two bit x darry

  • johnny: im a little thirsty
  • dally: here i'll buy you five cokes you might get thirsty later too
  • dally: do you need anything else literally anything i will get it for you
  • ponyboy: could i have one too
why can i imagine this happening

*johnny sleeping*
ponyboy: *tiptoes to the bathroom*
dally: *whisper screaming* what the hell are you doing you inconsiderate bastard?! hes trying to sleep!
two-bit: *turns the tv on three rooms over to watch mickey mouse*

Things Steve Randle has probably done/does
  • Sodapop Curtis (a lot)
  • Yelled “FIGHT ME” at a spider
  • eaten something off the floor because “It has a dare dude!”
  • said “I AM NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING” unironiclly 
  • listened to/enjoyed at least 4 NickelBack songs
  • thrown something at pony
  • yelled “HAHA. GAYYYY” while holding sodas hand
  • tripped and fell while running
  • eaten 3 chocolate cakes in one sitting
  • puked at the Curtis house
  • fought Darry
  • had a crush on Two-Bit
  • switched outfits with Evie (on more than one occasion)
  • playes wonderwall at a party
  • has a legacy at a frat
  • is bad with words
  • does not understand the concept of sexuality at all
  • fought his dad
  • prank called his boss
  • gotten braces in his twenties
  • takes baths more than showers
  • listens to top 40 hits
  • cries a lot.
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For u @youaremycancerstick

- Darry isn’t completely serious. He will tickle Two bit

- Two bit and Darry rarely get into arguments since Darry doesn’t like see two bit upset.

- if someone is threatening to fight two Bit Darry will just walk behind him and the person will run. Darry let’s two Bit pretend he scared him off tho.

- brags about being top in bed but really isn’t (two bit)

- holding hands is a big thing in this relationship, the only pda Darry will show in public

- two Bit wants to show more pda but respects Darry


  • dally: i just miss johnny so much man. i hope he's okay and i hope that if he comes back i can stop being such a douche. cause i just block out all my emotions all the time cause i don't wanna get hurt, ya know? but he's like the light of my life. he makes me feel, man. and i just wanna protect him from all the bad things that keep happening to him but i can't actively do that because if i do then i'll blow my cover and everybody will find out how i feel and if i even admit how i feel to myself it'll ruin everything so i just have to protect him from a distance, but i feel like that isn't enough and it hurts. and now i really can't do anything because he's in a fucking church and he's gonna die in like two chapters and i can't take that. he's what's been keeping me going. i want to be a better man for him, because he deserves that you know. but it's hard and i feel like i'm not enough and i never will be enough and he's too pure and so i'll just ruin him even more. and sometimes i lie to myself and say everything will turn out fine but i know it won't. we're greasers and he just killed a kid and i can barely take care of myself let alone him. which i don't need to worry about too much i guess because he can hold his own in a rumble and stuff and he takes a shit ton of beatings from his old man. ugh i hate thinking about that. i wish we could both just go out in the country and live alone with a couple horses. maybe a dog, but it'd be his dog cause animals don't like me except for ponies. not ponyboy though i'm pretty sure that kid hates me. but it wouldn't matter cause it'd just be me and johnny cakes in a little country house with no worries at all. man i just wish we could be together. the world is fucked but i would beat the shit out of every single fucker in this town for me and him, you know man. he just makes me feel that strongly, y'know?
  • darry: what
  • sodapop: what
  • two-bit: what
  • steve: what
  • cherry: what
  • marcia: what
  • bob: what
  • the store clerk that dally pointed a gun at: what
  • s.e. hinton: what
  • the entire world: what
The Gang x Irrational Fears

- Dally is afraid of spiders

- “Dal, it’s just a bug.”

- “More like just Satan!”

- Johnny is afraid of things getting in his eyes.

- “Johnny that fell like 3 yards away from you.”

- Johnny rubs his eyes until they’re puffy and he is pleased with the way they feel.

- Steve is so afraid of drowning that if the water starts to back up while he’s showering he has to stop the water and wait for it to go down.

- What the socs did to Pony is Steve’s literal worse nightmare.

- Soda is afraid of being left alone for too long.

- “Just cause Pony is staying the night at Curly’s doesn’t mean you have to go stay with Steve.”

- “But what if the world ends and I’m all that’s left!”

- Ponyboy doesn’t like sirens or horns.

- Every time he hears a train or an ambulance it puts him on edge. Amber alerts are the worse.

- Two-bit might like Mickey Mouse but if he see’s a real mouse he’s on top of furniture screaming like a girl.

- Dallas is good at catching mice bc New York so he teases Two-bit with it.

- Johnny might be a pure bean but hes also a little shit that will actually pet spiders so he puts one on Dally’s arm.

- Darry thought it was hilarious so Dally bought a big ass snake for revenge.

- “You think spiders are Satan but you’re touch that?!”

- “Look into his eyes, Darry. He loves you.”


For: Anon

Imagine: Helping Johnny and Ponyboy after Bob’s death. You eventually become very close with the gang and grieve with them after Johnny’s death.

A/N: Okay so it’s been years since I read/watched The Outsiders so my memory is a bit fuzzy, sorry if this isn’t exactly like the book/movie! ALSO SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY

You sprint into the park, it’s close to midnight and you heard that your brother and some of his friends were planning on ‘getting back at the fucking hoods who were hitting on Cherry’. Turns out that one of those ‘hoods’ was the cute, smart boy from your English class, Ponyboy Curtis. You saw Ponyboy and his friend, Johnny Cade, heading towards the park and they both looked upset. You decided it would be best to warn them about what was coming.

They both turn to you as you race up to them, Pony instantly recognizes you, “You’re Y/N right? What are you doing here?”

“My br-brother and-and his friends are coming to g-get revenge on you,” You say breathlessly.

“Wait why?” Johnny questions.

“Because you were hitting on Cherry,” They look at you, trying to figure out whether you were kidding or not, “I know you weren’t trying to pull anything with her, well maybe Winston was, but the guys don’t feel the same way as me.”

“We should get going man,” Johnny says to Ponyboy.

Just as they’re getting up, you hear a car pulling up, “Y/N?!”

“Shit!” You mutter under your breath.

Before you know what’s happening you’re being held back by two of the guys and Bob, Randy, and your brother are attempting to drown Ponyboy in the fountain, “What the hell! Guys stop! Let him go!”

“Shut it Y/N!”

Suddenly you see Johnny stab Bob, you let out a horrified scream, the other guys back away from them, Ponyboy pulls his head out of the fountain, coughing.

“Y/N! Let’s go,” Your brother walks towards you, you rush up to Pony and Johnny, “Y/N, what the fuck are you doing?! We need to go!”

“GO!” You yell at the two of them, “Get out of here, and don’t fucking come back! Go before the cops get here Ponyboy! Go!”

They quickly get up and run in the opposite direction as your brother pulls you away.

“So you were there?” The oldest Curtis brother asks you, pacing back and forth in their living room. It’s been three days since Bob’s death, you refused call it murder because it wasn’t, you finally decided it would be best to go over to the Curtis brothers and tell them what happened.

“Yes Mr. Curtis,” Darrel seemed more like Pony’s father than his brother so you thought it would be best to treat him with some respect, especially considering that Socs and Greasers didn’t get along very well in the first place.

“Call me Darry,” He seemed slightly uncomfortable and agitated with the formalities, “So what happened? Where’s my brother?!”

“Relax Dar,” the middle Curtis child, Sodapop, pipes in, “Sorry Y/N, we’ve been a little stressed out for the past few days.”

“It’s alright, I understand,” You sigh before telling them the story of what happened that night, “…and I’m sorry but I don’t know where they went after I told them to run, my brother pulled me away. I’m really sorry guys.”

“It’s alright Y/N,” Darry sighs, sinking into his chair and running his hand through his hair, “Thank you for telling us this, at least we have some closure as to what happened with our brother.”

“Thank you Y/N,” Sodapop says sadly.

“For what? It’s not like I could help.”

“You did help, despite your brother, you chose to help Pony and Johnny, and you snuck away from your family just to come here and tell us what happened. You have a lot of guts.”

“Thank you, I-I should go home now, my family will kill me if they find out I’m here,” You say.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for dinner?” Darry asks.

“I shouldn’t, I don’t want to bother you,” You haven’t known them for long, but you enjoy their company much more that of your own family, however you don’t want to bother them when they’re so worried.

“It wouldn’t be a bother, it would be nice to have some company, these past few days have been real gloomy,” Darry says, after hearing this you decide it would be best to stay.

Over the past few weeks you had become really close to the gang, you had been spending more time than you had with your own family. Yesterday Pony, Johnny, and Dally had come back, they were in the hospital, but Pony came home this morning so you head over to the Curtis house first thing after you woke up.

Once you got into the house, you saw Steve and Two-Bit teasing Pony about being a hero and all, “Hey Pony!”

“Y/N? What are you doing here?!” Pony looks confused as Two-Bit and Steve greet you casually.

“She’s been coming by every day since you left,” Steve points out before stuffing his face with cake, “Don loof at me like phat Y/N!”

“What? I’m not judging,” You giggle, you walk up to Ponyboy and hug him, “Your hair looks like that.”

“Um, thanks,” He blushes, “Thanks for everything you did that night Y/N.”

“You’re welcome Pony,” You pause for a moment, “H-how’s Johnny?”

“H-he’s not looking too good,” Pony says sadly.

“He’s gonna be alright, he’s a tough kid,” Two-Bit says, you can’t tell whether he’s lying to you or to himself.

Pony bursts into the house as you help nurse the boys after their big rumble. You all get up and go up to him, “Johnny’s dead, Dally’s gone.”

Your eyes fill with tears, you had expected this but it still hurts, “Johnny’s dead? And gone? What do you mean gone? Where did Dally go?”

Ponyboy explains everything and every one’s silent until the phone rings, Darry talks for a while then turns to all of you, “The fuzz are after Dally, we gotta hide him.”

Dally died, and you spent that night with the remaining members of the gang in the Curtis house, grieving with the boys, they were Greasers, they were too tough to cry, but every so often through the night  you’d see one of them hiding away in the kitchen or the bathroom shedding a few tears.

You knew their lives-your life-had been changed forever, but you also knew that from now on you’d be by their side forever, no matter what your brother or parents had to say about it.

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i just watched the outsiders movie with my mom, and it was her first time seeing it in probably 15 years. ive explained to her how dally and johnny are gay on multiple occasions. she said that she could see how i came to that conclusion but she couldnt rly see it herself so i made her rewatch the movie with me while i added commentary every once in a while. then we sat and talked about it afterwards.

my mom is actually from oklahoma- not tulsa, OKC- and was in middle school when the outsiders originally came out. she said that it 100% would have never occurred to her that dally and johnny might be gay because homosexuality was just a thing that wasn’t talked about. she compared dal and johnny’s situation to me coming out at the age of 12, but before that being deeply depressed for a long long time with a permanent sense that something was wrong. based on the information presented to me at the time, i had no name for the feelings i had, being young at a time where gay people weren’t in the media or anything. dally and johnny don’t have any idea that the feelings that they have for each other go past friendship; johnny was only 16 and had only ever been out of the neighborhood once before he died, dally 17 and he desperately tried to hide his emotions anyway. they had no name to put on their feelings and no place to put them in their already turbulent lives. johnny registered it as admiring dally. dally, my mom and i decided, was closer to realizing his feelings were romantic, which was why he tried so hard to be a hypermasculine ladies man. he didn’t realize the magnitude of his feelings until johnny was gone.

so, yeah, you heard it here first folks, from a woman who ACTUALLY grew up in oklahoma in the 60s: dally and johnny are gay as hell.