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me, a musical critic reviewing any musical: 5 sTaRs⭐️🌟⭐️⭐️🌟oPenIng ScenE😩👏tHe SoNG😍😩AmAZInG cAST👫👭👬tHe ORchEsTra😩💙👏ChILLs😱👍 LiGHtinG💡🔦ALL oF The SoNGs🎵😍😩EmoTIoNs😭💕AcT ONe👯👯‍♂️AcT tWO💃🕺tHe CoSTUmes👀🎩eNdinG sCeNE😱😩👀


Drew @jellojolteon‘s Adrien as Greyling from her Greyling AU. (Where Adrien has the Butterfly miraculous instead of the Cat one :)) THere were two costumes so I decided to draw both > u <

 Honestly, I’ve been meaning to draw him for awhile now and I finally got around to it! Hope you like it Jello! :D



i don’t think the fact victor had his own costumes sent to japan for the onsen on ice event is appreciated enough. like most often i see this going around as a gag and excuse to call him “extra” and i’m like?

not only did victor think ahead of the very two people who were going to compete that day (and therefore should be the ones worrying about costumes, given it’s a very important part of presentation), but he paid for the shipping of not one or two, but every single costume he ever wore in competition so yuri and yurio had what to choose from. that also means he was willing to allow them to make sizing adjustments in case they picked something from more recent competitions. then he let yurio keep the agapé costume, something i’m pretty sure he didn’t even have to ask for.

like? guys? this isn’t victor being extra? it’s him being literally the most thoughtful angel on this planet? please appreciate him?

Costume Party - Jason Todd x Reader

Another one of those short story (at least shorter than I usually write) cause I don’t have much time before work, but still wanted to write something. Hope you’ll like it, especially you @demigodslytherin (I’ll wrote one with this prompt for Draco or Sirius another time ^^) : 

Tiny bit NSFW. 


You weren’t fond of parties, and neither was Jason…So it’s a wonder really, how you two ended up here, at one of the biggest costume party of the year. 

Drunk out of your mind. 

You don’t even agree as to how things actually happened. 

You believe that you got dragged to this party by Dick and Barbara, and he thinks you actually came here on your own will after Bruce said he had invitations to it, but had absolutely no intentions on going because it was full of “the youth of Gotham” and he was getting tired of those “20 years old girls and boys that accosted him to hit on him and flirt shamelessly with him, while he was obviously not interested”…besides, he couldn’t go through the hassle of finding a date for that in time, and had important cases to work on. So you took the invites and went in his place…

You were both right. Bruce gave you, Dick and Babs the invitations, but you and Jason didn’t wanna go, wanting a calm date night instead…But of course, his brother and your best friend wouldn’t hear it and indeed dragged you there with them. You grumbled all the way through, and grumbled some more when you arrived at the place and discovered that it was PACKED with people. Oh and the kind of people you disliked : the rich fuckers of Gotham City that thought they were better than anyone else. Not the rich people like Bruce, who genuinely cared about their city and such…No, their sons and daughters, who were born in wealth and thought that it made them the best. Urrh. You hated those guys so much. Coming from a poor neighborhood, they always were so rude to you ! And the number of time you heard that you were dating Bruce Wayne’s son only for his money…

If any of those assholes told you that tonight, you were gonna loose it. Especially since you really didn’t wanna be here. 

The only good thing about that all ordeal, was the fact that it was a costume party, and you loved getting in a costume. Though that particular night you didn’t have much time to actually prepare anything (again, dragged by Dick and Babs), and ended up in a generic princess disguise you had in your closet, while Jason put on a pirate costume. 

Paparazzis took at least a thousand pictures of you, Jason, Dick and Barbara…”Bruce Wayne’s children out with their girlfriends to the biggest costume ball in Gotham” would be the headline of every newspapers the next day. 

You didn’t get it. It was so uninteresting to know that you guys went there, like, who cared ? Apparently, lots of Gotham folks…They loved the pictures especially, so you made sure to give them a show by making stupid and weird faces on each of them. 

Bruce thought it was the most hilarious thing ever, how you hated being a public figure so much…but he also thought it was very cute that you would endure it because you loved his son. He liked you. You and your sass. Also, you were of a calm nature, so he thought it was perfect for Jason, you were able to tame him down most of the time. 

But tonight ? Oh tonight, things went downhill pretty fast, and the first thought you had was : “Oh man, B’s gonna be so disappointed in me !”. Of course, he wasn’t, but you sure weren’t the one that would “tame Jason down” that night. Oh no. You usually never drunk, but because you were so mad about being dragged to this party, you accepted the vodka Dick handed to you and…Oh you were gone so fast.  

It took you and your boyfriend less than an hour to get angry drunk. 

“Angry drunk” was how Dick would call you whenever you got drunk, because it happened rarely, and it happened only when something was displeasing you.

You had made it clear all the way from the Manor to here, you did not want to come, but alright, to make your friends happy…

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ordered just ice and then this happened


B is also for Ballet

Come watch renowned ballet dancers, Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov, perform a pas de deux in a historic first showcase!

“How are you holding up, Yuuri?”

“Me? I’m not the one on pointe…. Are you sure you’re good to practice full out so much? Too much strain on your leg isn’t good.”

“I live to surprise~”

I lost all motivation to work on this one for a while….


Someday I will stop talking about these two dresses. Today is not that day.

Grace Kelly’s wedding dress (designed by Helen Rose, two-time Oscar-winning costume designer) is a masterpiece. Rich materials, exquisitely tailored. Part of what makes this gown so appealing, though, is its proportions. The cummerbund extends from the waist to the underbust, which gives visual lift to the bust. The bodice is essentially three different sections—the cummerbund (solid), the bust (lace over solid), and the upper chest/shoulders (lace alone). Each section is roughly the same size, meaning the rule of thirds has been applied. Everything is well-balanced visually.

Another important thing to remember is that women in the 50s generally wore different undergarments than women today. Kelly was most likely wearing a girdle, which helped shape that slim waist, and the skirt had a significant crinoline and probably had hip padding as well to achieve that silhouette.

Kelly’s dress was produced by a team of 36 seamstresses in six weeks. Despite the close fit of the lace bodice, seams are virtually impossible to find. Hiding seams in lace is not an impossible task but it is time-consuming; it involves overlapping lace appliqué on the seams. The swan neck is also perfect, flowing without wrinkles over her collarbones and laying flat against her neck. No matter how she holds her arms, there is no strain on the bodice.

And then we get to JMo’s cosplay version. 

The proportions are off. The cummerbund doesn’t come up high enough. The result is the illusion of a low bust. There’s also no excuse for the bottom edge to be flipping up like that. She isn’t wearing a girdle (which, I can’t really blame her) and also has little or no hip padding, so the dress as a very flat silhouette. The skirt pleats are weirdly off-center, but the line of buttons is not (how is that even possible?). With her arms out on either side, the bodice is straining across the upper chest. The swan neck isn’t flush like it’s supposed to be and the lace edge isn’t even symmetrical. It’s closer to the buttons on one side than the other. An attempt was made to mirror the lace across the placket but the sides are off by enough to make it look weird.

And those seams are visible from space.

Sure, this is a recognizable copy, but in the same way that Yo-Yo Ma and your eleven-year-old nephew both play the cello. At this stage, I’m forced to assume that the costume department had two days and one fitting with JMo, or that they’re actively trolling everyone with this thing.

penguings-and-sherlock  asked:

Could you please do 4 and 10 with Bucky from your Drabble list?

4. “I’m trying really hard to hate you right now”

10. “You look so sexy when you’re ignoring me”

Requested by @penguings-and-sherlock​, thank you again to @bucky-plums-barnes​ for helping me brainstorm!! 

Even though Halloween came around every year Tony always insisted on having a pre-halloween party so people could ‘warm up’ to the idea of a costume party. Granted that he did it in the middle of summer, it was more an excuse to hold a glorified costume pool party if anything else. But all that meant for you was the stress of trying to find not one, but two costumes that were suitable to your standards. Flopping down on the couch phone in hand you started the tedious task of eliminating costume ideas and texting Nat about what costume she had decided on. The frustrated grunt falling from your lips was loud enough to alert your boyfriend of your mood. 

“Tony’s party?” Bucky questioned falling down next to you, wrapping his flesh arm around your shoulder. You nodded in reply, your fingers flicking across your screen as you mentally voted no to the many skimpy outfits. The next costume made you pause briefly, it was a two piece sailor costume with high waisted navy blue shorts. A crop top with white and red stripes across the bra with a blue bolt of fabric below tied with a red bow between the cleavage. looked more like swim bathers, paired with the iconic white sailor hat and red heels it certainly tied in with the pool aspect of the party. Still in two minds about the costume, metal fingers suddenly shot out to hold you from flicking it away. Looking up at your boyfriends face you were surprised to see the dark look in his eyes. 

“Have a thing for Sailors, Sarge?” you teased as Bucky blinked furiously grumbling something about Steve wanting to train together as he made his hasty retreat…

You knew you were in trouble, from the moment you locked eyes with Bucky wearing *that* outfit you could see his hand grip the bottle of beer ever so tightly as his chest paused on it’s intake of breathe before exhaling deeply. Innocently you skipped towards him, you were very aware of the others watching you planted a kiss to his cheek. Leaving a perfect lipstick mark on his cheek you grinned. 

“I’m trying really hard to hate you right now” You giggled as Bucky grumbled in your ear. 

“Aw come on baby, you know you love it” winking you didn’t have time to hear his reply as Nat whisked you away to the bar. 

For the rest of the night Bucky kept is distance, every time you looked over, he would look away. But that didn’t stop Nat from telling you when his eyes wandered over your ass when your back was turned to him. The final straw for your brooding boyfriend came when you and Steve were dancing, no matter how innocent it was between you and the Captain. The sight of Steve’s hands all over his girl made the ex assassin see red, in a matter of seconds you could feel Bucky pressed up against you. Pressing his hips flush against your as you swallowed as moan as you felt exactly how riled up Bucky really was. 

“You know, you look so sexy when you’re ignoring me” your voice shuddered as you backed up into him, eyes fluttering closed. But you had no time to relish in the feel of your boyfriend before he was pulling you to the elevator not caring that you stumbled behind him in your heels. 

“Oh no, I’m done ignoring you. Now, I’m going to punish you baby girl” 

Tim is sitting on the kitchen counter.
He knows full well he is not supposed to- Alfred has explicitly mentioned that butts are not made for sitting on counters, and counters were not made for butts to sit on.

But it’s midnight, and Jason hasn’t been home for three days. Longer since they’ve seen him, but three days since he’s been gone. It shouldn’t leave Tim as flustered as he is. Jason can be gone for up to weeks at a time. It’s not uncommon. It’s not something to be particularly worried about. Sure, it pisses Bruce off- for Christ’s sake, the kid is only 16, he should be at home- but by Jason standards, three days is practically no time at all.

But something feels different this time.

So Tim is sitting on the counter. He knows that the kitchen will be the first place Jason checks in after a mission. Tim knows that, any minute now, Jason will come gliding through the swinging door, graceful as ever, already half out of costume, and on the hunt for one or two or seven of Alfred’s amazing gingersnaps. The ones he makes specially for Jason.

If Tim could just stay awake long enough, he would be the first to see his big brother return. And when he does, Jason will ruffle his hair, throw his cape across Tim’s shoulders, and playfully scold him for being out of bed so late.

But it’s past one o'clock now, and little Timmy can’t keep his eyes open. He hops down from the counter, stumbles across to the kitchen table, clambers up, and dozes off. He’ll still be the first to greet Jason, he’s sure of it.

It’s one-thirty now, and Tim wakes to the sound of dragging feet and big yawns. He pretends to sleep, determined to give Jason a surprise when he walks through the door.

But it’s not Jason. It’s Dick, wrapped in a blanket and rubbing sleep from his eyes.

“What are you doing in the kitchen?”

He knows Tim isn’t asleep. There’s no fooling Dick.

“I’m waiting.”


But Dick has that knowing look in his eyes, the inescapably knowing big brother look that he has mastered over the years. He doesn’t even know when he’s using it.

Dick climbs up onto the table and pulls Tim into his side.

“Do you think he’ll come soon?”

“I don’t know.” But his voice breaks. Dick knows, he just won’t say.
“Come on, let’s get you back to bed.”

But Tim won’t go. He’s promised himself he’ll see Jason, and there’s no way he’s going to bed now.
So Dick pulls his blanket across Tim and they curl up together on the table. Soon enough, they both doze off.

Dick won’t admit it, but he had come down to the kitchen to investigate the sounds of snoring and shuffling. He had hoped it was Jason.

It’s three-twelve when the sound of tiny footsteps wakes Dick. Tim is still fast asleep, curled into Dick’s side. And Dick knows that sound. It’s tiny little Damian, out of bed and wandering the mansion. He does so when he can sense the tension in the house. He does so when he knows something is wrong, although he can’t communicate that yet.

When tiny Damian pushes open the big swinging door, staring open-mouthed at his brothers on the kitchen table, eyes glassy with exhaustion, Dick wordlessly scoops him up and tucks him into his other side, a brother under each arm. It warm, it’s comfortable, but it’s not enough. There is supposed to be a third brother, one to hold onto Tim’s empty side. He isn’t here. Tim scoots closer to Dick, and Dick’s heart breaks.

It’s seven-thirty when Alfred enters the kitchen, stopping short at the sight of tangled limbs and mops of black hair sprawled across the breakfast table. As much as he would like to believe it is due to the shock at finding three of his grandsons sleeping in the kitchen, it is truly due to disappointment. He had hoped it was the fourth grandson he had heard fumbling around in the night.

It is eight-thirty when Bruce finally steps into the kitchen. And he stops. And he stares. Dick, his eldest, is sitting on the edge of the counter, an arm around each of his youngest brothers. The three of them have their heads bowed, and they do not stir upon hearing Bruce enter. Their tangles of black hair and rumpled pjs flow from one into the next, and Bruce swears his boys could be a single living entity in this moment, living, breathing, worrying together as one.

Alfred is sitting in a wooden chair in the corner, shoulders slumped, staring blankly into space. He hasn’t made breakfast, he hasn’t even put clothes on. He’s sitting in his robe, an empty look painted on his face, wiping all emotion from his features.

Bruce can’t blame them. He didn’t sleep a wink last night. He could swear he heard Jason shuffling around in the kitchen.

Without wasting his breath on “good morning"s that will go unheard through the breaks in his voice, Bruce simply pulls open the fridge and begins to pull out edible arrangements leftover from the funeral.

“Dear Wayne family,” reads one, “Our condolences. He will be missed.
Signed, the GCPD.”

“Dear Bruce,” reads another, “I’m so sorry for the loss of your son.
C. Kent .”

“Dear Bruce,
We will all miss Jason. He was something special.
Well wishes, S. Kyle.”

anonymous asked:

Hello pocarovna! I was looking at your posts and I find those costumes beautiful but what do you thinnk, wasn´t it just so boring and monotonous to wear the same thing whole life?

Hello anon!
That´s a good question you´re asking. Yes, in the past, people were basically wearing the same costume type with little variations for their whole life. 
Other thing is, we tend to look at this fact through modern people optics.

First of all, let´s try to think about it in the manner of a person who owned two or three complete sets of clothing, whether they wore a costume or not.

Point one: In fact, the traditional costume was more than “just clothes”. It was a symbol of belonging to certain community and certain social group.  There are some remains of this sense of belonging in some cultures that are preserved until today - imagine kilt, a cross pendant or a simple turban. Some of the symbols do not carry their original meaning, but help you link the person to a certain community anyway. 
In this sense, the costume was a way to declare that you belong somewhere. 
(Of course, the background of this fact is rather rational - one area costumes usually depended on local supplier of certain fabrics). 

Point two: yes, people did wear one type of costume for the whole life. However, old pictures may confuse you. The variety throughout the life could be rather wide. 
Let me show you an example of a costume of a village in western Slovakia.
First of all, this was a festive clothing for unmarried woman: 

This could be worn for religious festivals, weddings and similar occasions. 
Of course, the everyday costume was different. Unfortunately, the working costumes were usually not preserved so well, and I don´t have the appropriate picture for it. 

Then, there was a wedding dress. This does not mean it was worn only on the wedding day - usually also up to few weeks / months after the wedding, depending on the region: 

After this period, the woman switched to a different costume, the one for married ladies: 

The older the woman was, the more the colors differed, gradually getting darker. For some areas, the embroidered ornaments also changed according to the age of the person. 

Last of all, there is a costume for the widowed woman: 

Now imagine, each of these costumes could have different embroidery, different colors, different ribbons to decorate. After all, it´s not so monotonous, is it?

(Note: I used the pictures of Ms. Hela Miklova, which she proudly presented on Facebook. I find it so I amazing that I had to share)


I read a post war drarry fic a long while ago in which Draco discovers all these old robes at the back of one of the wardrobes in the manor. Beautiful cuts and pattern, incredibly ornate and magical embroidery, peacock bright colours, all hundreds of years old and well out of fashion.

Well, he starts wearing them and being the gorgeous boy he is it triggers a fashion revolution and suddenly everyone in Diagon Alley is dressing like it and Madame Malkin is inundated with commissions to make these beautiful robes. (I wish I could remember what fic it was.)

Ever since its been a hc of mine that as act of rebellion against those severe black robes he wore growing up, the ones his father wore, Draco starts wearing these ridiculously flamboyant robes and absolutely owns it. It beats going the other way and dressing in the grey palette and boring cuts of a Muggle. Harry outwardly hates it, I mean, honestly??? But of course he loves it really. They deserve to celebrate and Malfoy deserves happiness.

I designed this outfit and copied the pose from a mixture of two European paintings, one of Count Valetti in costume in the spirit of Italian Opera, 1710, and one of the Grand Court Marshal, 1805 in French court costume.

Mobile Master List

Okay guys, enjoy!

Jensen Ackles

Famous Love series - 1 2 3 4 5 -(Reader is part of Sherlock cast and meet Jensen in a Comic Con)

Mentions of Love -(Jensen always blush when the fans ask about the reader)

She’s (not) confident. -  2 -(Reader is part of Supernatural cast and have a low self esteem and a huge crush on Jensen) 

Finding Jensen -(Reader and Jensen talk about their future)

Daddy Issues- 1 2 -(Reader is a teenager actress that works in Supernatural, with some trouble with her dad)

You’re my home series - 1 2 3 4 -(Reader is a young single mom and meet Jensen in a Supernatural convention)

Dean Winchester

Who’s in control? -(Demon!Dean try to kill his pregnant girlfriend)

Don’t leave me -(Dean and the reader are having huge fights and she almost die.)  

Just the way you are -(Reader tries to tell her boyfriend, Dean, that she is bisexual)

Sam Winchester

Family -(Sam and the reader have a little surprise in her labor)


69 - (Reader and Cas have just begun a relationship and everything the reader says Dean turns it to sexual)

Winchester brothers

You’re safe now -(Reader has a abusive boyfriend and she ask the brothers for help)

She was 17 and never learn to smile -(Charlie Bradbury discover a huge secret about the Winchester family)

Winchester Sister

I won’t lose you- 1 2 -(The little Winchester tries to kill herself)

Speak to big brother -(Dean finds out that his little sister is not a virgin anymore)


Dean - My costume came two sizes smaller. Is it too revealing?

Sam -You’re the one who wanted to put his complicated costume, now you take it off by yourself. I don’t even care if i have to enjoy myself with own hand.

Sam - I’m too drunk to go back home. You mind if I crash on your couch? Or your bed…?

Balthazar - 1 2

Hiatus Writing Challenge

1- x - Sam winchester x reader, Sam winchester x ruby

3- x - Winchester sister

13 - x - Jensen x Reader 

17- x - Dean x Reader

18 - x - Winchester sister (Charlie’s POV)

Would Include

Being Jared’s daughter

Being Jensen’s daughter

Being Misha’s daugther

Being Jared’s little sister

Sherlock Holmes

Sucker for pain -(Sherlock finds out that his little sister is self harming)

happyjuliexo  asked:

Hi mango ! Could you share some tips on wearing 2 very different cosplays in the same day at a con ? Like, do you re-do your full make-up between each etc. ? Thanks a lot ! I have to wear 2 costumes in the same day next convention if I want to both do a group cosplay with my friends in the morning and do the mascarade in the evening !

For the past nine years of cosplaying, I’ve done multiple costumes changes a day. After a few experiences at Katsucon this year, I am so over doing multiple costume changes each day, unless it’s into some variation of the same character. It just ain’t worth the 10+ hours of circle lenses or using up that much expensive makeup product. From now on: one costume per day, then a kigu or pajamas (again, unless it’s a casual/PJ version of whatever character I was already cosplaying that day). No more of this multiple-characters-per-day craziness that I’ve done when I was younger, I’m too old for it. x____x

That being said: here’s some advice if you do want to wear multiple costumes a day!

1. Make a schedule for the day and stick to it. Know when you have to be back in the room to change, making sure to account for how long it’ll take you to do so.

2. Unless you’re cosplaying characters with very, very similar looks, you’ll want to fully redo your makeup. It’s tedious and a pain, but it’ll give you the opportunity to wash off any build-up and look fresh for your next character.

3. Have a snack and hydrate before going out for round two. You’ve already been through one costume and likely a few photoshoots by this point. Make sure to replenish your energy with food and drink water while you have the chance!

4. If possible, lay out your second costume before leaving the hotel room in the morning. That way, when you come back, your next costume is already set out and ready to change into without having to hunt for it while tired. (Instead you can use this time to actually, idk, sit down and catch your breath.)

5. Plan to wear the more difficult/physically-taxing costume in the morning. The worst thing (at least, IMO!) is being out all day in a costume then coming back to the room and having to change into full armor or a giant ballgown. With my energy levels, I greatly prefer changing into a more comfortable costume for late afternoon/evening.

I hope some of that helps! As always, if anyone has other tips or bits of advice to offer, feel free to reply or reblog and add to the list! :D

Another headcanon coming your way guys: Robbie is the one who makes all those custom outfits that the kids wear all the time

Stephanie, for example, oftentimes is wearing costumes or whatever, but it’s always…personalized? Like there’s usually an S on it somewhere, it mirrors her usual outfit very well

My headcanon is that Robbie, the gigantic softie that he is, whips up a costume or two for one of the kids whenever inspiration strikes, and leaves it in a box around town

The kids never really questioned it, they just know that the “costume boxes” are always fun to rifle through, and they take it for granted, because they’re eight and don’t really think too hard about it while they’re looking for something to play with.