here in death valley ;;

When the pack graduates high school and moves from the small town of Beacon Hills to start college, they think their biggest adventures will consist of wild parties and late night studies; but when the house they move into is the home of violent ghosts and locally known as The Murder House, they find themselves fighting not only to win, but to survive. Will all of them make it or is there no escaping when the devil comes knocking at your door?

the bible ;;

  1. verse inspired on the first season of American Horror Story
  2. this is a dark && mature verse, join at your own risk
  3. be active, this is very important to keep the verse going
  4. absolutely no godmodding without permission
  5. the pack will be renting rooms so you may join as a tenant but we will have a cap of 6 roommates outside of the pack at least until we get more ghosts
  6. please post a short bio upon acceptance
  7. track the tag ( v. twmh. )

submit application to luci or liz ;;

  • character name:
  • character age:
  • species: 
  • status: living or ghost
  • i solemnly swear to be active:

the living ;;

the deceased ;;