Teen wolf music meme: Never let me go - Florence + The machine (Sterek)

So I basically put my favorite songs together on a list, and associated each one of them with one of my ships from Teen wolf, and these are the short-fics that came out of it.

Summary: Stiles wakes up to the vision of Derek watching him. He cracks an eye open and smiles, because the whole situation is just too god to be true. Derek Smiles too, because it was an entirely new thing for him –not his feelings for Stiles, oh no, those were old, but the whole waking-up-next-to-him thing–, and it feels so damn good, and even though it took him years to actually tell Stiles how he feels about him and hold Stiles in his arms without needing a near-death situation, he wouldn’t have it any other way, because now it seems like all the shit they went through to get to this were worth it.

But he forgot that the shit wouldn’t stop happening just because he finally had Stiles.