two at a time socks

“-and then you called me ‘Toots’ and I was just like, naaaaah…”


“I know, amazing right?”

“More like amazing that you didn’t punch me unconscious.”

“Shoot, yeah! That could’ve saved a bunch of hassle… Okay, 'you ever do it again and I’ll straight-up exorcise you with a fist to the face. Deal?”


rainy day playlist

aesthetic: the soft pattering of rain on a window; cozy knit sweaters; hot mugs of tea that warm your fingertips; cuddling up beneath a blanket; looking outside and seeing only the fog and clouds; raindrops lazily sliding down the window; disappearing into a well-loved book; rich, dark wood; ignoring technology for the day; warm, wool socks; that surreal, endless time between two and five; the soft strumming of a guitar; staring mindlessly up at the ceiling with a lazy smile on your face; feeling completely and utterly content with life

  • big black car - gregory alan isakov
  • the rose captain - sea wolf
  • resurrection fern - iron and wine
  • amsterdam - gregory alan isakov
  • milk thistle - conor oberst
  • brothers on a hotel bed - death cab for cutie
  • middle names - devendra banhart
  • atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich
  • swans and the swimming - iron and wine
  • transatlanticism - death cab for cutie
  • mi negrita - devendra banhart 
  • skinny love - bon iver
  • 3 rounds and a sound - blind pilot
  • jezebel - iron and wine
  • to be alone with you - sufjan stevens
  • i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie
  • flightless bird, american mouth - iron and wine

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Can you do a fem!reader where youve been with the junkers forver (polyroadrat) and when yall join overwatch you're used to wearing tiny short cutoffs and just a thin wrap or crop top like thing and 76 has to have a 'chat' with you bc luico, mccree and others are getting distracted?

((So anon, you don’t know how happy I was when I got this because this is pretty much my HC for my OC Ava. None of the Junkers really worry about modesty, they ain’t used to the ‘normal world’ yet so this was suuuuper fun to write!!))


You froze mid-step, turning around curiously before grinning wide as your eyes landed on the vigilante Soldier: 76. You bounced on the balls of your feet slightly before walking towards the older man and cocking your head to the side. He had his mask on but it looked like the tip of his ears were slightly pink, straightening his jacket in a fidgeting motion. Head tilting to the other side, brow cocking up you continued to examine him before he cleared his throat.

“Oh sorry Soldier”, you exclaimed with a slight jump, eyes jumping back up to his mask-covered face. Rocking on your feet you gave a soft admonishing giggle for yourself before again tilting your head. “How can I help ya?”

“Y/N”, he started, rolling his shoulders as he looked down at you through the mask. He still fidgeted slightly, an uncomfortable gesture that you had seen before. “I would like to talk to you about your–choice in outfits.”

Straight and to the point, as was the vigilante’s way. Looking down at your outfit, your brow furrowed in confusion. You didn’t understand what was wrong with your outfit, you had even worn extra layers today! It was summer in Gibraltar, the little island balmy, warm and comfortable. The proximity to the ocean made it way more tolerable than the sweltering heat you had grown used to growing up in the irradiated Australian Outback so you had more than enough clothing for the weather. Today you were dressed in a pair of light, sun-faded cutoff jean shorts that ended just below your ass. You and Mako had sewn patches into it, one of a pig, another one of Jamie’s smiley faces and a neon pink pachimari. Your top was a heart covered shiny pink scarf that Mako had helped you make into a crop halter top, your smaller chest easily bound and covered by the material. Underneath you wore a baby blue bikini top, just as extra support and in case you decided to go to the beach like you had several times that week. You had two mismatched knee high socks on, one blue and red horizontal stripes, the other green and purple tie dye, both tucked into the orange sneakers Lena had given you as a gift. You spun around, looking at your outfit, legitimate confusion on your face as you turned to look back up at old man.

“What’s wrong with my clothes”, you asked incredulously, motioning up and down at your outfit.

“That’s not the problem”, Soldier answered, obviously exasperated as he pointed at your shorts and the fact that most of your torso was uncovered. “I’ve gotten several concerned comments from other agents. The revealing nature of your outfits are–distracting. ”

“But I even wore socks today”, you exclaimed, pointing at you socks for emphasis. You didn’t understand, your hand running your thick hair confusedly, scratching at your scalp. “What’s revealin’ about any of this?”

Back in Oz, what you were wearing would be considered damn near formal, covered skin being looked at as a sign of mourning and grief. There was practically no protection from the sun on the continent after the Omnium explosion, leaving the land ridiculously hot and painfully dry. While skin did require protection, usually in the form of several layers of mud or dirt as a protective barrier, wearing too many layers of clothes was practically out of the question. It would cause most to break out in heat rashes or drop from heat stroke. So most Junkers preferred to wear as few layers as possible; Jamie and Mako going completely shirtless, you wearing things that left most of your legs and torso bare. It was uncomfortable for any of you to wear more because all of you had grown used to the Junker way of living and clothing yourselves. Plus you were so particular about what touched your skin, strongly disliking the confined feel that some fabrics gave you. Winter and fall and really cool days were the only exception to any of the rules, and today definitely wasn’t a cool day.

“Look”, Soldier sighed and it just seemed more and more obvious that the man didn’t actually want to be having this conversation. He dragged a hand over his masked face, sighing once more before continuing. “You’re not an agent. I don’t have any authority over you and quite frankly I don’t care. I just thought I’d bring it to your attention.”

With that he did a sharp about face and walked off, your bewildered expression lost to the soldier. Throwing your arms up in the air, a bit of agitation slipped out as you stomped your foot and yelled at the back of the man.

“Tell them the next time they have an issue they can tell me to my face!”

Some of Jamie’s spitfire slipped out but its intensity was minimized by your sweet, awkward voice. Soldier paused for a second before you swore you saw his shoulder shake in laughter, throwing a thumbs up before continuing down the hall in the opposite direction.

UPBRAID (Jumin Han) 4


chapter 1 here

chapter 2 here

chapter 3 here

You had class tomorrow. 

 Zen brings you back to your apartment and before you could shut the door, “MC, can i get a hug?” He asks. You smile, giving him the biggest hug ever. 

 But then, he pulls away. In his head, he had planned it all, chosen the words, the perfect thing to do, but in the end, nothing. 

With an awkward smile, he sighs, “Just know, I’ll always be here for you. No matter what.” he says, then heads to the elevator. 

 Zen gives you warm feelings, he’s always always ALWAYS there for you. 

You fix your school things for tomorrow, grab your bag, and open your laptop. 

Upon opening the laptop, your phone vibrates. A message.

From Jaehee.

Good morning, MC. I have to request your presence tomorrow afternoon, at the milkshake place at the corner of 6th avenue and emerald street. Please? I hope to see you there.

You reply, sure thing, i’ll meet you at around 4pm :)

Resuming your school work, your journal article homework, writing about absolutely anything. You brainstorm, trying to think of topics. Taking a deep breath, you start typing. The words, ideas, they never ended, you just kept typing. 

It was time for lunch, you take two socks of different patters, slip on your black and white converse chucks, take your wallet, phone and head out.

Before leaving the building, you ask Shane, the receptionist at first floor if you had anything delivered.

“None that I know of, sweetie.” 

“Oh.” You say. Were you expecting anything? “Okay, thanks.” 

“Where you going hon?” He asks.

“Get some lunch.” You say. “Want me to get you anything?”

“You’re going out like that?” He changes the subject. 

You were wearing an over-sized purple shirt, shorts, socks that don’t match, low-cut converse, holding your wallet and phone

“Yep.” You say blankly.

“You do you, I guess.” He sighs. “I’ll have coffee.”

“The usual?” You ask, and he gives you a nod.

You head off to the all-day breakfast place and order a take-out of bacon and eggs, proceeding to go to the coffee & fruit shake place, you order Shane a large caramel macchiato and a pesto-chicken sandwich, and a mango fruit shake for yourself.

On your way back, waiting for the stoplight to go red for you to pass, your head starts to go back. 

“MC!” You heard a familiar voice, turning back, you see a bright yellow umbrella running towards you. “Its pouring, you might get sick. Let me bring you home, please?” You couldn’t help but smile, you felt butterflies in your stomach. He holds your hand and you two walk under a yellow umbrella in the pouring rain, to your apartment. “Thank you.” You tell him, making him smile. “Anything for you.” He replies. “Stay safe going home.” You tell him, as you walk to the building doors. “I will.” He looks back with the big grin on his face. 

“Lady, its a red light, might as well go.” A small girl passes by, snapping you into reality. “Right, sorry.” You apologize and hurry across the street, passing a few blocks and getting to the building. 

You could still remember that smile on his face, you miss it, don’t you?

You make your way inside, give Shane his order and go back to your flat. 

The next day, you pass in your article and everything else that was due that day, go to your second class and end at around 3pm. You change into a nice navy blue dress and white jack purcell sneakers, taking your small brown sling bag, that fits only your phone and a few dollars. 

Walking to the milkshake place, you notice a bunch of people with cameras and microphones crowding the place, you take a looks inside, scanning for Jaehee, and there she is. 

Surprisingly, you made your way inside, walk to the table Jaehee’s at and sit down. 

“Good afternoon.” She smiles. “Is there anything you want to order?” 

“Oh yeah, just a strawberry milkshake.” So you call the waiter, and order. 

You two catch up on work and school, as more people came to the shop.

“Why are there so many people?” You ask.

“There’s a photoshoot.” She answers. “I’m on a day off but Mr. Han asked me to go.”

“Jumin?” Your eyes grow big.

“Yes. He’s being shot right now.” She points at that corner occupied by a photography team. The lights were bright and your eyes searched for Jumin.

There he was.

“Mr. Han asked me to bring you here actually.” She blurts out.

“Me? Why?” You ask.

“I’m not entirely sure. He told me to contact you and bring you here.” 

You had a perfect view of him. He made alot of outfit changes. He first wore a polo, jeans, sweater and dress shoes, then he changed into a white shirt, a unbuttoned polo over it, blue jeans and shoes. He looked like an actual model.

“Its for Mr. Chairman’s friend’s clothing line. All their shops have a diner interior and vibe, so they decided to shoot here. Even if the history of the clothing line has no connection to diners or the 1940s. Strange.” She explains. “He’s not the only model today, but so far, all the shots taken are all him.” 

“I wonder why.” 

Jumin comes out of the bathroom wearing a different outfit, and same after a few minutes, another outfit after the other. He changes into another outfit, but a girl wearing a pretty black dress, a white coat and heels. She was gorgeous. Jumin sat on the stool by the counter and she sat infront of him, on the counter table. They looked like a couple. 

You don’t know why, but for some reason, it made your chest heavy.

They changed into a bunch of outfits and took so many shots together. They took a shot where he posed standing straight, while she was clinging on to him, her hands were travelling his body and her face was close to his. And Jumin looked at you, his eyes locked with yours find a place to have dinner?” Jaehee, being an amazing friend, took your hand and lead me out to the street. You two had dinner at a nearby cafe. On your way back, you were walking with Jaehee, you pass by a theater. 

And the most cliche thing ever, Zen comes out. He looks around and sees you and Jaehee. He stops, your eyes travel to his, which were locked on you. It felt softer and welcoming, different from Jumin’s. “Hey.” He smiles.

You all head in the same direction, since you all lived in that direction, until you reached this street, where Jaehee and Zen were to go straight, when your apartment was a few blocks away, going left. You hug both of them goodbye, and you continue walking.

The wind felt cold, and the skies filled with clouds. You knew you had to hurry up, but your feet were killing you. 

“MC!” Someone calls out. You look behind you to check. Your heart dropped. You turn to face him. And he walks towards you. 

“Hey.” His raspy voice greets.

“Hey.” You reply.

“How are you?” He asks.

“Good. You?” You answer.

“Terrible.” He smiles. You stay silent. He looks at you. “I’m sorry.” He says. Your heart felt heavy, you look down. “MC, say something please.” His voice sounds broken. But your heart felt broken.

“Jumin.” Your eyes start watering up. “Why are you like this? You make me feel like you love me and then you break me like I’m your toy. I don’t know why you’re still coming after me. You have a thousand girls waiting for you.” Your eyes stream tears down your face, and the rain starts pouring. “I’m trying my best. Why do you always hurt me? W-why do you always do that? I do love you Jumin, more than the world, but I’ve spent so much time crying myself to sleep, hoping you’ll love me again, and when you do, you break my again. What did I ever do, Jumin?”

His eyes grew big and his face looked shocked. “MC,”

“And now I’m here, with you, standing in the rain. Where’s your yellow umbrella now? Where’s the Jumin that told me he’ll never leave me? Where’s the Jumin that held my hand? Where’s the Jumin that I wasn’t afraid to love?” Your dress was wet, your shoes were soaked, you face was stained with rain and your tears. You wipe your eyes and look at Jumin. You’ve never seen that face he was making. He looked like he didn’t know what he was going to do. 

He looked at you, and his eyes looked tired, different. You sigh and lick your lips before speaking, “Maybe we should just stop. Let’s break this for good.” Your eyes continue pour, so does the rain. 

“If that’s what you want.” He sighs, turns around and walks away.

You couldn’t help but drop on the floor. That was it. 

You walk back home, in the rain. And when you get to the apartment, Shane calls your attention.

“Have you seen this?” He shows you an article on the internet,


The article was filled with lies, and harsh comments about you. It was as if they were scolding you, they were criticizing everything about you, upbraid.

Achievement Unlocked: Two at a time top down socks! Haven’t ever made a single sock by itself, so naturally I attempt to do two things I’ve never done at THE SAME TIME. WOO!

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wait omg can we actually talk about ranger things i love it it sounds so adorable


- Hopper tries to get out of it every year and this year he manages to get cornered by his boss and is told if he calls in sick he’ll get fired

- the first day of camp he’s hungover as hell and he already feels annoyed at these kids he’s never met. He finds his assigned group and much to his chargrin sees its a bunch of over excited 12 year old boys and a little girl with a shaved head and is wearing what looks like to be mens socks and shoes two times to big but he decides not to ask because it’s to early for this shit.

- the kids keep asking if they’re going to travel through the woods like the party of elves in lord of the rings and Hopper honestly has never read the books and would like to know what a lord of the rings is? But he just grumbles and ignores them which just makes them ask more and more which just amplifys his headache

- he eventually gets the kids names down after about six hours there’s Mike he’s the one who always wears striped shirts, Lucas whose the only reasonable hopper thinks, Will Byers whose quiet and sweet also Hopper dated his mother in high school so he’s kind of hard to forget, Dustin who really likes snacks and witty comments he also has this lisp which Hopper would find endearing if he weren’t such a grump, and then there’s eleven (yes that’s actually her Name Hopper can’t believe it either) who doesn’t say much and trails mike around like a lost puppy

- Their first safety lesson how to start a fire safely almost ends in them burning down a forest and Hopper almost losing his shit but he manages to keep it together and teach them how to safely put it out and have mike to convince Eleven to come out of her hiding spot. He notices after this huge event that normal Hopper would have flipped his shit but this Hopper kept it together and oh fuck he thinks i can’t already be fond of these kids it’s been one day but he is and he knows it’s to late

- He can’t help but be fond of them though they’re cute and funny and smart as whips and he prides himself on having the smartest group in camp
No one can shoot a bow and arrow like Lucas
No one can start a fire as quick as mike
Or draw maps like will
No one can use a compass like Dustin
No one can be as quiet on their feet as Eleven

- he finds himself having more fun every day and he kinda misses the little stinkers when he’s not with them. They have a day out on the lake and they swim and laugh and splash and he manages to get a sentence out of eleven something that makes him burst with pride. Afterwards they all make smores and pretty soon the kids are dropping like flies. Lucas and Dustin are using each other as pillows leaning up against a tree and snoring. Will has head rested on hoppers shoulder and his eyelids are drooping. Eleven is on his other shoulder and mike laid down on a log and conked out almost immediately. Hopper loves these kids

- Hoppers glad he has the rest of the summer with these kids because he wouldn’t have it any other way

I might post some more but these are my ideas so far!!! AND I WANNA TALK MORE SO PPL HMU

hi! i just got back from a 4 day trip to Århus with my mom and we got very lost. here’s a resume of some sort!

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How about 5, MSR? Jelly Scully maybe?

Title:  Swept Up

Rating: Mature

Timeline:  Before/around IWTB, an AU with William.

William was shrieking with laughter.  Sara, the first love of his life, was showering him with attention, kneeling to clip his nails as he floated airplane-style in his father’s arms.  Mulder wondered if there was any adult equivalent of the rapture a child experienced when caught off guard and swept up into the air.

The giggling was contagious and Mulder began to chuckle too.  Sara smiled, letting Will tug her blonde braid as she wielded a tiny scissor.

“Ahhhh, isn’t this better? This is how they’re supposed to be.  Now you can play with your wrists up and be a virtuoso,” Sara said theatrically to William, who didn’t seem to notice her hamming it up.  Nail grooming was the very bane of his existence.  But the insistence of his beloved piano teacher plus a little surprise airplane-position seemed to do the trick.

The task of hiring the piano teacher had fallen to Mulder.  Scully had wanted to be there, then sighed guiltily as the hospital called. Mulder’s idea of a piano teacher, like all his ideas, was a little overly-romantic.

“It doesn’t have to be an old man with white hair, a black velvet vest and a monocle.  Just meet her,” Scully had insisted as she left him waiting to meet Sara.  The girl was just a recent music school grad with little teaching experience, but William immediately liked her, and she was willing to come all the way out to their house, even though there were no neighboring children to make the trip worthwhile. There were no neighbors, period.

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...the little things...

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I posted something this massive, but with the new episode airing soon, I thought it might be a good time to bring up a subject that has been floating about many Gravity Falls fanbases.

Over the last few weeks, as the mysteries of the show become unraveled, a lot of people have been noticing that references to Dipper’s crush on Wendy have been appearing more frequently.

The point I wish to make is that:

“Why is it that people are only noticing this now?“

In the following, I wish to present small notices and details I have picked up on through the second season.  By no means, am I stating that (Wendip as the fans call it) is back on, so hang a sec before you hit that reblog button and send me hate mail.  All I am doing is pointing out things I believe to be important, yet greatly overlooked.  It is up to you to decide an answer for yourselves.

At the end of the episode, “Into the Bunker,” Wendy and Dipper have a heart-to-heart, in which while she explains that she is too old for him, Wendy makes it apparent that the boy does have some meaning in her life.  Despite the bittersweet scene, the show really hasn’t gone on from that point with these two, reducing their screen time together dramatically (save for one line in “Sock Opera” and Wendy bailing on taking Dipper to his first rock concert in “The Love God” due to the drama caused by Robbie and Tambry having a relationship).

But before we explore further, it’s just as important to analyze Wendy’s overall growth in character, as she is first presented to us as a typical lazy teenager in “Tourist Trapped.”  In the episode, “The Inconveniencing,” her role grows to that of the perfect-placed-on-a-pedestal-crush, while also showing off her athleticism and massive charisma. 

It is by the show’s end that we begin to see a bit of change in her.  As the ghosts attack, we start to notice chinks in her seemingly-invincible armor:

…as well as noticing that deep down, behind her attitude and mischievous nature…

Wendy does have a kind heart, especially when concerning a certain little guy…

I’d like to think of such things as seeing glimpses of who Wendy is deep down, but we’ll see more of that in future episodes.

One of the new things that we learn about Wendy in the second season is that she appears to have a somewhat pessimistic or even distrusting nature of certain foreign (as in “unfamiliar”) people and places.  (the secret kingdom of the unicorns, for example)

Heck, Wendy didn’t even seem to trust the unicorn with her worn-out boots.

But, all of that seems to fade away with time spend with her extended family, especially the Pines twins.  I had such high hopes when at the beginning of the new season, Wendy seemed to encourage, and even help Dipper with his inquisitive nature (much to her favor in playing mischievously), only for her screen time with him to fade away after the admission of his crush,

And while not to change the subject, I found it very interesting that “someone else” used that same nickname for our boy…

…but that’s a topic for another time, as “The Love God” shows us that Wendy also has a jealous side as well.

As hinted before in the first season, “Society of the Blind Eye” tells us directly that the “cool and calming” facade is totally fabricated; that the real Wendy is more complex and even nerve-wrecked…

It should be noted that we are never told how Wendy (and Mabel) got themselves caught by the Blind Eye Society.  But consider the idea that Dipper was captured first (along with Soos)…

Unlike the ghost attack in the Dusk2Dawn where she turned to Dipper to save the day, Wendy proved herself to be quite the capable fighter in “Into the Bunker.”  Her finest hour, however, was shown anytime “a certain someone” was threatened/in danger.  After all, how many people would throw themselves in front of a monster multiple times for someone that could care less about?

One would guess that she cares for Dipper in some capacity, considering that she has a picture of him mounted above her bedpost:

However, this doesn’t mean that the growth is exclusive to Dipper’s perspective.  There are several examples of Wendy giving sage advice to Mabel throughout Season 2 (such as the ultra-pro-feminist speech in “The Last Mabelcorn - not saying it as a bad thing, folks; if anything, I consider it one of GF’s finest sequences).  Her encouraging words and actions seem to try to forceful on Mabel, as if to toughen her up and make her more confident versus the sometimes protective side she shows Dipper:

In this case, I want to reference the advice about dating that is brought up in “Society of the Blind Eye.”

This is a kind of ironic choice of words, considering that Wendy’s dating history could easily rival that of this (other) cutie pie posted below.

Why tell Mabel such a message?  Maybe something has changed where Wendy doesn’t see dating as such a big deal?

Even more so, in “Soos and the Real Girl,” when Stan offers up his sarcastic opinion about Soos’s date-ability, Wendy doesn’t go to the same lengths as she did to spare Dipper’s feelings, choosing to hide behind her current reading material.

Funny enough, even after the pun has passed, we continue to see Wendy reading the “Avoid Eye Contact Monthly” magazine all throughout the show.  Such a reading material choice is interesting, as one might ask, “Who would she be trying to avoid?“

…while remembering that if she had noticed this guy’s eyes, Wendy might have realized that Dipper wasn’t “truly himself…”

…nor notice as the possessed Bipper kept taking direct peeks at her McGuppies…

“in Blendin’s game,” Dipper bumps into a five-year-old Wendy, to which her friend Tambry (to her chagrin) reveals that she likes the newfound boy before her.  So many questions could arise for this moment; is this why Wendy has a soft spot for Dipper in the present?  Or did Dipper change the past and we just don’t realize it yet?  (Fuck, the rules of time travel sucks…)

And of course, Mabel has to open her big mouth and say something stupid to ruin the moment.  After all, it isn’t like Dipper likes to bother and tease her about her failed love life

“Oh, what ever happened to Mermando?”

Speaking of, the climax of “The Love God” has a nice little twist to it.  Desperate to defeat the twins, the Love God hits them with a potion of “Heartbreak’s Past.”  While Mabel seems to be occupied by all her former loves…

Dipper simply punches his way through the haze and laughs it off.  If Wendy did really break his heart, wouldn’t she have appeared in his vision?

and so, we come to the last few weeks, where the topic has been clearly addressed out loud instead of giving random hints.

The most apparent from “The Last Mabelcorn.”  Notice for a second that Dipper seems to look straight at the viewer as he asks us to forget this most secret of thoughts.  Sure, we can take it as a joke, but the next frame kinda sets the tone for his comment:

Perhaps the most unusual evidence (to me, at least) was the actual talk between the two at the end of “Into the Bunker.”  If there’s one thing I love about the animation process of this show, it’s how the creators make the characters’ expressions so vivid and yet, almost life-like. 

However, the scene in which Wendy gives Dipper her answer always stuck out to me for some reason.  The mixture of sadness, doubt, hesitation, and even a bit of gloom found on her face reminded me of something that I originally couldn’t put my finger on - I had seen this same expression before.

After a while, it did come to mind…

it reminded me of the climax of “The Inconveniencing,” where the teens gang up on Dipper, and shortly afterwards, Wendy reluctantly joins them.

So, what does this all mean?  Maybe something; maybe nothing at all.  Don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying “let’s go pick out a maid of honor dress for Mabel,” but at the same time, all these things were planned for a reason…

and why is this important?  Because a certain isosceles demi-god’s endgame is shortly coming into play…

And if you blink, you might miss his very first choice for a new vessel…

…someone very close to Dipper, the second guardian of the rift (since Ford’s mind is now protected by the steel plate in his head)…

it’s only during the second turn-around of “available choices” that this person’s identity is revealed…

So, does this mean that our favorite lumberjane’s days are numbered?  Maybe not, since Ford explains that certain moonstones are used to keep Bill at bay.

And that seems to be a nice crystal in Wendy’s window that overlooks her as she sleeps.  So, maybe she does have a fighting chance…

But then again..

We never did find out what this was all about, did we?

Again, I don’t mean to bust people’s stones or give false hope, but it’s times like these that the GF fanbase has to stop looking at the details less like this guy…

…and more like this guy below…

What do you think will happen?

So I have learned that I am terrible at two things: keeping track of time, and making sure my socks don’t fall in the wrong hands, or in this case, paws. Has anyone else had this problem where their dogs like to play with their socks or is it just me? I’ve decided to forgive them because they’re cute and they just had to give me the sad puppy eyes of course. But it’s Wednesday, I’m in the mood for a dance party!

I’ve Had Enough! Period!

Reader is on her period and is super mad

“Y/N!” Crowley burst into your room and wrapped his arms around your waits. You were pulling a shirt over your head and now you were just stuck with your shirt half-on and half-off.

“Hey!” You snapped. Crowley froze, then released you.

“Are you alright?” He took a step back and looked you over.

“Oh, I’m fine.” You finished dressing. “Except for the face that you’ve been gone for two days. No explanation or anything. Just ‘poof!’”

“We talked about this.” Crowley said. “You said-“

“I know I said I could live with it.” You threw your hands up. “But that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg, mister!”


“When you leave,” you stormed out of the room, headed for the kitchen “this place is a mess. I have to clean it up, and whenever you decide to come back, you completely trash this place.”

“WE trash the place.” Crowley followed you to the sink. “Isn’t that your favorite part of my visits?” What we have can’t be contained in the bedroom.”

As you searched the cupboards for some ibuprofen, Crowley snaked his arms around your waist and planted a scruffy kiss on your neck. You shrugged your shoulder forcefully and he let go of you.

“What is your problem?” He was offended.

Good, you thought, know he knows how I feel!

“MY problem?” You scoffed and spun around, painkillers in hand. “What? So now that I’m not going to just let you take me to bed- or the couch- or to the wall- or whatever you’re all butt-hurt? It’s always about you!”

You winced and clutched your abdomen.

Freaking cramps.

“Darling, are you alright?” Crowley reached out to touch you and you slapped his hand away.

“Have you even been listening?” You downed two pills without water and you almost choke on one going down. “I’m not okay! You leave for days on end without as much as a word! Then you come back, spend a night or two, and you’re gone. What am I some kind of booty call?” A thought struck your mind and it nearly sent you into a blind rage. Anger boiled inside of you and you had to clench your fists to keep from slapping him full-on in the face. “I’ll bet I am just a booty call!”

“Oh, no.” Crowley wiped his face with one hand and sighed.  “Are you on your period?”

“So what if I am?” You yelled. “You know what? Why don’t you just leave for another few days and come back when you get another hankering for human flesh. When you’re done screwing your demon side-girl-“

“Whoa!” Crowley stopped you. “Don’t even go there, Y/N. You know very well that I-“

“Do I?” Tears began to blur your vision. How could he do that to you? An acute pain pierced your heart as you realized that he’s been cheating on you. “I thought you said that I was the only one you’ll ever love!”

“You are!” Crowley grabbed your shoulders. “Darling, I don’t know where you’re getting all these ideas, but you need to calm down.”

“You don’t even know me!” You tore yourself from his arms and pushed past him to the main room.

“What?” Crowley still followed you. “Where did that come from?”

Almost sobbing, you plopped down onto the couch and held your face in our hands.

“You just come here because I’m stupid enough to wait for you.” You cried. “I- I sit here, patient as a nun, and wait until you feel like you want to come back. When you’re bored and need something to kill time!”

You let yourself cry into your hands.

You loved him! How could he treat you like that? YOU gave him everything and he only used to satiate his lust for a warm body.

Crowley was so quiet that you looked up from your hands to see if he was still there.

He wasn’t.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” You shrieked.

For the next five minutes you paced the house, punching pillows and throwing things. An internal battled raged inside of you along with the fiery pains of your cramps and broken heart. You could hardly see through your tears when you made your decision.

“Fine.” You said to the absent Crowley. “If you’re leaving, so am I.”

Feeling as if your world was crumbling around you, you trudged back to your room and opened a suitcase. You only had time to throw two shirts and a pair of socks in it before someone cleared their throat.

“Darling.” Crowley looked at you tenderly. In one hand, a bouquet of flowers rested against his arm. In the other, a movie, and a grocery bag full of chocolate and other sweets hung from his wrist.

You wanted so desperately to stay angry with him, but you could feel yourself melting under his soft gaze. So much love and affection.

“How about we watch a movie tonight?” He handed you the flowers. “Instead of the usual?”



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Creativity Report: June 2017

This month was a little rough. It ended up looking good, but through the first three weeks, I had many more days than usual where if I wrote, it was only a few hundred words at a time. I hit an astonishing last-minute surge of productivity on June 26, when I wrote 10,949 words in one day; that kind of shit is usually reserved for NaNo, but. When inspiration strikes, I guess. We also had a whole weekend lost to travel, though ironically, I did manage to write that weekend…some days only one sentence, but I did it. Final breakdown:

As for what I wrote, specifically:

  • Finished my fifth redraft of the first act of the original novel. I’m finally settling on some major and minor details, so this is it except for cosmetic revisions.
  • Worked on my secondary project, a long short story or perhaps a novella (it’s starting to approach the second category’s length, I think).
  • Wrote a few other tidbits for potential short stories.
  • Reparations, a friendship fic about Grog and Scanlan, post-ep 101. It’s no longer canon compliant at all, but so is the nature of writing fic for a show that airs weekly.
  • Started some other Critical Role fic, pretty unrelated to the main story; we’ll see if it ever sees the light of day.

A weird month, but with six months sunk into 2017, I’m at 210,372 words for the year. A really productive pace. And more to come, I’m sure.

July is going to involve a lot more travel than usual; we’ll be gone for a good 8 days, and I won’t be bringing my laptop. I’ll have a notebook and tablet to write in if inspiration strikes, but I’m not expecting to do much writing while we’re being tourists. With that in mind, my goals for July are going to be a little lower.

  • 15,000 words
  • Bonus: note necessary edits of at least five chapters of the original novel
Christmas with Seventeen



  • shopping with him for the rest his sons
  • literally spends 10 mins just standing there, figuring out what shampoo to buy, good luck shopping with him
  • “ugh this smells like sock”,”Seungcheol pls, shampoo don’t smell like socks”
  • you two go into stealth mode when its time to hide the gifts [james bond plays in the BG]
  • hides all the presents in weird places because he knows dino and hoshi will start a search party just to find out what he got for them
  • gets you to climb onto his shoulder to hide them on the top shelf ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • is kinda cooking ??? but actually just tell seokmin to chop the onions thinner #mother-in-law-S.coups , freaks out when the food gets slighty burned and you have to pass him some tea to make him chill and relax
  • “Seriously Y/N, I wouldn’t know what I would do without you, I-I mean, you as in your help :)” [smooth moves]
  • has to check on mingyu and vernon every 5 mins to make sure aren’t the log cake
  • someone save scoops


  • thank god for jeonghan
  • this guy keeps everyone in check bless
  • knows that seungcheol would freak out for a bit so he made some tea in advance, saw you going out shopping without wearing a jacket which he then takes of his to cover you with and whips out tissues to swipe away mingyus snot an angel
  • you have to hold him by the arm to make sure he doesn’t rip over some random chair
  • you two sing the pikachu song in the car but suddenly gets remixed until seokmin and hoshi comes in and now it’s like pickachu ft. mariah carey & ariana grande
  • isn’t afraid of the naughty or nice list because he knows he’s an angel
  • cleans up the dorm with everyone, wanting to make sure everything is neat but laying flat on the floor with the rest of seventeen from pure tiredness so when you get back from getting take out
  • “ Hey guys guess what I got for din- uhhh are you guys okay “, they just groaned a ok and just laid there for another 5 mins same


  • can you imagine him with a white beard going all out with ‘ ho ho ho merry Christmas ‘ Santa look, would make you cringe a bit but he looks so happy in the costume so you don’t want rain on his parade
  • his eyes would immediately light up when he sees the bag of fried chicken in your hands
  • ‘ chicken will heal our hearts ‘ - joshua jisoo hong
  • all of you take a break to recharge and just rest, you guys spend it by watching anime and chom chom-ing on the food
  • when you see him nibbling on a candy cane you suddenly had the craving of having one, joshua sees you eyeing his so he breaks in half to hand it to you
  • GentlemanHong
  • busy hanging up the setting up the Christmas tree
  • is very very amused at Jun
  • ends up getting fascinated by the bowl of candy canes that you were looking for


  • probably busy untangling the Christmas lights while joshua just giggles at Jun which earn him a playful slap on the back
  • 7 hrs later and the lights still aren’t untangled [ send help ]
  • gets himself stuck in the Christmas lights
  • “ Y/N ~ come help meeee, you’re always good at detangling your headphones HEeeeLPPpp ME ~ “, “okok Jun gimme a sec while i try to un-sticky tape dino”
  • get all flushed when you get a little too close too him and when you look up, he looks like a dear that’s caught in the headlights, looks away quickly and goes back to fiddling with the knots on the lights
  • you guys finished dinner and you decided to help put up the lights, seeing that wonwoo and Jun were definitely struggling with hanging it up right
  • “ hmm Jun it really doesn’t look right from where I’m standing, like the lights are all in a circle and this part is all wonky and all over the place ?”, Jun scoots over to Wonwoo’s side to see what he was talking about,” woah you are right, this has to at least be the 8th time we’ve taken it down again, that’s ok let’s do it agian”
  • Wonwoo went to go help with the Jeonghan while you and Jun were practically wrecking yours brains to fix the lights
  • finally happy at the finished product you two collapsed into a pile


  • jams with Seokmin to all the Christmas jingles he hears while shopping
  • blares Chrismacy songs to get everyone into the mood
  • would be helping out in the kitchen with seokmin and mingyu, ices the cookies while mingyu and dino bake them
  • the cookies are all really cute, they have really cute shapes like ugly sweaters, hearts, stars and snowmen
  • you giggle at how determined he looks when he was icing the cookies, with his eyebrows all scrunched up and his lips pursed together
  • sees you staring at the cookies so he taps you on the shoulder from behind and from his back, he pulls out a heart shaped cookie in pink icing with the wording : Y/N
  • gets back to icing the other cookies with red ears 0///0


  • wanders around the mall when you guys go shopping so you need to hold him by the arm and by the end of the shopping trip you and the boys have formed some kind of human chain
  • helps out Jeonghan with clearing up the dorm since most of the time its
  • pretty messy but its the holiday so it had to be a little bit more tidier if they member would wake up on Christmas morning tripping on their own underwear
  • eats cookies with you
  • you see crumbs on his chin so you brush them off and wonwoo’s frozen, like you’re pretty sure he’s not even breathing because he was looking a bit tense “ wonwoo you ok ?”, snaps out of his daze to dunk his cookie into his milk “y-yeaa I’m good, thanks Y/N”
  • gets you to pick out the sweater he was going to wear tomorrow and you pick the white turtle neck one 


  • very very fascinated at the giant Christmas trees they have at retail shops
  • is cutting paper snow flakes with minghao
  • laughs along with joshua when he sees jun stucks but goes back to picking out the playlist for Christmas day, asks for your advice on what to play and you pick out mansae which makes him cock an eyebrow since it wasn’t very festive but you said it was one of your favourites that he composed
  • sneaks around with you to look for the lost bowl of candy canes
  • you beg him to put on so fUNNy looking Christmas sweater probably got, you try to get him to put in on by acting cute and you can hear Seungkwan in the back screaming nOOOooooOOoOoo
  • woozi get all cringing when puts on the sweater you could see him scrunching up his nose and balling up his fist send help
  • falls asleep while everyone watches attack on titan


  • is having a mini jam session with joshua and hoshi in the cereal isle
  • pushes the cart with dino inside
  • makes lots of train sounds like ‘choo choo’ races mingyu with minghao in his cart, can someone save them
  • sees you struggling with the Christmas supplies so he jogs over to
    help you with them, ends up getting shouted at by hoshi for
    leaving him with his bag of groceries
  • decorates the Christmas tree with Seungkwan and vernon
  • ends up getting distracted by the hanging Christmas lights


  • catches a bit of a cold since its getting colder and you notice him sniffling in the car so you drape your jacket over him hoping that it warms him up a bit
  • ends up snuggling up to you
  • you doze resting your head on his head and when he wakes up he’s a little shocked to see you covering him up with your jacket while drooling on him as you sleep but he’s not complaining
  • gets his snot swiped away by jeonghan bless him
  • races hoshi with an unsuspecting minghao in his cart 
  • makes cookies with jeonghan and hoshi, doing a great job 
  • offers you what looks like choc chip cookies but is actually raisins but they’re still good so you continue eating them


  • goes around shopping for gifts with Jun
  • loses Jun because he was distracted by something ends up falling into a cart because he was trying to reach for some chips, get driven away by mingyu
  • is confused at how he got there
  • but at least he found the rest of his members so that fine
  • cuts up paper snow flakes but makes one in a shape of heart just for you
  • [ pls protect him ]
  • decorating the front door with seuncheol


  • busy taste testing the food, tries to sneak in a bite of the log cake with mingyu and hoshi but ends up getting caught by seungcheol
  • is hanging up the ornaments and when he’s done he call you over to see how it looks like, you decide to add a couple finishing touches onto the tree and you must the tree is looking pretty good
  • but there’s one thing missing, the star, seungkwan jumps onto the top, “its me, I am the star”
  • nahh I’m kidding, he’d rush to get the star and he’d try to lift you up to put it on and after a few jumps you two finally put the star on the tree


  • begs woozi to put hot line bling onto the playlist
  • you guys have a dance off to see who could dance like they lost all circulation in they body, you two look like jellyfishes flopping around
  • plates the cookies for santa next onto a table
  • borrows joshua santa beard and turns it into a wig
  • decorates the Christmas tree but ends up getting lost in his on reflection in the Christmas ornaments


  • somehow ends up in seokmin’s cart and gets caught in a race cart battle with mingyu
  • tries to wrap up a present but gets stuck with the sticky tape so you have to un-sticky tape him
  • is baking with mingyu while hoshi ices them, when you step into the kitchen all you see is dino and jeonghan cover in flour,you try to dust off as much flour you can off them
  • you come to help them mix the dough but you having noodle arms, you groan about getting sore arms and dino come in to help you,”Y/N here let me help you”

OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE it going to be Christmas in 1 day??? I can’t


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The Confession of Isobel Gowdie (Janet) 1662
'As I was going betwixt the towns (z.e.,farm stead- 
ings) of Drumdeevin and The Heads, I met with the 
Devil, and there covenanted in a manner with him ; 
and I promised to meet him, in the night-time, in the 
Kirk of Auldearn, which I did. And the first thing 
I did there that night, I denied my baptism, and did 
put the one of my hands to the crowm of my head, 
and the other to the sole of my foot, and then 
renounced all betwixt my two hands over to the 
Devil. He was in the Reader's desk, and a black book in his hand. Margaret Brodie, in Auldearn, held me up to the Devil to be baptized by him, and he marked me in the shoulder, and sucked out my blood at that mark, and spouted it in his hand, and, sprinkling it on my head, said, " I baptize thee, Janet, in my own name !" And within awhile we all removed. The next time that I met with him was in the New Wards of Inshoch. ... He was a mickle, black, rough [hirsute] man, very cold; and I found his nature all cold within me as spring- wall- water Sometimes he had boots, and sometimes shoes on his feet; but still his feet are forked and cloven. He would be sometimes with us like a deer or a roe. John Taylor and Janet Breadhead, his wife, in Belmakeith, . . . Douglas, and I myself, met in the kirkyard of Nairn, and we raised an unchristened child out of its grave ; and at the end of Bradley's cornfieldland, just opposite to the Mill of Nairn, we took the said child, with the nails of our fingers and toes, pickles of all sorts of grain, and blades of kail [colewort], and hacked them all very small, mixed together; and did put a part thereof among the muck-heaps, and thereby took away the fruit of his corns, etc., and we parted it among two of our Covins. When we take corns at Lammas, we take but about two sheaves, when the corns are full ; or two stalks of kail, or thereby, and that gives us the fruit of the corn-land or kail-yard, where they grew. And it may be, we will keep it until Yule or Pasche, and then divide it amongst us. There are thirteen persons in my Covin. 'The last time that our Covin met, we, and another Covin, were dancing at the Hill of Earlseat ...

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