two cherubs

Manoth Kitticheewan for ‪#‎GucciGram‬ Tian

Though Thailand’s signature floral paintings are rich, vibrant collections of flowers in elaborate patterns, Thai painter and illustrator Manoth Kitticheewan uses a more pastel approach, focusing on the unique shape and substance of individual flowers. His floral creations are complemented by figure illustrations that might find a home in a children’s book. For the Tian remix, Kitticheewan has rendered a storybook image with the liberated vines and flowers of the Tian print winding skyward on one page and two cherub-faced, haloed children adorning the page facing it as they reach for the flowers that grow beyond their reaches. They are playfully clad in diapers made of Gucci’s signature pattern, a tribute to the classic made new again. — Alana Massey

alright, so i see a lot people worrying that this alternate Calliope who won the cherub battle for dominance is evil, and i can understand the concern, seeing as this gif is pretty disturbing:

however, notice how her cheeks are still green!! there’s no way this Callie is evil, since that’s literally not biologically possible (cherub-wise). also, the red bow tie isn’t anything strange or sinister; it’s always been there:

and the fact that she’s (most likely) typing in her brother’s blood colour doesn’t necessarily mean anything evil either:

remember Caliborn’s reason for wanting to type in his sister’s blood colour?

Caliborn wanted to show off to people that he won. that was his whole purpose of typing in green, as a symbol of his victory. considering the fact that the two cherubs that inhabit a single body are opposites in personality, it’s likely that this alternate Calliope is typing in red as maybe a tribute to her dead brother, a way to honour his death, because that’s the type of person she is; thoughtful, kind, and never vengeful.

now, of course, there’s always the option that this isn’t actually Calliope and it’s some type of trick, but if this really is alt Callie, i think Hussie’s just trying to screw with us by making her appear more sinister than she actually is

The official commemorative coin marking the christening of Princess Charlotte features two harp-playing cherubs encircled by swags of lilies.

The Royal Mint revealed the £5 coin after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with the Queen and the Chancellor George Osborne, approved the design.

Engraver John Bergdahl, who also crafted Prince George’s christening coin, made Charlotte’s coin similar to her brother’s to symbolise the link between the royal siblings.

A baroque-style oval frame, or cartouche, at the centre bears the inscription: “To celebrate the Christening of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge 2015.”

Crazy Homestuck Theory

What if Calliope and Caliborn’s parents…

Are Calliope and Caliborn?

Out of all the characters in Homestuck, as we know so far Calliope and Caliborn are the ONLY two characters who were not made via ectobiology, but instead hatched from an egg produced by two unnamed and unknown cherubs who duked it out.

As we know from exposition, cherub children are depicted wearing clothing, and unless they magically become nudists upon reaching adulthood (which considering how weird everything else is for them, is not out of the question), it’s safe to assume that the two figures that were their parents were depicted ambiguously.

As can be seen, the mother is a green-blooded lithe female, while the father is a red-blooded musclebound male.  If Calliope and Caliborn do in fact follow the trend of paradoxical origins, then it could very well be that their parents are Alt!Calliope and Lord English, as gross as that may seem.

Anyway, it’s just an idea.

Baby Evan is 2 today.

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Gosh taking Olly and the two little cherubs playing together.

And whatever you do, don’t imagine Jen showing up for Evan’s little birthday party and him running over to her full force cos his favorite Auntie Jen is there and he’s so happy to see her.

And don’t imagine her swinging him round and cuddling him like she cuddles little Raphael, raining kisses all over his gorgeous little face as he giggles.

And don’t imagine her splayed out on the floor with Evan and Oliver and Evan’s little friends climbing all over her cos they just adore her and she’s awesome with kids.

And don’t imagine Colin taking over from her after a little while cos they’ve worn her out, so she can go join Helen, who’s pouring her a glass of wine.

And just don’t imagine that they sit with Gosh and Tanya and Sean laughing at Colin being beaten up by a handful of boisterous 2 year olds.

Just don’t imagine any of it cos it will ruin you.