Fuck the duality of man.

This is the Quality of man! 


Went out to a Super Best Friends fan hangout last night!! Damn, what a huge turnout!!

My fondest memories will be giving them my print I made and buying the boys water late at night. They were getting super tired by the end of the night, poor guys :O

Hope you guy’s got some well-deserved rest afterwards, @realestmatt !!

“Imagine a kid’s anime where you find an animal buddy but it doesn’t do anything and you have to go fight!”

-Woolie, “Speaker of Untruths” Madden.

On this week’s episode of “Fight Kids” fresh off of honing his Killer Instinct in a battle against Super Bunnyhop’s Blackface Boys, young Matthew McMuscles prepares to take on the first of the three kings of David Cage’s Sadness Trilogy.

Will he triumph and become the ultimate Fight Kid, or will he lose and walk the path of the Scrublord? Find out, this week.