two and three columns


Temple of Zeus


~457 BCE

20.7 m in height, 29 m in breadth, 70.1 m in length

The temple was of peripteral form, with a frontal pronaos (porch), mirrored by a similar arrangement at the back of the building, the opisthodomos. The building sat on a crepidoma (platform) of three unequal steps, the exterior columns were positioned in a six by thirteen arrangement, two rows of seven columns divided the cella (interior) into three aisles. Although it lies in ruins today, an echo of the temple’s original appearance can be seen in the Second Temple of Hera at Paestum, which closely followed its form. The temple featured carved metopes and triglyph friezes, topped by pediments filled with sculptures in the Severe Style, now attributed to the “Olympia Master” and his studio. According to Pausanias, the temple’s height up to the pediment was 68 feet (20.7 m), its breadth was 95 feet (29.0 m), and its length 230 feet (70.1 m).[4] It was approached by a ramp on the east side. The main structure of the building was of a local limestone that was unattractive and of poor quality, and so it was coated with a thin layer of stucco to give it an appearance of marble to match the sculptural decoration. It was roofed with Pentelic marble cut into the shape of tiles. The marble was cut thinly enough to be translucent, so that on a summer’s day, “light comparable to a conventional 20-watt bulb would have shone through each of the 1,000 tiles.

Worthy (Yeo One x Reader)

Rating: M, with a side of soft

(A/N): Here’s a scenario on your romantic and magical first time with Pentagon’s Yeo One! Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by everyeoone

“I want you.”

Yeo One pulled away breathlessly, his shoulders rising and falling subtly underneath your hands from his soft pants that ghosted over your face. He spoke before his lips had even left yours, whispering those words deeply into your mouth so you could swallow them and digest. Your eyes darted away from his wide brown ones, the rings of light gold around his iris resembled that of the rings of a tree, mesmerizing and drawing. You curiously wished to count them, but his words made you focus instead on the cool blue linen of his shirt, your fingertips running over the woven fabric shyly as you folded his words over and over in your mind like clean laundry. This was not the first time he had said such words to you.

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Eurydice’s tomb

Vergina, Greece

~369 BCE

The unusual Tomb of Eurydike lies slightly east of the Rhomaios Tomb. This double-chambered, barrel-vaulted structure, whose facade has yet to be revealed, is plastered with off-white mortar.

One of the short sides of the burial chamber is presented in trompe-l'oeil as a facade with a door and two windows framed by four Ionic half-columns, which support an Ionic three-tiered entablature and a frieze decorated with white palmettes.

A unique find is the marble throne with its richly carved and painted ornamentation; in particular, the back of the throne, which depicts Pluto and Persephone riding on a quadriga, is truly outstanding.

The wealth of this tomb, which had been plundered in antiquity, indicates a royal burial; on the basis of chronological data, it is attributed to Philip’s mother Eurydike, inscribed dedications of whom have been found in the temple of Eukleia at Aigai.

Mix Up

ship requested by: @elizallama

Note: Y/N wears glasses :)))))


Your alarm clock rang for the hundredth time this morning. You mumbled something as turned in your half-a-sleep state, and stretched your arms out or your covers.You finally woke up to see a well lit empty room. Without you knowing, your roommates gave up waking you this morning since they have been trying hours ago. You looked at the time. You suddenly jolted up your bed, your eyes wide open to see that you had 30 minutes to get ready before your potions class. You sprung out of your warm and comfortable bed and quickly changed into your uniform and robes. As soon as you started to look a little bit more of a human, you left your dorms and went straight to the Dungeons.

Without looking, you ran full speed to your room when you collided into something or someone. In the process, your glasses fell off. You knelt down to look for your glasses on the floor.

“Oh dear. I’m so sorry.“ you said as you fumble to find your glasses.

“It’s quite alright.“ he said kneeling and fumbling as well.

When you grabbed what you to thought was your glasses you stood up and wore your glasses.

“I wasn’t looking.“ he continued when the two of you looked at each other and locked eyes. 

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Ren Tavarie

The inquisitive apprentice with a forgiving heart.  ♈

Favorite Food: Kolompeh
Favorite Drink: Honey Lemonade
Favorite Flower: Larkspur 

Unforgiving - Theme #23 | Previews 1, 2, 3, & 4message me for the code 


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sophie-is-a-mess  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I love your studyblr, and it's really motivating :) I wondered if you had any advice for starting up a studyblr of my own, such as finding a good url, blog title, theme, blogs to follow, etcetera. Thank you, and have a lovely, productive day/night!!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate it a lot :) This message immediately lightened up my night when I read it especially the second sentence haha. Here are my tips for starting a studyblr.


Note: The examples are already taken URLs.

  • Have the word study/studying/studies/studyblr in your URL so it’s easier to identify that your blog is a studyblr. My URL is an example of this: study + ally (syn. colleague and friend). Or your name + studies. An example of such is kimberlystudies. Or study + plant/animal/thing. Examples are studyrose, studybird, and studypulp.
  • Think of some words that relate to studying or focusing on studying, and combine those words. Examples are coffeeforcollege, and asbeforebaes (A’s before baes).
  • You could also have whatever it is you’re studying on your URL. Examples are psychology-studyspo, and englitstudent (english lit).
  • Keep your URL short so it is easier to remember.
  • Or use a phrase/sentence that relates to studying. Examples are studyandgohighertoday, and workhardlikegranger.
  • Google search for synonyms, like how I came up with mine haha
  • You could also follow what I did and make a temporary URL, then change it later on once you’ve found the best URL for you. I used to be studymaniacme. I really wanted to have a studyblr last year that I just went with that URL.

Blog Title

  • A short quote or statement you stand by
  • Word or phrase summarizing and describing what you re/blog about
  • Motivational statement or quote
  • Or whatever it is that satisfies yourself :)

Note: Some of the tips listed in this section is opinion-based (my opinions), so you may or may not approve depending on your preferences.

  • Can easily be navigated (sidebars, menu bars, links, etc.). You can find themes with sidebars and menu bars on here.
  • Has infinite scrolling because it’s more convenient than clicking a page number to go to another page
  • Font size and color that can be read comfortably
  • Has captions on homepage, because (and I’m just typing what I think here) it is a hassle having to go to the permalink page of a post just to see the full post when one can just read the caption of the post immediately on a tumblr’s homepage then scroll past it once one has read it.
  • Has two or three columns to make scrolling or skimming through posts easier

Tips/motivational statements:
Note: Some are based off quotes/statements I’ve read somewhere before.

  • Never put things off for later. Do everything you can now.
  • Never ever compare your first to someone else’s middle.
  • Plan. Write a to-do list. Stick to it.
  • Develop focus and discipline. 
  • Invest in things that last or that can develop into so much more.
  • Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.
  • Success is jumping from failure to failure without losing the enthusiasm to succeed.
  • When you fail, get up. Don’t let failure consume your mind. Remember why you started. 
  • People can help. Don’t hesitate to ask help, especially from teachers, your own parents, and everyone in the studyblr community.
  • In order for you to start, you must simply start.
  • Forget about making big progresses. Start making noticeable ones. Change your former ways, if needed. Try new things.
  • Nothing is ever impossible. It’s just that “impossible” things take more time than those considered “possible”. You’ll eventually get there.
  • Hard word beats talent when talent does not work hard.
  • Dreams don’t work unless you do.
  • Forget about finding keys to doors. Create a gate and build a castle. (I just thought of that now as I’m listening to disney tracks lol)

Some studyblr-related things:

My favorite studyblrs:
Note: I’m sure looking at the sources of their reblogged posts can help you find your way through more studyblrs to follow

If you’ve created a studyblr and have officially joined the studyblr community, please send me a message of your URL. Have a good day xo

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on constructing a fictional language?

Hey there, Nony! Thanks so much for this question, I’m not sure if anyone understand how happy it made me (I’m a literal language freak). I do have lots of tips for you so this is probably going to be a bit of a long post, but here we go:

Creating Fictional Languages

So, fictional languages. There are a whole lot of them out there, and many more waiting to be made. Our own, actual world is made up of different countries speaking different languages, and we can pull a lot of information from those. In this post, a lot of my advice is going to require you looking (just a lil’ bit) at other languages.

Firstly, we’re going to look at the most basic, most fundamental part of any language: The alphabet. As I hope you’re aware, there is a huge amount of different alphabets that exist currently and are being used in different languages. These include Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Korean, and Arabic - just to name a few. Even if you’re just looking at pictures, it’s easy to see that they’re all incredibly different. Even if we don’t know what they are, we know that each alphabet has an origin story. So, your first step is to create a set of symbols that look like they would belong in the same class, give each one a name, and give each one a sound.

Every spoken languages consists of words, and each word has a different sound and definition. Using the alphabet you just made using the steps above, string together a few words just for fun. When you do this, make sure the word can be pronounced; if you find it hard, your characters probably will, too. This is something that gets easier with time. While you’re doing this, consider what words would be considered a part of a basic vocabulary, and which ones take more time to learn. It adds to the authenticity of your language. When you’ve got your words together, try to string them into a sentence. Is the sentence asy to say? Keep going and adjusting everything until what you want to say can be spoken.

And, however strange it sounds, it’s true: In most languages, different words have different genders. You can make this as hard or as easy as you want it to be. In English, words only have one gender (and therefore only use one article). In Spanish, words can have one of two genders (and would use the “el” or “la” form in the singular. In German, words can have one of three genders (using “der”, “die”, or “das”). In Swahili, articles aren’t used at all. It’s all up to you to create as many or as few genders for your words as you want, and to assign one to each word.

The next thing you’ll want to focus on are your verbs. There are a lot of things we don’t understand about verbs and even more exceptions to each one. Once you’ve come up with your verbs, create a verb chart with three rows and two columns. In the first column, label each row “I”, “you”, and “he/she/it”. In the second, label each row “we”, “you all”, and “they”. Now, come up with standard endings for your verbs. You could do it like English, where in just “he/she/it” there’s an -s at the end, or like Spanish or German where each pronoun has a different ending. Or, you could do it like Swedish and have no conjugations entirely.

So, these are the basics of creating a fictional language! Above are just the very basic mechanics of what you’ll need to know, but I do have plans to expand this into a full-blown language series to be able to give a whole bunch more tips on creating languages!

I hope this helped, Nony! If you or anyone else wants to see me cover another topic, don’t forget to drop a message in my ask; until then, much love! <333


Theme #15 Vela by Riverbell themes

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  • 500px/400px/250px posts
  • One, two or three column (grid theme)
  • Tumblr icon, header image (see notes)
  • Navigation bar sticking to top when scrolling
  • Infinite scrolling option
  • 10 custom links and pages
  • Description scroll box
  • Permalinks visible on hover + tooltips & like and reblog buttons
  • Optional search bar

Terms of usage Please, do not steal, redistribute, remove credit or claim as your own. Alterations are ok! If there are any questions/problems please send me a message!

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For the header image to look good, use an image that’s at least 250px in height. Remember to use one that looks good in the bottom because its the 250px in the bottom of the image that will be shown. Alternatively use a pattern image. This because otherwise the navigation bar will look weird when it attaches to the top.

The first job, the one he’d left incomplete, was a set of shelves, and we started with that.

At least this time it’s not “got started”.

It was, as he’d said, a job for two people.  The shelves had three columns with six shelves each, and every part interlocked with the help of wooden pegs.  It was impossible to press two pieces near the top together without ones near the bottom pulling apart, and vice versa,

And the troubles (get started) begin.

so we got into a rhythm where one of us would put pieces together while the other prevented everything else from coming apart. 

Sounds like a dance.

All in all, it took us twenty minutes or so.  After we verified that everything was fitting together and lined up, Brian hauled the shelf off the floor and set it against the wall.

“That’s one,” he smiled, “You sure you don’t want a drink?”

You really should have something to drink ready while doing physical labor like this, even if it’s light physical labor.

“What do you have?”

“Here, I’ve got stuff in the fridge.  Come and take your pick.”

I grabbed a cherry coke.

Ooh. I’ve heard of cherry Coke, but I’ve never had the opportunity to taste it. I think I’d like to - it sounds like an interesting taste.

Brian grabbed a coke, but mostly ignored it while he opened the next box, the square one that was nearly four feet across, and started laying out the individual pieces on the kitchen floor.  A kitchen table with stools.

Try to put all the legs on the correct side of the bits they attach to. Y’know, unlike a certain someone.

Kids - Theme #36 | Preview | message me for the code


- Cool link hovers

- Two titles

- Swirl graphic under sidebar

- Three columns

- Like and rebog buttons

- Hover for notes permalink


anonymous asked:

Hello! I saw your chart on how you condensed 1000 years of literature in one piece of paper. This year I'm going to be doing this a lot in AP history. Do you have any tips to condense a ton of years of history into a well organized sheet? ('How would you organize it?' Is what I'm trying to say.) Thanks :)

Hello! I think you’re talking about this post, which is not mine. It was originally posted by the wonderful Emily, from Revise or Die! I have used this method for my history exams, though, so maybe I can give you a hand with a few tips that worked for me:

- Identify the main, key periods you need to study.

- For every time period, identify the key events (and their dates).

- Write down the main characteristics. Use key words and short sentences.

- If there are many characteristics, unify them: write a sentence that contains two or more characteristics (eg: WWI was the first global war, and also the first war to use fatal chemicals and submarins as weapons).

- If there are many characteristics, de-structure them: use the initial letter of each characteristic to create a word or a sentence (eg: Graphic Design must follow the K.I.S.S technique -keep it simple, stupid!-).

- Assign a different colour to each time period

- Highlight or underline the key words of what you’ve written; this is, those words that make you understand the reality of that time period or event.

- If you have several time periods to fit in one sheet, I’d recommend organising them in columns. Divide your sheet in two or three vertical columns and start filling them. Remember to draw lines and make clear differences between one and another.

Remember that, to fit in a single piece of paper a ton of years of history, you are going to be summarising and writting the basics -it’s a complement to your actual, complete notes. Keep that in mind when deciding what to include and what to leave out of your summary.

I hope that was helpful! x


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  • Search bar
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  • Icon navigation links (possible to choose from different icons in the appearance section) + tooltips
  • Background: full width image, pattern, gradient or one image in either one of the window corners
  • Optional infinite scrolling & optional grayscale images
  • Optional quote in the description, hide captions and show tags on index page
  • Light or dark reblog + like buttons
  • Three audio player colours
  • Custom fonts from Google fonts 

Do not steal, redistribute, remove credit or claim as your own. Alterations for personal use are ok! 

Make sure you’ve enabled asks! Go to the appearance section, scroll down until you see a text box labeled “Your tumblr url”. Replace “” with your tumblr url without quotations. Save. Help?

Please, please, read the documentation on how to customize this theme, found in the preview, before asking me questions about it. 

Mr. Castiel Winchester

for bookkbaby

(ao3 link)

Mr. Castiel Winchester Mr. Castiel Winchester Mr. Castiel Winchester, Cas doodles on his notebook in large loopy letters. He sighs, filling in little hearts with red ink. If he closes his eyes, he can practically see Dean Winchester’s bright green eyes staring back at him. In reality, Dean’s exactly three rows and two columns away from him, still working, as most of the class is, on his history exam.

Cas makes another sweep of his pen and draws a few more hearts. Charlie – the only other student besides him who’s finished the exam – elbows him in the side and sends out a lavish wink. She’s known about Cas’s crush on Dean since it began back in sixth grade. If he concentrates hard enough, he can still feel her bony fingers grabbing onto his arm in excitement when she forced him to spill the beans all those years ago.

Of course, having a crush on Dean Winchester for six years hasn’t exactly been easy. He’s considered telling Dean on multiple occasions, but he’s always chickened out. He doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. The closest he ever gotten to confessing was during sophomore year after Dean hit the winning homerun and ran to Cas as soon as the game was over. With the crowd cheering all around them and adrenaline pumping through both of their veins, Cas almost said the three words he’s been dying to say since he was twelve. But just as fate would have it, as soon as the “I” came out, Dean’s little brother Sam dived between them and effectively ruined the moment.

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