seven rounds of tater tots came around today and robbed me out of house and home in the name of Halloween (farewell my kit kats) so! perfect excuse now that halloweens suddenly over and theres a shit tonne of candy leftover can we start some candy discourse

I’ll start almond joys are the work of ungodly things that corrupted coconut from its rightful state as empress of strange flavours into some terrible mushy mess its not like lopping a shoddy little almond on top and dousing it in the thinnest coating of chocolate ive ever had the misfortune to witness will help

dont even get me started on fucking HERSHEYS fucking nasty sugar plastic fuckers imo theyre basically molten death soup with burning sugar

twix & kit kats are the only ones you can trust

reblog w your opinions feed me that salt 👀👀👀🍿🐸👀👀☕️👀🍿🍿👀

mmmatchaball  asked:

allium! rhododendron! magnolia! heliconia! :D

allium: whats the best thing you can cook? 

mmmm i guess curry? im pretty good at making soups from chicken stock but honestly i can cook anything that needs soft veggies

rhododendron: whats the scariest dream youve ever had? 

well considering i have nightmares pretty much every night i think ill skip disturbing and count the ones ive woken up crying from? uhhh i dreamt i was at my elementary school and i realized some students were impostors (??) and then they all warped and attacked me and my brother woke me up saying i was moaning and crying…. wild 

magnolia: favorite kind of candy? 

TWIX!! its perfect 

heliconia: do you like it when it rains? 

yes… i love it….. it smells good and the air feels nice 

The signs as Halloween candy

Aries: Candy corn

Taurus: Pop Rocks

Gemini: Starbursts

Cancer: Butterfingers

Leo: Kit Kats

Virgo: Nerds

Libra: Smarties

Scorpio: Snickers

Sagittarius: Twix

Capricorn: Sour Patch Kids

Aquarius: Reeses cups

Pisces: Crunch