two cats sizing each other up

Snapshots from a (much) later future
  • An apartment for two. Crystalline figures, lined up an equal distance apart from each other, kept in a glass case in the study room, away from the cats.
  • An exy racquet signed ‘Knox’, in the back of a closet filled with various workout clothes. An XXL sized t-shirt hangs from one of the plastic hangers, jutting out incongruously from the smaller sized clothing. On it are the faded words ‘World’s Best Dad’, ‘Coach’ written underneath it in parentheses. It still smells like smoke.
  • A trophy case in an empty locker room, freshly cleaned after a match. It’s filled to the brim with medals and trophies. On the same wall, an overcrowded collection of photos. Everyone in them is smiling if you squint your eyes and tilt your head.
  • An urn filled with ash, built to be the centerpiece of a fountain in front of the house. If you look closely, you might see engraved on it, 'In loving memory of Bryan Seth Gordon’. 
  •  Various bottles of half used brightly colored hair dye sitting in a box to be shipped out. The owner doesn’t need them anymore. The little girl she’s been writing to needs them more.
  • A stuffed fox plushie tucked into the bed of at least 3 different children, all of whom’s parents will never forget the nostalgia of their college days.
  • A set of black arm bands beneath a pillow. The color has faded to gray, but the 'To Robin’ written in Sharpie on the inner label hasn’t. 
  •  A set of black arm bands tucked away in the back of a drawer. They haven’t seen light in a while. Neither have the knives hidden inside them.

Imagine you and your (future) wife living in a small cabin in the forest.

Up a wooden ladder is your queen-sized bed - just big enough for you two and your cats but small enough to snuggle when it gets cold outside.

Downstairs is a woodstove which heats the entire cabin easily.

You have a love seat in front of the fire where you snuggle up with books.

In the summer you tend to your herb and vegetable gardens so you can heal each other when you get sick and feed yourselves throughout the seasons.

You and your wife are only needed in your respective offices twice a week, and the rest of the time you can watch the sun rise together in your pjs before starting your work.

You have one hand on a mug of hot chocolate and the other hand wrapped around her waist.

One of your cats watches the early birds swoop through the air, stalk still but for a tail flicking which betrays its interest in the darting creatures.