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But did you see them in the latest GFH episode?? I yelled so loud when my boys came on!! Also lil Eta and Iota with big bro Delta sooooo cute ;U;!!

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So. The Pokémon breeding variation art meme (initially spawned by too-much-green if I am not mistaken?) has been around on tumblr for quite a while now and probably needs no further introduction - and here’s my (rather overdue) contribution for it. Breloom is one of my many favorite Pokémon (and after all what’s not to love about dinosaurian battle-shrooms?) and because I am a giant bio nerd I named and based all these variations (save one) on some actual fungi.

This took way too effing long but I’m quite pleased with the results!

Some information about these breeds can be found under the ‘read more’ tag’.

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