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We are months away from our last half season of Teen Wolf and despite the utter train wreck (heh–train wreck–gettit?) that was season 6a, I’m hoping to gods someone wrestles the script away from Jeff Davis long enough to redeem the finale. 

Now, I’ve seen the sketchy footage of Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin throwing a ball around on set and I read something about how Benjamin Wadsworth tweeted about his TW scene with Hoech (since taken down, cause I can’t find it now), so my hopes are pretty high that Derek will show his face before the end.

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I can’t tell you how that makes me feel because I’m not sure yet what that is except I miss seeing Derek something fierce. I have to have faith that Tyler H wouldn’t go back to TW without either a) a fulfilling script or b) a rewarding pocketbook—or even c) his crazy TW fam and their secret werewolf after party. So hope is uncurling from my shattered bitter chest.

If you’ve seen my previous posts, you may notice I’m a smidge worried for Stiles and how they ended 6b. If Derek is on the horizon I’m okay. I can breath. The ‘real’ alpha is coming. (What?! I quoted Stiles, lol). 

As for the end-game scenario, well, I have my favorite. Sterek is eternal and whether that means thru the Sterek fans, or onscreen, I’m already golden. 

What they did to Stydia was honestly a shame. I love the dynamic Stiles and Lydia share and what MTV hurried them through in 6a just to say they did it was painful. If they were going to go for it, I wish it had been done in a story line far more skilled than a bunch of recycled huhah. 

Like I said though, even if there is no Sterek ending, I’ll always be grateful that the actors themselves had enough chemistry that even a glance at a signature

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showed more (wistful/longing/hope/bittersweet/couldhavebeen) than one facemash reunion. 

Oh and yay other actors coming back! LOL

The little blue comfort in my life

(A/N): I love kurt so much though, so much 

Request:Could you maybe write a short one shot were the reader has a panic attack and Kurt comforts them? I am in the middle of one right now so I’d be nice to see something like that fpr next time it happens.

Warnings: none

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   You could barely breathe, the walls were closing in on you, your hands were shaking, and you knew you were most definitely crying as you sat on your bed, your mind overwhelmed to the point that you’d been hurled into a panic attack. School was too much, your mutation was too much, your family life was too much, and it had all gotten to you and now here you were, curled up on your bed as you sobbed and attempted to regain some composer about yourself. 

   You could feel your heart hammering in your chest, the loud thudding of it ringing in your ears as you only curled around yourself tighter, determined to block out everyone and everything around you. You were honestly so out of it you didn’t even hear the resounding thud as a body hit your floor or the smell of sulfur fill your room. In fact, you didn’t even realize anyone was in your room until someone placed their warm hand on your shoulder, shocking you momentarily. 

   “(Y/N),” Kurt’s voice pierced through your panic, his familiar voice only soothing you slightly. “(Y/N), are you okay? Vhat’s vrong?” You whimper softly, physically unable to form sentences. You knew you were scaring Kurt beyond belief but you couldn’t control it and that only added to your panic. 

   “Panicking,” Is all you provided him, hoping that the sentence would at least shine some light on your predicament at the moment. No doubt Kurt’s face is scrunched up in confusion, his sweet little nose all crinkled as he attempted to figure out what you meant. Kurt was a smart guy, thank god, and he connected the dots pretty quickly, releasing a soft ‘oh’ at the realization and it took him all but 2 seconds to start moving. With the gentlest of touches he pulled you to his chest, your bodies pressed right up against each others. He held you close with one hand while the other smoothed over your hair in an attempt to calm you down, even if it was just a bit. 

   This wouldn’t be the first time one of the x-men walked in on one of your panic attacks, you had them quite frequently, so most everyone around here knew how to care for you when they did spring upon you. Kurt however, seemed to be an expert in this. He was always there for you during and after the attacks, refusing to leave your side until he was sure you were alright. Even then he’d linger until you forced him to leave, which of course you never did. So by now he was experienced in how to take care of you. 

   “Shhh, it’s okay (Y/N), can you match your breathing to mine? Do you zhink zhat is possible?” You nod your head, albeit with great difficulty, before attempting to match your breathing to Kurt’s. He took slow, methodical breaths, much slower and deeper than yours. 

   It took a few minutes but eventually you got your breathing to his level, to his state of calmness. Rather than say anything for a few moments he simply held you, allowing you a little more time to recover from whatever was just happening to you. His one hand stroked your hair gently, smoothing out any knots or bumps you had, all the while soothing you. 

  “Do you need a distraction?” Kurt asks, already knowing the answer. After these you always needed a distraction, something to keep your mind off of everything that had just happened. You nod your head, sighing shakily as you Cling to Kurt just a bit tighter. 

   “Yes please,” Kurt nods, not needing another word before he bamfs the two of you out of there and to some place to get away from all your stress. 

   Whenever you did have attacks like this Kurt would always whisk you away to some beautiful and secluded place, just to give you some air and space to breath. Sometimes he’d play with your hair or sing you a song, other times he’d go back to grab a book only to return not even a second later just to stay up and read it to you. 

  Tonight he’d picked a beautiful grove of trees overlooking some cliff drop off, the stars shined brightly above and you could hear the sounds of waves in the distance, smacking against some rocks. It would have been cold had you not had Kurt by your side, his arms wrapped tightly around you as he rested his chin atop your head, his insanely warm body the only thing keeping the chill out of your bones. 

   Neither of you say anything for quite some time, the sights and sounds to peaceful and beautiful to interrupt with unimportant words. But when one of you finally did speak up it was in a quiet and rather soft tone. 

   “Are you doing better Meine Liebe?” Kurt whispers, pressing a kiss to the tip of your ear as he does. You can’t help the small smile that overcomes your features as you close your eyes, allowing the sounds of the ocean to wash away all your stress. 


Kurt Wagner x Reader - Mein Engel

Your mutation: Angel Wings
Word Count: 1154
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: One mention of sex, language

gif credit to claracivry  

“Shit.” you swore under your breath, erasing the small mistake you made on your sketch. Being the new girl wasn’t always fun and games; so far, no one had even spoken to you yet. You expected a school full of mutants to have a lot more people who stood out, but sadly almost everyone looked normal. There was one person who had caught your eye so far. On the other side of the field, at a table with his friends sat a blue boy. He had a tail, elf-like ears and scars in his skin. He was beautiful.

You shifted to stretch your wings out before they began to cramp. A few students glanced your way, staring at the huge, white wings on your back. This is why you had hoped that students here would all stand out, so maybe, for once, you could blend in. You shook your head and turned back to your sketch of the blue boy.

The sketch was almost finished and it was your best work you had done in a long time. You brought your head up to steal another look at the blue boy when you noticed he was staring right at you. Quickly, you ducked your head down, hoping that the boy hadn’t spotted you looking at him.

On the opposite side of the field, Kurt and the other X-Men sat together eating lunch and having small conversations. Kurt had drifted off into thought again; completely zoning out. He suddenly felt a nudge on his shoulder.

“Cute girl staring at Kurt at 12 o’clock.” Jubilee giggled, bringing her hand up to point at you.

“Damn. Kurt, you should go say something. She is hot as hell.” Peter whistled. Kurt looked over at you, meeting your eyes. You quickly glanced away, but Kurt couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

“Sie ist wunderschön. (She is beautiful)” Kurt whispered.

“Kurt, you went German on us again. What did you say?” Scott asked. Kurt shook his head, trying to pull his eyes away from you. He was enamored by how angelic you looked. Kurt felt like he had finally found his angel.

“Nothing. I vas just… thinking about something.” he mumbled, turning back to his meal.

“Go talk to her. Maybe you’ve finally found your angel.” Jean gave Kurt a soft smile. Kurt wondered had Jean had been able to so perfectly depict exactly what he was thinking.

“Kurt, I’m a telepath. Of course I know what you’re thinking. Go say hi.” Jean giggled, pushing Kurt out of his seat and in your direction. He took a deep breath and teleported to you.

You were just adding one more thing to your drawing when you heard a *BAMF* in front of you.

“Ah!” You squealed, slamming your sketchbook shut and scrambling to stand up. The blue boy stood in front of you, a nervous look on his face.

“I am so sorry! I vas not meaning to scare you.” he stuttered out. You stretched out your wings, fluttering them. It was a nervous habit you had.

“It’s fine. Um, hi. I’m (Y/N). I’m new here. Sorry if I, uh, freaked you out a bit earlier. I didn’t mean to stare. I know how awful it feels, feeling like someone is staring at you because you’re different. So, uh, if I made you feel like that I’m, um, sorry.” You said, rubbing the back of your neck anxiously.

“It is alright. I am Kurt. I know what it is like to be new. And you did not freak me out. I am sure you understand what is like to get stares. Not because of your, uh, wings. Because you are j-just so, uh, wunderschön. (beautiful)” Kurt ducked his head, avoiding your eyes. The two of you had settled into a silence, exchanging smiles with one another.

“Vould you, uh, like me to show you around the mansion?” Kurt suggested. You hadn’t seen much of the mansion yet, and seeing it with this handsome blue boy was a dream. You gave him a smile and nodded your head.

“YEAH KURT! GET SOME!” You heard someone yell across the field. Kurt’s cheeks turned a light shade of purple.

“That is Peter. He is… annoying to say the least.” Kurt chuckled. Kurt began to show you all around the mansion; every room was something different and it was all beautiful.

“Come over here, (Y/N). I have to show you something, but you must promise me that you vill not tell anyone.” Kurt gave you a small smile, leading you over to a wooden panel in the hallway. He pressed his hand on it and a passageway folded open. Kurt quickly looked over both shoulders and ducked inside, pulling you in after him.

“Wow. Out of everything I’ve seen in the mansion, this is the coolest.” You said. It was a small hallway that entered to what looked like a panic room, but had been decorated to Kurt’s liking.

“I spend time here vhenever I feel like I need to get avay. Now you know how to get here, so if you ever feel like you need to get avay from everything, just come here.” Kurt’s face lit up with the first real smile you had seen on his face all day.

“This is so cool Kurt. Thank you so much for showing me around.” You gave him a hug and felt him tense up.

“Are you okay?” you asked, stepping back.

“I-I am sorry. I am, uh, not very used to people touching me. It is something I vill get accustomed to, I am sure. You just, um, caught me off guard.” He mumbled.

“I’m so sorry, Kurt. I should have asked first.” You apologized. How stupid could you be? You had gotten too caught up in the moment.

“No! No, it is fine. Here, quickly, vrap your hand around my waist.” He gestured for you to come close. You began to ask why, but within a flash, a feeling like falling and a *BAMF* the two of you were out on the field again.

“That was so cool, Kurt!” you exclaimed. His mutation was far better than yours was. Being able to teleport?!

“Thank you.” Kurt said, a small blush growing on his cheeks.

“Thanks for showing me around today. We should hang out sometime.” you smiled, sheepishly.

“Kann ich küsse dich auf die wange? (Can I kiss you on the cheek?)” Kurt asked, slipping into German.

“I’m sorry, what?” You giggled. His German accent was very attractive.

“I asked if um, I could kiss you? On the cheek, of course.” You began to blush and gave him a nod. The blue boy leaned in, giving you a small kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, Kurt. For everything.” You smiled at him.

“No problem, mein engel. (my angel)” He gave you a full smile; one that made his face light up.

You and the blue boy would definitely be seeing more of each other.

Thank you all so much for reading! I worked really hard on this imagine and I’m super proud of it. I’m absolutely in love with Kurt’s character and I hope you all like him too <3

I finally finished A Memory of Light… Now I understand the meaning of this depiction of Egwene, who is one of my favorite characters. My heart broke at this moment, yet I was so proud of her. Egwene really should be one new addition to the Heroes of the Horn! Although, if she is crystal, maybe she isn’t dead but just in suspended animation. 😢💎💔☸️

Best of Friends

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A request! Kurt is such a precious character I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you gys enjoy reading!

warnings: smut, fluff, that’s pretty much all :))))))

You and Kurt became good friends, always getting into mischief with one another. When he arrived he was timid, but you brought him out of his shell. The two of you would often sneak out in the midst of the night just to lay on the garden and talk. Kurt would even bamf the two of you out to a movie or just to go walk through the park sometimes.

He found himself very intrigued by your powers, being able to control the elements. One night you heard a pebble on your window(Kurt had got this idea from a movie the two of you had just seen). You giggled to yourself and grabbed a jacket before opening your window and peaking out. “Y/n! I hope I did not wake you.” You started to giggle more before holding your finger up to your lips to shush him. You motioned him towards you and he bamf’d into your room.

“I was going to do this but I did not want to intrude on you, I–”

“Kurt it’s okay.” You smiled, fixing his hair for him.

Kurt looked down and smiled to himself. “What will we do today, Y/n?” His accent thick.

“I had an idea, I don’t know if it’ll work.. I’m still working on my water abilities. I guess we could try it tonight though, out by the fountain?” You raised your eyebrows and Kurt nodded quickly, not even saying a word before wrapping his arms around you and bamfing you to the fountain out in the yard of the mansion.

“Okay, let’s see..” You bit your bottom lip and held your arm out, slowly freezing the water in the fountain. Kurt looked on in amazement and the smile returned to his face, immediately getting on the ice and slipping, falling on his back. You laughed at him and went to help him up, sitting down and pulling him towards your lap.

“I’ve just embarrassed myself.” Kurt spoke, chuckling at himself also.

“It’s okay..,” You murmured. “I think it’s cute.” Kurt’s chuckling stopped and he sat himself up to look at you, his eyebrows furrowed.

“And that is a good thing, yes?” You nodded at him. “Yes, it’s a good thing Kurt.” You looked into his eyes and his hand reached out quickly, holding yours.

“Then I think you are.. cute also.” He said nervously.

“Kurt, would you be uncomfortable if I kissed you?”

“No, Y/n I would not be uncomfortable at all, I would actually-”

You cut him off from his babbling, pressing your lips against his softly.

When you pulled away and opened your eyes the two of you weren’t on the ice anymore, you were in an empty room in the mansion. You furrowed your eyebrows and Kurt started to explain.

“I–I got nervous I did not mean to bring you here, I just- it happens!” You laughed and told him it was okay, standing up and looking around the room. It was an observatory.

Kurt followed you and hesitantly wrapped his arm around your waist.

“It is beautiful, just like I think you are, Y/n.” You looked up at Kurt innocently, kissing his nose softly.

Kurt got a bit of courage and went for your lips instead, your hands cupping his face. The kiss deepened and Kurt had you against a desk, heavy breathing the only audible thing in the room.

You went to remove the jacket and the shirt you were wearing and Kurt pulled away, his eyes widening.

“Y/n, b-but I have never done this.” He whispered. You bit your lip and apologized, nodding. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, Kurt.” Your thumb rubbing against his cheek.

“I want to!” Kurt said quickly, his words coming out a jumbled mess. You smiled and took his hand, guiding it to your chest. Kurt’s eyes averted from you to your breasts, giving a gentle squeeze while you nodded in approval.

Kurt’s mouth went to your neck. sucking and nibbling softly so he wouldn’t bite through your skin.

You reached forward and pulled off his jacket and his pajama shirt. “Promise me you’re okay with this?” You asked. “I promise you, Y/n.” He spoke between the kisses he left on your neck.

You pulled away from him and pulled down the sweat pants you were wearing, your underwear going with them. You stepped out and caught Kurt admiring you, a blush peeking through your face. Kurt did the same, dropping his bottoms also. He stared at you for a while and walked towards you, picking you up and laying you down on the desk.

Kurt looked at you nervously and murmured, “I–I don’t know what I am doing..”

“It’s okay, Kurt.” You whispered, smiling at him. He nodded and smiled back, “Beautiful, you are beautiful.” He repeated.

Kurt aligned himself to your entrance and slowly pushed himself in, your soft moans filling his ears. Hearing this, Kurt went deeper until he filled you to the brim. His thrusts started of slow and gentle, building up speed while he grunted quietly. Your hips bucked up and Kurt pulled out of you quickly, “Did I hurt you? Did I-”

“No, Kurt keep going!” You moaned out and he quickly got back into position, hitting your spot harder and harder each time. His breaths got shaky and soon you were pulsing around him, his name slipping out between your load moans. Kurt pulled out of you and you got on your knees in front of him, taking him in your hand and placing your mouth over the tip of his cock. He shook under your control and after not even five seconds of you sucking, Kurt was finishing in your mouth.

He let out a sigh of relief and you stood up, wiping your mouth.

Kurt looked at you, his eyes a little wide, and his mouth opening to speak.

“That was cute, yes?”

You couldn’t help but laugh at him, covering your mouth to try and muffle the laughing.

“Yes Kurt, that was cute.” You smiled, giving him one last peck on his nose.

-Calling Kurt adorable just to see him blush, ‘cause Him blushing is the cutest thing in the world.

-Buying him cute little gifts, and him never believing that you would get him such a beautiful thing.

-It could be from the dollar store and Kurt would still Charisse it.

-Taking him new places whenever you have the free time. Because he hasn’t seen so much and you just love the look on his face when he’s amazed.

-He doesn’t really give you nicknames, but you sure as hell give him a lot.

-He loves shopping. Yes it might cost a lot our out of your pocket, but you would do anything to make him happy.

-Kurt reminds you all the time that you’re the best thing to happen to him.

-Movie dates!

-Double dates with jean and scott.

-Kurt bamfing you two on the roof at night to look up at the stars and talking about life.

-Sitting on a couch and drinking tea together. Often times you reading to him too.

-Him wrapping his tail around you when you cuddle.

-Cooking him new foods he’s never eaten before. And even though you’re not the best chef he still loves everything you make.

-He insists that you’re too good for him, and how you could love him is beyond him.

-You always tell him “you’re everything I could have dreamed for and more, I won’t let you think down on yourself, okay?