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Percy and Nico’s Canon Relationship

Alternatively, things that people forget ignore about Percy and Nico’s relationship and are also totally ignored in Heroes of Olympus.

This is all 100% in the canon and doesn’t have to be shippy unless you want it to be.

  • Percy spoke up about Nico when Bianca was deciding to join the Hunters, because he felt terrible that she was leaving her little brother behind
  • Percy took full responsibility for all of Nico’s (questionable) actions during Battle of the Labyrinth because he blamed himself for Bianca’s death 
  • Percy stepped up and claimed the Great Prophecy as his own at the end of Titan’s Curse so that Nico wouldn’t have to do it
  • Percy lied to Chiron (and everyone else) about Nico being a son of Hades so that Nico wouldn’t be in any more danger
  • Nico cursed Percy and ran off after Bianca’s death, and Percy responded by scouring the country for Nico
  • Annabeth and Grover are both uncomfortable with Percy searching for Nico and claiming the prophecy, probably because they don’t want Percy to be the prophecy kid because he’s their friend and they don’t want him to get his soul reaped, and Grover even protests that “this kid hates you and wants you dead” like, maybe you shouldn’t go looking for him? And Percy shoots that bullshit down so fast and immediately defends Nico and convinces them to keep searching for Nico throughout the next couple months
  • Percy offered for Nico to stay in his cabin at the end of Battle of the Labyrinth
  • Literally nearly all of Battle of the Labyrinth somehow involves Percy fussing over Nico’s safety
  • Percy is constantly thinking about Nico all throughout that book, and every time he hears of danger, his thoughts immediately turn to Nico
  • Percy finds a fast food wrapper in the Labyrinth leftover from Nico summoning the dead, and takes off running through the Labyrinth, which is insanely dangerous, with Annabeth, Grover and Tyson struggling to catch up to him, because he’s so desperate to find Nico
  • Percy begs Nico to leave Geryon’s ranch and come with them on the rest of the quest. Nico refuses, and Percy only accepts this because Eurytion promises that he’ll look after Nico
  • Bianca straight up tells Percy that the reason she felt like she could join the Hunters was because she knew Percy would take care of Nico
  • Bianca sends Percy Iris-messages about Nico’s whereabouts in the beginning of Battle of the Labyrinth because she trusts that Percy is going to track down Nico and talk some sense into him
  • Nico runs away from Geryon’s ranch and back into the Labyrinth because Minos convinces him that Percy is in danger and needs his help
  • Nico passes out after summoning skeletons to help fight the Battle of the Labyrinth, and Percy immediately rushes over to his side, kneels down next to him and tends to him until he’s confident that Nico is fine
  • When Nico shows up on Percy’s fire escape on his fifteenth birthday, Percy feels really sad for Nico and wonders if he’s ever had a birthday party before or ever been invited to a birthday party, and then invites him inside for cake and ice cream
  • Nico is the one who convinces Percy to take on the curse of Achilles, because he’s so worried about Percy’s safety in the upcoming Titan War
  • “I’m sorry if I’m being too pushy, but two years ago my sister gave her life to protect you. I want you to honor that. Do whatever it takes to stay alive and defeat Kronos” more like stay alive because I care about you and I want you to live
  • Nico panics when Percy climbs out of the River Styx because he thinks that he’s hurt, and right before Percy’s about to go in Nico gets really nervous and tries to talk him out of it, even though it was his idea in the first place
  • Nico breaks Percy’s trust by turning him over to Hades in Last Olympian, and spends the entire rest of the book trying to earn it back. And he really honestly was trying to help and didn’t want to betray Percy; Hades even tells Percy that, “I’m afraid Nico was quite sincere in wanting to help you. The boy is as honest as he is dense.” Hades definitely knows that Nico has a colossal crush on Percy and that’s what he meant by “dense,” I guarantee it
  • Percy and Nico obviously kept in touch between Battle of the Labyrinth and Last Olympian because Percy knows that Nico has been searching for a lead on his family and like this is an extremely personal subject that Nico doesn’t talk to anyone else about
  • Percy and Nico are friends?????? Like, actual friends who laugh and talk about real stuff?????? Like, Percy knows Nico well enough to tease him about stopping in to visit Juniper, and teases him about needing to take a nap after he shadow travels, and Nico has this sarcastic sense of humor that he quips back with? “With great power comes… great need to take a nap. Wake me up later.” Like this is witty and funny??? Nico doesn’t talk like that to anyone else
  • NICO DESIGNED HIS OWN CABIN. this isn’t really relevant to their relationship but it annoyed me that this was apparently forgotten.
  • Like even after they save Olympus and the battle ends and everything, even after Percy and Annabeth start dating, Percy still keeps an eye out for Nico. He takes note that he’s sitting at the base of Hades’ throne during the council after the war, because he cares about Nico. He also talks specifically about Nico’s cabin being built, because he’s been trying for years to get Nico to stay at camp.
  • Because Percy cares about Nico. Like, Percy is a complete mother hen about Nico and doesn’t ever pretend to be otherwise. Did I mention that he literally cannot stop talking about Nico’s safety for all of Battle of the Labyrinth, where, simultaneously, he was also worrying about Annabeth and Tyson and Grover and Camp Half-Blood, but still finds lots of time to worry about Nico, because Percy cares about Nico
  • Percy and Nico are friends. Like, they don’t have a “rocky relationship” anymore, like it says in Mark of Athena. They had some rough patches and they worked through them, and Percy was mildly miffed that Nico didn’t tell him who he was in Son of Neptune, but holy shit like Nico went missing and almost died and Percy thinks about this, like, maybe twice, which is totally out of character for him
  • So you’ll have to excuse me if I really don’t accept that Percy was sort of indifferent to Nico going missing and getting trapped in a jar guarded by two giants, because if Percy was actually in character, he would have spent half of Mark of Athena obsessing over Nico just like Hazel
  • I’m eternally annoyed that Percy didn’t say anything to stick up for Nico when Jason and Leo were like, “Hey maybe we shouldn’t go searching for him because he might be a traitor” because, like, Percy always sticks up for Nico and it’s really not like him to just shrug his shoulders and not care that Nico is in danger
  • And I absolutely will not take the excuse that Percy was too preoccupied with other things to obsess about Nico because Percy is always preoccupied with other things and still finds time to obsess about Nico
  • And you’ll really fucking have to excuse me if I don’t accept “Not my type” as a way to close out their relationship because THAT IS MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHIT, THEY’RE FRIENDS, AND THEY CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER, AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS A LOT MORE COMPLEX THAN THAT STUPID ONE-LINER MADE IT SEEM

Setting: 5e, we are a group of do-gooders that represent the vast and conquering Empire that took in our abstract and not-so-common-via-race peoples. We are representatives of them as well.

We are currently going into deep and twisty stone caves and labyrinths to save a group of nobles and passengers who were mysteriously abducted by a random earth cult. We have come to an end with three rows of cells that contain some of these prisoners. Down a hallway nearby is a guard room that contains two half-Orcs and an actual Orc.

Goliath fighter (me): I don’t care about that hallway, I charge into the room with the cells and start beating down the doors to free the prisoners!

DM: The guards are beginning to stir and asking what is going on outside (unaware of our presence.)

Our raccoon gunslinger (yes, a literal raccoon who walks on two feet, who is also an actual child): I roll deception to name drop (some important name we heard earlier) and tell the guards we were meant to be here and to stay inside their room.

DM: Okay roll.

Raccoon’s player: *rolls a 19*

DM: The guards begin to peek out of the door to see who said that to see a raccoon standing in the hallway.

Our characters continue to free the people, which causes the orcs to stir and start to come out of the room.

Raccoon’s player, bellowing: “Stay in your room!”

DM: Roll an intimidate check.

Raccoon’s player: *natural 20* *bellowing voice* “DID I STUTTER?!”

DM: The 7-foot-something tall orcs, still peeking out, are now confused and also terrified. The Orc takes the door and slowly closes it shut.

Me, the Goliath fighter’s player who actually has training in intimidate: “WAT”


(part one here)

Handyman: Part 3

Handyman: Part 3 (m)

(Okay, I went a little over board. I got really turned on with the smut and went ham. Haha, I love this story so for the three people that read it, hope you enjoy!)

Word count: 8.1k

Genre/Warnings: sub!Jimin, language, angst, smut, dirty talk, office sex, cum play threesome

Pairing: Jimin x Reader (threesome)

Summary: You’re not sure where your relationship with Jimin is going but you know it’s different. Then again, do you miss Taehyung?

Parts: one | two 

“You still haven’t told him about your past with Taehyung?” Hoseok asked as he sat in your office, waiting for you to finish up what you were doing so you could go to lunch with Namjoon.

“Why don’t you yell a little fucking louder. It’s not like Taehyung isn’t outside of this room.” You whisper yelled. 

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Vampire AU Literally Nobody Asked For

Please take a minute to imagine higher-class people being either full-blooded or half-blooded vampires. So like Noctis and Gladio would be vampires and Ignis might be half vampire, but everyone else is just a vampire.

Imagine there’s a bunch of weird misconceptions on both ends. A bunch of awkward situations. Like:

  • Prompto slaps garlic bread out of Noctis’s hand because he’s grown up thinking vampires can’t eat garlic
  • On the flip side, Noctis seems to think that chocolate is poisonous to human babies. The panic on his face when he sees a toddler eating chocolate makes Prompto lose his shit every time
  • “Noctis was up all night.” “Oh yeah, vampires are nocturnal right?” “No, he’s just a fucking idiot.”
  • The first time Ignis mentions that he’s hungry Prompto offers up his wrist and Ignis goes, “I mean I’m cool just eating a sandwich”
  • If they come across an old silver mirror, the only ones who can see their reflection are Prompto and Ignis and it pisses the other two off
  • Prompto’s actually half vampire, but his adoptive parents are human so he didn’t know until the events in Niflheim

Add to this?? I mean I’m half asleep so idk what’s happening

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for the paladins reactions when their S/o gets hit with some kind of magic and they suddenly become 6?

this is long but you guys deserve it because I’ve been very inactive and busy, but I actually really liked writing this so thank you for the request!!

•ok so it was basically a surprise attack???
•like you all landed on a new planet (Osnora) to go speak with civilians and ask if the Galra had arrived
•the species that resided there were known as Zoagantu! a strangely tall species with large glowing eyes. Which, predominantly, look human like. The only skin color that was strange was the dark blue of the leader.
•and you, Shiro and Hunk were to check out the North part of the village
•you all scared the absolute crap out of their leader, Mayama
•who was some abnormally tall man who in fear, landed to his knees and slammed his hands into the ground, blue wispy magic exploded into a huge wave and just crashed into all of you
•turns out, the leader wasn’t even scared at all. apparently a long time ago his village was given a fortune, that if a visitor were hit with magic, they’d turn into a child, thus being the rightful ruler of that village in the future
•the man stood, pumped his fists and cheered
•shiro “UHM???? NO ? NOT GOOD?”
•you stared at your hands in literal disgust because,,,why?
•you all went back to the castle, along with the leader who spoke with Allura and Coran while staring you down from afar, “wth”
•you were literally grumpy the entire time, but you kind of liked the affection you were getting
•even keith audibly ‘aw’d at you
•GIGGLING from both you and Shiro
•Shiro literally had you on a leash because despite having the same brain/thoughts, you had the equivalent impulse control as a 6 year old
•the leader eventually explained that it should wear off soon, and also, the only way you could’ve turned into a child is if you were of the Zoagantu descent. (Oooo)
•you weren’t fully though, only half, but Humans have more Dominant genes than those on Osnora
•you literally only ate goo the whole time and Hunk hand fed you, you even had to shout at him that you were 6, not 2
•"is this why you said that dumb thread the needle joke" “pidge, shhhhshshh”
•eventually you turned back and about a week later, shiro left that Garrison phone of pidges on the table and you looked at it
•the photos man,,,,the ffffffphotos
•fun fact: he was barely around you when you had become 6,, because every time he saw you it made him think about having a kid with you some day and he’ll get blushy and nervous
•you eventually bring it up, like ‘hey why were you ignoring me at the time’ and he blurts it out
•you cry tears of joy tho

•you and Lance were inside of a Galra Ship
•he went ahead to see if the area was clear
•someone, unknown, had grabbed you by the back of the neck and you knocked out immediately
•he came back and there you were
•a ffffujckn 6 year old child
•he had to wrap you up in the fabric of your suit (similar to alluras)
•he ran back straight away, shouting at them that something happened but not really saying what it was
•every body was panicking
•allura “Keith, go wait at the entrance and back then up just incase”
•gets down there and wow, lance, holding a CHILD in his arms
•keith just ??????????? hahuh?
•turns out it would take a really long time
•but you still needed to do missions, you NEEDED to or you’d throw tantrums
•you got to climb through small spaces to get info or let the team in a locked room
•you did so once, didn’t realize a soldier was there
•the last thing they saw? You in the form of 6 year old child scream before you knocked them out
•Lance would literally come in right after and treat you like you were his child, like omg r u alright?
•pidge would high5 you just saying….
•eventually they landed on a planet filled with people who actually KNOW altean magic
•while allura is admiring one when fixing you, you eventually turn back to your normal age…..eventually…in time
•everyday you aged a year, so you had to wait awhile until you were back to normal and let’s just say it was basically like Coran going back in time in age
•Lance was so glad to have you back but would force you to take pictures every day until you were back to normal
•every other day since you grew, they’d have to get new clothing.
•you and lance would go to a space mall or two and get clothing
•you actually skipped getting clothes half the time and would go do some dumb things, arcades, Space Comics

•Allura decided it would be a good idea to test something out of hers
•did not explain what it did, as it was a surprise
•you volunteered to help as well, knowing very well that it would be used on you
•it was actually supposed to make you younger
•coran shut the lights, and everyone stood still
•a big FLASH of pink light came up, and it showed Allura pointing a cube toward you
•Hunk GASPED and yelled like literally wth just happened
•lights, camera, toddler
•there you were, little tiny you just chilling on the floor
•you weren’t necessarily six years old, although the haircut you had and the outfit you were was one you wore at the age of 6
•you were only 3
•you had on blue overalls, and a yellow+white striped shirt under it
•Shiro started crying
•Hunk ran to you and picked you up and was honestly speechless
•asked Allura if they could keep you like that for a while, but sadly it could only be 2 hours
•within the two hours everyone was playing with you
•you liked Keith way more than anyone else and
hunk was so upset I’m chrhdnn
•by the time you were changed back (it’s automatic), Lance had found a way to print the photos they took of you. Hunk and Allura were making clothes, Keith had you on his shoulders, Pidge was inventing toys for you. Coran was making “#1 Uncle” coffee mugs
•Shiro was just beyond happy
•Lance still put up the photos, Coran still gave you the mugs, Pidge saved the toys for another day
•Keith almost died, was not expecting you to turn back and his knees gave out and yeah
•Shiro actually lol’d
•Hunk and Allura groaned and threw everything, all that hard work, what were they even thinking
•he was glad to have you back tho and hugged you, asked why you liked Keith better and you giggled
•he eventually asked Lance if he had any copies of those photos, took them as his own and hid them in his pockets

•basically Keith has no impulse control whatsoever
•kinda dumb, but he ran into an army, scoped out the area and such, and saw Haggar who ALSO saw him, and immediately said no.
•didn’t realize Haggar was trying to hit him when he was running out but you did
•you basically get smacked all the way into Keith, who immediately grabs you and drags you away and to safety
•you don’t turn right away, but you fall into a 2 day coma
•the night before you woke up, Keith had gone to check on you (twas late) and basically fainted because
•"uh? why is there a child"
•at first he wasn’t really sure what was going on so he slowly went closer and realized, based off old photos he saw in your house once, that this was you
•immediately ran off and got allura + coran
•Keith, Pidge, and Coran would stay inside until you awoke while the other searched far and wide for anything to cure you
•when you woke up you fell right onto Pidge who SCREAMED and almost threw you
•you screamed as well, and Keith “Motherly Instincts” Kogane, picked you up and held you on his hip the whole time until the others came back
•eventually they explained that they’d need to kidnap someone
•Pidge had no problem because it could help you and they could ask the Galran if they know anything about her bro/dad
•keith was ecstatic because I doubt you’d want to stay 6 years old
•was the one to threaten the Galran enough to scare the absolute crap out of them
•luckily, although the Galran didn’t know much magic, they knew of someone who did. they searched and eventually found them
•basically an old commander of druids who turned against the galra. Half Altean and once worked beside Haggar
•they turned you back and Keith actually CRIED
•teases you whenever he can tho bcos you are probably the most adorable child ever

•Pidge was inventing something….to say the least
•you weren’t the only one affected though
•basically Pidge said they’d be right back, and to both you AND hunk, to NOT TOUCH ANYTHING
•you did
•it did not end well
•hunk reached over and while the two of you chuckled, he poked it and you guys knocked out
•Shiro had, walked in right as it happened, was affected as well
•a large burst of magic sent you all flying
•Hunk was a 1 year old, you were 6, and Shiro was 16 years old
•Shiro immediately woke up and grabbed the both of you, running off
•the age change you all went through had changed your appearances. Hunk had short curly black hair, your hair was…whatever haircut you had at the time
•you had fjjfkfkdk CHALK DYE in your hair
•Shiro had like, 4 piercings on each ear
•Lance was terrified
•Shiro burst into the kitchen where everyone was catching up and didn’t even have to say anything
•just stood there with you on his hip and Hunk held against chest like “what happened”
•pidge came in “WHA THE FJUCKDK”
•turns out, whatever that new ore Pidge had found was NOT meant to be doused with Quintessence
•laughed at Hunk and Shiro but cried when they saw you
•held you the whole time and actually sobbed because,,, oh my gosh bb.,,,why
•you were the last one to turn back, and Pidge was glad because now they could slap Hunk
•once you turned back Pidge hugged your knees the entire time
•"forgive me please I’ll literally do anything I’ll eat fire please I love you"
•you remembered everything, unlike Hunk who had shart himself a couple times
•made fun of Shiro strange 16 year old phase and laughed so hard your stomach hurt, Pidge joined in
•promised to you they would never use anything new+unknown unless they know EVERYTHING about it /it’s history
•that promise was broken when it happened again
•that time you turned 29

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again; I love this ship. 

One of the biggest things that draws me to these two is actually their differences. Raven is a pessimistic, glass half empty sort of girl; she sees the world for what it is, no sugar coating. Beast Boy is a glass half full sort of guy; he sees the world for what it could be, a good place, worth protecting. 

And yet, despite these rather different outlooks, these two have a surprising amount in common. Both have struggled with their pasts, and both struggle to find happiness in the harsh life they’ve been dealt. Both have immense power lurking inside of them, that threatens to overwhelm them. Both believe in using these powers for the greater good anyway, though perhaps for slightly varying reasons. Both have been hurt by someone they trusted dearly. Both have had their hearts broken. 

What really pulls me in, though, is getting to explore how they slowly realize these things. How they grow to a deeper understanding of each other, and learn to genuinely care about and accept each other for both their similarities and differences. I also love how they play off of each other, and how, over time, their differences can make them a stronger unit. 

I also love how in little moments like depicted up above, you can dig into what’s happening and see just a little bit of a deeper understanding growing between them. 

They build each other up. Push each other to do better, be better. They learn from each other, and in the end, they understand each other. 

This ship is good. It’s fun. It’s a great way to spend time; rewatching scenes and re-examining the character interactions to better gauge their ever growing relationship. (Platonic, in the gif’s case.) And yes, you’re allowed to interpret things, to theorize things. There is nothing wrong with taking a scene as is, but there’s no shame in dissecting it. That’s kind of what writers and directors want. That’s what shipping is about, too. It’s about looking into two characters, how they interact, and how they could potentially fall in love and build a life together. 

And as far as I’m concerned, I’m going to continue to give bbrae this treatment. I love it, and I feel like it deserves the exploration. So don’t try and tell me to stop; it’s futile. 

Separate Case

||| Requested by anon, based on my BTS as the Mafia |||

Min Yoongi (Suga) x Reader

Summary: You knew he is the only person capable of taking a request like this but there is another problem. How are you supposed to convince him?

Genre: Mafia AU

Word Count: 963

Originally posted by milky-melon

You crouched down and blew some air into your hands in an attempt to stay warm. You have been searching for him for a few months now because you knew he is the only one who will take your request. You paid a lot of money to that guy who promised he will come through here tonight, he always does after a job. He didn’t specify the time tough, so you have been waiting for him since ten pm. You took your phone out and looked at the clock. It was half past two am. Great. If this keeps up you will actually freeze to death. You shunned that thought away. No, you’re not going anywhere just because it’s a bit cold. You slowly slid down the wall and sat up against it. You sighed and leaned your head against it. How do you even approach him? He’s dangerous, you can’t just come up to him and say hi. People associated with this line of work describe him in five words: sharp, precise, quick, silent, deadly. You heard footsteps approaching and immediately stood up. A young man’s figure entered the alley. He looked completely not how you imagined him. He was in his twenties but you expected to see an older man in his fifties or something. He stopped a few steps away from you.

“Are you… Yoongi?” you asked.

“Yes,” he just simply replied. There was silence for a brief moment before you began speaking again.

“I’m here to request-“

“I know why you’re here,” he interrupted. “Everyone comes here because they want me to take care of someone,” he outstretched one of his hands and propped himself up against the wall. “What is it? Be quick. I don’t have all night.”

You quickly took the bundle of money out your pocket and offered it to him. You have to ask him. It’s now or never. You gathered all your courage to finally say those damn words. You told yourself you will feel better later, you just have to let it all out.

“I… I…” you stuttered. You took a deep breath. “I want you to kill my father,” there you said it.

He cocked up his eyebrow at you. He looked at you from the bottom up. His gaze was intense. Only now did you feel the danger radiating out of him.

“I usually just take my money and ask no questions. I don’t care who I kill but…” he looked you in the eyes. “Aren’t you too young for this?”

“Excuse me? I’m probably older then you!” you lied, trying to act offended.

“Are you serious?” he mocked and stood up straight. “You chose the wrong person to lie to. I can see right through you.”

“Wait…” he began, as he took a few steps closer to you. Not breaking eye contact. His face suddenly became serious and you wanted to increase the distance from him but bumped into the wall. He grabbed your hands and pushed you against it.

“Are you even legal?” he started searching around your body.

“What are you doing you pervert!” you wanted to shout but he put his hand over your mouth.

“Shut up. Don’t draw any attention,” he took your wallet out of your jacket’s inner pocket. “I was looking for this,” he waved it in front of your face.

“Are you going to steal from me now too?”

He looked at you like you were the dumbest person on the planet.

“Does it look like I need money? If I wanted anything from you, you would have been dead before you even stood up from your sitting position.”

He opened the wallet and started going through your cards. He took one of your IDs out.

“A high schooler, really?” he sighed and turned the card around. He checked your birth date and smirked to himself. “You’re lucky you’re nineteen,” he threw the wallet back to you. “I will do it.”

You were so surprised he agreed, you just froze to your spot. You actually thought he will get rid of you. He started walking further into the alley but only then you realized you never gave him the money. You ran after him and tugged at his sleeve but he spun around and grabbed you by the neck.

“Don’t ever do that. I hate people sneaking up on me,” he loosened his grip and let go of you. You rubbed your neck, you could still feel his fingers. You shouldn’t let your guard down just because he agreed on the offer. You bit down on your lip and clenched your fists, your hands were trembling, you were actually scared,you can’t give him the money this way.

“And don’t do that either,” he sighed. You looked up at him, not too sure what he’s talking about. “With your lips,” he gestured at you.

You started blushing like crazy and just took the money out. At least it was dark and he couldn’t see you that clearly. You handed them to him. He took the money out of your hand, counted it and gave it back.

“You can keep it,” he said. “You will pay me back when I get the job done.”

“What? I heard that’s not how this works,” you asked him confused. Doesn’t he meet his clients only once?

“Well you’re a separate special case,” he turned around and started walking again.

“How can you believe my word just like that? I could run away with your money right now,” you shouted after him.

“Oh trust me, I will find you…” he just laughed at you, you watched him disappear into the darkness. You stood there still wondering what happened. Did you really just hire an assassin to murder your father?

realistic drabble series: kim namjoon (m)

Originally posted by parkjiminer

pairing: Namjoon x Reader.
genre/warnings: smut, fluff.
words: 1544.
summary: Namjoon wants to try car sex, but this is real life; not fanfiction.

jin. yoongi. hoseok. namjoon. jimin. taehyung. jungkook.

a/n: PART 4! AS ALWAYS, OTHER PARTS FOUND ABOVE^ ENJOY! Also, theres some sappy shit in this short fic so get ready for that lmao.

His hands slip through your hair as he deepens the kiss, tongue sliding sweetly over your lower lip to entwine with yours, his chest leaning against yours until you’re pressed further back into the seat. Your hands grasp the collar of his shirt as you thrive in his touch, and he lets his hands drop down to wrap his arms around you until they’re pressing into your waist and gripping you firmly. Pulling your mouth from his you glance behind you at the backseat and then back to him, catching his eyes twinkling as the light from the dash bounces off them.

“Are we really gonna do this?” You cant help but laugh, the entire idea of driving all the way to this remote lookout to do the dirty in the backseat of his car incredibly trivial to you. But, it was his idea, he wanted to do it, and when he looked at you so cheekily with his dimples staring you in the face, who were you to deny him?

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Daehwi: yo, mad props on the sandwich, mom. this PB&J is off the hook!

Donghyun: excuse me?

Woojin: he’s been watching MTV Cribs. the kid’s a sponge.

Daehwi: for shizzle, my drizzle.

so whenever i got sick i would binge watch the outsiders tv show on youtube but than i found out there was a movie of the tv show or at least there was meant to be one??? like i’ve been looking for actual years like a weirdo but could never find anything on it. like am i insane and it was all a fever dream since i only watched it when i was sick or does anyone else actually remember/know something about this cause i know for a fact i’m not the only one like come on

Context: we have a mix-and-match group that through some former encounters have become even more of a trainwreck than it started out with
Our group is made up of a half-orc monk, half-dwarf fallen paladin, half-orc druid, human multiclass (fighter, transmutter, and eldritch knight), and me the orc rogue.
Originally only the shaman was an orc, the monk and rogue died and was resurrected (which my character blames the monk and hates him for, as she was originally an elf)
This is a few of the things that happened last session, that I thought you’d enjoy, just small snippets of the weirdness that occured

GM: around you, you see the earth break up through the earth
Everyone else: wait, what??

Our Paladin has gotten both legs ruined, but won’t get them fixed, so he moves very slowly
Multiclass OOC: I go over and start to untie the horse
GM: you go over and start to take the horse Paladin wanted to take to escape?
Multiclass OOC: Yes
Paladin OOC: you son of a bitch!

Our Multiclasser is being attacked with arrows as the only one, is also one of two party members my character feels any kind of loyalty towards
Rogue OOC: I go over to the dead archer and loot
GM: …..okay….you can hear Multiclass screaming and grunting in pain and anger
Rogue OOC: I loot him, what do he got?
GM: ….it will take you several minutes to loot the body, while you can hear Multiclass being in pain
Rogue OOC: Okay. I loot the body
GM: *deep sigh* okay, you loot the body
He didn’t even have that much stuff, but did get a medi kit, which we need, since our paladin is fallen and the druid got corrupted

As we were trying to enter a city, our Multiclass tried to bribe the wrong guard (worshipper of the god of righteous and justice), causing the guards to search our stuff to check for anything suspicious (besides travelling with two half-orcs and an orc, who we are claiming aren’t actually an orc)
GM: okay, list what they will find in your bags and such
Monk happened to have some chains/handcuffs on him, which we hadn’t needed yet, but expected to
Guard: *holds up chains* why do you have these?
Monk: why not?
Guard: why…not…what do you need them for?
Monk: you never know if those come in handy, not with our work
Guard: what do you work as?
Monk: handy-man
The rest of the group was just staring at him in disbelief

And finally, this little question asked by our GM: what should the snake do to Paladin’s body?