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And the 12x10 Codas Keep Coming

“That’s one for the record books. We just drank Cas under the table,” Dean told his brother. After two beers the angel’s eyes closed and his chin fell to his chest. Dean scooped him up and carried him down the hall to his own room. He placed him on the bed and covered him.

Sam waited for him to come back. “Can we talk about this?” He asked when Dean sat back down.

“What’s there to talk about? He’s home, he’s safe for tonight. Just used too much of his mojo on that dickbag Ishim.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “The petty fighting. This juvenile crap. You’re acting like…”

“Like what, Sammy?” There was a sharp edge to his words.

“Like an overprotective boyfriend.”


Sam almost spit out his beer. “So are you? His boyfriend? What he said after Billie was kind of intense. And it seemed like it was directed at you.”

Dean finished off his bottle and set it down hard on the table. He avoided eye contact with his brother as he said, “It was.”

Sam threw his hands up. “And you couldn’t tell me? My brother and my best friend are together and it what, slipped your mind? How long?”

“Just…don’t get mad at Cas. I asked him not to tell you. The timing wasn’t right and we’ve spent most of our time fighting. I wanted to be solid before we said anything.”

“How long?” Sam repeated. He was still pissed off.

“Before we came to get you, okay? I told you, it was bad timing. I was overwhelmed from Mom and you being taken. He was relieved that I didn’t die.” Dean was not going into detail. Sam could read between the lines if he wanted to.

“That’s why you got two rooms after Vince. You snuck out to Cas’ room when I was sleeping. Wow! A lot of things make more sense now.” He shook his head. “Anything else I should know?”

Dean choked back the lump in his throat. “I love him. I could have made a deal with Billie to just get you out but I needed to see him, to tell him goodbye.” He smiled and blinked back tears. “Ishim saw right through us. He knew. He knew the only way to hurt us was through each other.”

Sam sighed. He scrubbed his face with his hands before folding them together to rest his head on. “Okay. Okay. I’m gonna head to bed.” He walked past Dean to pat him on the shoulder. “Stop being a dick to him.”

“Yeah,” Dean replied. He waited for Sam to leave so he could gather up all the empties and turn out the lights. He found Cas still passed out from sheer exhaustion. He peeled the blanket back and slipped in beside him, both still fully clothed. “Love you, angel,” he whispered. He laid his head on Cas’ chest and wrapped an arm around his waist.

Two Brothers Pinball Pale Ale on tap at The Gage in Chicago. A 3 of 4. A good pale ale – a pretty standard citrus/pine hop profile, but quite powerful up front. Not incredibly bitter in the body which is a bit thicker and sticky than I was expecting. Plenty of hop qualities in the body, though, and this is quite enjoyable and particularly complex at just over 5%.


Jared & Jensen’s Panel!

So their panel started late.  The Elastic Waste Band “covered” a couple Louden Swain songs, closing with Prom.  But then Richard came back out and said… “one more song.”  So they played a classic rock cover.  Richard again said, “one more song, just trust me.”  They started to play “The Boys Are Back in Town” - and through the gates with the cowbell was Jensen!  and then Jared came in with a tamborine!

The first question was about the werewolf episode, they were asked what it was like to work with Eve Gordon (and I’m pretty sure it was itskindofhot-actually asking, right?) - they talked about how nice it was, and Jared quipped that he spent the whole time tied up in the barn.  And wondered how it is that in season 9 the Winchesters can’t get out of some knots.

The next question was how parenting has changed the way they relate to Sam & Dean.  Jared mentioned that he thought it was annoying that before you’re a parent, people say you won’t understand how much it changes you… but it’s true.  But he said in his case, he’s more on Sam’s side - Sam was right, John was an asshole.  But Jared can relate to Sam wanting to put his life on the line to save someone.

The next question was for Jensen, so Jared threw a fake tantrum, getting up and pretending to shake the gates. It ended with his shoe falling off, which made the crowd laugh.  The question?  How has it been dealing with the new dynamic with Sam (the fan framed it by saying that season 6 had been tough with Soulless Sam)?  Jensen said it was different in that this time Dean’s the one going through the changes.  His efforts backfired massively, he’s reached the bottom of the barrel.  He’s focusing on Abaddon so that the can right some wrong- since he can’t fix what happened with Sam.  He doesn’t know exactly where it’s going, but it’s ep 21 where the shit hits the fan.

Jared did a bit of Ice, Ice Baby.

Fan asked if either of them imagined it would be like this, and when did they know they had something huge on their hands.  Jensen immediately said “yes, Day one.”  He then stopped to say it caught all of them by surprise.  In the beginning, they thought they’d be lucky to get two or three seasons.  But that they love all the love they get from the fans, love that they pass on to the crew.  He said that Season 6 seemed to be the turning point, where they realized that the show was bigger than they thought.  Jared jumped in to clarify that they were always so busy working that they didn’t really think about how big the show had gotten- but when the show continued after Kripke left, they knew it was big.  Jensen then pointed out that the year they started, they were in the shadows of LOST and Heroes - two shows that they outlasted.

Fan asked about Sam saying that he wouldn’t save Dean.  Jared said that it was less about literally meaning it, but more about being caught up in your pain and lashing out.  That he was just pissed off that a homicidal angel used him.  (Jensen, slouched in his seat.  "I didn’t know.  You’re alive aren’t you?“)  Jared continued, it wasn’t an "I’d let you die,” but “I wouldn’t have done it the same way.”

To Jared, a fan listed all the characters who’ve possessed Sam.  Jared laughed, “Sam’s easy.”  Fan finished, “Who wore him better?”  Jared replied that Meg rocked the hair.  He said that it was fun, since Sam was a guy in Season One, but in Season Two… when he realized how that sounded, he tried to rephrase it, but eventually gave up.

Both were asked if they were gods, what would people leave to make them come.  Crowd went wild.  Girl corrected, no, what would make them arrive.  Jared: That wasn’t much better.  Jensen asked if she was secretly Sebastian.  She tried to rephrase it, but there was no saving the questions.  Jensen said, “I have arrived,” in a cheesy French accent and danced.

Fan asked about Sam’s relationship with Cas.  Jared said that he thought it would always be strained because of how it started- Sam was half demon at the time.  They’ll team up, but there’ll always be a chasm between them.

wienerlicious asked them who they’d vote for for Queen of Hell.  Jared said Abaddon, Jensen said, “Go Red!”

Someone asked Jared if how he felt about the show has changed at all - he said that in the beginning it was all about survival, not getting cancelled.  Now, he’s just proud of the show - even if it turned out to be the last thing he ever did.

Fan said she had a question for Jared.  Jensen sighed, “I’m so glad I could sit in on your panel.”  The question was whether or not Sam really did feel as though something was wrong with him or if it was the possession talking.  He said that no, much like most people, Sam always felt different.  Jared said that his job as an actor is to try to get Sam to be okay with being Sam.

They were asked by a wrestler that if they were wrestlers, what would their tag team name be and what would their finishing move be?  Crowd yelled Moose & Squirrel, and Jensen scoffed.  "Oh that’s imposing. In this corner we have Moose & Squirrel.“  Jared said they’d be "the short one and the guy from 7th Heaven” after something that someone asked a friend of his when the friend said they knew someone on Supernatural.  Jensen said their finishing move would be the Impala, where Jared would duck down and Jensen would jump over him like a gazelle.

Right after that, a male fan commented that the Winchesters were fighting like girls, so they rushed off the stage and performed the Impala on him.  The band started to play Eye of the Tiger and Jensen danced (third row of pictures, left)  The same fan sort of psychoanalized the brothers, and Jensen pointed out that if they had no problems the show would just be two brothers drinking beer.  Which they agreed would be alright.

Earliest memories?  Jared said that he remembered his sister’s cradle.  Jensen said he remembered falling asleep in a grocery cart - which his mother used to get him to nap, much like parents who drive their kids around.

Another fan asked them to do haiku.  Jensen said he isn’t much of a writer, joked that it’d be easier to read War and Peace.  Jared came up with: The Jensen Ackles/The Jared Padalecki/Friggen Winchesters.

Next fan asked that if they had a sister, would they let her hunt.  There was an immediate no, and they pointed out that the Winchesters tried to talk Charlie out of it.  Someone asked about their brother, and Jensen got bitter.  "He stole all our beautiful memories so screw him!“ then added a little later, "There’s no picture of me playing baseball with Dad.”

Jensen was asked about advice for younger actors, trying to make it on screen vs on stage.  He said that mostly it’s about learning to make reactions and movements smaller.

(Oh man, there’s more, but I’m actually falling asleep at the laptop - I’ll post the rest in the morning - Edit: And here it is.  xoxo - W)