twizz stop talking


tully wanted me to post this so… these are what i imagine luxa, henry, and nerissa from the underland chronicles to look like. luxa is young and serious-looking with a determined mouth; henry is the sort of unself-conscious, attractive youth who smiles warmly and doesn’t fix his hair after he’s gone flying, leaving it messy; and nerissa is thin and frail with bags under her eyes that could hold the entirety of georgia

if i kiss you where it’s sore,
if i kiss you where it’s sore,
will you feel better, better, better?
will you feel anything at all?

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art by tumblr user teppelin | on 8tracks

i. everything is working out fine in some town - parachute musical | ii. ain’t no life - pilot speed | iii. growing younger - michou | iv. with you - natalie walker | v. static waves - andrew belle ft. katie herzig | vi. ocean, i love you - sugar glyder | vii. on through - kiven | viii. castling - lovedrug