two crests

for the sweetest boys✨
put a light on- the generationals
best friend- rex orange county
pressure- milk & bone
please ask for help- telekinesis
honeybody- kishi bashi
blood under my belt- the drums
grown- los angeles police department
this song- RAC ft. rostam
in quiet rooms- ollie MN
mellow out- in the blue shirt
since u asked- swim good x merival
sunset lover- petit biscuit
foreign fields- kacy hill
not coming down- cleopold
all those friendly people- funeral suits

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Hi, not sure if you are interested in Bloodstained, but from the trailers / gameplay videos released so far (some new videos were released for E3 2017), the game does not look too good in my opinion. I can't exactly define what is bad / missing (maybe its a general lack of polish or the "slow" controls). Can you comment a little about this game and its current quality from a game developer perspective? Thanks!

For those who haven’t followed Bloodstained, it’s a new Metroidvania style game from longtime Castlevania producer, writer, and programmer, Koji Igarashi. It was successfully crowdfunded back in 2015. Here’s some gameplay video of Bloodstained in action, recorded at E3 2017:

So… what’s wrong with it? Why does it look bad? There’s two main problems I see with it and both are animation-related.

Problem #1: Everything takes a long time

I downloaded the above video and scrubbed through it frame by frame. The video was captured at 30 frames per second. Almost all of Miriam’s motions are stretched out over many frames of animation, making them feel like the overall game is slow. Her normal fast attacks have 4-5 frames of startup (anticipation, before actually striking) around 25 frames to complete. Heavy attacks with the Claymore sword have 14-15 frames of startup (not striking until half a second after the animation begins), and took 32 frames to complete (more than one second). Picking up a shard (which happened quite often in the demo) took five seconds. It takes two seconds to get a special item in Symphony of the Night.

This is the top of Miriam’s jump arc. Notice how she’s not changing height here at all, and yet there’s still a solid five frames of just floating along horizontally? These extra frames of animation make the player feel like Miriam moves more like a balloon than a slayer of evil. Her jumps feel super floaty because of all this extra time in the air. In comparison, Alucard from Symphony of the Night only spends two frames at the crest of his jump before descending. 

Here’s a sword attack from Bloodstained:

And a similar sword attack from Symphony of the Night.

They are both running at the same frame rate.

Bloodstained has all sorts of movement and combat animations that feel unnecessarily long, and the overall effect is that the game looks and feels floaty and sluggish. It’s a real problem for a game of this type, because the vast majority of the game is spent moving, jumping, and attacking. These motions must feel responsive and tight, and that means short, snappy animations that read well. Bloodstained is supposed to be a spiritual successor to Castlevania, but Castlevania had super responsive and tight controls, and that meant super responsive and tight animations that were played as a result of those controls.

Problem #2: Miriam’s body language is lacking

In most of the actions Miriam is performing, she doesn’t really convey much about who she is or how she’s different. In fact, most of her movements look very much like they were directly inspired by Alucard. The problem is that Miriam should be her own separate person. If you’ve ever played Overwatch, you can tell a lot about each character simply by the way they move. The body language gives you insight about the character. Tracer shows how expressive she is by sticking her arms and legs out all the time. Mei keeps her hands and knees together because she’s shy. Soldier 76 keeps his arms in tight to his chest because he’s old and grumpy, and so on.

What we expect from a slayer of evil would be a wider stance - feet firmly planted and spread apart for stability, facing her potential foes, arms loose and ready in case of trouble. It’s a comfortable stance that’s ready to rumble. Maria Renard (pictured) has a stance like that. Alucard has a stance like that. Miriam does not.

Miriam’s body language is kind of a mess. Her idle stance is this odd side-facing stance with knees together and one arm raised. She’s not facing her threats unless she attacks. Her knees and ankles are kept together, which makes her seem nervous. She has one hand lifted to her cheek as if she is about to sneeze. This pose is not comfortable at all. This visual does not depict a monster hunting slayer of evil. Overall, she looks more like she’s posing for a fashion photographer than ready to fight. If she’s supposed to look this way, then the normal combat animations certainly don’t show it. When she swings a sword, whip, or spear, she looks like she knows what she’s doing. But then she returns to this odd, unnatural looking idle pose and everything feels off. It’s this weird lack of consistency in her movements that throws things off kilter.

Overall, they could improve how the game feels simply by increasing the speed. As an experiment, go back to the youtube video shown above, click the gear icon and change the speed setting to 1.25x or even 1.5x. Now watch some of the gameplay. See how much better it feels? Then throw on some music for atmosphere, and it will feel a lot better. Depending on how final these assets are, there’s still time for them to improve on this. I’m sure the animators at the very least are aware of these problems. I just suspect that there’s somebody in a position of authority that likes it this way.

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Be Mary Poppins Y'all

I recently saw guardians of the galaxy 2, and the parallels between it and a short campaign of dnd, not only in the rich party banter but I could easily assign a class to every character. A major comparison I had that in this volume, yondu’s arrow worked a lot like the spell Magic Missile. I decided to make some items inspired by yondu’s cybernetics over the course of the two films!

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An 1845 Pattern Infantry Officer’s Sword

82cm blade by Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London, numbered 12804 for 1863, etched on each side with scrolling foliage and crowned VR cypher, and with owner’s crest and motto, patent solid steel, regulation steel gothic hilt incorporating Royal cypher, wire bound chequered horn grip, in its steel scabbard with two suspension rings.

The crest and motto is that of Edward GKP Lloyd. VD., Lieut 13 March 1872 28th (The London Irish) Middlesex Rifle Vols, Captain 15 November 1873 Major26 January 1889, the Corps is now the 16th (London Irish) Middx RVs Lieut-Colonel and Honorary Colonel 10 Feb 1897, retires as such in 1908.

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You've had a white crested laughing thrush talk? Thank you for the warning because that probably would have been fairly startling if mine started taking

YES. It was one of the strangest moments of my life. For those of you who don’t know, this is what a White-Crested Laughingthrush looks like:

It’s a cool little songbird that makes a loud call like a “laugh” sometimes, but still sounds distinctively like a bird. They aren’t like crows, ravens, or mynas which are known for being able to mimic.

One day I was in an exhibit that housed about a dozen birds including two White-Crested Laughingthrushes, a male and a female. I went to pick up a metal food dish and when I looked up, the male hopped down from a branch, landed right in front of me and goes,


*CLANG* I dropped the damn food pan and suddenly questioned my entire existence because this little cardinal wannabe just said hello to me like it was the most normal thing in the world. None of my coworkers believed me until a few weeks later when he finally talked in front of my boss. 

He only ever said hello, and it was weird because none of us remembered saying hello to the birds in that exhibit, at least not on a regular enough basis for them to start mimicking it. He probably just picked it up from random zoo visitors.

Birds are weird, y’all

Spiritale Teaser - A Call For Help

***Author Note***

Alright everyone! Spirit won the one shot drawing to celebrate 800 followers, and I decided to write the beginning of his story! For those of you who don’t know, I took some inspiration from Soul Eater and Noragami for Spiritale. I also renamed Determination to Spirit in this AU. If you like it please let me know and I may write more! I have his whole story thought out. <3


***End Note***


He pushed himself to run faster, stumbling through the trees and cursing the snow amplifying the sound of his steps as he crushed ice under foot.

“You traitorous punk! Stop running you coward!” Undyne’s voice sounded closer than he’d like, and he fought the urge to look back.

Clutching at his sternum, tears welling up in his socket at the steady thrumming within, but he willed himself to keep moving. Toriel. He had to find Toriel. She would know what to do right? He clawed at his skull, crouching lower and hiding among the trees to steady his soul.

“sans, are you ok?” A small voice said from behind him, making him jump. A Snowdrake hopped out from behind a bush, fluttering their wings and tilting their head to the side, “Do you need help?”

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A Maiko in a Ceremonial Kimono 1920s by Blue Ruin 1

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />“The maiko [apprentice geisha] and geiko [geisha] have two sets of ceremonial crested kimono one for winter, the other for summer… The maiko’s kimono, which is of winter weight, plus all its accessories, weighs almost twenty kilograms [forty-four pounds], which may be half what she weighs herself, not surprisingly, it takes some time to get accustomed to it.” 

From “Geisha: a living tradition” by Kyoko Aihara, first published 1999, pages 63 & 66.

This type of fully-patterned formal kimono is normally associated with a Ryurei-style Tea Ceremony.

I drove up into the mountains this morning before a going-away dim sum brunch for Mike. He’s leaving for Israel for two weeks tomorrow.

Angeles Crest was really wild today. Grey and cloudy at the base, crazy thick fog and rain on the lower third, weird half-fog half-sun a little further along, and then BAM. Bright sun, warm air, slight breeze, and an incredible view wherever you pulled off to the side. It was an entirely different world above the fog layer.

I parked in a turnoff and hiked about fifteen minutes off into the woods until I got to this stupid-pretty rocky outcropping over a valley.

I spent too much time up there though, and had to high tail it back down the mountain to make it to brunch, only about 15 or 20 minutes late! Worth it though, I think.

So Scathach taught her students Rune Magic. Not the Celtic scribe but it was specified to be specifically Nordic Runes. This means that she; Cu Chulainn, Ferdiad, Connla, Uathach and all the student who survived her training (which lets face it could very well be in the single digits) can use their magic. Runecraft in the nasuverse is the nordic magical crest but two of them have an even greater connection. Cu Chulainn who is already a demigod may-or-may not have a connection to Odin while Scathach who is a notorious and immortal god killer is definitely connected to Skadi.

Specifically in Grand Order; Caster!Cu has Ochd Deug Odin as an ability which is specifically stated to be the power of the great rune of Odin by invoking the power of the 18 original runes and that Odin may or may not have put in use restrictions. Does this mean that all Rune Magic users like Connla and Ferdiad can call upon the power of the elder rune or is it only Cu? And if so, then what is his connection to Odin?

In short, I’ve fallen victim to the celt conspiracy