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Steal His Look: Some Sort of High Tech Pervert

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6.14.17 OOTD

Going to be in court today for a bit so I went for something clean.

Banana Republic navy pants (I want a million pairs of these)
Ann Taylor patterned short sleeve top
Ann Taylor two button navy blazer
Franco Sarto block heel pumps (quickly becoming my favorite)
Fossil watch

My Little Hawkmoth Theories

So I’m not really sure one way or another but I have my suspicions on who Hawkmoth really is. Half of my evidence points to Gabriel Agreste, and the other half to Mr. Kubdel. I’m probably over analyzing, but I wanted to point out some few things I’ve noticed so far. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed these already, so they might not be new found things, but I’ll post them anyways.

For one, I know some have hypothesized about the Hawkmoth lair, where it is, how he gets out of it, etc. But it seems like there may be a trap door of sorts leading somewhere, which makes me believe this structure is at least above some other floor. And from the looks of the view from outside his window, it appears to be relatively elevated to the point you can see a silhouette of much of the city.

Now in favor of Gabriel Agreste being Hawkmoth, I noticed that civilian Hawkmoth wears a plain silver ring specifically on his left middle finger.

Kind of like Mr.Agreste here (actually exactly like Mr. Agreste), and is seen throughout the Jackady episode :

and of course, we have a lot of the suspicious actions and things said by Mr. Agreste in Jackady to support a lot of things. It’s really hard to argue against his odd behavior, unless the episode was meant to throw people off.

I’d like to point out some more things, but now about Mr.Kubdel. Notice how absolutely shiny and white civilian Hawkmoth’s nails appear in the above image? Pretty unlike Mr. Agreste, whose nails are relatively more pink. And yes, lighting is a factor in this because nails reflect a great deal of light, but Hawkmoth’s nails would literally have to be that bright and light to even produce almost platinum looking colors, just as the ring does (although it is a much more reflective surface than the nails). It seems like these kinds of bright nails run in the Kubdel family…

I wouldn’t really argue that that’s especially substantive. But there are some other things leading me to him, not just in that his face shape is seemingly more similar to Hawkmoth’s than Gabriel’s (whose face is relatively longer and more narrow in the chin area). The skin color comparison is a little iffy depending on the kind and amount of lighting they use in Hawkmoth’s lair– it’s obviously a very bright, singular, and washed out light, so that can affect many things.

It’s hard to say, however, how much Hawkmoth’s mask would distort his face shape. I’d also like to point out that, like Hawkmoth, Mr. Kubdel seems to have a more defined lip color than Mr. Agreste does, which is small, but interesting.

Some other things about civilian Hawkmoth bothered me, like the way his pants seemed baggy towards the bottom, and the laces on his shoes, which are similar to Mr. Kubdel’s pants– but I haven’t collected any clear pictures of either of their shoes up close, so I can’t say much for that, it was just something I noticed that, provided a good screenshot of either of them, could help out.

Now, assuming that civilian Hawkmoth is someone we know and he wears the same or very similar outfit in the Origins episode as he does currently, he would have two visible buttons on his blazer as such:

Comparatively, Mr. Agreste has no buttons on his blazer, whereas Mr. Kubdel has two exactly. However, depending on the angling of the blazer, that’s not to say that the buttons do not belong to Mr. Agreste’s vest underneath, especially considering the distance between these two buttons compared to Mr. Kubdel’s.

I’d also like to add to this post cademon1′s post about Hawkmoth, which inspired my whole search, and includes other possible evidence.

I also thought it was interesting the way in which Mr. Kubdel reacted to his son wanting to translate the papyrus…almost as if he knew it contained information about Ladybug and didn’t want him to translate it. And considering the episode was centered on resurrection, perhaps it contained important information about Miraculous, and  how to obtain the kind of power needed to carry out such things (which may be what Hawkmoth is attempting to do). Perhaps he doesn’t want anyone else to read or find out. I would believe that an experienced historian like Mr. Kubdel would have the necessary access and knowledge of such ancient information sooner than I would Mr. Agreste. It’s hard to say what happened to Mama Agreste or what Hawkmoth’s relationship to her is depending on his own identity, but there’s certainly something odd about it, and what his intentions are by obtaining so much power.

I can’t say whether Hawkmoth is one or the other, because no evidence is entirely telling, but it may help to consider some of these things. And of course, there’s always the possibility of being completely wrong on many of these things, but this is assuming we have met civilian Hawkmoth already.

I don’t think these are all the things I noticed cause I’ve been ranting to a friend about it for days, but it’s definitely some of the major things I’ve found. If anyone else has some other great input or screenshots, I’d love to hear!

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