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Cue dogpile.

My on-again-off-again gaming group has developed something of a tradition: When someone in the group says or does something that annoys the rest of party, they non-canonically dogpile the offender and roll an attack against them. Some are more serious-ish, some are more silly-ish, and it got carried over from Pathfinder to a Shadowrun one-shot at one point. Instances of this include:

DM: [Rogue], you failed to disarm the trap. Everyone roll reflex. *Everyone rolls.* Who failed? *Show of hands.* Y’all take 22 damage from the fireball trap, the rest of you take 11.
Rogue: Except me, I have Evasion.
Ranger: Wait, so the guy who got the rest of us hurt gets off scot free?
Rogue: This is my smug face.
Ranger: …Fuck no. You get hurt now.
(Cue dogpile. This is the one that started the tradition.)

DM: [Ranger], that is such a poor survival roll that not only do you fail to find enough food for the party, what you do bring back makes them all sick.
(Cue dogpile.)

Decker: I never understood the whole hatred of Comic Sans. I’ve always kinda liked it.
(Cue dogpile.)

Cleric: C’mon, [Ranger], you haven’t rolled above an 8 all night! I swear, just one more time
Sorcerer: Seriously!
Ranger: I’m trying, guys! I really am! *Rolls a 9. Facepalms.*
Cleric and Sorcerer: AAARRRGGGHHH!!
(Cue dogpile.)

DM: So [Cleric] opens the tomb and the most godawful stench any of you have ever smelled wafts forth. Everyone takes 1 CON damage and needs to make a fort save to not be nauseated.
Cleric: I believe I have made a grave error.
(Cue two dogpiles, one for the CON damage, the other for the pun.)

DM: [Rogue], roll me a balance check, DC 15.
Rogue: *Nat 1.*
DM: You fall off the wall and break the dragon egg.
(Cue dogpile.)
Rogue: Wait, DC 15? I make that without even rolling.
DM: You rolled a nat 1.
Rogue: On a skill check, not an attack roll or a save!
Sorcerer: Actually, you know what? Yeah, he’s right. Nat 1s and nat 20s don’t apply to skill checks.
Half the table: They don’t?
DM: *Checks rules while us players argue amongst ourselves.  (Shit My Players Say is actually mentioned more than once.)* …Huh. So they don’t.
Rogue: Ha! Told’ja! …I’m rolling twice for this one…
(Cue dogpile on the DM.)

Give and Take [M] (ft. Taehyung) | 01 prologue

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→ friendswithbenefits!au with a twist (edging, oral, overstimulation, uh some really dirty shit, and oh yeah, Taehyung teaching you sex)
→ 12.6k (oneshot) 
→ part 1 | part 2 coming soon!

A/N: sorry im such a sinner omg but thank you so much for 1k followers + 1k notes on You Who! This is a surprise upload :) Enjoyyyyyyyyy

Your thighs are trembling, but he just gives you a glare and continues lazily moving his fingertips against your skin, dipping a knuckle into your heat before slightly pressing his thumb over your clit. 

And repeat. 

Taehyung,–fuck–please.” You moan, straining against the neckties that bind you to his headboard. 

He props up his chin in his hand in between your legs and glares up at you. The hand in between your legs stills and you groan at the lack of sensation, and clench your teeth. He rolls his eyes. “Can you take this or not?” 

You let out a breath, calming your heavy breaths before loosening your grip on the binds and letting your body relax a bit. Closing your eyes and swallowing your dry throat, you speak up. Your voice is small and hoarse from the previous hour of exertion. “I-I can.” 

“Good. I thought so.” 

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The bond between Yuzuru and Shoma

Hero’s Special 170402

So, as opposed to the usual media angle of Shoma vs Yuzu, Hero’s has decided to put together a program about their relationship, as seen from behind the scenes footage. Most of the articles/reports are now focusing on the relationship between Yuzu and Shoma instead of the previous angle of rivals, because this time they had the shared role of Japan’s representatives as opposed to being individual skaters.

Shoma: Right now, when I’m practicing, my motivation is the desire to achieve the ability to win over Yuzu-kun. That’s the only motivation and, in order to continue growing, I would like to continue forward without changing this feeling.

Yuzu: I’ve often been told that I’m in a position of being chased by others but, if you think about it, just like how we found out with this SP, there are still many people I have to chase after. After all, after the SP the one who was standing in first place was Javier, and the one who was third was Patrick. Of course, the young skater Uno…Uno-san…U-Uno-san? *frowns at himself and laughs* Uno-senshuu** too (was in the top 3). There are many things that I don’t have, so in a manner of speaking, everything is to me, something/someone to chase after.  

In which we get a behind the scenes look at the bond between Yuzu and Shoma (as viewed by the Japanese media)

Full translation including video narration under the cut.

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Eyes On Me (4/5)

A/N: Part 4 is now up here!

Summary: When a new, same-sex dancing rule gets people talking, Magnus Bane decides to take the jump from Latin to Ballroom in order to prove that change is a good thing. Looking for a new challenge, he’s determined to win the Ballroom Championships and be crowned victorious in the first same-sex partnership.
Now all he needs is the right shoes, the right music, and the right partner.
Alec is well on his way to securing another victory for his parents’ prestigious dance school, yet a new face, and surprising feelings, might change that. When Magnus turns up, he sweeps more than dancing traditions off their feet.
As the competition rounds heat up, and dreams hang in the balance, can the pair prove themselves to a worldwide audience of fellow dreamers, critics and cynics?

Conflicting views of the new ending

Tododeku shippers: Clearly the cold-hearted Prince Todoroki has his heart melted by sweet squire Izuku, and eventually their squire and knightly prince relationship changes to a heated romance during their quest.

Bakudeku/Katsudeku shippers: No clearly it’s about the wild Dragon King Bakugou being tamed by the sweet and determined disposition of Midoriya, with the two eventually forming an equal relationship after Balugou gets past his initial anger and jealousy.

Me, a poly: TodoBakudeku where the incredibly gutsy and hard-headed knight Izuku proves his worth to both Bakugou and Todoroki through his fighting skills and generous disposition, causing the two to come to terms with their own internal problems as well as interest in the knight. Cue the two attempting to prove themselves to Izuku by making themselves better people and fighting to their highest potential, which encourages Izuku to do the same. However, along the way the three realise their mutual like for one another, and after they defeat the great evil in the land they make their own kingdom (far far far away from that arsehole King Endeavour and the shitty kingdom Todoroki once was confined to) and proceed to carve out a new era of peace through their equal status of lovers and kings.

kylux fic recs

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4








  • Bad Things by EllaBesmirched, 103k / Detective Ben Solo has never met a crime scene he can’t read like an open book. That is, until The General killings started.
  • a harmonious entity by brawlite, 17k wip / When Hux’s best friend Phasma goes missing, Hux travels to the mountains of rural Montana to investigate the mysterious cult, the First Order, that Hux believes to be behind her disappearance.
  • Empire State of Mind by TeamRedhead, 232k / With hope of a brighter future diminishing every day, Ben feels trapped. It’s only a matter of time before he breaks, and when he does, he knows he will never be able to recover on his own.
  • How Did We Get Here? (I Used to Know You So Well) by TeamRedhead, 31k wip / Kylo doesn’t dream anymore; everything he ever wanted is long gone, and he knows better than to hope. 
  • Observer Effect by ezlebe, 18k wip / Today isn’t about nanorobots, Dr. Hux. It’s about Ben Organa.
  • Base Fee by Ezlebe, 13k / Ren takes a deep breath, thumb hovering over the stark-white letters of his own damned address, and wonders how this could even be possible.
  • Because I Knew That You Would Be Alright by elfriniol, 28k / The flurry of emotion and action and violence that was Ben Solo intrigued him to no end, and not only as the fuel for sexual escapades. Ben was everything Hux in his prudence was not.


  • Ace of Spades by betts, 62k wip / Sometimes it feels like everything’s connected. Like with strings. And if I could just see the strings, I could pull them. I could make things do what I wanted. 
  • age of consent by substanceblack, 31k wip / Cue two socially alienated teens accepting each other’s company after a series of shared mishaps, and more making out than is probably healthy. 
  • i can see through you (see to the real you) by kyluxtrashcompactor, 18k wip / Hux is the outcast new student with a troubled past. He’s brilliant but refuses to conform, and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’s everything Ben wants to be.




  • Getaway by hollycomb, 54k / Techie’s reactions to fresh air, sunlight and fish are mixed, and then Matt drops a bombshell that could shatter the comforts of their little world together permanently. / techienician + kylux 

anonymous asked:

I feel like a lot of AUs are for first meetings, so may I ask for some established relationship AUs please?

  • “The real drawback of dating somebody that you’ve known since you were basically kids is that they have all the embarrassing dirt on you.” AU 
  • Character A and Character B have been dating for a long while and they’re very comfortable with each other. When Character A comes out as polyamorous and asks if they can bring Character C into the relationship, Character B has to go through the awkward process of learning about a new person’s relationship quirks again. 
  • Character A and Character B have been dating so long that they’ve devised their own mini language of gestures and eye moments to silently talk crap about people while they’re in the same room. Cue the two of them going to parties and having full conversations from across the room. 
  • “We’ve been dating for so long and in such off-on ways that we’ve actually forgotten how long we’ve been together or when our anniversary should be.” AU 
  • Character A and Character B’s anniversary is coming up, and Character A wants to do something really special for Character B. Calling on the help of their friends, Character A sets up an extravagant date night, only to find out that Character B did the exact same thing for them. 
  • “I know all of your quirks, so I know when something is bothering you. C’mon, babe, tell me what’s wrong.” AU 
Work From Home.

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Author’s Note: This is by far the dirtiest smut I’ve written so far. First Steve Rogers smut I’ve ever written. Definitely not the last. AGAIN! I’ve had little to no experience in this, so yeah…. 

Based on ‘Work From Home’ by Fifth Harmony

Summary: You and Steve have been together for six months now, meaning you two still had things to learn about each other. When Steve was sent on a two-week long mission without you, you couldn’t help but tease him during a debrief meeting. However, your actions did not go unpunished.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, Sexting, masturbation, toys, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, boss kink, orgasm denial.

Words: 3476

I ain’t worried ‘bout nothin’
I ain’t wearin’ na nada
I’m sittin’ pretty, impatient, but I know you gotta
Put in them hours, I'mma make it harder
I’m sending pic after picture, I'mma get you fired

Two weeks. That’s the longest you’ve been separated from Steve since you two got together. And it was killing you. You missed him, worried about him, craved him. And it was driving you nuts.

You knew that whenever he goes on missions, contact was nonexistent for the sake of his and your safety. It just made his homecoming even more exciting. It spurred something in the both of you that made you guys get barely any sleep on his day back from a mission. This prolonged time away from each other only fueled your need for him. You were just straight-up horny, and touching yourself just wasn’t cutting it for you. Every night, you wore just a loose T-shirt and underwear to bed, trying to get off.

So you almost screamed in excitement when you got a text from him.

The team and I just got back from the mission. I’ll be home as soon as debriefing is done.

You bit your lower lip in anticipation at the thought of him being just a couple of floors above you. In less than a hour, he will be in between your legs, which made you more than impatient.

Hurry or I’ll get started without you. 👄

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post-Jackady concept I could not resist: 

“… do you think he knows?” Adrien asks Plagg warily after his father’s left post-hug, covering the ring self-consciously and not really sure how to feel about basically anything that’s happened since the whole mess started. 

“He knoooooooooooooows,” Plagg hisses with 5000+ years of experience with bad luck, ears going flat and tail bristling and eyes bugged out all paranoid. 

(it’s not paranoia if they’re ACTUALLY an evil butterfly-man out to get you, of course, but TECHNICALLY THE VERDICT IS STILL OUT ON THAT.) 

So Adrien, also feeling kind of paranoid now, starts wearing more jewelry to make the ring less noticeable/noteworthy. He gets a couple bracelets, he buys a few more rings, he thinks about getting his ears pierced but isn’t sure how that’d work with the transformation. And he COMMISSIONS one more ring, just in case. One that looks exactly like his Miraculous. 


Five minutes into this experiment, Nino’s like “cool bracelet, dude, it new?”, Marinette is dYING in the row behind them because Adrien ACCESSORIZES now? that’s just a thing she has to DEAL WITH now??, and Adrien and Plagg have both already forgotten which ring is which, because they are Adrien and Plagg, jfc you two. 

Cue a VERY AWKWARD head-bonk for Plagg the first time he tries to jump into the wrong ring. Repeatedly. PLAGG NOT THAT ONE THE OTHER–okay maybe THIS one–?? 

In the distance: explosions and screaming. 

Maybe this was not their BEST plan, Adrien thinks in mild panic. 

Non-Binary people.

So, aliens always use they/them to refer to humans, because they might think that it’s rude to ask pronouns, or might offend someone, or they just can’t really keep pronouns straight, because they don’t differentiate genders in their culture. But all the humans they’ve meet use either she/her or he/him pronouns for other humans and xe/xem or they/them for aliens.

Then a new human comes on board, and after the first time they correct a human using she/her to refer to them, the alien ship mates are really confused. They’ve probably heard all the there is only two genders bull feces, and assume that if a human-like being uses they/them, they must be another species of space Australians, and freak out, because holy bleep, there is TWO death worlds???

Cue a long conversation about the plethora of genders and transphobia and TERFs.

The Human handbook is updated quickly, advising all species to inquire the gender of a human before referring to them with pronouns.

Submitted By: @domojoy

Pyrrha and Yang laughing themselves out of breath from something stupid that happened- a case of laughing fits

And they like take a good 2 minutes to like catch their breath and recompose themselves

But they look at each other for not even 10 seconds before they start to crack and giggle and just fucking break out laughing again like two dumb dorksssssssssssss

And cue weiss/blake asking whats so funny and theyre both honestly just fucking dying from laughter at this point that pyrrhas snorting and yangs wheezing her lungs out

And Pyrrha tries to catch her breath for 3 seconds to explain- but she only manages to stutter a word out before she thinks about said funny thing again and the cycle starts over

Someone save these two dorks

Just Pretend?

Requested by @evilqueen729 69: “Just pretend to be my date”.  

Feysand - modern au, Nessian wedding

“Come on, Feyre, please?” Rhys begs, catching Feyre off guard for a good two seconds, seeing a grown, strong man begging. She quickly recovers, however, flipping her hair as she studies her dress in the mirror.

“Don’t come crying to me last minute, Rhysand, you should have figured out this problem a long time ago.” Feyre answers, intent not to ever agree to any deal involving Rhysand Night, her outspoken enemy but somehow the best friend of her sister’s fiancee.

She is about to walk away from him when Rhys steps into her path, hands raised to stop her from going anywhere. “You don’t understand, Cassian just told me that she was invited, and I was planning on going solo tonight but now, that’s not possible unless we want there to be a scene.”

Feyre puts her hands on her hips. “Just get any other girl to pretend to be your girlfriend for the night, I’m sure there are at least ten listening at the door right now, eager for the chance.” She comments bitterly.

Rhys doesn’t even glance away from her eyes. “That’s the point. With you, there are no expectations, just pretend. Please, Feyre,” He literally gets on his knees. “I’m on my knees, begging you. Just pretend to be my date. One night.”

Feyre studies him for a few moments, weighing the pros and cons. It would keep potential creeps away from her, but would also ward off any cute guys that might notice her as maid of honor. It would also be feeding into the best man screws maid of honor stereotype, but she would love to see the look on the other girls’ faces when they saw them walk in together, as a couple. Not to mention it would be hilarious to see the reaction of this crazy ex-girlfriend of his.

Finally, Feyre sighs. “One night, Rhysand, and I’m not sleeping with you either, so don’t even think about it.”

A brilliant smile lights up Rhys’ face and Feyre can’t help but feel that this is a terrible idea.

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And They Thought The Lions Were Protective Before

Crack headcanon, buckle yourself in.

10 years in the future. Galra dealt with, now just keeping things peaceful.
Ongoing polydins + Allura relationship.
Out saving the day and flopping into giant cuddle-puddles at night.
Pidge KNEW she should have picked up extra BC while she was last on Earth.
Whoops she missed her last period.
Whips up a pregnancy test for humans based on Altean ones on the ship.
Yup, she’s fightin’ for two!
Cue small panic attack because oh quiznak what if they make her sit out being a paladin for a while until well after she’s had the kid?
By now the paladins and Allura are so mentally attuned to each other that they’re able to track Pidge down by the time she’s halfway through ‘WHAT IF THEY MAKE ME QUIT BEING A PALADIN FOREVER’
They manage to calm her down and ask what’s wrong.
Yeah, there’s no way she’s gonna be able to keep this secret for long.
So Pidge fesses up.
Hunk and Lance literally hugging each other and going “WE’RE GOING TO BE DADDIES.”
Pidge is the center of a giant group hug.
None of them care who the actual father is, this kid is going to have four dads and two moms.
Scratch that, seven moms.
The lions are just as excited.
Then they ask why Pidge was upset.
And she confesses she’s afraid she’ll have to give up being a paladin.
Allura is aghast. Is that a NORMAL human thing?!
Pidge is all ‘wut’
Allura says of course she’ll have to take a little time off a bit before the birth and afterwards to recover, but she’s being silly if she thinks there have never been pregnant paladins before.
There are precautions built into the lions.
Also if she thinks the lions will allow anything to happen to a 'cub’, she’s being even sillier.
Five giant mechanical mother hens.
And five more regular sized mother hens doting on Pidge the entire pregnancy.
… Honestly she hides in the castle air vents more than a few times just to get some peace from all of the mothering.
She appreciates it but dang she needs a break.
Also that kid is like the most loved child in the history of ever.
The discussion of what names to pick prompted a week-long war among everyone. Even Coran.
Parent-dins. Also the kid makes out like a fucking bandit at birthdays and holidays, because of so many parents and grandparents and such.

Figure Skater! Bae Jinyoung

Masterlist can be found (here) 

“I fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands.”

  • Jinyoung is one of the best figure skaters out there, winning title after title
  • His fans nicknamed him ‘Ice Prince’ as his performance are honestly so breathtaking to watch 
  • He always has a perfect landing and his spins are incredibly mesmerizing
  • Up to this date, he has the reputation of never once stumbling or falling during his routine
  • People are always surprised when it’s revealed that he handpicked his own music piece
  • Only because the background music for his routine is always so sad but he always has an expressionless expression on his face when he talks about it people wonder if he actually feels anything for the songs lol
  • It’s more on the fact that he is super shy that he tries to cover up his emotions and when people throw him roses or gifts, he tries not to let it show on his face cause he will probably be as red as a tomato tbh 
  • He doesn’t even smile much and looks stoic whenever he wins a competition cause he gets super nervous and just freezes
  • But he is actually super soft for children, he lets his guard down whenever he coaches younger children during his off competition seasons, he is always smiling and just patting their heads to encourage them 
  • He started skating at the age of 5 years old when he joined his sister for her weekly ice skating lessons
  • He immediately fell in love with the sport and a coach decided to take under his wing after asking Jinyoung if he was interested in training professionally as he seemed to have potential 
  • I mean, it takes a lot of talent if someone can just hit a triple axel on their first try at the age of 8 years old 
  • Jinyoung didn’t have a reason to say no as at that time, the sport was something he really liked
  • Training to him was always just a time for him to get better and the bruises and cut he did get didn’t matter as they were signs to him that he did his best during practice
  • To him as a professional figure skater, he never once questioned why would someone dislike the sport until he met you
  • The smooth white rink was a place you had always enjoyed coming as kid with your dad
  • The coaches there used to exclaimed to your dad, insisting that you had a natural talent in skating and could potentially be a wonderful figure skater in the future
  • But he declined them, saying that he would rather give you a choice in pursuing what you wanted to do
  • That was until your parents divorced and your mum, who had opposing views from your dad had decided your future career as a figure skater
  • Your days of fun at the rink was soon replaced with practice, practice and practice  
  • Starting your training at such a young age came with a lot of pressure and stress, both affecting you mentally and physicallyYou had skating practices up to 4 hours a day and your diet was very restrictiveYou couldn’t eat fries, chocolate, sweets, what not 
  • Even if you were tired, your mum forced you to continue training and even if you had an injury, you still had to do some sort of exercise
  • In the span of two years after debuting in your first national competition, you had grown to become an extremely successful skater and people had placed high hopes that you will be able to bring back a gold medal in the Winter Olympics
  • However, the irony was that you didn’t enjoy enjoyed skating nor did you like the sport, you were only doing it as you had no control in your life and the joy in skating that you had first felt was long gone
  • Skating was not something that was ‘fun’ as your coach demanded no mistakes from you and everything had to perfect
  • Due to your practices, you were always tired in school and you slept whenever you had a chance
  • You didn’t have a lot of friends as well as your mum made sure that skating always your main priority and you couldn’t hang out with like how your classmates would   
  • You never experienced things people our age would’ve done like losing their first kiss, karaoke session with their friends and even attend a class field trip
  • You were honestly very lonely hence you grew to dislike skating as it deprived you of so many things
  • It was the day where your mum and your coach would have one of those meetings to decide on your costume and your music
  • Seeing as how you had the entire rink to yourself, you didn’t hesitate to swoop in and did a few spins and jumps
  • It was one of those days where it didn’t matter whether you completely nailed the jump and you could do whichever combination you wanted
  • Little did you know, someone was watching you as he tied the laces of his skates
  • You stumbled after missing a beat from your loop jump and that’s when you heard someone behind your back
  • “A skater’s legs is the most important thing to them, you should be a bit more careful.”
  • Hearing that, you spun as you met eyes with Jinyoung
  • You blushed, surprised to see the Ice Prince up close but you muttered how it didn’t matter to you since skating was just something you did for the sake of doing it
  • You didn’t expect him to hear it but he suddenly took hold of your hand and lead you around the rink
  • You were shocked at the sudden contact considering it was the first time you two had met each other, but you didn’t stop as you were curious as to what he was going to do
  • After pulling you into a corner, he let go of your hand and smiled
  • “Try winning after me then I did believe you.”
  • So you two were basically involved in a round of tag, it sounds simple but not when you had to speed skate 5 rounds across the ice cause Jinyoung was also hella fast for a figure skater???
  • Just when you were so close to grab hold of his shirt, his eyes widen as he checked his phone, when he suddenly remembered he was supposed to meet with the manager of the ice rink 
  • He quickly sprinted off the rink but not before shouting to you
  • “I’ll make you fall in love with skating again!”
  • You were dumbfounded at his sudden arrival and departure but you were smiling like an idiot and your cheeks were warm when you went home 
  • On your way home, your mum told you that Bae Jinyoung will be moving to train at your ice rink and that his training session was right after yours
  • You noticed how he usually came way too early for his training and was there doing stretches while he will just observe your practice 
  • Once you were done and it was his turn to enter the rink, he will gently tell you how you could have made your landing softer to avoid getting injured or just tell you how you did a good job 
  • His presence was something you look forward to when you trained as he was honestly so sweet and motivating
  • A week later, your coach was getting frustrated that you just could not seem to nail the jump in your routine
  • She began to yell at you and you were at the brink of tears until Jinyoung pulled your coach aside
  • As you collected your emotions and wiped your tears, Jinyoung was the one standing there instead of your coach
  • Jinyoung spoke to your coach and convinced her that he could help you considering that was one of his best jumps
  • Your coach agreed because this is Bae Jinyoung we are talking about and told him to take over the remainder of the lesson to guide you as he had far more experience than you did
  • He told you he was going to be helping you for the rest of your lesson
  • You knew there was absolutely no way you could hit it as you had failed so many times today and you were just so tired but you still nodded
  • He first demonstrated the jump and you were in awe as he made it look so easy and effortless 
  • Next, he went through the jump step by step and asked you to be careful as it had more rotations and if not done correctly, you may end up with an injured ankle
  • It didn’t take you long for you to nail it considering what a good teacher Jinyoung was 
  • You were so excited about finally hitting it you just hugged him
  • Five seconds later, cue you two just blushing at each other and you stuttered, saying you just wanted to thank him
  • But he did just give you the most charming smile and told you it was okay although his heart was threatening to burst
  • The remainder of the training had to be one of the best days of your life, while it was still intense and you learned a lot, you didn’t felt pressured or stress as your coach loved to remind you how many days left you had left to your next competition
  • You realized how skating could actually be fun when you two skated around as he told you stories about his fellow teammates Daehwi who apparently sleep talks and says some of the funniest stuff (Deephwi anyone ???)
  • That was how your friendship with Jinyoung really began
  • For some reason, training felt different as Jinyoung took the lead, teaching you step by step
  • Whenever you stumble, he did hold onto your waist and pull you towards him as if it was a natural reflex
  • When you skated with him, you felt like the child who had come with your father to the ice rink years ago as he didn’t care how perfect you nailed each jump as long as you were having fun
  • Then came a day where as you two had the silliest bet on who was going to buy ice cream 
  • It ranged from speed skate to who could hold a scorpion on ice for the longest time
  • You easily won the latter bet, resulting in him lying to your mum that you were getting new skates so you two could sneakingly head to the ice cream parlour
  • It was like you were learning how to skate again
  • Looking at Jinyoung smiling at you at the ice cream parlour, you realized your feelings for him
  • He made you feel so warm and fuzzy even if you were eating frozen cold ice cream
  • You couldn’t imagine a skating life without him
  • How he did always encourage you
  • How he did tell you it was sometimes okay to make mistakes 
  • How he always complimented you
  • But he was so nice to you that you wonder if he actually did like you or did he just treated every girl like this
  • Even if you did like him, you were okay if things remained the same way as you couldn’t bear to lose him
  • Just when you started to enjoy skating, your relationship with your mum worsen
  • She was seriously making you live on rice and water at this point and she even had the nerve to increase your training time
  • When she announced her plans in the car, you snapped and slammed open the car door and  ran to the locker room of the rink and started crying
  • That was when Jinyoung met our mum who seemed frazzled during his break and when she explained, he grew mad at her and told her that skaters needed a proper diet and they needed time to recover their muscles as well
  • He then ran all over the place to look for you, growing increasingly worried for the girl he liked
  • He never thought he will be head over heels for someone other than skating but teaching you gave him so much joy
  • The look in your eye when you learned something new gave him so much motivation to improve himself
  • When he found you curled to a ball, he just hugged you and whisper sweet things in your ear
  • His presence was just comforting as you sniffled and he wiped away your tears
  • As you calmed down, he told you he heard it from your mum and he was going to make sure everything was going to be okay and you didn’t need to suffer anymore
  • Seeing you so vulnerable and fragile made him wanted to protect you
  • He continued to console you and ran his fingers through your hair
  • “I can’t bear to see the girl I like getting hurt. It’s going to -”
  • “You like me?”
  • He realized he sort of confessed to you that wasn’t how he planned it and he froze
  • You just smiled and said you like him too, seeing how he wasn’t sure what to do 
  • Jinyoung was shocked because you could literally have any guy in the  world yet you somehow accepted his feelings
  • Walking out of the locker room hand in hand just made you feel so happy that you were loved 
  • Jinyoung yelling was a wakeup call for your mum who decided to listen to your opinions and changed your diet with the help of nutritionist Minhyun
  • You guys may be a power couple on the ice but you two will trip every 5 seconds on the ground
  • You are saved as Ice Princess on his phone and regardless how much you protested, Jinyoung kept it that way cause he thought it was cute
  • A lot of backhugs & kisses that makes you go breathless rip baejin stans
  • Expect a lot of random hugs if you two are skating together
  • You two love cafe dates but neither of you drinks coffee so Barista Woojin is always making hot chocolate for you two
  • He will snap you 24/7 and it’s always selfies of him during training with captions like ”I miss you”, “Training was so tough today without you.” & “Please come to the rink soon.”
  • Fellow Skater Jihoon & Daehwi are always teasing you two like“JINYOUNG AND Y/N KISSING ON A TREE K-”
  • While Jinyoung will just glare at them, you will be holding their skates and go: “You know where else this will look better on? The trash.”
  • Much to Jinyoung’s amusement, those two will literally be on their knees begging you for forgiveness until you gave it back to them when you were satisfied with their apologies 
  • He did chuckled and kiss you on the forehead and said you look cute when you are angry
  • Now that your diet allows you various food, he will always sneak in some chocolate for you
    Your locker was always filled with various snacks that he gave along with notes that he had stuck on  
  • He is always thanking you in his award speeches and that applies to you as well and it’s so funny because his ears are literally bright red whenever he mentions you
  • He will feel so bad whenever he leaves for a competition that you weren’t competing it that he sends you SO MANY voice messages 
  • “I’m never going to say this enough but I love you, always and forever.”

A/N: The first instalment for my Sports! au ^^ I love Baejin so much that I somehow wrote up to 2.6k asdfg I have been doing so many rivals to lovers that I decided to change it up a bit here. Please send me any requests (I’ll try to get it done although I’m dying ngl), feedback or even a question if you have any! Feel free to message me and I’ll try to reply asap but the messenger on my mobile app is never working (rip) so I tend to take forever