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i need soft wlw content @eeriecrests has not given so i have to do it myself

Poppy was staring. She was not to good to admit this. She would not, however, admit that it was because she had feelings for Sara. Sure, Sara was ridiculously pretty, anyone could see that. Poppy definitely didn’t want to date her though, no matter how convinced Dev was that she had a crush.

She might want to hold Sara’s hand and hug her and kiss her on the cheek–and yeah, maybe she did have a huge, hopeless crush, but it didn’t matter, did it? The things Poppy was attracted to were things so many other people were interested in as well, and Poppy really didn’t stand a chance, no matter how much she wished she did.

Sara looked over and grinned at Poppy, but Poppy could hardly even bring herself to be embarrassed. Sara didn’t seem too mad about Poppy staring at her, so why should she care? She shrugged and smiled back before looking back down at her notes.

Sara was infinitely more interesting than class, though, and Poppy’s eyes were drifting back to her sooner than later. Sara was already looking at her, a smile playing on her lips, and she winked.

Poppy felt her face heat up and a surprised smile take over her face, and she looked back down at her desk quickly. A wad of paper landed in front of her a minute later, and after a moment’s hesitation, she flattened it out to read what had been written on it.

It was in Sara’s handwriting, and it read ’you’re cute when you blush.’

Poppy looked up at Sara, and Sara was smiling, nodding her head in the direction of the note. Poppy gave her a soft smile and nodded, mouthing the words ‘talk later?’

Sara nodded and turned back to the front of the classroom. Maybe Poppy wasn’t quite as hopeless as she thought.


A Maiko in a Ceremonial Kimono 1920s by Blue Ruin 1

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />“The maiko [apprentice geisha] and geiko [geisha] have two sets of ceremonial crested kimono one for winter, the other for summer… The maiko’s kimono, which is of winter weight, plus all its accessories, weighs almost twenty kilograms [forty-four pounds], which may be half what she weighs herself, not surprisingly, it takes some time to get accustomed to it.” 

From “Geisha: a living tradition” by Kyoko Aihara, first published 1999, pages 63 & 66.

This type of fully-patterned formal kimono is normally associated with a Ryurei-style Tea Ceremony.

@bizzarczar got to talking about old ocs and well, I’ve been wanting to work on Pandelia for a while.  She’s weird and awkward but I love her and she ended up as the purest oc I have

I’ll… redo her outfit someday, for now it’s just a vest, pants, like three sashes and that draping thing, all from her art nouveau remake a while back.  She’s only got two rows of crest feathers now to make it simpler and the eye pits on her skull are like.  endless voids.  She’s got mild shapeshifting and of course, ghost hands bc her weird dino murderhands can’t hold things right

Third army unit crest: the “aerial corps“

Don’t let the fact that they mostly play messenger fool you, if you ever hear them coming it can only mean one thing: death is about to rain down from the sky and it’s too late to escape ….

India ink and maru nib, free hand.

I’ve got two more crest to draw, care to make a guess at what unit they are? For cookie points.

Jumping onto the bandwagon. 

Look there, at The Prince. You know the story, you were born under it, after all. Surely your eyes are acquainted to each and every star that make up the cluster. You are the first to notice when a new one is added, even before a death is announced. Trace it with your finger; see the bridge between the two crests? If you look closely, there seems to be a star missing. The meeting point is too deep. As if the heart is threatening to rip itself apart.

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Jurassic Park: Animal Bios #10: Dilophosaurus

One of the most iconic dinosaur depictions in history, it’s Dilophosaurus wetherilli.

One of the earliest theropod dinosaurs, Dilophosaurus’ likeness is known and loved by all. Although we love Jurassic Park’s portrayal of Dilophosaurus, it did not have an extendable neck frill in life, or spit venom. It was also a much larger animal than portrayed in the film, reaching lengths of around 20 feet. Dilophosaurus’ distinguishing feature was that of two crests on the top of its skull, for which it was named. It also had a notch in its snout typically seen in spinosaurids, although Dilophosaurus is an unclassified neotheropod. This notch probably existed because of the weak connection between the premaxillary and maxillary bones in the skull. One of the reasons this dinosaur is so recognizable is because of the Jurassic Park franchise, so we have Spielberg to thank for showing the world this wonderful creature (even if a few creative liberties were taken in its portrayal). Because of its posession of deadly venom in the Jurassic Park franchise, some fans have replaced this iteration of the anima’s species name with “venenifer” as a tribute to Crichton’s creative portrayal of the dinosaur.

NAME MEANING: Two-Crested Lizard
DIET: Carnivorous
TEMPORAL RANGE: Early Jurassic Period
HEIGHT: 10ft (3m)
LENGTH: 20ft (6m)
WEIGHT: 1t (2000lbs)

Within the Jurassic Park universe

In the novels

Dilophosaurus was cloned by InGen on Isla Sorna for Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar. Though, as we know, the park failed, and all specimens on Isla Nublar were killed in the subsequent bombings. The specimens on Isla Sorna were left to live on their own. In the novels, the Dilophosaurus are portrayed as the correct size, and they do not posess neck frills, although they still spit venom, which contains 7 enzymes.

APPEARANCE: Initially, it was thought that there were two “types” of Dilophosaurus - Both had bright yellow with light green underbellies, and black, leopard-like spots everywhere on the body. The crests are red with black stripes. One “type” tended to have darker crests, and one “type” was visibly smaller than the other. It is discovered later that this was sexual dimorphism.
BEHAVIOR: Reclusive creatures, tend to keep to themselves. They could be seen in the park drinking from rivers and emitting soft hooting cries. Very dangerous if confronted while hunting. The animal will blind its prey with venom, and then rip them open and devour them violently.

Jurassic Park (1990)

In Jurassic Park, the Dilophosaurus is first seen on the park tour, when Dr. Grant, Sattler, and Malcolm see an individual drinking from a river and making soft hooting noises. The endorsement teams later learn that InGen found out the hard way that the dinosaurs were poisonous - one Dilophosaurus had spit at a handler. After the incident, Jurassic Park staff attempted to remove the venom sacs from the animals, but they could not locate or remove them without doing an autopsy, which InGen was against due to the cost of creating the dinosaurs. The Dilophosaurus are not seen again until later, when Dennis Nedry got lost while trying to smuggle dinosaur embryos from the park. Instead of arriving at the docks, he arrived at the river, near the Dilophosaurus enclosure. After Nedry left his car to investigate the area and began to head back, he heard the animal’s distinct hooting call behind him. As he turned, he was blinded and ripped open by the large dinosaur, and then killed when it closed its jaws around his head. Later in the novel, Dr. Grant spots two Dilophosaurus in a mating ritual, which is curious, because it is claimed that no frog DNA was used in the cloning of the park’s Dilophosaurus. After the events of the novel, all remaining Dilophosaurus were killed in the Isla Nublar napalm bombings.

In the films


Similarly to the novel Dilophosaurus’ origins, the film-canon dinosaurs were cloned on Isla Sorna, and shipped to Isla Nublar for Jurassic Park. Unlike many of the species created by InGen, Dilophosaurus was one of the few actually present on the island when the park failed. The Dilophosaurus on Nublar were one of the newest attractions, and were therefore still small and juvenile, according to Laura Sorkin’s notes in Jurassic Park: The Game (which is considered film-canon). When Hurricane Clarissa struck Isla Sorna, the staff evacuated and all Dilophosaurus were left to survive on their own, although they are not sighted on the island in The Lost World: Jurassic Park or Jurassic Park III.

*Note: The lighter colouration of the “female Dilophosaurus” depicted here is fan speculation and should not be taken as canon.

APPEARANCE: Olive green, with darker green blotches and white striping on the body, tail, and crests. The frill is bright yellow and red. Colouring could have changed as they grew, as the specimens seen in the film are juvenile.
BEHAVIOR: Like in the novel, are reclusive and shy. They don’t even show themselves to the endorsement team in the film. Although small, they are vicious and deadly, extending their frills in a threat display, spitting venom in the eyes of their prey, blinding them, and promptly devouring them.


It is assumed that Masrani Global either created their own Dilophosaurus, or captured some of InGen’s old specimens. It is extremely likely that they are an attraction in Jurassic World.

Jurassic Park (1993)

The portrayal of Dilophosaurus in the 1993 film Jurassic Park is what gave it its fame. In the film, the Dilophosaurus paddock is the first attraction witnessed by the Jurassic Park endorsement team on Isla Nublar, during the tour. However, no individuals show themselves, much to Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler’s disappointment. Later in the film, while Dennis Nedry is attempting to smuggle dinosaur embryos from the island, he loses his way and crashes his jeep. While attempting to tie an anchor to free his stuck car, a small Dilophosaurus observes him curiously, evading his sight and making small chirping noises. When Nedry goes to return to the car, the animal makes a loud, bird-like noise, and Nedry turns to see it standing in front of him, cocking its head at him curiously. Nedry is relieved at first, thinking the Dilophosaurus may have been a larger dinosaur. He proceeds to talk to it like a dog, even throwing a stick for it, which the dinosaur is uninterested in, and quickly turns its attention back to Nedry. Disgruntled by how boring the Dilophosaurus is, Nedry goes to climb back up the rock face to his jeep, the animal following him the whole way. Nedry turns around again, and the Dilophosaurus extends its neck frill, hissing loudly at him, and spitting venom on to his body. Frightened at this point, Nedry goes to get in his car and turns around one last time, allowing the small theropod to spit venom in his eyes. Screaming, blind, and in pain, Nedry slams his head on the jeep and falls over, the Barbasol shaving cream can of embryos falling out of his raincoat pocket and into the mud. He quickly regains his composure and rushes into the jeep, slamming the door behind him. His feeling of safety is short lived however, as the Dilophosaurus had circled around the car to the other open door. The animal’s hissing is the last thing Nedry hears before he is killed and devoured, his screams heard as the camera pans down to the Barbasol can, covered by the mud created by the rain.

Jurassic Park: The Game (2011)

At the very beginning of the game, Nima Cruz and Miles Chadwick go into the jungle to search for Dennis Nedry, who had not shown up to exchange the Barbasol can with smuggled dinosaur embryos. They eventually find him dead in his jeep, and Cruz catches a glimpse of the Dilophosaurus feeding on his corpse before it runs away. A bit put off, the two set to work trying to find the can. Once they find it, another Dilophosaurus lunges out of the foliage and spits at Chadwick. Startled, he pulls out his pistol and shoots at the animal, effectively scaring it off. Wanting to get out of there before more trouble shows up, Cruz sets to work repairing the crashed jeep. While she’s working, however, a whole pack of the animals shows up, and attacks. Cruz, upon suggesting a distraction, is pushed over by a terrified Chadwick who apparently hopes the dinosaurs will go after her. He’s mistaken, and two Dilophosaurus jump on and devour him. Terrified, Cruz runs back to the jeep and is accosted by several of the dinosaurs, but evades them, eventually being able to get in the car. After driving frantically for a time, and even running over one of the Dilophosaurus, she manages to crash the jeep again. She is forced to leave the car, and is punced on. Before the Dilophosaurus can kill her, the pack hears the clicking noises of the Troodon pack, and retreats. Later the next night, mercenaries Billy Yoder and Oscar Morales are patrolling the jungle, and Yoder accidentally steps on an egg in what is presumably a Dilophosaurus nest. He is attacked and pinned by a Dilophosaurus, but Morales thinks quick, kicking the dinosaur off of Yoder. Preparing to kill it, Morales is stopped by Yoder, who claims there is no reason to kill it now that it is injured and outnumbered. The Dilophosaurus uses this time to scurry away.

Jurassic World (2015)

It is unknown whether the Dilophosaurus will appear in Jurassic World, but fans consider it extremely likely, due to some hints. One of the biggest hints is the existence of a “Dilophosaurus Ambush” LEGO set, which was sold alongside a few other LEGO sets that depict canon moments seen in various trailers and TV spots.

phealgud  asked:

You mention how young Orsi nobles get horn braces to make them wavy. What would that look like? I'm imagining something resembling braces on kids teeth sort of, like proper head gear.

Most Orsi noble teenagers are not fans of the headgear (understandably so).

But they have no choice but to wear them on their horns during the development, otherwise how else are all those other lesser peoples going to know how rich and powerful their family is!?

The tattoo gets applied later after they’ve finished puberty (if the family is powerful enough to warrant them) and is essentially the family crest in two parts on their neck and snout.

And what of the moon and its
blank face or the groan of the
leaves under heels, how they
shrivel when sun-kissed
like paper crumpled in a fist.

And what of the river, the bones
that arch in aching. What of
the limbs that lay abreast,
the crest of two hills, untouching.

What of these. How dreary the
rain falls and the sky splitting,
unexciting. I used to think too much
but I’m tired. How my heart begs
it is tired, tired, tired.


So! I had a crazy idea about making a cockatiel BJD! So I did!

There isn’t many BJD birds around, and it was quite a different project for me.

I name this little Sora and it will have two kinds of crest, the one in the picture and one down (not sure if I said it correctly). Like this: 

And also, without the crest, it turns into a budgie X3

Sora also have strong magnets on its feet, so it can stand in lots of funny places and you can also put magnets on your dolls so it can stand on their shoulder without falling.

He is approximately scaled with SD dolls. 

I will be casting it in resin =) Will be offered in white skin.  The grey color on the pictures is the primer.

I am very proud of it! I hope you like it!