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My name is Kurt Wagner, but in the Munich circus I was known as the Incredible NIGHTCRAWLER


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“practice what you preach, pyrrha.”


David Tennant and Matt Smith
as the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors

Promotional photo-shoot for The Day of the Doctor (Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special)

So anyway Gamzee Makara was a sweet boy who loved his friends and dreamt of miracles and absolutely did not deserve to be possessed by a demonic puppet and forced to kill his friends before being abandoned by everyone with nary a “wait isn’t it a little weird that Gamzee ‘I love my friends’ Makara suddenly went through an entire 180 personality shift shouldn’t we look into that” from the rest of the cast and most of the fandom

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How is it possible for us to love Jason so much if he's practically never been written well? It's actually kind of fascinating

Jason in the 80s wasn’t written badly, really. Even when they wanted him unlikable he ended up sympathetic (it’s a running theme with DC because they have no self-awareness and are kind of terrible). Honestly, he ended up pretty nuanced and if DC had the talent they could have capitalized on it, but instead they decided to sensationalize the murder of a child and then replaced him with someone more palatable to them. 

But then it becomes underdog syndrome. Even if you didn’t jump on as a Jason fan during his original run (very short and also before a lot of us were born) it’s very easy to start sympathizing when DC starts having their characters talk ill of a dead child. 

Back in 2003 when I first read that panel with Bruce and Tim talking that way about Jason in Teen Titans, I lost about all my sympathy for both of them. I was very young, but even then I could see something weird was going on. It’s hard at that point to be able to separate “this writer is terrible” from “these characters are terrible”. 

The minute you have to prop characters up by putting others down, I immediately zero in on the ones being treated badly. I think a lot of people are the same with the characters they like.

Then Jason’s resurrection made him even more sympathetic, but also new and interesting in the Bat family. This has been true every time they introduce him to a new media form. The animated movie boosted his popularity more, and the Arkham series utterly exploded it so much that he’s one of the most popular choices to appear in the Injustice 2 games, despite being a character no one ever thought about only 10 or so years ago. 

There is a lot of potential with the character, and some good storylines. Comics are kind of terrible in general. Jason is not unique with that. It’s just there’s been an odd disconnect where DC’s intentions and the way the audience receives Jason have been sharply diverged. 

But with his large popularity boost they’ve finally noticed him as something other than another piece of Bruce’s tragic manpain so they’re actually, finally, capitalizing on it. 

Bad writing will still abound. Because this is comics and you can’t escape it. 


You truly scare me. I just want to let you know that.

  • anti from up john boyega's ass: i hate kylo ren and adam driver.
  • john boyega: i love kylo ren and hugging adam driver.
  • anti from up daisy ridley's ass: i hate kylo ren and adam driver.
  • daisy ridley: watched the force awakens with carrie and adam, went out to dinner with adam, called adam for advice before auditioning for murder on the orient express.

I had a dream where the lions had corporeal holographic forms to interact with their Paladins. And it’s all hijinks and shenanigans [and Lance teasing Keith for how motherly Red is with him] until Shiro notices how generally unpleasant Red is with him.

At first he thinks nothing of it cause she seems just as dismissive towards the others, and Keith tries reassuring him that she’s just being herself. Until he brings up the whole leading Voltron subject with Keith again, then she’s a hissing growling menace and if it weren’t for Black and Keith, Shiro thinks he might have become her chew toy. Doesn’t help that all the lions can speak, cause everyone can hear Red calling him a “cub stealing meatsack”.

And of course he tries resolving the issue [can’t have problems in the Team, even if it lies between a Paladin and a lion that isn’t his]. But considering how temperamental and unstable the Red lion is? He doesn’t get a reasonable discussion “You want a successor? Fine! But don’t come sniffing at my cub’s direction and leaving him an anxious mess with your talk of potential death!” and really putting him on the spot and getting a faceful of sharp teeth “Funny how you feel absolutely fine with keeping this topic to yourself and Keith. Shouldn’t you be discussing this with the princess? After all, she seems like a more suitable candidate for Black, and I sure haven’t heard of my sister’s approval on the matter”. Then it’s just her dragging Keith away by the sleeve and him just turning to give Shiro a helpless look.