two and a half actually


I kind of like the implication that Aang went through this brief period of “Fuck the Fire Nation,” after finding out that his people had been massacred. 

The show doesn’t focus too much on Aang’s grief in Book 1, but I feel like this meshes well with my headcanon about Aang being reminded of Kuzon while talking to Katara in “The Storm,” which ultimately leads to him reminiscing about him in “The Blue Spirit.” 


Setting: 5e, we are a group of do-gooders that represent the vast and conquering Empire that took in our abstract and not-so-common-via-race peoples. We are representatives of them as well.

We are currently going into deep and twisty stone caves and labyrinths to save a group of nobles and passengers who were mysteriously abducted by a random earth cult. We have come to an end with three rows of cells that contain some of these prisoners. Down a hallway nearby is a guard room that contains two half-Orcs and an actual Orc.

Goliath fighter (me): I don’t care about that hallway, I charge into the room with the cells and start beating down the doors to free the prisoners!

DM: The guards are beginning to stir and asking what is going on outside (unaware of our presence.)

Our raccoon gunslinger (yes, a literal raccoon who walks on two feet, who is also an actual child): I roll deception to name drop (some important name we heard earlier) and tell the guards we were meant to be here and to stay inside their room.

DM: Okay roll.

Raccoon’s player: *rolls a 19*

DM: The guards begin to peek out of the door to see who said that to see a raccoon standing in the hallway.

Our characters continue to free the people, which causes the orcs to stir and start to come out of the room.

Raccoon’s player, bellowing: “Stay in your room!”

DM: Roll an intimidate check.

Raccoon’s player: *natural 20* *bellowing voice* “DID I STUTTER?!”

DM: The 7-foot-something tall orcs, still peeking out, are now confused and also terrified. The Orc takes the door and slowly closes it shut.

Me, the Goliath fighter’s player who actually has training in intimidate: “WAT”


(part one here)

Context: we have a mix-and-match group that through some former encounters have become even more of a trainwreck than it started out with
Our group is made up of a half-orc monk, half-dwarf fallen paladin, half-orc druid, human multiclass (fighter, transmutter, and eldritch knight), and me the orc rogue.
Originally only the shaman was an orc, the monk and rogue died and was resurrected (which my character blames the monk and hates him for, as she was originally an elf)
This is a few of the things that happened last session, that I thought you’d enjoy, just small snippets of the weirdness that occured

GM: around you, you see the earth break up through the earth
Everyone else: wait, what??

Our Paladin has gotten both legs ruined, but won’t get them fixed, so he moves very slowly
Multiclass OOC: I go over and start to untie the horse
GM: you go over and start to take the horse Paladin wanted to take to escape?
Multiclass OOC: Yes
Paladin OOC: you son of a bitch!

Our Multiclasser is being attacked with arrows as the only one, is also one of two party members my character feels any kind of loyalty towards
Rogue OOC: I go over to the dead archer and loot
GM: …..okay….you can hear Multiclass screaming and grunting in pain and anger
Rogue OOC: I loot him, what do he got?
GM: ….it will take you several minutes to loot the body, while you can hear Multiclass being in pain
Rogue OOC: Okay. I loot the body
GM: *deep sigh* okay, you loot the body
He didn’t even have that much stuff, but did get a medi kit, which we need, since our paladin is fallen and the druid got corrupted

As we were trying to enter a city, our Multiclass tried to bribe the wrong guard (worshipper of the god of righteous and justice), causing the guards to search our stuff to check for anything suspicious (besides travelling with two half-orcs and an orc, who we are claiming aren’t actually an orc)
GM: okay, list what they will find in your bags and such
Monk happened to have some chains/handcuffs on him, which we hadn’t needed yet, but expected to
Guard: *holds up chains* why do you have these?
Monk: why not?
Guard: why…not…what do you need them for?
Monk: you never know if those come in handy, not with our work
Guard: what do you work as?
Monk: handy-man
The rest of the group was just staring at him in disbelief

And finally, this little question asked by our GM: what should the snake do to Paladin’s body?


Ethan: *complains about being pale in Hot Tub Confessions, Pt. 2*
Me: Uhm, excuse me? Pale how? …Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!! Since I’m still sick as hell, I don’t have any new selfies to post, but I have these pictures of me looking like a ghost… Real talk though, I genuinely love having such light skin. Yeah, it’s a nuisance sometimes (like having to shave every day and not being able to be out in the sun for more than 10 minutes without FRYING) but I feel like I got incredibly lucky with my complexion. It makes me stand out in such a unique way, and if you know anything about me at all, you know I hate blending into the crowd. I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces!!

The Last Of Us Part II Panel

For anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to watch the panel, here’s the stuff they talk about:

  • Neil says the theme of the game is hate
  • We’re playing as Ellie in the game
  • Ashley says she missed playing Ellie but didn’t realize just how much until they started shooting the trailer
  • Troy and Ashley say they’ve had to lie so much the past two years
  • Ellie is 19 now
  • Neil says that he knows people are worried about this spoiling the first game and all that and says they all feel the same but that nobody loves the characters more than they do and that they wouldn’t do it unless they felt the idea was right
  • Neil says he played with the idea of new characters but it never felt right because TLOU is about Joel and Ellie
  • Asks fans to put their trust in them because “we’re gonna do right by you”
  • Troy says Joel is the character he misses the most and finds himself thinking about the most. He also talks about how he almost didn’t audition for Joel.
  • Neil sent Ashley the trailer scene two years ago and the actual trailer was shot a year and a half ago
  • They’re gonna hold off on giving a release date until they’re certain about it
  • Gustavo Santaolalla is returning!!
  • Neil says that Joel and Ellie are the heart of TLOU and he can’t see it without them

Right after 4CC, Yuzuru’s no-cut interview (aired on Figureskate TV on 11 March 2017 in Japan) (from 6:30 of video)

(What’s your feeling now?)
Well, it’s the same pattern again [probably he is referring to another silver medal], but I feel it has been another luxurious [fruitful] experience. For, first of all, the result was a proper… well, I cannot say it was ‘proper’ per se, but the fact is that I managed to win a medal.  In addition, I think I gained something [out of this]; a certain feeling of achievement.  And also, the feeling of frustration, which has given me more appetite for training. So, all in all, I appreciate that I have been given great experience, again.

(What’s your strategy for the World, given the appearance of another rival?)
Sure, of course, I have been thinking that Nathan is great, and Uno has also (reportedly) landed a (4)Lo, although I have yet to watch it; I have already seen him landing (4Lo) in practice. So, I feel they are very promising, and at the same time, well… I am thankful to them. [Perhaps, he thanks them as they give him further impetus.]

(So, from now on, one mistake will be fatal; what will you do?)
Well, ‘my performance’ equals ‘a performance with no mistake’, for me. In addition, it’s not merely ‘no mistake’ but ‘a performance with complete quality with no mistake’ is my performance in my understanding. If I may say, I believe that no one can beat me if I executed such a performance. To ensure that this self-confidence should not turn into over-confidence, I think I will have to engage with further training with more precision.

(Have you prepared for the changes of elements during performance like this time?)
No, I hadn’t prepared for it, no, it was the first time. It was improvisation.

(Do you think you might do it again?)
Well, I don’t think so; as far as I can land (4)S, I would not be required to do such a thing at all. As it were, I would rather like to obtain more GOE for my 3As than obtaining more GOE for 4T, and then… No, it’s not a good way of putting it. I think, the quality of my 3A is definitely better than that of my 4T. So in this sense, rather than taking a risk with 4Ts, the best (strategy for me) would be to elevate the quality of 3A even more and to ensure landing two 3As in the second half.

(Is that your feeling after the FS this time?)
Yes, my finding after jumping two 4Ts in the latter half this time is that it’s actually easier to do the same jump [4T]. It was difficult to coordinate the techniques (do’s and dont’s) and feeling of different types of jumps when feeling tired. But in terms of doing the same jump, if I can land the first one even when feeling tired, I can do the next (same) jump with more confidence. So, (based upon this experience) I would like to think about this and that, including the methods of training from now on.

(What’s your training method?)
In any case, concentrate on short training. In the current situation where one has to jump lots of quads, the risk of injury exists if jumping quads in the latter half and the rotation ends up being insufficient. But such a mistake happens when one cannot keep adequate concentration, I think. So, I think it fits me best to train with concentration within a short period of time in an efficient manner, while thinking how to control one’s physical condition and how to take risks of injury.

(Towards World Championships)
As I said before, I aim at a perfect, complete performance for FS. To this end, I think I have started grasping a kind of training method for that purpose within this [4CC] competition. During this competition, the FS took place on the last day, so I was able to observe training methods of various competitors and their ways of jumping, which has inspired me a lot. So, based upon that, I would like to think about how to elevate my skills.
At 4CCs, I have only obtained silver medals (laughs), for which I feel very sorry to Fuji TV. (laughs)  But I do believe the silver medal this time has taught me a lot more things as compared to all the previous [silver] medals [at 4CC]. So, I would like to take advantage of all [the learnings] and polish them further, and ultimately I would like to obtain a gold medal here in a year’s time.


Translated by Sophie Moroi in YHIFG, FB.

Imagine your height difference OTP. Person A (the short one) is walking down a crowded street and someone behind them says “Hey, can you move your short-ass legs any faster?” Person A is about to unleash fury upon this person until Person B suddenly remarks “MAYBE I WILL MOVE MY SHORT-ASS LEGS A LITTLE FASTER.” The rude person is absolutely confused, Person A is hysterical laughing, and Person B continues to rant about how fast their “short-ass legs” are moving.

daughterofthemyscira  asked:

do u have an autistic rachel headcanons? bc i have Lots™ but i love ur autistic hcs & would love to hear any u have for rachel

yeah rach is definitely on the spectrum this is less headcanon-y and more meta-y.

she fits quite a bit of criteria spot on, particularly the ones that are less talked about (or that the medical community ignores…yadayadayada we could talk about that for ages)

  • she has a very keen sense of justice and a very high interest in social change
  • she tends to fixate on highly specific issues, like saving the endangered yellow bellied sapsucker.
  • she appears quite overzealous and intense when she’s talking, percy once says it feels like she’s punching him with her words.
  • she can be…more than a bit heedless of social context, probably on purpose because she literally doesn’t care (“these two aren’t human! they’re actually half greek god!”)
  • she is quite rigorous about making sure her specific goals get accomplished ( “i’m writing my number on your hand and you’re gonna fucking call me and explain i don’t care if the school is on fire that’s besides the point you are going to fucking call me got it”)
  • she definitely strikes me as a brutally honest type. she also doesn’t seem to have much of a filter, and maybe has a tendency to blurt things out.
  • she feels very passionately for the environment, there’s definitely a case to be made that she’s hyperempathetic towards plants and animals. she’s an activist, and there’s also a brief mention that she needed a therapist to get over the death of her hamster when she was 6.
  • she can see through the mist and notices things that others don’t, and has very complex and vivid visions/dreams/nightmares and is obviously a very intuitive person (bet u never knew that was an autistic trait, but it is!). she literally has a different way of observing the world; i think this is a super super cool trait for an autistic character to have in a fantasy series. lots of autistic people feel like we pick up on things that others don’t because we use our senses in different ways, or we’re more sensitive to certain things. it’s sort of fantastic to think about an autistic person in a supernatural world developing supernatural powers because they’re used to looking at things in a different way than most people.
  • her visions of delphi cause her to have “migraines”, which is also a really cool way for autistic characters in a fantasy setting to interact with their symptoms. she’s been struggling to cope in the beginning of tlo because her brain is on constant sensory overload, leaving her perpetually drained and exhausted. i’m fairly certain there’s mention to her squinting and being sensitive to light at some point.
  • she’s definitely known for being quirky, having eccentric tastes and interests, and occasionally being a bit whimsical ( “i can see hope inside…so fragile”).
  • she doodles all over her clothes and seems to dress quite eccentrically, possibly for sensory comfort (she’s first seen in a worn harvard sweatshirt, which suggests she wears it quite a bit, and with jeans that have holes in them “like she’d been poking them with a fork”..which, she probably was, quite honestly)
  • percy goes out of his way to comment that her music taste is strange and no two songs can sound the same
  • she’s an artist (honestly enough said)
  • she’s quite trusting of people, and accepts when they offer help, even when you think she’d be quite wary of them (percy is the most obvious example of this, but there’s also chiron and hestia and apollo. but literally agreeing to help percy and annabeth on a death quest just because they said they’d need her and would protect pretty huge)
  • she doesn’t quip back at annabeth when she’s being a brat to her, and sometimes just answers her sarcastic question literally (she does realize that annabeth is being a brat to her, though, so i think it’s less of her being naive and more of her just being unsure how to handle being the target of such negative attention)
  • she definitely strikes me as the sort of autistic who doesn’t particularly have a gender or have a connection to their gender because they see themselves as their brain, which is inherently genderless (this is remarkably common actually like so common that even the medical community talks about it lmao)
Meeting The Avengers - Peter Parker

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Request from Anonymous: i love your peter story oh my gosh!!!!!! can you do one where he invites you to stark tower and you meet all the avengers?

Words: 890

A/N: Sorry this took so long anon. Hope you like it :)

“Peter I can’t do this.” You stated as you walked side by side with Peter along the street to Stark Tower.

“Yes you can.” Peter said and he took your hand.

Earlier that day Peter had invited you along with him to go with him to Stark Tower. You were going to meet all of the Avengers - and you were nervous as hell.

“But they’re all practically Gods!” You argued, “And I’m normal! I’m just me…”

Peter stopped and sighed and turned to face you. He was smiling warmly at you.

“Y/N, you’re you and that’s perfect. I wouldn’t want you any other way.”

You smiled nervously and looked down at your feet. Peter kissed you on the cheek and you squeezed his hand a little tighter.

“Ready?” Peter asked.

You nodded more confidently now.

Peter seemed to know the way and soon you were inside after Peter talking on the intercom to someone called Jarvis. Peter lead the way to the elevator still holding your hand as he could still sense your unsteadiness.

“Jarvis is actually an AI.” Peter explained as the elevator started moving upwards.

“Of course he is we’re in Stark Tower.” You mumbled grinning through your anxiety.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Peter asked.

You wanted to say no because you knew how awkward you were and how you were probably going to mess this up.

“I’m okay.” You said. “I just… don’t want to mess this up for you.”

“Y/N you really won’t. They’ll like you I promise.” Peter took your other hand so you were facing each other.

You leant up and kissed him, pressing your body fully into Peter’s. Peter kissed you back passionately and you both didn’t see the elevator doors open with Tony Stark on the other side of them.

“Parker.” Tony said nonchalantly.

You both broke the kiss and moved away from each other in surprise.

“Mr Stark.” Peter said as you blushed a deep red.

“And this must be…?” Tony asked as he moved forward to shake your hand. He was smirking at Peter.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” You said and shook Tony’s hand. Peter had told you so much about him.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” Tony said politely and you nodded back.

“The rest of the team’s this way.” Tony said and you and Peter followed him down the corridor.

Stark Tower was impressive, you had to admit to yourself that.

Tony led you into a bigger room that was designed brilliantly. It had glass down one side so you could see most of the New York skyline. It had a bar to the left and small staircases up to the balcony area.

You saw a group of people sitting on the group of sofas - the Avengers. The fact that you knew that Peter was fighting along side these guys just made you very proud of him.

“Everyone meet Y/N.” Tony said as he introduced you to everyone.

“Hey.” You said.

Peter named everyone as you followed him to go and sit down on an empty bit on the sofa. It was next to someone he said was called Wanda.

“Peter you did well.” The red haired woman, Natasha, said.

Peter chuckled lightly at her comment.

“Did you get bitten by a radioactive spider as well?” The one called Sam joked.

“No I didn’t.” You replied grinning.

“How did you two meet?” Wanda asked.

“Science project.” Peter said. This actually was only half true. You had first met over a science project but hadn’t starting fully noticing each other until Peter (as Spider-Man) fell onto your home balcony, injured and you had to let him in. That was when your first began being friends.

“Yes, but the first time we really spoke as friends was when Peter was in the middle of a fight but was injured. I helped him.”

“Parker in distress.” Tony joked.

“Basically.” You laughed. Your nervousness was slowly starting to drift away from you.

You, Peter and the team chatted about random things and you asked a few questions about their lives and what it was like to be an Avenger. You got some fairly honest answers and they all seemed passionate about doing the right thing.

About half way through a conversation about whether or not capitalism or communism is better (I told you that you spoke about random stuff), a woman came into the room and showed Natasha an electronic tablet that she was holding. She was introduced as Maria Hill.

“Looks like we’re needed.” Natasha said to the rest of the team.

“Suit up then.” Steve said also addressing everyone.

“Y/N you are welcome to wait here. We shouldn’t be long.” Tony said.

“It was nice meeting you, come by with Peter anytime.” That was Wanda.

You smiled at them all politely as they left to go and do what they needed to do to get ready. You turned to Peter.

“See that wasn’t that bad.” Peter said.

“No it wasn’t.” You said and lightly pecked him on the lips, “Now go and be an Avenger.”

Peter grinned, he could get used to that.

Request Via My Asks For Peter Imagines People! :)
Stephen Schwartz: ‘Wicked’ Movie to Feature ‘at Least Two’ New Songs
Stephen Schwartz, who will receive the founders award at Tuesday night’s ASCAP Screen Music Awards in Los Angeles, says the forthcoming movie of his Broadway mega-hit “Wicked” wil…
By Jon Burlingame

Silently crying in the corner at Starbucks right now. I used to work here. 40 hours a week for two and a half years. I had a regular, his name is Mike. He’s actually my friend’s dad. He came in daily and had a mini Bible with psalms, proverbs, and the gospels in it. He’d sit at the big table with his short blonde roast and read through the psalms each morning, and I’d go up to him and ask which one he was on. Today I’m visiting my old store to do some homework, and he was here reading a book on a saint. I asked him about it and he gladly shared about her life. She did nothing great or extraordinary, but she loved hard. He said she reminded him of me. We continued to talk and he randomly out of nowhere said, “I think you’d be a good professor.” He had NO idea this is my dream. We’ve never talked about it before. Tears formed in my eyes. This hit me so hard. Just yesterday, I spent the entire day doubting myself, my abilities to ever become a professor, wondering what the heck God’s plan for me was. Mike told me, without prompting or any questions on my part, that you know God’s plan when you pray and act. That’s all it takes. 

3 Pounds

I saw this in a post, and thought I would try my hand at it. Hope it’s alright.

“Actually, it’s two and a half.” She insisted, nervously.

He stared into the microscope, and slightly shook his head, as he disagreed. “No, it’s three.” He returned, trying to focus on the microscope.

She shifted her gaze to John, before focusing on Sherlock. “How can you tell?” She asked, facing him off, though her nervousness could be heard from the tone in her voice.

John cleared his throat before Sherlock could answer, and gave Sherlock a don’t-even-go-there look.

Sherlock rolled his eyes, and turned to look at Molly. “Well, first of all, your face is puffier than usual, and it’s not from water retention.” He began, mildly hearing John groan and ‘Oh God’ behind him. “Because you and I both know that it’s not that time,” He continued, watching her mouth open in shock and embarrassment. “But what really tipped it off earlier was when you…” He paused, realizing that perhaps what he was about to say was going too far.

Molly seemed to realize what he was going to say, and slowly her mouth closed, and a slow smile appeared on her face. “When I what?” She asked, carefully.

Sherlock cleared his throat, and lowered his head, trying to focus again on the microscope. “When you handed me the specimen,” He answered, though that was not the moment he was talking about.

She timidly moved closer to him, and stopped a few inches from him, wanting to know the truth. “That wasn’t it, Sherlock.” She stated, as he lifted his eyes to hers, and he began to smile, and it wasn’t a fake smile she had seen so many times, it was a truthful smile.

“John, would you excuse us?” Sherlock requested, holding Molly’s eyes.

John, who knew something was about to happen, cleared his throat, and quickly walked out of the lab. Though he was curious, this was why he stopped outside the door, guarding it and listening at the same time.

Sherlock tilted his head to the side, and moved his eyes up and down her body. “Do you really want to go there, Molly Hooper?” He asked, and she tried to contain the shiver from her full name on his lips.

“I want to know how you know.” She answered, as he slowly reached up with his left hand and moved it inside her lab coat.

He held her eyes, and moved his hand down her side to her hips, and a smile once again appeared on his face. “Because I can feel it,” He answered, lowly.

She swallowed, nervously. “You can’t feel three pounds.” She stated, shaking her head, in a short shake.

He hummed, and placed his right hand on her hip. “I can when I know this body like the back of my hand.” He answered, watching her eyes dilate. He loved that look.

She closed her eyes, and bowed her head. “You’re horrible.” She returned, as he smiled.

“I prefer high-functioning sociopath.” He grumbled, lowly, pulling her closer, until she was standing between his legs.

She smiled, letting out a soft laugh. “You’re not a sociopath.” She muttered, as he titled his head to the side.

He smiled, and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down to capture her lips with his.

“You never answered my question.” She moaned out as they separated. “I still say two and a half.” She argued, but he groaned.

He smiled, and brushed his lips over her neck. “Your hips are a fraction wider, at least two pounds and your stomach have…well…you can figure that out and your breasts…that’s at least a pound…” He paused, lifting his eyes to her, and she saw the mischievous gleam in his eyes. “Have you taken that test?” He asked, as she blushed.

She shook her head, and he squeezed her hips. “Well, I do suggest you take it, Molly, because there may be another reason for you gaining weight.” He added, watching her eyes sparkle. “A wonderful prospect, I believe.”

“Two and a half,” She whispered, and he shook his head.

“Three,” He argued, and she tilted her head to the side. He rolled his eyes. “Take the bloody test, Molly, and then we’ll go to the doctor to get the exact number.”

She rolled her eyes, and felt his hand on her stomach. “Three…” She whispered, lowering her eyes to his hand on her stomach, and he smiled.


It’s on here!

oh my god I have no excuse?? this is the first fic I’ve posted in months and its not even good!! I was considering not posting it at all but idkit took so long I felt like I had to.

remember that AU idea I had where JD and Veronica are dating, and Veronica’s grandparents don’t believe Veronica is really bisexual, so she pretends to be in a poly relationship with JD and Heather Chandler? ya that’s this thing. also there is a tiny hint of chansaw? because I’m always a slut for Heather shamelessly flirting with Veronica, especially in front of JD lmao.  I hope it entertains u!

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