade pasta salad because you probably haven’t eaten yet.”

Hux groaned in delight and kissed the ring that sat on your left hand, “Have I ever told you that I love you?”

You giggled, “Many times, ‘Tij.” You looked at your watch then back at your husband, “I have to go. My break’s almost over.”

Hux pulled you down onto his lap, “Your break has been extended to twenty more minutes.”

You smirked as your fingers hovered over his lips, “Says who?”

“Says your husband and boss.”

You giggled, “Oh. Right.”

Bad Liar- Chapter Three

I kinda went a little long on this chapter so enjoy! ALSO PLEASE DON’T BE MAD. I don’t know how to collapse the story so it doesn’t show up as long. I apologize! If anyone knows, PLEASE TELL ME!! Please let me know what you guys think, or if you have anything to say at all. I love hearing feedback! Thank you to everyone who has been reading this series. It means a lot to me. Xx

Genre: Fluff, Angst, and a little suggestive.

Jaebum/JB (GOT7) X Orginal Character

Collage/University AU

Warrnings: May cause slight heart break, and rage towards characters.

May contain: Brief mentions of BTS members.

Groggily I moved my arm, swinging it around, trying to blindly feel for my phone which wouldn’t stop beeping. The new semester meant waking up at 6am every morning for a 7:30am class; though luckily my classes ended by noon. Every ‘day one’ my first class was at 11am, and classes only lasted until 3:15pm. The only problem, I’m not a morning person. I get grumpy and agitated really easily until about 9am, then I start to properly wake up and join society as a happy person.

I got up after about 10 minutes of pep talking myself, chanting things like “if you get up today, you can see that cute Barista Jimin before class” and “If you don’t try to attempt murder, you can let yourself get ice cream from the convenience store after class.” After that I jumped in the shower, got dressed in some comfortable clothes, and did a little bit of makeup. I made a deal with myself to start letting my skin have a break on the days that I have class early. No more early morning cake-face, because once you get to university you start to realize sleep is extremely important and no one actually cares how you look early in the morning because everyone is just trying to stay awake to get their money’s worth out of the classes.

Around 6:45 I was almost ready to leave to the coffee shop; slipping on my black doc boots, when I notice I was basically monochrome dressed. Black skinny jeans and a grey shirt. Maybe I should try adding some color to wardrobe like Amie? She always wears such cute and colorful clothes. Maybe I could get more attention from boys if I was always cute like her and… What am I saying? Oh God maybe I’m getting jealous of her? Ugh, stop it. I’m fine the way I am, but… Okay, maybe some color in my wardrobe wouldn’t hurt. It would be better than looking like I’m going to a funeral all the time. I switch out the black jacket for an army green one, hoping that maybe I would look a little more approachable.

I slipped my contacts in last minute, and then grabbed my stuff before locking up. I was lucky now because this semester I have more time in the morning to get to my class. Living a little far away from school meant I got up around 6am for my 8:30am class, so this time it was nice having about half an hour to walk the equivalence of 2 parking lots. I could stop by the coffee shop, chat up the cute guy Jimin, and then head to class without worrying.

The little bell over the door rang as I walked in, a big smile on my face when I saw Jimin. I had gotten to know him a little better once he started working here 3 semesters ago. His dad owned the local coffee shop on campus, and he worked here almost every morning before his classes. He, unlike myself, was a morning person and didn’t mind waking up at 5am to open the shop at 6am. I would rather bathe in boiling water.

“Good morning Jimin!”

“Good morning Micah, you’re here early?” He smiled brightly.

“I moved on campus so I’ll probably be here a little more often, and a lot earlier than usual.”

“That’s cool. I’m glad to see you not as rushed and panicky like last semester.”

“Don’t remind me. Anyways, can I just get a Caramel Latte?” I said, biting my lip while thinking.

“Are you going to drink the whole menu this year as well?”

“We’ll see… Oh can I get a bagel too?”

Jimin ended up giving me the bagel for free as a little gift for being a very frequent customer. He wrote my name on the cup before tucking his light brown hair out of the way, and then resting the marker behind his ear. I sat down at the bar stool beside Jimin’s station munching away on the bagel as we continued to talk.
“There sure are quite a few customers in here already and it’s only ten minutes after seven…”

“Yup, we get some really interesting people here when we open and when we close. Like that guy in the right corner hiding under his duvet with his laptop? His name is Taehyung, his friends call him V. He’s been in here every morning for the past 2 weeks right when we open. Even before campus properly opened for classes. That’s his third cup of espresso in two hours, and if you watch closely… He only blinks every 20 to 30 seconds. Apparently, he’s retaking a class and is trying to prepare so he does well. I don’t think he’s slept in a few days. He keeps mumbling something about plants.”

“Maybe he’s doing something to do with plants?”

“He’s a visual art’s major…”

“Uh oh.”

“Yeah, I hope he’s okay though. He’s the reason I put emergency services on speed dial on the business phone,” Jimin laughed pointing to the phone by the register. I finished up my food before grabbing my bag and I was just about to head out the door when I heard Jimin call out, “Hey Micah, are you free this weekend?”

“Uh I think so?”

“Want to go see a movie or something?”

“Yeah, sure! Are you working tomorrow, I can give you my number then? I’ve got to go to class right now” I yelled.

“I’m always here, of course. If you show up, coffee is on me.”

“I’ll be there, bye Jimin!” I darted out the door and started rushing towards my class. I was a language major, my strongest second language being English. My first class on day two was advanced English language and grammar. Which I felt would be a little easier for me, but boy was I wrong. Who knew that American’s were so weird dropping the u in words like colour and neighbour? As well as having words that are spelt the same, but sound different? Live and live, read and read? What is this?! We also established partners for any class activities, which I went to my usual partner throughout the first few semesters we had together. Thank goodness Namjoon was in another one of my classes, because he was really good with English. Where he excelled, I didn’t… though where I excelled cough pronunciation cough he wasn’t AS great. I was better at pronouncing words, and talking without an extremely distinct accent.

After what felt like forever, my classes were finally over. All I wanted to do was go home and sleep but I guess the universe had a different plan because as soon as I got home Amie was hosting what looked like a party. Though it wasn’t any of her new friends, it was JB and the guys. Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Yugyeom, and BamBam. All 6 of JB’s close guy friends were in the living room packed around the built coffee table eating. It was a typical sight for me, just usually it took place at JB’s house. Youngjae was kicking everyone’s ass at video games like usual, while the others cheered him on. I saw Amie sat on the couch, pressed between JB and Yugyeom, with a bowl of chips in her hand.

“What the hell are you guys doing here?” I yelled over the TV. The game paused in an instant, all their eyes darting over to my position by the front door. No one had even noticed me coming in.

“Micah! You’re home, how are you?” Jackson smiled getting up from the floor and coming to give me a hug. He was the only one who really made an effort to come and greet me, which was a little unusual. Normally the guys were pretty excited to see me since I don’t get to see them often.

“I’m doing good. Class was boring… Amie how was your first day on campus?”

“It was fun. I went to that little café and got a coffee. The barista says he knows you!”

“Ah that’s Jimin, yeah he’s my friend. Oh by the way, we’re going to catch a movie this weekend. Do you want to come too?”

“Micah, that sounds like a date. Did you seriously just ask me to third wheel your date?” Amie smirked, raising her eyebrow.

“Micah has a date? With someone other than Jae…” Yugyeom announced before Jinyoung gave him a solid elbow to the ribs.

I rolled my eyes, “It’s not a date. Anyways, can you guys explain why you are all here?”

“You didn’t tell us you had a cute roommate who could cook!” BamBam, placing the controller down.

“I just got her yesterday, and I didn’t know she could cook.” “Well she’s great, you’re going to be seeing a lot of us if she’s here and making food. Try the pork buns!”

I sighed, walking over to the rest of the guys. I was going to sit down with them but with the 8 of them taking all the chairs and carpet space, it really didn’t seem like a welcoming environment. Amie shot me a small apologetic smile before answering the question in my head. “JB brought them over to surprise us. He said they are your friends too, and also thought it would nice to introduce them to me in the meantime.”

“It sure was a surprise…” I huffed. I threw my bag in my room, laying down on my bed for comfort. I just wanted sleep, or death at this point. This was starting to get a little annoying. I’m the kind of girl who likes a plan, and I don’t like drastic changes. When things don’t go the way as planned, I start to get agitated. My theoretical plan would be moving in with my childhood best friend, going to school, having this place as my relaxing safe space, and then JB’s place would be where I go for socializing. Now JB is here and brought the looney toon bunch with him…Plus my roommate is too much of a socializer to say no and turn them away.

“Micah? Are you coming back? Youngjae wants to verse you too!” Mark called from the doorway.

“I don’t have anywhere to sit” I exclaimed as I paced over to the group.

“Just sit on my lap, I don’t mind. I have strong thighs. Though I can stand if you want to sit down,” Jackson smiled sweetly. Some people would take that as a dirty suggestion, but Jackson was actually just a genuinely sweet guy.

“That’s not happening, Micah can sit here. I’ll stand…” JB interrupted, getting off the couch and moving to the side. I slid beside Amie, who still looked a little uncomfortable.

“So, what are we playing?”

“It’s a Grand Theft Auto death match,” Yugyeom replied passing BamBam’s controller over.

“Oh, you’re back playing this old game? I thought you guys would have been playing something new like Overwatch or something.”

“Hey why doesn’t Amie verse Micah?” JB asked. All the guys seemed to really like the idea of us playing.

“Okay, but just so you know I’m great at playing games” Amie replied, grabbing Youngjae’s remote.

“Getting cocky, are we? Care to make it a bet?”

“The winner gets something that belongs to the loser. Winner’s choice.”


“I should warn you Micah, I never lose.”

“Neither do I” I smirked.

Saturday rolled around faster than I anticipated. Even though the guys said they would be over frequently, I hadn’t seen them since Monday. Which was a good break I guess… At least I was able to focus on school more, and I even got to hang out with Amie. We went shopping together a little bit, she got her nails done while I watched. We just had some free time to reconnect and get back on the same page as before. We both had changed a lot, but the chemistry was still there for the most part. She told me stories about living in the UK, and in Sweden. Apparently, she felt kind of lonely and awkward being part of the minority compared to when she’s home in Korea. The world has differently beauty standards, and here… She’s considered model gorgeous, like one of the most glamourous looking idols.

I woke up a little late on Saturday morning to the sounds of Amie making breakfast. She was busy trying to make crepes, but she dropped the pan before it made its way to the stove top. I ran in to check on her, reassuring myself that she was okay.

“What the hell happened?”

“I was holding my phone and the pan in one hand, and then it buzzed which startled me and I dropped the pan” she said, lifting the pan off the floor, “thank goodness there was no crepe batter in there yet.”

I picked up her phone off the floor, the screen lighting up with a message, “Who’s Jae emoji peach?”

“Oh, it’s JB. Get it Jaebum? Jae-bum. As in peach emoji, because it looks like a booty.”

“Yeah, I-uh… I get it. So, what’s going on with him?”


“Are you guys like…?”

“We’re just friends for now. He is going to come over soon though, he said since you’re busy maybe we could hang out and go for dinner” she smiled into her phone, “You’re okay with that right?”

“Yeah why wouldn’t I be? I have a date with Jimin anyways.”

“Thank you again for being super cool with all of this. I really like JB, and I think he likes me too. I hope you don’t feel awkward about this…”

“Me? Awkward? Psssh. We’re history, done, the past is the past. I have absolutely no romantic feelings for him whatsoever.” Amie put a crepe on my plate, decorated with strawberries and crème. I instantly shoved it in my face, trying to keep myself from talking because this could go really bad, really fast.

“Hey do you want help getting ready for your date with Jimin? I obviously love doing makeup and hair for other people. I could help with an outfit too?” Amie suggested.

“Oh, I don’t want to burden you…”

“It’s not a problem at all. I mean I saw Jimin, that guy is the most aesthetically pleasing guy I’ve seen in a very long time. He’s super attractive and would look really cute with you. You should doll it up a little an impress him.”

“If you want to… Please don’t make me look too uncomfortable though. I still want to look like me” I begged.

At first, she tried to dress me like her. A white crop top with a floral skater skirt, and sandals. Which was a huge “nope” in my books. We argued a little bit over my outfit, and then she finally went to MY closet to look for clothes. We settled on a black tank top, light high-waisted shorts, and my army green jacket. Once the clothes were settled she finally submitted to making me, still look like me. The makeup was neutral colored, and she added more body into my hair.

“Now you have that more intense beach wave look. It suits you, and it’s cute” she smiled, letting me finally look at myself. I’m not going to lie, I was feeling pretty damn confident in myself right now. The best part was that I still looked like me, just a little cuter. “You’re a work of art, now hurry up Jimin is going to be here in a little bit. JB should be here in a few minutes as well.”

I texted Jimin, letting him know I was ready. He replied that he was almost at the campus, and that he’ll be here soon. A knock at the door brought me to my feet, rushing to the door with excitement. I was really hoping for a good reaction from Jimin, since he usually sees me sleep deprived and not at my best. “Hey Jimi… Oh it’s you.” “Well nice to see you too ‘Best Friend” JB mocked, giving me a slight hug while entering.

“Sorry I’m just waiting for Jimin and he said he’d be here soon so I assumed it was him.”

“Wow, I’m hurt. You’re not even excited to see me anymore. What have I done to deserve this kind of treatment?”

“You keep coming over uninvited?”

“That’s not the point,” he laughed. He gave me a quick scan before returning his eyes back to mine, “You look good. Trying to impress a guy I assume?”

“Well now that I’m back in the dating game, I guess I better put some effort into it.”

“Admit it, I ruined you” Jaebum laughed, shaking his head side to side in a joking matter.

“You completely destroyed me, I’ll never be the same now” I rolled my eyes, cracking a huge smile.

“Seriously though Micah, you look good. I’m happy for you.” I felt a blush creep over my cheeks before adverting my eyes to the front door as the knocking sound protruded from it.

“Well I better go, I’ll see you later. Have fun with Amie, not too much fun though!”

“Same with you!” He called after me, as I closed the door behind him. He only caught a glimpse of Jimin’s face, the two of them sending each other a small smile.

Jimin was a kind guy, and was super sweet. You could tell by his little actions that he was super careful with every move, and he was also very caring and adorable. We saw a puppy running around in the parking lot after it escape from its owner, and oh my Lord, I’ve never seen a man act cuter with a puppy before. It made me want to plant a huge kiss on his plump lips, and squeeze him to death. Jimin was so kind to every person we met, making sure to say thank you and respectfully greet the people we came in contact with.

I got to know the little details about him and his life. His family had been running the little coffee shop his grandmother opened, on the side of their everyday jobs. Jimin had offered to basically take over as manager for the mornings because of his classes, and the pay was really good because of number of “hangry” students that stopped by. The most interesting thing I had learned about him was that he was actually a contemporary dancer, and could sing as well. Though he was too shy to sing in public, and promised to sing for me another time.

The date as a whole was really good, I enjoyed myself. Though there was a tiny piece of me who also couldn’t deny that we didn’t really have the relationship chemistry. He was an amazing guy, and he was really attractive, but we were also, really different. He was a morning person who cared so much about other, and was this bubbly ray of sunshine. Myself on the other hand, was a night owl who would cause murder if I was awoken too early for my own liking. I also had the tendency to be a little bit of a moody person and sometimes I can act like a total jerk. That was kind of the reason JB and I worked well together. We were always watching out for each other when our personalities were at their worst. We also understood how each other felt because we both know how it feels.

Maybe I wasn’t acting being sarcastic when I said JB ruined me, because there was a little bit of truth to that. I was always kind of comparing guys to JB. I realize now that maybe I just need to talk to JB about it. We never really had a proper conversation after the break up. We just instantly went back to friends, and just swept the feelings under the rug. Maybe it was time that we talk about things, especially if the two of us feel it’s time to properly start moving on. I couldn’t do that to Jimin anyways. That’s the worst thing I could probably do; starting a relationship with him before I even properly figure out my feelings for my best friend.

Jimin dropped me off at my dorm, which was still empty at the time. I invited him in for a little bit to thank him for taking me out and share some of the cake we bought from the bakery before we arrived. In the end, the evening was really nice. I had fun, and promised that we’d hang out a little more… as friends. I gave him a big hug before saying goodbye. It hadn’t been more than a minute or two when I noticed he had left his headphone on the counter. I grabbed them, slipping on my shoes and swung open the door. As soon as I lifted my head I was stunned to see two bodies in front of me. JB and Amie, planting a deep kiss on each other.

I remember serving Fabrizio coffee for about a month a couple of years back when I was a barista at Stumptown Coffee in the Arts District of LA. He would order this drink called The Italiano, which was a double espresso shot split into two double-cupped 4oz cups and filled with hot water. It is an Americano, but Fabrizio being Fabrizio, called it an Italiano. Here’s a picture I snapped of him to commemorate his last day in LA that month before heading back to NY. +

Weiss Schnee Vs The World - Ex #3

Revisiting a concept I’ve toyed with before: video game logic and mechanics integrated and acknowledged in real world interactions and No One Questions It, featuring a different batch of useless lesbians. Inspired by this post which is, in turn, a Scott Pilgrim vs the World joke.

Weiss pushed out a breath, trudging towards the coffee shop in a rather foul mood. “So, perhaps you can shed a little light on the current situation.”

“Here we go.” Blake sighed, ears twitching as she burrowed her face a little deeper into her scarf. “The interrogation begins. Go ahead.”

“Seeing as I was dragged into this ridiculous ‘Defeat the Evil Exes’ quest entirely against my will, I think I’m completely justified in asking why they’re called ‘evil’ when numbers one and two were actually rather pleasant.” Flipping her white hair over one shoulder and cursing the wind, she reached out for the door and opened it, staring rather resolutely at her kinda-girlfriend-but-pending-quest-completion until the Faunus relented and stepped inside ahead of her. “Ilia seemed more intent on ensuring I don’t live up to my surname- which, in her defense, I can completely understand- and Sun just seemed interested in reconnecting with you in a strictly platonic way. Considering the situation, I expected them both to be more…”

“What?” With a smirk and a raised brow, amber eyes fell on the woman with a hint of mirth twinkling within them. “Evil?”

“They’re literally calling themselves the ‘evil exes’ so I don’t see why I’m remiss for being confused.” She huffed, setting her hands on her hips while Blake removed snowflakes from her fur with quick flicks of her ears, the minute amount gathered on their shoulders ignored for a moment. “I expected to be defending myself against creepy stalkers and controlling maniacs, not a living mood ring and everyone’s best friend.”

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eggnog < vanilla latte

setting: coffeeshop!au, xmas-themed

central figure: Lee Taeyong

writer’s note: a little bit around 4k (3,834 to be specific) words because I love Taeyong too much if I could I’d write about him forever

In essence: The best gift of all is not making winter drinks, but seeing your favorite regular stop by to order his usual iced Americano 

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anonymous asked:

i just won a bucks gift card at a weird school event what's the most caffeinated/least abhorrent thing i can order 2 make use of it

ask for two shots of espresso over ice in a venti cup and then walk over to the condiment bar and fill the rest of the cup with milk.

Tell Me Something That I’ll Forget.

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 11.5K+

Content: Bi!Lashton, polyamory (MFM dynamic), language, graphic content, sexual situations (anal sex, multiple partners, light spanking, orgasm denial, etc.)

A/N: I have returned and it feels so good to be back. This is something that I’ve been working on for quite some time, and it is notably different from what I’ve posted before. I had an idea of Chef Ashton and I’ve always wanted to explore polyamory within the bounds of fanfiction. This is what I came up with after about two months of messing around with it. Have an open mind if this is all new to you. Enjoy. :-)

Feedback is greatly appreciated

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Even More Tiran Kandros Headcanons

-Despite claiming that he wants a fresh start free from the Kandros name, the way he’s kept the Kandros family facial markings indicates he’s unwilling to let go of everything entirely just yet. Part of him is still unable to break free, and while it’s something he thinks about quite a bit, he has yet to make the leap. 

-Just absolutely awful with children, much to his dismay. He doesn’t quite seem to understand them or what they want and oh my god why are they crying what did he do? He orders them around like they’re his APEX team, and just can’t quite comprehend why they won’t listen. 

-Despite claiming he takes his turian coffee-equivalent black, he actually likes it in espresso form, in a tiny cup that he could shatter between two fingers. He likes human espressos too, even though they wreak havoc on his system. 

-His difficulties in erasing ingrained turian prejudice towards krogan has been eased immensely by working with kesh, who he admires deeply and is slowly becoming friends with. 

Sweetest of Dreams

Late-night television is a gamble. Sometimes there’s not much other than infomercials and outdated reruns of talk shows. Every now and then, she finds something worth watching. This is one of the latter nights, and an old Audrey Hepburn flick is playing on one of the channels. She’s sitting on the couch of her apartment, with a bowl of popcorn and a cup of chamomile tea, settled in to watch Sabrina.

Halfway through, as she is humming along to “Yes! We Have No Bananas” with Audrey and Humphrey Bogart, when her phone rings. Glancing over at it, she sees his name appear on the screen, and scrambles to answer it.

“Spencer? Is everything okay?”

“Oh, I – I didn’t think you would pick up,” he says. “Did I wake you?”

It’s nearly three AM, but she doesn’t want to worry him. “Not at all. I was up late finishing something for work. What’s wrong?”

On the other end of the phone, she hears him hesitate. “Just… just a bad dream, that’s all. I thought maybe having somebody to talk to would help, but…”

The television is muted, and she gives him her full attention. “If you want to talk about it, I’m right here. And if you don’t want to, then we can talk about something else.”

Work is a sensitive subject for him, and there are things he keeps from her in order to protect her. If it would make things easier on him, she would gladly hear his every story, but he insists there are some things she doesn’t need to know. “Tobias Hankel,” he says quietly. “That was the nightmare. I was back in that shed, and I couldn’t escape, and I just – it feels so real sometimes.”

The name is one she recognizes, from a case he’s told her only a little bit about. Almost ten years ago he was abducted and held hostage by a delusional serial killer for two days before his team finally found him. Most of the details he left out, but whatever happened in those 48 hours, it has continued to haunt him to this day. “I’m sorry,” she tells him. “What can I do to help you?”

“Just… just talk. Please?”

And so she does. Talks about everything, and nothing. What her day was like, what she’s thinking about, why Life is Beautiful is her favorite movie. Talks until he’s no longer responding, and she can hear only quiet, rhythmic breathing on his end. He’s asleep. Relieved that one of them is resting easier, she hangs up the phone. Spencer needs the sleep, needs to be alert and awake for the demands of his job. The late hours are something she can manage, or at least, she tries to. Characters jump to life onscreen when she unpauses the movie, losing herself in a good film and a lukewarm cup of tea.

In the end, she gets only four hours of sleep. Four isn’t the best, but it’s certainly not the worst. Standing under a cold shower helps to shake some of the fatigue, and a large cup of coffee – two shots of espresso – helps with the rest. In a strange way, her unconventional sleep schedule makes their relationship easier. There is never any adjusting when he’s away for work and calls her at odd hours. It’s easier for her to relate to his exhaustion. And when he needs her most, she’s there. Awake. Ready to listen.

Small victories, she decides. Where there are silver linings, she must seize them. It is not a silver lining, but an opportunity that falls her way that evening however. Spencer asks if he can come over, stay the night. Sometimes it’s harder being at home for him. The same place where after every case he has ended up, processing things alone. Pain, fear, guilt, regret. All those emotions have lived in the same four walls he inhabits.

Her apartment, at times, feels like a sanctuary for him. Full of good things, better things, than his room has housed. Never one to turn down a chance to spend time with him, she assures him it’s perfectly fine if he wants to come over. In truth, she’s all too happy to have him there. Spencer shows up at six, greeting her with a kiss. When his lips are on hers, there’s no need for caffeine. His touch, his very presence, has a way of waking her up.

“I prefer this much more to phone calls,” she says, and he laughs; a wonderful sound.

“There certainly are advantages to in-person interactions.”

“Like this.” She kisses him once more, slowly, savoring the sensation. They are interrupted by the ding of the oven timer. “And dinner.”

“Mm, yes. Both are good.” Spencer can’t cook to save his life, but is always happy when she does. Not that she minds, recipes always make much more than a single person can go through, and she would much rather have someone to share it with.  They eat together, then spend a long while on the couch with tea, just enjoying the time they have together. They catch up, hold hands, steal a few more kisses here and there.

When the sun has long since set over DC, they retire to bed, each a little reluctant, for their own reasons. Having Spencer there is comforting. So close she can hear the sound of his heartbeat when he pulls her to him. Arms strong and warm secure her there, and she lies still until he’s fast asleep. Then, very carefully, she extracts herself from the safety of his embrace. It’s not a matter of wanting to be away from him, so much as it is a desire not to wake him. She would happily stay there, but it’s only ten-thirty. It will be hours before she manages to fall asleep, and she’s got to keep her mind busy until then.

On the nightstand is Les Misérables, beckoning her to finish the last two hundred pages. A quick trip to the kitchen to fetch another mug of tea, the flicking on of a reading light, and she settles for another long night.


He bolts upright, awakened by the sound of his own scream. Pants and gasps for air, trying to slow his breathing and his mile-a-minute-heartbeat. He’s here. Here. Not in Georgia, not in that shack, not in a chair. In DC, in an apartment room, in a bed. But, he realizes, it’s not his own bed.

It’s hers.

“Spence?” Right on cue, she speaks up. Reid rolls over, expecting to see her half-awake, but it’s just the opposite. By the glow of a small book light, she is reading, a novel propped up on her knees. A cup of tea sits on the nightstand, and it looks as though she hasn’t slept at all. The circles under her eyes could rival his.

“What – what are you doing up?” he asks.

She glances over him furtively, like she’s debating the severity of the situation. “Couldn’t sleep,” she answers plainly.

“Do you ever?” The question is at first in jest, but when she bites her lip, several things fall together at once. The tired look in her eyes, her disdain for early mornings, the fact that she always answers his calls, no matter how late. Coffee is her drink of choice all day, but she keeps copious amounts of chamomile tea in her kitchen. Chamomile, best known for being a sleep aid. “You’re an insomniac,” he realizes. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Y/N sighs, setting the book aside. Even when exhausted, he can’t help but find her lovely. Moonlight reflects in her eyes as she turns to face him. “I didn’t want you to worry about me. You’ve got enough going on as is. Besides, it’s a common issue, and I’ve dealt with it for a while.”

While 58 percent of the American adult population reported repeated trouble sleeping, it was still a concerning disorder. “Statistically, trouble sleeping can reduce your mortality rate by as much as 16 percent. Have you seen a doctor?”

“Yeah, but nothing seems to help much. With enough time, I’ve adapted. Really, it’s not a big deal. I just didn’t want you to worry about me. What about you? Nightmares again?”

Reid nods. “Tobias Hankel.” The same as all his nightmares lately.

For a moment, she debates whether to ask him another question. Making up her mind, she looks at him with an expression that seems to ask permission. “Why is it always him?”

He wrestles with his thoughts - she hadn’t told him about her insomnia so he wouldn’t worry, but he found himself frustrated that she couldn’t confide in him. The same thing he’s been doing all this time with his own experiences. Only now does he realize how lonely that felt. If she’s going to trust him with things, he needs to show her that he trusts her as well. “Listen, there’s something I’ve never I’ve never told you about that case.”

That gets her attention. She sits up straighter, waiting intently, curiosity plain on her features as he tries to find the right words. This never gets any easier, explaining it to someone. “When I was in that shack, I was… I was beaten, and tortured. When Tobias wasn’t himself, he was really violent. When he would come to, he’d see what had happened. Then he would try to make up for it, make things easier for me. He… he, um…” God, it’s harder than he expected with her. Because he doesn’t have to see her at work everyday, she doesn’t have to stay in his life, unlike his colleagues. But oh how he wants her to stay. This could be thing that scares her off, he knows that. If he doesn’t tell her though, and she finds out, it’ll be far worse. He exhales heavily, trying to rid his body of all doubt; runs his fingers through his hair. Sensing his discomfort, she reaches for his hand, holding tight to him. Giving him a little more courage. “He drugged me, with Dilaudid. It’s almost like heroin, but it’s easier to get. The team found me, but not until after I had to shoot Tobias in order to stay alive. And Dilaudid is incredibly addictive, so after he was dead I… I stole his supply in order to keep using. It almost cost me job, my friends. Everything. But – but I stopped. I haven’t used in nine years, ten months, and fifteen days.”


“I never told you because I didn’t want you to worry about me. I didn’t want to scare you. But I know now that I can trust you with it. I love you, Y/N. You know that, right?”

She wraps her arms around him, holds him close. “Yes. Yes, I do. And I love you to. Thank you for trusting me.” When she pulls away, she reaches for his hand once more. Not quite ready to let go completely. “I know your job isn’t easy. And I know there are things in your past that are hard to talk about. But whatever might keep you up at night, you can call me. Or stay with me. I’ll be awake to listen. I’ll be here.”

Reid realizes what she’s offering - a lifeline. To be there for him, at all hours. While he appreciates it, she needs rest too. No matter how hard it is to find. “How you considered medication to help you sleep?”

“Yeah, but I haven’t been able to find one that works. It’s like… it’s like I can’t turn my mind off at night. All these thoughts are running through my head, and I keep tossing and turning, and no matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to fall asleep. It’s been that way for a while.”

Sleep therapy can be expensive, but there are an abundance of home remedies. “What about things like yoga, or a hot bath before bed?”

Accompanying her nod is the sort of weariness that confirms she’s run the gambit of possibilities. “Anything you can think of, I’ve probably tried at one point or another. Nothing seems to work, not for very long at least.”

“What about sleeping with someone?” It’s a last ditch effort to help her in some way.

“What?” She furrows her eyebrows, confused.

Reid shifts, wets his lips as he tries to explain it. “There are studies that show sharing a bed with someone you love can improve overall health and quality of life. The psychological benefits can sometimes carry over into the physical realm. I mean, it’s just one study, but I just thought maybe it could help. To sleep with someone you feel safe with.” She looks at him, waiting for him to continue, and so he takes it as permission to ask. “Do you feel safe with me?”

“Of course,” she answers. Hesitates, then adds, “There’s nobody else I feel safer with than you.”

At that, his heart warms, and he can’t help but smile. She feels safe – no, safest – with him. “Then will you lay with me? It helps me too, being near you. So far, no nightmares.”

It’s true, this is the first time in a while he has slept so soundly. She settles back down with him under the blankets, close enough he can feel the warmth of her body. Briefly he wonders if she enjoys being held by him as much as he enjoys holding her. Somehow, he feels more secure when she’s in his arms. He kisses the top of her head, and they embark upon a potentially mutually beneficial sleeping arrangement.

It helps him, more than he had imagined. For Y/N, there seems to be no change, at least not at first. At night she feels more relaxed though, more content. And then, on the fourth night that he crawls into bed with her, it happens.

She closes her eyes. And falls asleep. As quick and simple as that.

No restlessness. No nightmares.

Only the sweetest of dreams. Only soft breathing and gentle embraces, and mornings spent waking up slow, blissfully wrapped in the presence of each other.

Winter is Coming
Scarlet Rose Voice Work
Winter is Coming

@ask-vexin Asks:

How do you handle cold weather? or are you going to claim you’re so ‘hot’ that it doesn’t bother you? :P <3

“Hey fruit stripe! Good to hear from you too. To answer your question honey, cold weather days are pretty nice and I don’t mind them too much… So long, of course, I have my fleece-lined boots, a wool, and cashmere winter jacket, maybe a long neck scarf, and of course a Venti-sized cup of a Double Peppermint Mocha Latte with two shots of Espresso (hold the whip)… I will be perfectly happy with no matter how cold and snowy this winter will be.”

i drank a double espresso after i already downed two cups of coffee at home on an empty stomach bc i’m trying my best to die from a fucking heart attack today after all this

modern au; Elizabeth is the leader of a group called the white rose, a famed group of girls who steal money and jewels from England’s wealthiest to give back to the poorest. Their next target? the new ceo of tudor inc., Henry Tudor, who just so happens to have a one-of-a-kind ring in his possession that Elizabeth wants for herself. But when the plan requires her to pose as his new assistant and sparks fly can she pull off the ultimate heist or will she be caught?

                                                           Chapter 2

                                      “ Yeah, I’m sort of one in a million.”
                                                “ That you are, Elizabeth.” 

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