As Cool As Ideas Go: Lion City Reads and W’rites

What first drew me here, ultimately, was the not just sheer boredom but the intriguing, yet ultimately inaccurate and misleading title: ‘CAMBODIA’S MARDI GRAS

twntysmthg boasted a funky title and a promising mission statement – to which it arguably lives up to – by the skin of their teeth:

twntysmthg is about living the twenties together, both in millenia and in age. It’s about the things we are learning about life and culture, in and from Singapore, Southeast Asia, Asia, the World. It’s a curation of our generation, a collection of micro-sociological happenings in our lives, about the questions in life we always wanted answers for. How do the homeless in Japan afford pets? What is performance poetry? Should you say Burma or Myanmar? twntysmthg is about challenging our norms and celebrating our curiosity.

I was hoping for more, a distraction from the lulling humdrum of class.

But after my initial foray of curiosity, I would suggest to all – think twice before you claim to be ‘micro-sociological’.

If you scratch beneath its shiny, hipstamatic surface, there lies a depository of thoughts, crazy ideas and nostalgic wishing. (Notice I didn’t say youthful exuberance, a whole dash of idealism, crazy and stupidity.) They fancy themselves the literate scribes of our generation - literary warrior-guardians of our slippery memories - who wield a pen as their sword and prose as their shield.

But I beg to differ.

As cool as their ideas go, it also makes plenty of room for naïveté indulgence in over-dramatisation, romanticism and nostalgia. I guess you have to make room for idiocy and cloistered dramatics to be a curator of a generation’s lifetime.

Perhaps its most redeeming points are its photo essays and travel bites. I love weekend trips, and with a day job like mine, I’m beginning to fully appreciate the full extent of its value. Be warned, though, the photos are often tinged with nostalgia  and backed by the prose of romantics. Their references also betray their elitist roots.

A valiant effort, for children of the Lion City, but for the love of all things good in this world, get columnists with a life and stop being so overly dramatic. Try being bitingly honest or funny at least. The site oozes stories twenty-something hipsters spin, as they try very hard to turn their hobby into something productive. All I have to say is, I would rather read the Monocle any day.

I demand an errant twntysmthg’s lifetime of hypes. Where is their story too?