two can keep a secret

Two Can Keep a Secret // Jacques and Elena

The restaurant guaranteed the privacy that Elena needed. The brunette should still be in bed allowing her body to rest, but her doctor had something more important that needed tending. Jacques knew about her. The woman had no idea what sort of confession her guilty mind eased by the presence of drugs spilled. Her hands were covered in blood not belonging to herself. Her past was saturated with it. Either the doctor didn’t know the truth or did not care to inform the police of her past transgressions. The idea that someone knew her darkest secrets made the woman’s hands tremble as she wiped them on her pants. This was not a date. This was… Elena had no words to describe what was about to occur. Jacques half asked, half demanded that they go somewhere to discuss her secrets. The brunette refused to make an effort to look more than the sickly patient she was in an oversized sweater grey and a pair of black leggings.

Pressing her back to the cold wall of the hospital, Elena sighed in relief feeling a bit of the pain numbed by the cold. Checking her cell phone, she wondered just where the good doctor was. His shift was supposed to end at seven, and it was now seven thirty. While Jacques might have had the day off, with the recent events in Regium, Elena sincerely doubted that the staff would give the tired doctor a break when he was so good at his craft. 

A grin grew on her lips as she spotted a familiar tall, dark shape emerging from the staff exit with a cigarette already clutched between his teeth. Pushing off of the wall, Elena made her way closer. “You know it is a bad habit, but you are in the right place.” She tilted her head towards the hospital knowing the retort about death was soon coming. “I’ve got us reservations for eight thirty. Shall I call a cab or do you need to go home and get pretty first?”

two can keep a secret||Fletcher/Leah-Leah

Veronika’s feet scraped the hard surface of the sidewalk beneath her. She leaned back against the bench she was sitting on, quietly observing the people that passed. By some miracle, she had managed to escape her house that day. Normally, her parents would be upon her before she touched the door knob, squawking orders about playing the violin, doing voice exercises, or some other utter nonsense. It was a constant stream of information that made Veronika much more stressed out than she should be. Just thinking about it made her jittery. Her leg bouncing up and down on the ground, Veronika gave up trying to sit still. She got up, brushed nonexistent dirt off her shorts, and headed off down the sidewalk. People walked by her, none of them rushing to get anywhere or do something on time. Nobody rushed in Bluebells. Heat beat down on the road, an example of a Georgia summer in full swing. Veronika, aching for shade, veered off the sidewalk onto a little dirt path. Small pebbles kicked up under her feet, and soon the path led her under a canopy of trees that helped alleviate the sun’s rays. Sighing with relief, Veronika pulled her hair out of its high ponytail and swept it over to one side. Letting her eyes roam about the trees, she wove it into a loose side braid, her fingers expertly twisting the hair until she wrapped the band around the end. Thankful for the peace and quiet, she continued along the small path, listening to the occasional bird call that echoed from the tree tops.

If only all of Bluebells was this nice.

Two Can Keep a Secret If One of Them Is Dead//freckledprince-ofjinae

Reiner stood around Bertholdt and Annie. The streets were filled with dead soldiers all of there doing. In the background he could still hear the screams of others being eaten or losing their fellow comrades. His eyes moved to his fellow warriors. 

“Look, if we’re going to do this, we’ll do it together alright.” He said to them. Annie folded her arms across her chest, while Bertholdt avoided all eye contact with Reiner. 

“Once Rose is taken down, we’ll move onto Sina.” He closed his eyes looking toward the wall, “Then we can go home…" 

Annie slowly let out a sigh as she ran off. Bertholdt still had a worried look on his face. Reiner merely patted him on the back. "Stop looking like that, ok?” He said in a stern voice, “You’ll do fine.”

“But..” Bertholdt managed to say. The taller teen didn’t bother to argue with Reiner. He gave Reiner a nod and ran off, following Annie.

Reiner let out a long deep sigh, as he kicked away the arm of a dead soldier. 

Two can keep a secret // graceful-cure-swan

Sundays were boring for Kiriya. There was no school, he rarely had soccer practice on Sundays, and he didn’t like being stuck in the Dusk Zone all day. Poisony and the others were always arguing over who would defeat the Pretty Cure or giving Kiriya trouble for not taking his job seriously. It was annoying, and today Kiriya had decided he wasn’t going to take it.

Using the excuse that he was going to search for the Prism Stones, Kiriya left the Dusk Zone and decided to wander around the shopping district. He didn’t have any money, but looking around the stores would hopefully give him a distraction. It seemed to be working - because he didn’t even notice Tsubasa standing on the side walk until he nearly ran into her. Blinking in surprise, the male quickly took a step back.

“Tsubasa-san? What are you doing here?”


Two Can Keep a Secret

I thing that is Part 1

two can keep a secret / hadley and preston

Meet me at our spot.

She’d been here for a long time. For hours, actually, long before she actually sent the text to Preston with simple and perhaps stoic instructions. Sitting on a rock within the cave, looking out at the sea, wrapping her arms around her midsection. She wasn’t sure how to feel anymore. Only a few days ago, Hadley had looked down at a piece of plastic that spelled out her entire future for her, and she’d felt a pit of fear in her stomach. People already hated her enough. Preston's mother already hated her enough. With this… this would change everything.

For a few moments after, Hadley had considered the unthinkable: giving it up, getting rid of it, running away from it. It hadn’t taken long for her to banish that thought from ever stopping by again. Preston wouldn’t stand for it, and she wouldn’t keep this from him. And she wouldn’t become her mother, either. She would be a better mother, for the sake of her child, and for the sake of her peace of mind. Hadley had to do this, for herself. She was terrified, and lost, and small, and just shy of being completely alone in the world, but she still had Preston. She only had Preston.

That wasn’t true. Soon, she’d have someone else.

She tightened her grip around her stomach and took a deep breath, closing her eyes tightly as she waited to hear the footsteps. When she did, she opened her eyes and smiled tightly. “Preston.”

Two Can Keep a Secret | Nicholas & Kaytlin

Kaytlin skipped down the narrow hallway, humming to herself as she went. She had made six batches too many of cookies, her good mood distracting her from how much she was applying. Kay had not felt so alive in a long time, since she transferred and it was strange to think that the reason was because of a Dauntless boy. She could hardly hold back a smile, thinking of Nyle staring down at her with the gentlest look in his eyes… A sigh escaped her lips as she hung a small bag of cookies on someone’s door knob.

She and Nyle had not made anything official, and Kay wasn’t dull, she knew why. The truth was there, even if he didn’t want to say it. Nyle didn’t want his reputation to be ruined by falling for some stupid hippie. It was understandable. If Kaytlin was being honest with herself, she’d know that she didn’t want people to know because she didn’t want her own reputation to be ruined. People think things when an Amity is attracted to a Dauntless or a Dauntless an Amity. People jump to assumptions and neither one them wanted people doing that. It was too risky.

“Oh!” Kaytlin gasped, running into a familiar chest. Looking up, she laughed nervously. “I’m so sorry, Nicky! Cookies?” She held out a bag to him, a hopeful glint in her eye. Kaytlin wanted him to like her again, to trust her and play games with her and be the boy he had been when they were growing up. Why did everything have to change and get complicated?