two at a time socks


My little tric to get rid of the twisting strands of yarn when knitting two socks at the same time. #knitting #knittingsocks #knittingsockstwoatthesametime #projectbag #knittingprojectbag #projectbag #drawstringbag #lowlandoriginals #lowlandoriginalsdotetsydotcom #knittersofinstagram #sockknitting #socktawk #knittingsocks #sockknittersofinstagram

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A list on why letting Hayner (aka chickenwuss) move in with me was a mistake:

1) He’s messy.
2) He never throws out the milk when it’s empty.
3) He doesn’t know how to fucking cook and he always makes me try his shitty food. And if I say no he whines until I try it. I’ve gotten sick two times already!
4) Three days ago I found his sock in the microwave.
5) His camouflage clothing looks real bad next to mine. I have good taste, he doesn’t.
6) I just told him to do his homework ‘cause all he’s done today is lay on his stomach and watch the dumb turtle I bought him walk across the carpet and he answered with “Who wants to do homework? Henlo stinky homework, go do yourself ugly.”
7) He uses up all the hot water.
8) He snores.
9) He’s loud and wakes me up at ungoldy hours. 
10) I may or may not be head over heels for him. He needs to leave. Now.

I love seeing Ruby picking up Sapphire. Even though I headcannon saph taller than ruby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I’m sure they love it too. yes I drew that shameless butt grab I drew saph’s butt too nice not to, ok. I blame jen-iii and rhinocio