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NaLu and StarCo

Best friend ships hug

I TOTALLY LOVE THESE TWO ahhhhhh I’m sorry but I will go down with these shiiiips (◕‿◕✿)

character aesthetics: aaron dingle (emmerdale) in blue


‘…because when we’re talking to someone we’re attracted to, we think their bad jokes are funny and we just smile when we’re talking normally, because we’re attracted, we’re interested and we can’t hide it, it’s like painted on…’

I’m in a two seat corner on the 6 train. Train empty af. Why then…..did this girl take it upon herself….to squeeze next to me? SIS. GO OVER THERE. AND SHE STARING HARD AF AT MY PHONE SCREEN. IF YOU READING THIS MOVE YA ASS!!!!

a kiss on the lips (m.)

Summary: Seokjin has a sophisticated, sweet-toothed palate. (Vampire!Seokjin)

Genre: Smut, Romance, Supernatural, Humor

Rating: 18+ (smut) (bad language, mixing food with sex, frottage, blood drinking)

Length: 9.9k+ 

Sweeter than Sweet series

A/N: So, evidently, I have a serious kink about on-clothes action, and I’m so sorry.

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You start up the stairs to the dorm, taking the steps two at a time until you reach the fourth floor, panting slightly but blessedly warmer than when you’d stepped into their building. Skirting around two corners and down a hallway, you reach the door to their apartment and press the key code into the handle, grinning when SHINee’s “RingDingDong” starts playing through the intercom. You slip your hands back into your coat pockets as the door unlocks and opens, nudging your way in with your shoulder.

The entryway is full of shoes, the pretense to organization in the metal shoe rack by the wall abandoned in favor of the total chaos on the floor. Your nose wrinkles at the smell, recoiling from the days old sweat and foot smell from seven very active boys, and you start to wonder if your present to yourself (and the rest of the donors, damn) shouldn’t be to order a cleaning service to bleach the place.

 “Seokjin?” You call into the apartment, unsurprised that the lights are still off and the apartment is dead silent. It’s just after eight—not even Hoseok gets up this early on a Sunday.

Slipping your winter boots off, you bend down and pull the drawer out from under the entryway step. You and the other donors keep your slippers in here, where they would be protected from the careless stampedes of the vamps when they come in and out of the apartment. You pull out the pink slippers with your initial stitched into the side and slip your feet into them, drawing your coat from around your shoulders as you do so. It’s still chilly in the apartment—likely, Jimin had turned down the thermostat the day before and left it. Your sweater’s just warm enough to protect you from the cold, but you turn up the heat a few notches at the thermostat by the door anyway. Taehyung would whine if he woke up to a second ice age in the dorm. 

On your way to Seokjin and Yoongi’s room, you peak into the living room and kitchen. Random things are strewn around the couch and coffee table, jackets and pants, video game controllers and chip bags, pieces of brightly colored Christmas wrapping paper still curled up into balls on the floor, despite the weeks after the new year that had come and gone. A pair of scissors sticks out from the Colossal Titan’s mouth on the bookcase, the tape dispenser hanging from one of its blades. You stare at it for a moment before making a detour to grab them and set them in a safer spot onto the bookshelf, shaking your head in disapproval.

You’re the second eldest of the donors, after Yoongi’s donor, and you’d grown up with four younger siblings, three of which had been boys, so you had plenty of experience handling the roughhousing, the messes, and the seemingly willful ignorance of common sense, but add in the vampire element to the mix and the apartment practically becomes the dungeon before the final boss battle of a fantasy RPG— difficulty rating: out of antidotes, just let the poison kill you and start over.

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I need an episode where a girl has a crush on Chat.

Not Adrien, not Marinette, not Ladybug. Chat freakin’ Noir.

I need this girl to think the world of him. He’s heroic, he’s cool, his jokes are hilarious. She’s over the moon for him. And Chat is flattered, really. But he’s in love with Ladybug! So he turns her down as gently as he can.

Cue the akuma and a hilarious battle between the dynamic duo and a girl who thinks Ladybug is in her way. Bonus points for jealous!Ladybug trying to deny/reason away her jealousy.

It’s great that so many people are in love with Mari/LB and Adrien, but can somebody please be in love with Chat, too? Because there’s bound to be a person in Paris who’s noticed that he’s wonderful.


Context: So we took a trip to the town because the DM didn’t have anything planned that night, long story short we ended up in the bazaar and we also happen to be doing the session in the middle of Dennys. Player 1’s big bipedal Hyena character has a creepy thing for mine, the human solider, and during this all I have been forcing myself to learn the art of Leroy Jenkins..

DM: Okay so this poor kid looks at his father, setting the helmet down-running. 

Player 1: I have a chase instinct, I chase down the kid!

DM: Okay you two, you turn the corner to the bazaar and you witness this kid just booking it toward you for some reason-then (Player 1) appears, flying over a stall, doing a barrel roll across the street and full on hunting this kid down. 

Player 2 (Me): Uhhhh….I have to preserve the human race, gotta stop them, I have to save this kid. I UH…

Player 3 (The Alien): What the fudge 


Player 3: Cringing I am cringing and not looking. No. 

DM: Player 3, you question why she’s taking her clothes off. It’s not bath day. 

*Insert 5-10 minute break to their catch breath for entire group who is dying at this point*

DM: *Sighing with great reluctance, questioning me, pointing at me, hoping to god the rest of the restaurant hasn’t heard this, triple checks this is what I want to do* Okay..So this is what happens. As you pull up your..You.. this kid gets the first inkling of puberty, and runs straight in to a door open on the street. Smack, he’s on the ground and Player 1 isn’t stopping.. Player 1, as you’re running on the hunt with blood lust, and you happen to glance over and see this run straight through the door. Boom, it bursts in to splinters and you have a bloody nose for other reasons. 

Player 2: Oh no, he got run over!

The DM didn’t appreciate that I inquired if the my character’s rack was worthy enough either. 


“Happiness” ❤


Seriously Komaeda not knowing how to shut up is something that lands him into more trouble than just about anything else he does. People don’t trust him because he can’t shut up. Monaka ditched him and didn’t become Junko 2.0 because he couldn’t shut up. It’s like he has to monologue every opportunity he gets. We’re talking about hope now? I gotta tell you everything I know and believe about hope. He has to. His entire character is based on his philosophy that he can’t shut up about.

and Junko is SHSL Analyst and I was watching her during that scene and she picked up how easy it would be to sidetrack him into talking fairly quickly. She tried other things first, but when she picked up that he just could not shut up about how much he loved hope, heck yeah she took advantage of it.

He is intelligent. Very intelligent. Arguably one of the smartest characters in the series. However, he does still have huge drawbacks that balance that out, one of them being that he has a tendency to ramble at very inappropriate times until someone stops him.

As an audience member, it feels like the scene is dragging on. But knowing Komaeda (and Junko) as a character, nope, this is just him. Every day.

Southern Keith (again)
  • Lance: So, hey, is there really a church around every corner in the South?
  • Keith: No, that's just an exaggeration. There's a lot but not one on every cor -
  • Keith: *goes back home*
  • Keith: Are you fuckign kidding me