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so 2016 has been a pretty kickass year in terms of how much it’s kicked our asses. but i hope we can at least leave this shitty year behind on a nicer note, and to help with that i’ve put together this giveaway!!


there are two prizes available; the first place winner will have their pick of which gift they want, and the second place winner will receive the gift that remains. the gifts are:

  • too faced’s christmas in new york package, which includes three holiday-scented palettes and their better than sex mascara. (unopened)
  • anastasia beverly hills’s modern renaissance eyeshadow palette. (swatched but otherwise new)


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good luck, and thank you!!


The Wonderful, Complicated POV Ladies of ASOIAF. Arianne Martell is represented by Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Belle; everyone else is represented by their show counterpart.

Mine’s Better (Auston Matthews)

Anonymous said:

Can you do an Auston Matthews imagine when you are from Southern California (like San Diego area not LA 😂) so you always “jokingly” talk bad about AZ and then one day he post a video of you to arguing over which state is better and he posts it on Instagram and everyone thinks it’s the cutest thing ever.

Word count: 1171

Originally posted by mttymrts

How you managed to end up in one of the coldest countries in the northern hemisphere was beyond you. After growing up in sunny San Diego, everyone was shocked when you decided to move to Toronto with your boyfriend, Auston. The move in itself was easier than you had expected. The two of you had a nice little apartment, a close group of friends that actually weren’t after being friends with the ‘rookie phenom’ known as Auston Matthews. You even enjoyed the city and your classes. The one thing that you couldn’t get used to, and probably would perpetually complain about, was how damn cold it was in Toronto.

You were used to waking up and seeing a beach outside your window, not five inches of snow. Where your feet were once adorned in either Chacos or nothing at all, you now had to layer socks and wear heavy boots. Your wardrobe that once consisted of nothing but t-shirts, shorts and bikinis were now replaced by cardigans, jeans and sweaters. Worst of all, your cute little convertible was traded in for a heated car with 4-wheel drive.

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Literally lying awake right now at one in the morning, on the verge of an anxiety attack, at the very idea of Donald Drumpf becoming president.

I almost want to die I’m so afraid. So fucking embarrassed that we’ve fallen this far. Anything would be better than seeing my country condone and elect the physical representation of the worst of humanity.

Did we seriously fucking forget “grab them by the pussy?” Our outrage over that lasted two fucking weeks and now it seems like no one cares.

Now we’re stuck on Hillary’s fucking emails again. WHO THE FUCK CARES. WHO. THE FUCK. CARES.

I don’t want this. I’m going to be sick.

This is not the greatest country in the world, the greatest country would not have allowed a madman to ruin the election by acting like the hellish fusion of Erik Cartmen and Porky Minch.

Fuck this. Fuck everything. I just want it to end. Primes help us, Primes help us all.

precl13  asked:

Here's a thought: If less gun control is better, why do I hear mostly about mass shooting in the USA? Sincere question.

Because our population is so much bigger than nearly everyone else. Mass shootings happen a lot in France, UK, Germany, Australia, and many other countries but there’s two big factors at play as to why you always hear about American ones the loudest. The media loves a sensational story and American Media is the biggest and loudest. The second being it’s America and everyone loves to tear this country apart with “See! Look at how these savage Americans live! It’s like the Wild West!” Which is something I’ve heard a lot from Europeans while in Europe. 

The United States of America has something no other country has with the exception you could argue of Switzerland but their system is not the same as ours. We have the Second Amendment which protects our right to keep and bear arms. The places with the highest crime and the most shootings are the places where gun control is the strictest and that’s not a coincidence. Tighter gun control opens up an illegal market for firearms and desperate people since crime rates go higher and more people buy illegal guns to rob others or shoot others. If you make guns available to everyone with the background check in place as it is now even though I’m not a fan of it but as things sit now crime rates drop. It’s been proven time and time again in places like D.C. when they lifted the ban on handguns crime rates dropped and other major cities. Look at a place like Utah, we only have a few million people here but we have one of the highest gun ownerships per capita in the world and one of the highest percentages of conceal carry holders and Utah’s crime is low. That’s not to say that shootings don’t happen in Utah. I was in the middle of one of them. But statistically you are much less likely to be involved in a shooting in Utah than you are in New Jersey or California. 


On this day in music history: February 10, 1978 - “Stained Class”, the fourth album by Judas Priest is released. Produced by Dennis McKay, Judas Priest and James Guthrie, it is recorded at Chipping Norton Recording Studios in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, UK and Utopia Studios in London from October - November 1977. After building a solid cult following in their home country and the US, the Birmingham, UK heavy metal bands fourth release is their first chart album in the US. Though it later becomes infamous when in 1985, two teenage boys form a suicide pact leaving one dead and the other disfigured. The boys families claim the incident was influenced by the song “Better By You, Better Than Me”, written by musician Gary Wright, and originally recorded by his band Spooky Tooth in 1969. The families and their legal team claim that the song contains subliminal messages, provoking the young mens’ actions and sues the band for damages. Members of the band including lead singer Rob Halford testify in court to disprove the charges against them. The lawsuit is thrown out of court, and the band is found innocent on all charges. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 2001, with two additional bonus tracks. The LP is reissued as a double vinyl set by Back On Black Records in 2010, with some copies pressed on red and clear vinyl. Audiophile label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab also reissues the album as part of their “Silver Series” vinyl LP collection in 2014. “Stained Class” peaks at number one hundred four on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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Idiotic liberals think that capitalism is "bad and scary" and "oooh socialism is way better" like mcbuddy do you fucking realize that abolishing capitalism would literally plunge the economy into a fucking massive depression that would need way more than a socialist government to fix

Ok… Let’s get one thing straight. I only bother to continue existing for two things: making candy and Baskin Robbins.  I didn’t come here for political discussions.  I have been out of touch with world events since the early 50s because I was so incredibly done with everything.  I don’t even know if America is still a capitalistic country now that you mention it.  Seriously, I am not the person to go to if you want to talk about world events. You could tell me a beaver was elected president and I honestly wouldn’t know otherwise. 

Les Amis headcanons: Disney
  • Combeferre dragging Courfeyrac on rides like Ellen’s energy adventure because dinosaurs and science not to mention Bill Nye. Also on Spaceship Earth and he ends up nearly crying over the fake burning library of Alexandria
  • Joly and Jehan queuing with screaming children for two hours just to meet Mickey Mouse.
  • Feuilly taking time off of his many jobs to have this time away with his friends. He also goes around the countries in Epcot muttering how he could make better fans than the ones they’re selling.
  • The entire group groaning at how stereotypical France is in the world showcase
  • Jehan secretly buying all their photos from the rides and making a scrapbook of their trip
  • Grantaire loving the food and wine festival, him and Bahroel try at least one thing from each stall
  • Enjolras being a secret huge Disney nerd and taking a million photos of everything. His favorite Disney film is Finding Nemo and no one tells him there’s a ride based on the film to surprise him. Before he sees it he continuously grumbles about how there should be more nemo based stuff and then literally screams when he sees the ride. Grantaire rides on it about 20 times with him. While he’s there everyone sees a different side of him, he’s not overly stressed about the cause and he’s so happy all the time. (It’s like when he first got together with Grantaire)
  • Bossuet always forgets his bags on the ride and has to go back (with Joly) and talk to a cast member to get them back.
  • Marius who grabs Cosette’s arm so hard it bruises her when they’re on tower of terror because the sudden drop scares him
  • Enjolras, Grantaire, Combeferre and Courfeyrac always battling to get the highest score on rides like Buzz lightyear and Toy Story mania. They get VERY competitive
  • Combeferre throwing a penny in the anamatronic crocodiles mouth outside rainforrest cafe because it’s meant to be ‘good luck’ he then gets two moths land on him when he sits down!
  • Bahroel designing the most scary ride in Disney Quest and Feuilly riding it with him, becuase no one else would, and coming off and proceeding to throw up. Bahorel loved his ride however and thinks someone should build a real version. Les Amis aren’t too sure however
  • Eponine secretly bringing in vodka “Just some water, you guys must know how hot these days get” (or at least that’s what she told the people at bag check) she gets drunk and spends 3 hours riding the monorail back and forth. Grantaire ends up rescuing her, she thanks him and says “R oh my god i swear Donald Duck wouldn’t let me off the ride”
  • Musichetta finally getting to introduce her boyfriends to some Mexican things in the world showcase (Mexcian Musichetta is my headcanon) and nearly cries because she misses home so much, she feels better after cuddles from Joly and Bossuet
  • Combeferre and Joly running around Tomorrowland together because space!!! and aliens!!!
  • Bahroel giving any animal he sees a funny voice and narrates what they’re doing. This leads to the very funny narration of ducks getting scared shitless by a firework show. Cosette provides the female voice for each animal.
  • Jehan and Cosette having to be told on every ride that they need to take off their flower crowns. Needless to say they aren’t happy it  about it.
  • Group photo outside the Cinderella castle

frickinsweet  asked:

I don't know why but the fact that people actually want to learn swedish is super intriguing for me as a swedish person. I've always thought it was kind of useless since not many people speak it haha good luck with your studies!

Haha I actually was kinda concerned about that part too but I just decided to learn cause it’s fun!!! Learning a language is learning about the people and the culture (I think) and no culture and no people is better than the other I mean even when Korean is spoken only in two countries and one of them I’m pretty sure you’ll never be able to visit lol but people still want to learn it!!! (I’ve seen so many of them I was surprised 😳) That must mean people are learning it for their own fun and maybe that’s be cause people like the culture 👍🏻 at least that’s what I think :)

The Signs on the 4th of July
  • Aries: Refusing to participate because they "Don't Wanna Be an American Idiot (rock guitar strumming)"
  • Taurus: Having too many burgers at the barbecue and getting really sick
  • Gemini: Telling everyone who would listen about how they wrestled a bear last year, and how by doing so they saved the lives of two thousand terrified people
  • Cancer: Covering their ears at the fireworks and screaming
  • Leo: Getting on one of those float thingies and tossing candy, screaming "IM BETTER THAN HALF THIS COUNTRY!"
  • Virgo: Holding a fire extinguisher the entire time, actively waiting for something to go wrong
  • Libra: Singing "GOD BLESS AMERICA" really obnoxiously and causing everyone to turn their heads and throw shade because their singing is ruining the fireworks
  • Scorpio: Laughing at Cancer's misery while eating Doritos
  • Sagittarius: Illegally setting off sparklers in their backyard
  • Capricorn: Lecturing everyone about the great plights of this Nation whilst wearing an Uncle Sam costume
  • Aquarius: Setting off the illegal fireworks with Sagittarius, burns the house down ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Pisces: *sobbing* I LVOE AMURRRCA *takes out flag and waves it feebly*

lyriummarkcd  asked:

➳ -- Carver 8)

Send ➳ for your character to receive mine as a gift/spoil of war.

Often a victim of circumstance, Carver never knew when he was making good decisions, mediocre decisions, or Barely-Escaping-Kinloch-Hold decisions. 

Having run to Tevinter to avoid the latter being more of a popular reaction, he hoped to prey on the Black Divine’s good graces to be able to stay. Tevinter was a mage-run territory, his small, ratspit village mind told him, he’d be safe there. They liked mages, right? They had to!

But things had not quite gone according to plan.

He had been there for two years, so far, no longer than that, and not a single damn person was interested in mentoring him. Many people referred him (with unkind language due to his native country) to known slave-traders, telling him that without a pedigree, he was no better than the mundane, non-mage folk. One woman had offered to take his magic from him; the process had sounded slightly like what the Rite of Tranquility sounded like, save for being more of a transference than a deletion. 

It had been a pretty hard ‘no’ from him.

Still, he was finding himself rather lonely, traveling the country he’d always been told would love him, looking for mercenary work. The further south he went, however, the more he found himself having to be careful. After all, the Qunari weren’t kind to the Tevene, but it wasn’t like they were asking the nationality of everyone they came across. He’d taken to using fire only when necessary, and mostly surrounding his own hand if he didn’t need to cook. Keeping his camps small and mostly unnoticed took a bit of extra effort, but he was used to it, now. The heavy lifting just helped cement his hard-won muscle.

One evening, as he was busy gathering the necessary items for his dinner, a rabbit not too far from his camp having been the only source of protein he could get his hands on, he found his focus broken. The Fade crackled like a desperate plea in the air, and his dinner seemed to notice it, as well, scampering off and tearing into its burrow. With a growl, he rose from his hidden, crouched position, heading towards some unkempt underbrush to peer out at the fight on the other side. They were close enough to his camp to have him worried, and the sight of three Qunari and a single mage, an elf seemingly on his side, only put him at more unease. He’d have to move regardless, but to buy time to do that, he needed to be sure those particular Qunari weren’t going to bother him.

The mage was knocked to the ground, his staff falling and rolling away. The warrior about to plunge a long-bladed spear through the center of his forehead stopped suddenly, a spear of ice running its way through his barrel chest. A second Qunari found the spell pushing painfully through his arm, and the third charged Carver, only for another ice spell to hit him, freezing him in his tracks. A couple fireballs, and several frost casts from his staff alone, and the three were felled. 

Walking to the mage, and the dark-haired elf nearby, he offered a hand to the other.

“They’re everywhere down here, aren’t they?” He offered, a small, uncertain smile on his face.

anonymous asked:

Sneakily getting her to go on a date with him! YESYESYES! I swear those two would have so much fun together. Both flirtatious and evenly matched in wit. And don't worry because a few hours ago, I started panicking, too, to the point I was thinking that I need one more week, even though I'd been dying for the new episode up until then. I hope they don't vilify either Robert or Liam. Their characters and the reasonings behind both's attitudes are far more complex and nuanced than that.

Agreed!! They spent so much time building up this rivalry (time that could’ve been better spent imo) to then vilify one of the two. Robert is cunning and sneaky and he knows how to play the game better than anyone but he is not evil and he does want what’s best for his country and his family. If the fandom stopped blaming him for everything that the others characters do wrong or how they react, they would see that as well. 

@whocaresaboutdecent tagged me. Thank you! :)

Countries I Have Lived In: Germany, USA, Ireland. Oh, and UK obviously, as that’s my native place.

Favorite Fandom: Ummmm…I have to go with the one I’m currently in, which is obviously Sherlock. Because that’s what I’m into at the moment, and the people I chat with on the regular are so lovely. I am aware the thing as a whole is quite insane, though. But not boring! Never that.

Languages I Speak: English. And a few sentences of German and French (I can read those two far better than speak them), a few swear words in Polish. :)

Favorite Film Of 2016: I’m completely blanking on any films I saw last year. Chances are ‘anything with Andrew Scott’ would win, though oh! I did love Doctor Strange too.

Last Article You Read: Probably a review of Sherlock S4

Put Your Music On Shuffle And List The First Three Songs That Play:

Kate Miller-Heidke - The Last Day on Earth

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Consider Yourself - Oliver! Soundtrack

Last Thing You Bought Online: Ummmm…crap, I can’t remember. Possibly a wall calendar, which I use for marking wordcounts and deadlines, along with day-to-day appointments

Any Phobias Or Fears: People dying. And shipwrecks. I have a terrible, terrible aversion to shipwrecks.

How Would Your Friends Describe You: As an intelligent, amusing, procrastinating hedonist, I would think.

How Would Your Enemies Describe You: Unyielding.

Who Would You Take A Bullet For: My daughter. And…well, quite a lot of people, actually. I don’t like guilt or doubt, and if I let someone die when I could have stopped it I’d be stuck with that forever.

If You Had Spare Money What Would You Spend It On: Books, travel, and theatre. So I could read while travelling to the theatre. Also, a badass computer. And a house, if it was a lot of money. A badass house, full of books.

I think lots of people have done this, so not tagging anyone but I’d be interested in reading anyone’s answers!

I think I’ve read in a post somewhere about how some Greek History studies try to wash “the gay away” and how that would be simply impossible for the present day people studying Vere and Akelion history as Damen and Laurent are very important key figures in history to forget since they reunited two countries fighting against each other for centuries and it’s way too much evidence like they’re not trying to be subtle about it.

But what if Damen and Laurent reincarnates into the modern day period, remembers their past lives, and so happens to be attending one of these classes.

Just imagine their faces when the teacher blatantly brushes out the crucial importance of Marlas and in retrospect, their fellow students’ passionate debates on the importance of culture assimilation and who fucks better than who,etc.

[”A thousand years and they still remember the day when the great King Damianos  rode past city square and back to the palace naked at broad daylight after his riding clothes were mysteriously lost in the a “wild night of passion.”

“That was one time, Laurent and I was just half-naked.

“A hastily wrapped and obviously too undersized dress-”


“- Fine, chiton, that was stolen from the unfortunate sleeping shepherd just  enough to cover your cock and barely nothing else is not half-naked. Ah if only you rode naked to convince your dear husband to lower the taxes.”

“Unfortunately my dear husband thought it was funny to ride alone back to the palace and steal my clothes while I was asleep, dead tired from chasing the palace thief.” 

“Oh were you? I thought you were just exhausted from chasing what you thought to be the palace thief but was actually, me.”

“Wait, that was you?”

“Didn’t you notice? All the items the palace thief ‘stole’ were from my staff or my personal quarters, not our shared one. It was much easier to steal something that was basically mine.”

“But you stole the golden whip. That was from my personal quarters.”

“Ah that. That was just to grab your attention.”

“Seriously, after all this time?”

“You weren’t paying any attention in our meetings. What will a nation do when their king is distracted and itching to fight? That cannot be possible when the unification has already been signed and no war or threat was in sight. An a good old rooftop chase without Nikandros or Jord trailing your back was the perfect escape.”

“And you just failed to mention this?”

“Well it brought back your focus, didn’t it?”

“I should have suspected it was you all along when you just showed up in the tavern and all the stolen items were mysteriously returned back the following day.”

“Ah yes, except your clothes.”

“Ugh, why do they always get that one detail right but somehow manage to screw up everything else?”

“Told you, I am a great fuck.”

“Fuck you.”

“Love you too, sweetheart.”]

(Idk where to run with this but  if you have any ideas, feel free to expand. Oh and also tagging @fahye just in case.)

Antibiotic resistance: WHO reveals woeful misconceptions about global health crisis

Two-thirds of people believe antibiotics can be used to treat colds and the flu, while another third think they should stop taking them when they feel better rather than continuing the whole course of treatment. The World Health Organisation’s survey of public understanding of antibiotic resistance has revealed some woeful misconceptions – a problem compounding one of thebiggest health challenges of the 21st century”.

The WHO surveyed 10,000 people across 12 countries to establish what people knew about antibiotic resistance. The report was published at the start of the first-ever World Antibiotic Awareness Week and to mark the launch of WHO’s new campaign, Antibiotics: Handle with care. The campaign says we should become better stewards of antibiotics, only using them when appropriate.

And this, they say, is of paramount importance. They found 65% of people had used antibiotics in the last six months. Over half, however, said there was not much they could do to stop antibiotic resistance and 64% think scientists will solve the problem before it becomes too much of an issue.

The vast majority of respondents said the drugs were prescribed to them by a healthcare professional (81%) or from a pharmacy or medical store (93%). However, they also found a small percentage of respondents in China and India had bought antibiotics online.

Findings revealed 76% of people thought antibiotic resistance occurs when the body becomes resistant. Almost half thought antibiotic resistance was only a problem encountered by those who took these drugs regularly, while 66% say they will not be at risk of a drug resistant infection if they take their antibiotics as prescribed. None of these statements are true.

Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria changes to resist the drugs being used to treat it. This occurs when antibiotics are misused – for example people not completing the dosage – and taking them for ailments they are not supposed to treat. Should antibiotics lose their efficacy, which health bodies across the globe are warning about, everyday infections could again become lethal.

Keiji Fukuda, Special Representative of the Director-General for Antimicrobial Resistance, said: “The findings of this survey point to the urgent need to improve understanding around antibiotic resistance. This campaign is just one of the ways we are working with governments, health authorities and other partners to reduce antibiotic resistance. One of the biggest health challenges of the 21st century will require global behaviour change by individuals and societies.”

Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General, added: “The rise of antibiotic resistance is a global health crisis, and governments now recognise it as one of the greatest challenges for public health today. It is reaching dangerously high levels in all parts of the world. Antibiotic resistance is compromising our ability to treat infectious diseases and undermining many advances in medicine.”

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In a tiny Northern California town called Vina, there’s a winery that’s definitely off the beaten track. That might be because this region’s better known for olive groves and cattle ranches than grapes. For these, vintners, though, it’s spiritual work.

When I visit New Clairvaux winery, two people are filtering wine, getting it ready for bottling. On the surface, they make an odd pair. One is Aimee Sunseri, the winemaker heading up operations here. The other is Brother Christopher Cheney, a monk. He grew up in California’s wine country, but never thought he’d make the stuff, until a religious conversion led him to the Abbey of New Clairvaux in 2004, just a few years after the brothers planted grapes.

These Vintner Monks Turn Wilderness Into The Divine Gift Of Wine

Photos: Lisa Morehouse for NPR

fic: fearless (7/10).

clarke needs someone to help with gas money. lexa needs a ride home. they both need a way to escape. clearly, a road trip across the country is the only solution.

remember we’re rated e. e stands for excessive fluff. and also sex. also you might have noticed, we have a final chapter count for this! it’ll round out at ten. so just three more after this ;)

rated e. ~9.2k. clarke/lexa. read on ao3.

part one. part two. part three. part four. part five. part six.

part seven - don’t know how it gets better than this.

They’re driving into Nebraska and frankly, there’s not much to see.

In fact, it might be the most visually uninteresting place that Clarke has ever seen. It’s mostly flatland and she can almost feel the landscape dulling her creative senses. Lexa’s driving and since she’s a smooth driver, Clarke is able to keep her sketchbook balanced on her legs. She’s drawing Lexa.

Her profile is wonderfully illuminated by the sun streaking in through the windows. It’s like a halo around her and Clarke is sure that heavenly is the only right way to describe her in the moment. There’s a small smirk pulling at the visible side of her face and Clarke squints, focusing even harder on getting the apple of her cheek shaped perfectly. “You’re staring,” Lexa whispers, the hum of her voice the only sound in the car. They’d been riding in silence though it wasn’t an awkward one - no. It was nice. Comfortable. Clarke lifts the eraser of her pencil to her mouth.

“I am,” Clarke doesn’t bother to deny it - she knows Lexa’s felt the intensity of her eyes on her since they started driving. “I can’t help it,” she says with a shrug. A faint blush spreads across Lexa’s cheeks and Clarke’s smile is soft. There’s a tug in her gut and, perhaps for the first time, she lets herself feel it. Lexa is beautiful. It’s as simple, and as complicated, as that. All she knows is that she hasn’t been more inspired by the curve of anyone else’s nose or the upturn of their lips.

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  • Bernie Sanders: We pay much much more than any other country for prescription drugs...Seniors are cutting pills in half.
  • Republicans: Two for the price of one? That's an even better bargain than a small loan of a million dollars!