two corvettes

"Thrawn lost" WTF r u even serious

Am gonna finally rant.
Why. The Fuck. Does nearly the whole Tumblr. Say. That Thrawn. Lost.
What the hell is wrong, people.
He has destroyed the biggest bloody rebel cell. That would be Dodonna’s Massassi.
He has destroyed nearly the whole Sato’s squad.
He has made the rebels leave behind all the gear and supplies.
He has literally blasted a good dozen of their capital ships out of the space.
The only spacecraft that have left, have been the Ghost, the Nightbrother, two Corvettes and kinda bunch of A-wings (maybe?).
Thrawn has lost like several TIEs, five AT-ST (with the pilots being fine except for the last one) one AT-AT and one death trooper (maybe?). Two Interdictors, sadly, with neither being his fault.
The rebels have lost dozens of people, dozens of fighters like A-/Y-wings, all the supplies, all the gear, and escaped with NOTHING but the ships they were on.
Excuse me, has Thrawn still lost in your mind?

If not for Tarkin’s orders about prisoners, Season 4 would be about the rebels rotting on Kessel.

Gosh, “Thrawn lost”, it’s unbelievable, ебаный нахуй пиздец просто блядь господи.