You know what?

people can say WHATEVER they want about To Write Love On Her Arms.. they can hate on it and say that it’s not actually helping people, or that they’re ripping people off, or ANYTHING like that. But you know what? Noone will EVER know how much this non profit means to me. For fucks sake, I have part of the story tattooed on me. This organization has helped me come to terms with so many things in my life.. and it’s introduced me to so so so many people. People that I absolutely love and adore. even if we’re not as close as we used to be. I’ve met Jamie. I’ve spoken to him about suicide, and America’s ignorance when it comes to talking and dealing with it. And he is one of the kindest and most sincere people I’ve ever met. I believe in what he does, and I thanked him for creating such a beautiful organization. and for just… believing in it.  I believe in TWLOHA, I believe in the hope they encourage, that rescue is possible. it’s real. love is real. I can’t wait for the Renee movie to come out. And I can honestly say that if I could see it with those ten people that TWLOHA introduced me too, almost four very short years ago, I would. in a heart beat. and I also know that I would be bawling like a baby, but ya know what? they’re as important to me as family. and they’ll be right along side me, crying too. <3 

I've been staring at a blank page for quite a while..

watching the cursor blink repeatedly and trying to gather my thoughts. I’ve had many nights where I stay up thinking about things from my past, both positive and negative, and I always become fixated on one thing without fail.. and it’s the ten people I met my freshmen year of high school during a webcast TWLOHA put on.

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