David Lloyd, arrested for stealing brushes and a box

The Shields Daily News for 10 November 1902 reveals that:   “At North Shields to-day, two young boys named David Lloyd (15) and George Burn (14) were charged with stealing on the 8th inst. from a wash-house in Prudhoe Street brushes and a box worth 3s, the property of Peter Johnson. Chief Constable Huish stated that he desired the lads to be remanded for eight days. Lloyd came fromn Hull. The remand was granted”.   The Shields Daily News for 17 November 1902 reveals that the boys pleaded guilty and their parents were bound over in the sum of £5 for their good behaviour during the following 6 months.   You can see George Burn’s mugshot by following this link….   These images are a selection from an album of photographs of prisoners brought before the North Shields Police Court between 1902 and 1916 in the collection of Tyne & Wear Archives (TWA ref DX1388/1).   This set contains mugshots of boys and girls under the age of 21. This reflects the fact that until 1970 that was the legal age of majority in the UK.   (Copyright) We’re happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of The Commons. Please cite ‘Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums’ when reusing.

Risso’s dolphins and pilot whales at Taiji Whale Museum, including waterwork.

You’d think the antis should love TWM, cus “SEA PEEENS!”

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okay, am I the only person who thinks deepika's been put on a pedestal and everything she does is worshipped now even when it is undeserved? like I love her to death, but I hate how now people won't accept that she isn't always perfect and she can give bad performances and she's not the only actress who can act... she acted amazingly in piku but it was hardly a performance better than anu in nh10 or kangana in twm and she didn't deserve those awards imo

I think everyone puts their fave on a pedestal though?? So it’s really unfair to hate her fans for doing that. Anyway, most her fans I’ve met hate her PR as well. Other than an overly aggressive PR there’s nothing else she’s done?? As for awards… you shouldn’t get too mad about them. No ever wins because they deserve it. Awards are joke, especially when big stars win them. They either buy them, or are promised them for showing up. And Anushka has banned going to award shows like Aamir and Kangana, there’s no way they were going to give it to her.

@slightly-fixated: tda *cough*

Full Name: Tda-ora (havent decided if last names are a thing in this world lol) 

Gender and Sexuality: Nonbinary indigenous gender / bisexual

Pronouns: she/her
Ethnicity/Species: wandering mountain native/in our world egyptian and south indian
Birthplace and Birthdate: the wandering mountain what is time in this place idek but she’s 21
Guilty Pleasures: climbing and exploring forbidden places, she wants to study EVERYTHING
Phobias: big crowds of people
What They Would Be Famous For: being able to see the future, healing minds
What They Would Get Arrested For: being where shes not supposed to be
OC You Ship Them With: Sahil foREVER
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Anicho aka satan (not really but really)
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: guides and instruction manuals
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: honestly bless her she probably loves most cheesey cliche things unironically
Talents and/or Powers: reading and soothing emotions, telepathy, reading lines (aka potential futures)
Why Someone Might Love Them: because shes passionate, extremely loving and caring and excitable and her often cheery viewpoint is very contagious and comforting
Why Someone Might Hate Them: because she has easy potential to control people with her ability to manipulate emotion, but she has never even considered it an option. i guess that might be more scary than hate but lol.
How They Change: in the beginning shes afraid and overwhelmed by the future and whether or not she can and should tell people their many potentials, shes easily overwhelmed by lots of people but craves contact so so much she often feels isolated and alone because she feels unable to communicate without the overwhelming feedback, or the debilitating fear others are burdened by her as much as she is. by the end shes learned how to protect herself better, and learned to understand what she sees in the future as something to be explored rather than feared. she gains new friendships and the capability to communicate more in balance with herself and better understands her needs, and finds a companion to share her struggles with rather than shoulder them alone.

Why You Love Them: because she is just so desperate to find others she can relate to and so desperate to communicate and connect, and loves so so openly and cares soooo so deeply despite the isolation she feels!! She’s so scared and feels so alone and she deserves the world and safety and ridiculous LOVE honestly and truly ;a;

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