The deleted song from Friendship Games. I really can’t believe they changed this. The movie was good, but having more subplot for Sunset would’ve made it better.


The last two parts of my EQGDownUnderSummer vector now on deviantArt:
Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi | Flash Sentry and the CMC

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Twi: “A strategy? Easy! Bring Applejack again!”

Luna: “I think it unwise to host another contest until Cadance has delivered her child, and while I appreciate your offer, Vale, I am hesitant in taking on a disciple. My battle shall be won by skill and feather. What’s more, young Twilight Sparkle will surely utilize Applejack in some manner… We are not all that eager to tangle with the first giant to set hoof in Equestria in well over 1200 years - let alone one infused with alicorn magic.”