two boys kiss omg

okay listen up children, there’s something i need to talk about bc boy, some things ive seen in the skam tag are just yikes

so gay fetishization? it’s a thing, right. but how do you recognize a person who fetishizes gay relationships? here’s how:

  • a grown ass straight woman who writes smut about minors = an ugly fetishist
  • a straight girl who is “obsessed with gay ships!!!!/loves gays!!!” = most likely a fetishist
  • “omg watch skam it has TWO CUTE BOYS kissing kaklaopxlxo also larry!!” = probably a fetishist
  • someone who worries about even’s well being (and not just because they want him to make out with isak lmao) = not likely a fetishist

like ive been involved in fandoms for years and ive seen uglies ship so many ugly ships just because they were two guys and it was gay fetishization at its finest but let’s be fucking honest, shipping isak and even (even who is isak’s love interest this season) doesn’t automatically make you a fetishist. like obviously there always will be people who will fetishize gay relationships and if you meet one, remember: don’t hate - educate, and if that doesn’t work just block them and be done with it.

and just a reminder, during season 2, people loved william and they loved william and noora together, and just as well - you are allowed to love even and you are allowed to want him to end up with isak. just remember there is more to people than their sexuality thats all goodbye