two and a half families of five could camp on adam's though

My Savior (Part 3)

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“I’m your dad, Y/N.”

You would have laughed if you weren’t scared shitless. You had seen what this man could do. Just the other day, he had burnt half of one of his men’s face with a scolding hot iron, because he tried to kiss one of Negan’s wives. You didn’t want to believe it but now he had mentioned it, you could vaguely remember sitting round a table on Sunday with him and your mum eating dinner, him at your school plays, and him taking you to the park. The apocalypse had started when you were nine, and it had lasted six years. Six years you hadn’t seen your dad and you had started to forget what he looked like. You didn’t want to let him know that you remembered though.

“How?” You asked, already knowing what the answer was.

“Well you know. Me and your mum fucked and nine months later, you popped out!” He exclaimed, earning a few chuckles from the Saviors. “You were a cute baby, take after me I suppose!”

“What happened to mum?” You asked, immediately regretting your decision when you saw the look that Negan gave you, not here, kid.

“Why don’t we talk when we get back to the sanctuary?” He hefted Lucille onto his shoulder and began walking back to the truck.


You stood your ground. You didn’t want to go back to the sanctuary, at least not yet. Knowing Negan, he would say ‘wait until we get back to the sanctuary’ and then when you got back to the sanctuary, he would just brush off the questions and try to distract you. You needed to find out what happened to your mum.

“I want to know what happened.” You insisted crossing your arms. 

Everyone looked at you in shock. Nobody had defied Negan before. At least no one that’s still breathing.

“Not here.” Negan retorted through gritted teeth, turning back round to face you.

“Fine,” You shrugged. “We talk in Rick’s house.”

You don’t know who looked more shocked; Rick, Negan, or the Saviors.

“I’ll walk you.” Carl finally spoke up after a few moments of awkward silence.

The walk to the Grimes’ house was short and silent. You walked up front with Carl, followed by Negan, and lastly Rick. Once you were in the house, you sat down on the couch and left Negan standing. You made yourself at home, which technically you were. You lived here with Rick, Carl, Judith and Michonne, when you thought your real family were dead. You had first met them at the prison; Michonne had met you on the way there while she was taking the baby formula that Glenn and Maggie had dropped when they were taken by Merle. Tears formed in your eyes at the thought of Glenn, but you blinked them back trying to remain strong.

Negan cleared his throat. “D’you mind?” He asked Rick and Carl who were stood by the window awkwardly.

Rick began to shuffle towards the door but he stopped when Carl spoke up.

“I’m staying. Y/N’s my girlfriend, I deserve to know this.” He spoke, ignoring the death glares that Negan was sending his way.

“Kid,” Negan began, dangerously calm.

“Dad.” You interrupted. “It’s fine, I got this,” You turned to Carl. “Carl please? I’ll be fine.” You gave him a small smile.

Carl scoffed and walked out the door, followed by Rick.

Negan turned towards you with a slight smirk on his face. This was the first time you had called him ‘Dad’ in six years.

You gestured for him to sit down and he politely declined but he propped Lucille up by the fireplace.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were my dad the moment you saved me?” You started.

“Well I couldn’t just go up to you and say ‘Hi kid, I’m your dad that you probably don’t fucking remember because you haven’t seen me in six years’ could I?” He asked sarcastically.

“But why tell me now?” You persisted.

“Because you wanted to stay here and I fucking couldn’t let you do that. You’re my daughter and I don’t want to lose you again. It kinda hurt that you didn’t remember me y’know?”

“Oh.” He had somehow made you feel guilty in less than two minutes. “Okay… What about mum? What happened to her?”

“You don’t remember?” Negan asked, sadness evident in his eyes. 

You shook your head in reply.

“Well we were at this community, I guess you could call it, and one day the camp got over run by those dead motherfuckers. So I told Adam, my friend at the time, to get you out of there while me and your mum helped deal with the dead. I shouldn’t have turned my back. It’s my fault,” Negan’s voice was barely a whisper. “She got bit. She told me to find you and look after you, raise you to be a bad ass. I got out of there, found Adam in the car about a mile from the community, he was dead, ripped to pieces. The whole inside of the car was covered in blood and there was no sign of you. I thought you were dead.” He cleared his throat loudly. “Anyway, I found the sanctuary and they made me their leader. I missed your mum, so I ‘married’ five other women. But then I found you again and you just looked so much like your mom that I forgot she was dead. I thought you were her. But she would be so proud of you. You have her eyes and nose. You have my stubbornness and confidence.” He cheered up at the last part, remembering your mum obviously made him happy. He looked you in the eyes and genuinely smiled. “What about you? What happened to you after Adam?”

You shuffled in your seat, trying to get comfy before you answered his question.

“Well, I met Michonne in the woods. She was carrying a basket of baby formula and she was injured so I asked her what she was doing. She was surprised to see me, you know, a nine year old covered in blood, walking in the woods alone. She told me that she was going somewhere and said that I was welcome to join her if I had nowhere else to go. Eventually we reached a prison and Carl and Rick let us in. They had a doctor and he fixed Michonne but then Rick told her that she had to leave but I could stay. She helped get Glenn and Maggie back, who were kidnapped, but then Daryl got kidnapped. When they had rescued everyone, the Governor attacked the prison and blew it up. I was supposed to get on the bus with the other families but I didn’t. I stayed with Michonne and we found Rick and Carl. Then we were ambushed by someone called Joe and his gang but Rick literally ripped his throat out. Then we found a place called Terminus but it turns out they were cannibals and they were gonna eat us, so we escaped. And then we found Gabriel and the church but Abraham wanted to go to DC. But Bob was kidnapped by the cannibals and he lost his leg. Then we killed them and went to a hospital in Atlanta to help Beth but she died. Then Tyreese got bit and I cried like a little bitch because he was my favourite. Then we walked sixty miles to DC and met Aaron who brought us back to Alexandria. After a while, the town was overrun by a group who called themselves the ‘Wolves’ but we killed them. Then the wall was knocked down by a massive herd of walkers and we tried to escape but Sam got bit and Jessie screamed so she got bit, and then Ron pulled a gun on Rick but Michonne stabbed him, so he shot Carl in the eye. But we rebuilt the walls and I went on runs regularly. And I was on a run when you found me and took me back to the sanctuary.” You explained, talking so fast that you often forgot to breathe.

Negan was shocked to say the least, his mouth hung open. “Shit, kid. You’ve had it worse than me.” He paused for a moment deep in thought. “I’ll tell you what, these people obviously mean a lot to you. So I’ll give you a choice, come live in the sanctuary with me, or stay here with these and have half your shit taken twice a month or so.” He leaned closer.

“So Y/N, what’s it gonna be?” 

Prince!5SOS // Epilogue: Kings And Queens (1/4)

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If you’re new to this series:

Prince!5SOS Fairytale AU Part 1


Stopping by the only window in the room for the umpteenth time that morning, a small whimper broke you from your train of thoughts, and you found yourself humming a tune in as small a voice as possible, your eyes darting from the view in the crack between two thick curtains covering the window, towards the crib in the corner of the room.

With one last look at the greenery outside, you made sure the window was fully covered before you hurriedly walked to the wooden crib carved in the sides with a slew of beautiful roses, a smile unconsciously forming on your lips as you quickly, but carefully, scooped your little girl in your arms and kissed her forehead to stop her cries.

“It’s alright baby girl.” You cooed as you rocked her back and forth slowly, forcing a smile while the two-week-old baby looked up at you with her glassy dark brown eyes, the single tear that ran down her cheek, doing a good enough job to break your heart as you kept repeating the empty mantra that things were fine.

After you married Calum in his country’s church and shared a kiss in the carriage, you never would have guessed that just a couple months later, a war would break lose between a neighboring kingdom and one from across the seas.

You didn’t know who started the war though, or how it began and if it will ever end. You only knew there was a dispute in trades, and an accidental bombing of an ally kingdom’s ship.

Due to alliances though, your kingdom had to help the ally win the war, and while Calum’s home country wasn’t really included in this fiasco, because her brother was your husband and you were a good friend, the ruling queen of the Kingdom of Wisteria, Queen Mali-koa, said she wanted to help no matter what.

And you were actually fine the first few months of the war because you were with Calum.

Out of your stubbornness, Calum reluctantly let you join the front lines with him in a base camp far from the castle. Levry and your mother being a little more reluctant to let you go, but after talking things over, your mother relented and Levry agreed, but only if she was granted permission to fight with you in the front lines.

The task was simply to keep intruders away, just guarding one entryway into the country. So while your mother handled castle work and going into meetings with advisors and other royalties for what course of action to take in the war, you, Calum, and Levry fought for your lives with the soldiers of the country.

That was until an unexpected attack happened when the sun had just started to rise in the horizon.

You could still remember the scout from your kingdom shouting that the enemy was on their way, saying it was a surprise attack and you had fifteen minutes at best to prepare to fight. The plan was to meet the enemy halfway, because if they got near the base, the survival of your army wouldn’t hold off well.

Things after that were chaotic, and you honestly never expected to see the next sunrise that day when you fell off your horse after you were targeted by an enemy soldier. By the impact, your shoulder was popped out of place, but the shout you let out was due to a searing pain by your leg as a sword stabbed through it.

Pain and the panic then consumed you but you gripped your sword tight, even when you knew there wasn’t any way you could stand up and deflect an attack.

But you weren’t expecting the enemy in front of you to fall with a shout. And behind him stood Calum with his blood-stained sword, his expression a mix of relief, anger, and disappointment, but that only lasted for a second before your husband carried you from the ground and placed you on his horse before swiftly going to sit behind you.

There was no time to waste as the former prince went off to find his second-in-command, Calum then telling the soldier to lead as he needed to bring you to camp, and if he could, for the soldier to find Levry and tell her that you were going to the medical tent.

At the sight of your bleeding leg, the soldier only murmured a quick ‘yes, sir’ before he sped off, and that was when you blacked out from the pain, not able to register the way Calum never stopped uttering cusses until you were being brought inside the medical tent in the small military base by the border of your country.

Waking up a few hours later when the sky was beginning to be painted by the colors of the evening, a doctor was watching you and was quick to offer you a small meal and a canister of water before briefing you of how bad you injured yourself and the precautions, plus medications you would need for recovery.

Afterwards, the doctor informed you that Calum and Levry went back to fight the war after making sure you were okay, and a scout had arrived a few minutes before you woke up that your side won and the army should be returning soon.

You could still feel the pain in your leg shooting up with every little movement, and the doctor was quick to apply a green paste made of herbs on the wound.

The woman then reassured you that you would be fine, and she said she had something important to tell you, but before she could utter another word, the entrance to the tent was opened and Calum rustled himself inside, not even caring that he still had his heavy armor on.

The stench of blood made you gag and the doctor was quick to offer you a handkerchief that you were quick to push against the lower half of your face, war never went well with you, and knowing people have died under your rule had always bothered you.

But this was a war, and it was simply kill, or be killed. Plus, you’d rather be with Calum and Levry than wonder all the time if they were still breathing at the end of the day.

When Levry arrived at the medical tent less than a minute after Calum, she hurriedly went over to your side and hugged you. But then the doctor said something that increased the already unbearable tension in the tent.

“She’s what?” Calum said, his eyes darting to you whom Levry held by the shoulders, your lady-in-waiting also as shocked at you were as she stared at the doctor with a slightly gaping mouth.

“The Queen…” The doctor said with a hint of concern as she gestured to you. “She’s pregnant.”

“What do you mean she’s—” Levry uttered before she gestured at you. “(F/n) did you—”

“No I didn’t know!” You quickly said, already knowing Levry was going to ask you if you knew. “I-I had no idea… I…” You murmured, before looking at the doctor. “Is the baby…”

“The baby is fine, my queen.” The doctor said, looking between you and Calum before she spoke again. “I wasn’t sure at first so I asked one of the women in camp who was a former midwife…” She trailed off, her tone turning a nervous note as she muttered the next sentence that broke your and Calum’s heart. “The fall almost caused a miscarriage.”

After hearing the news, Calum left no time for arguments and had you and Levry escorted back into the palace as quick as possible. And you really tried to protest into staying but Calum was adamant that you go.

He said he wouldn’t be able to live with it if he lost either one of you, and seeing you under the blade of an enemy was enough for him to know that you could be taken away in the blink of an eye if he wasn’t careful enough, and honestly, Calum has been very, very careful already about your safety.

So here you are a couple of months later, forcing yourself to live in the comfort of your well guarded castle and making do with letters from Calum every other week, asking about you and your baby girl and telling you that he loved you both.

Levry had left just a month ago to help the war again, and your mother was away for another meeting in a distant so you were pretty much by yourself these days. So much has been lost from the war, but while you were sad about the lives being lost, you were at least thankful your kingdom and its allies were holding off considerably well.

Your family life however, hasn’t been as good.

You and Calum haven’t seen each other since he sent you away, and it’s been what? Five months since then?

He missed the birth of your beautiful girl, and though you were quick to have a painting delivered to him two days after she was born, there was nothing better than being able to hold your little girl and singing her lullabies, watching her eyes flutter before they shut in sleep.

“Milady, the head of the household instructed me to bring this for you.”

You stopped your reminiscing as you looked towards the doorway to see a maid come in with a tray of snacks and tea.

“Thank you.” You responded with a smile, and the maid smiled before setting the tray atop the nightstand beside the bed.

With a bow, the maid then left the room, but you only sighed at the sight of the warm meal before you looked back out the window.

By now, your baby girl was sleeping soundly in your arms. And you looked at her with a smile, ready to return her back into her crib, or maybe to set her down in your large bed while you ate breakfast, but a pair of arms encased you in a warm hug, and a peck to the back of your head was softly made.

“She’s beautiful…” You heard a voice say, and you slowly turned around to see Calum, still wearing a bit of his protective guard, though despite the rough exterior, that one heartfelt smile on his face as he leant forward to peck your lips was enough to show you how vulnerable he really was at this moment.

“You—” You began to say, but Calum pressed another kiss to your lips to stop you.

“Let’s not talk about the war please.” Calum said with a tried smile. “I’ll only be here for a few weeks but I just had to go back. I needed to see you, both of you.”

You stood there in silence before nodding slowly and licking your lips.

“Would you… would you like to hold her?” You managed to say in a small whisper, not trusting your voice to go any higher as you knew it would come more as a croak with all the emotions coming at you right now.

Calum thought for a moment before shaking his head, telling you then that he will once he felt a bit less fatigued with the many hours of travel he took to get here.

Nodding, you slowly placed your baby girl back on her crib, but only before you kissed her forehead, and no sooner than you setting her down on plush cotton pillows were you lying in the bed with your husband, the both of you just staring at each other while you traced a hand softly against his cheek.

“Welcome back.” You smiled, the end of your sentence barely coming out coherently with the tears starting to drip from your eyes.

Calum only looked at you before pulling you closer into an embrace, him then pressing his lips to your forehead before he mumbled against your (h/c) colored locks:

“I’m home.“

Epilogue ¼ End.

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Next part: ——————


After hugging Nico until he stopped sobbing in a bathroom cubicle of their favourite diner, one would’ve thought that Will would be repulsed by the idea of knocking on Percy Jackson’s door just days after the encounter. 

He was not.

“If you’re not a blonde with princess curls and stormy grey eyes, I suggest that you stop banging on my door,” a husky voice called out from the other side of apartment 23’s brown wood, the thudding of feet indicating that Percy had indeed just woken up. The footsteps grew closer by the second until the door was roughly opened a fraction. “…Will?”

“I think I got the blonde princess curls covered,” Will smiled in greeting, swinging on his heels as he waved at an early morning Percy. “But the eyes need some work, I think.” 

“What are you—” Percy asked, shivering at the cool air that entered his apartment. It wasn’t Will’s fault he was cold. First of all, he hadn’t been invited in, and second, if the other boy wasn’t so invested in looking for someone over his shoulder, he could’ve put on a shirt by now.

“Nico isn’t here, if that’s who you’re looking for,” he tilted his head to the side. “And by the shivering—I’m guessing you need to put some clothes on?”

Looking like he was trying to ignore the blush that formed on his cheeks, Percy glanced down at his naked torso as if just realising he was only in his owl boxers. “Right,” he nodded, stepping aside to let Will enter. “Come right in—I’ll just, uh, grab a shirt and I’ll be back with a cup of hot chocolate.”

Closing the door softly behind him, Will exhaled deeply and ran through the options in his head. “Nico’s going to kill me,” he numbered on his fingers. “Nico’s going to murder me, and Nico will slit my throat.”  True enough, those were the only possible outcomes of this trip—but Will didn’t know why he had chosen to do it anyway. Perhaps his inner “healer” beckoned him to stitch this rift—he wasn’t only a body healer after all, he was also a soul and heart healer—or at least, that’s what he liked to believe anyway.

Perhaps it was also his need for both his friends to be happy again. The past week in Camp Half-Blood breezed by in a daze—Christmas was just five days away, and those who didn’t have families to return to were warm and cozy in their cabins with their half siblings. Percy was staying with his mom until College in New Rome resumed, and Annabeth was waiting in Camp for the rest of the Chases to arrive in New York, where they would be spending their holidays alongside the Jacksons. This, at least, eased some of the tension between the the pair. Percy only came to Camp Half-Blood to pick up his girlfriend (they had made up with ease, as they usually did) and Nico would choose to stay in the Hades cabin until the ocean was nowhere to be smelled. Their argument obviously dampened their spirits: they were already on good terms when they had their falling out, and the silence between two friends wasn’t as easy as either of them thought it would be.

A part of him also wanted Percy to redeem himself, as crazy as that sounded. Nico told him a year before about how he had developed feelings for the almighty hero and how they faded away, but Will never heard Percy’s side of the story. Not that he had any “side,” per se—Will just never heard how Percy felt about it. He was a good person, though, and Will knew that he regretted every moment of last week’s encounter.

He looked around at the Jackson apartment and smiled. This was a demigod haven, no doubt. He was already familiar with the ins and outs of this apartment because all Percy’s friends have stepped into his humble abode several times before. Still, he distracted himself with the new Christmas decorations that adorned every inch of the place. He was tinkering with a fish-patterned Christmas ball when Percy tapped him on the shoulder and handed him a warm cup of cocoa. 

They sat on opposite couches in front of a coffee table, and Will breathed in, readying himself for the speech he had prepared the night before.

“Look, Percy—” he began, but he was cut off.

“I know what you’re gonna say, and I know I’m an ass, a very stupid ass who hurt three people in one go and I don’t know what came over me and I’m such a dick but—HowmadisNicorightnow… at me?”

Will sighed and rolled his eyes. He expected this. 

“Well, you were definitely an ass, dick, noob, whatever you want to call it—You did ruin our special date night, and you did hurt your girlfriend, yourself and my boyfriend at the same time.” With every affirmation, Percy’s face fell. In addition to that, his stubble had grown and it made him look older than ever. “So I’m guessing you know the answer to that.”

“He wants nothing to do with me,” Percy replied, leaning back into the sofa and covering his face with his palms. “I’m so stupid.”

“Hey,” Will called out softly. When Percy didn’t budge, he sat down beside him on the other couch and nudged Percy with an elbow. “Hey.”

Percy peeped from behind his fingers, and Will’s heart clenched. Truth be told, he was gay for Nico, but it was undeniable that sometimes this son of Poseidon’s cuteness was scary. How on earth could anyone stay mad at this… teenage adult? He was gifted with seal eyes, no doubt.

“You made one, two—okay, maybe a string of mistakes,” Will offered. “But no one’s perfect.”

“I’m horrible. See? Why are you comforting me? I should be the one apologising to you.” Percy dropped his hands and looked at Will earnestly. “I’m really, really sorry about that—”

“You don’t have to worry about living up to me,” Will laughed, doing his best to ease the tension. “It’s hard to beat a really awesome guy, Jackson.”

Relief coursed through Will as some fine lines on Percy’s face faded into a small smile. “Still as humble as your dad, I see.”

Hey,” Will complained. “Watch it! I’m still your only means of patching up with the resident emo—but there’s no need to apologize. To me, at least.”

“So you are here to help,” Percy nodded appreciatively. “Gods know I need it.”

“But before—” Will cut off Percy’s rising assumptions. “Before anything else, would you mind answering a few questions?”

“Go ahead,” Percy responded. “I—I don’t think I have anything to hide.”

“Okay, great,” Will said, rubbing his palms together. “Well, first of all, why are you so bitter? Second, are you, in any way, against my relationship with Nico?”


“Yeah, so all I’m trying to say is that I’m actually a giant sucker who needs to be liked by every human being and truth be told, sometimes my pride issues can compete with Annabeth’s.” Percy said without pausing for breath, pressing two hands to his mouth and face. He cast a shy, hesitant look towards Nico who was slumped on the Hades cabin’s couch with an adamant expression. 

His dark eyes seemed to shift towards everywhere—everyone at once. However, Will could feel the frustration and the need to kill most deeply when Nico looked at him. Uh oh. He let out a breath when Nico’s eyes flattened to a lazy, hazy, dull glitter—then they slowly landed on Percy’s anxious form. He hasn’t spoken.

Will cast Percy a glance that said “keep talking,” and in a rush, words came tumbling out of his mouth.

“A-And—I really have nothing against you being happy, or even being with Will. I actually love gay guys… I mean, I love all kinds of people, and, er—being gay doesn’t put a stop to that? I mean, this is the friendship kind of love. Like uh, Ariel loving Flounder. That kind of love, okay? And uh—”

With an exaggerated eye roll, Nico put a hand out to stop Percy’s unending babbling. He tilted his head towards Will. “Did he put you up to this?”

Percy’s eyebrows rose an inch as if he couldn’t believe that Nico was addressing him. Still surprised, he shook his head. 

“I—I’ve been wanting to apologize for days,” he admitted, and Will was surprised that Nico didn’t bend to Percy’s seal eyes. “Will just—he helped me find the courage to do it.”

With his heart racing, Will watched as Nico lazily got up from the couch and gestured with his chin towards the door. Thank gods, this was working quite well. “I’ll talk to you outside,” Nico grumbled. He walked to the door without looking back, shrugging on his leather jacket and scarf without so much a word before disappearing into the cool December twenty-third air.

Once again, Will’s bright blue eyes trailed  the pair as they went on another personal field trip. He just prayed to the gods that nothing like last time would happen again.

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